Emanet 179. Bölüm | Legacy Episode 179
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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

  • cynthia juliane
    cynthia juliane

    Never thought I could come this far,🤣🤣 atleast its worth it🥰🥰🥰

  • marcelle mintoff
    marcelle mintoff

    how long does Ikbal do evel acts? Where are the sevants does anyone hear anything? If Yamen takes Seher a holiday maybe they can have real honeymoon

  • Ana Lorena Daza
    Ana Lorena Daza

    Me siento perdida en esta serie ,primero se puso otra vez aburrida con el accidente de Seher y las loqueras de la 🧙‍♀️, así que necesito acción

  • Esther Valliere
    Esther Valliere

    Pero Dios mío porque nadie no pueden ver y escuché todo el plan de ésa 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍lkbal

  • Araxi Nal
    Araxi Nal

    Here we go again again again again The murderer again ugliest woman in the world Snake Ikbal Surly by now Yaman must feel or hear something anything for Hod Sake The murderer can’t win all the time It’s getting bit sick disgusting unbelievable and boring to watch the twisted mouth of Snake Ikbal Come on Emanet Snd Seher is the dumbest person in the Mansion Genger Abi is useless Neslihan is sooooooooooooo annoying The only good is Adalet Abla Poor woman And poor Zia is scared from his murderer Ikbal I just love his acting

  • Mircavad Amanov
    Mircavad Amanov

    Azeri var qardaş bauşla sef yazdım O düz yazdım O setf yazdım

  • Revu Aji
    Revu Aji

    Very bad.. 😔😔

  • Debbie Temane
    Debbie Temane

    Starting to dislike when all is negative 🙃

  • Shefiko Shefiko
    Shefiko Shefiko

    Dashuria shigjeta e ngjyer me mjalt qe godet ne mes te zemres bravo actor bravo regjizori

  • Shefiko Shefiko
    Shefiko Shefiko

    Genial actor

  • Elaine Sanchez
    Elaine Sanchez

    Para cuando estará traducido los capítulos 176 en adelante con sus subtítulos en español interesante el drama pero difícil de en tender

  • Marva Gilbert
    Marva Gilbert

    Whatever happened to the little english subtitles?

  • Alida Mutallimova
    Alida Mutallimova

    Sultan hala ile Ibo çok iyi ya. Ikisi super👍👍 çok iyi rol yapiyorlar👍👍👍🤣🤣🤣

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    Agustina Ferrera


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    Princess Wrf

    Dizi neden bu kadar uzun, kötü olacak ve ortaya çıkmamış bir çok olay var.

  • Princess Wrf
    Princess Wrf

    Bu dizi neden bu kadar uzun? Kötü olacak


    Nə qədər ingilis dilində yazırlar


      Cavablar yazın😘😘🙏

  • Gloria Scovil
    Gloria Scovil

    Lol 😂 Abuela tiene 👩🏼‍🍳Candela

  • Iman Ibrahimov
    Iman Ibrahimov

    Ax Yaman bu ikbali niye qurtardin

  • Iman Ibrahimov
    Iman Ibrahimov

    Goren bu ikbal ne vaxdi olecey

  • Michelle Ooi
    Michelle Ooi

    All the bedroom scenes with Yaman and Seher are really so so beautiful in this episode 179. Yaman is always teasing his wife and the look he gives her is beyond words - sweet words, loving eyes and with a smile. I love them

  • forest Test
    forest Test

    is mirihlee translate this episode? i am tired of scrolling down and down


    Seher 💪💪💪♥️

  • Sana Sebae
    Sana Sebae

    No English subtitles

  • Nida Dkhar
    Nida Dkhar

    Now im bore with this emanet....from beginning always ikbal plan to be the lady of mansion trageting seher...why dint she kill yaman so she will b d boss of everything.

  • Ana Diaz Carrasco
    Ana Diaz Carrasco

    Vean mar negro no se arrepentiran es muy muy muy buena como era emanet al principio

  • Ana Diaz Carrasco
    Ana Diaz Carrasco

    Me aburrieron siempre lo mismo no la dan en español ademas seher y yaman parecen estatuas no se abrasan no duermen juntos por eso me cambie a ver mar negro es muy buena tambien sus protagonistas son muy tiernos demuestran su amor

  • Ruth EventSoul
    Ruth EventSoul

    I wish I new what’s going on with Firat and Nesh no one translated these part

  • Zeliha Redmond
    Zeliha Redmond

    Oyuncular kamerayla saklambac oynuyor resmen. Hayirdir kameraman 😁😁

  • Lurdes Lopes
    Lurdes Lopes

    Idioma português por favor obrigada.

  • Lurdes Lopes
    Lurdes Lopes

    Por favor prisiso de ajuda não entendo o idioma sóu Português.

  • Lurdes Lopes
    Lurdes Lopes

    Leitura em Português por favor obrigadas.

  • vicky santiago
    vicky santiago

    Love Seher and Yaman. Thank you for this Video.

  • Angelika Braun
    Angelika Braun

    is there anyone here who translates episodes 179 and 180 completely into English for us international viewers? Please please. 🙏

  • Maureen Wignall
    Maureen Wignall

    The only good thing I can say about Emanet/Legacy is that, apart from our favourites Halil and Sila, we have made some real nice friends which we hope will continue throughtout. I wish everybody safety and still follow the protocol of Covid-19. We became a family for real. Lol Love that. We care about each other.

    • Michelle Ooi
      Michelle Ooi

      Well said Maureen Wignall coz I do now have some regulars who'll write to me too ... Give a high five to Emanet-Legacy to create this group of fans and all so nice to each other .. especially those who does Translation without fail for those of us English dependant benefit ... really appreicate.

    • renuka pulizala54
      renuka pulizala54

      Of Course...It Reall brought Us Together!!!

  • Nihat Huseynli
    Nihat Huseynli

    Emanet 82 aç

  • Maureen Wignall
    Maureen Wignall

    I am in nobody's business. Watching the promos n listening too.

  • Maureen Wignall
    Maureen Wignall

    We canl always dream. Dont you? Just let me be

  • Maureen Wignall
    Maureen Wignall

    Anna you can say it again lol

  • Maureen Wignall
    Maureen Wignall

    I cant wait but I know it's coming. Yes my dear, a lot of madness is taking place. True, another snake to try kill Seher. Oh lord, when will this stop. They need to change the script now 😯😫😝😘

  • Besire Abdullayeva
    Besire Abdullayeva

    Seher bu qeder izdiraba layiq deyil o❤


      Təbii ki

  • dude dudy
    dude dudy

    Emanet was 💯beautiful with Sehyam💞💞 And i 💯% ❤ to watch sehyam sceness and its so good....and i skip ikbals💥 scenes because of evil plans of her😄. Pls put more romance of SEHYAM❤ the fanss are gonna enjoy😱 that and reduce the evilness 😇 But 🤯whatever is happening it all depends on the writer....she is spoiling there ❤❤ Ikbal🤬 have to get 😶caughtt😤😤just make some changeeee Sehyam 💞was becoming so close and caringg❣....dont 😱make seher fell into sadness again, spoiling there ❤story and making ikbal destroying 😴them and not getting caught not seems a good idea!!!!🤪🤪 Im watching💯 EMANET only beacause of SEHYAM , one of the beautiful couplee😍😍😍 But the writerrrrrr is making the story worsee....🤬 Plsss....dont spoil there ❤❤❤

  • Vesna Spasić
    Vesna Spasić

    Serija je super prosto ne mogu da verujem da ima toliko disklajkova!!! 🙋❤️😘

  • Anna Reuel
    Anna Reuel


  • Terezinha Elias Nunes
    Terezinha Elias Nunes

    Acho q já chega de SEHER sofrer é hora da kibal pagar pôr os pecados dela

  • Melanie Jullies
    Melanie Jullies

    Nazmiye Nazmiye Nasmiye!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠 Whats is wrong with you woman??!!!! You can really stop now this evil schemes of iqbal its really getting boring. Just tell emanet fans if you dont know what to write anymore and we all will gladly give you a storyline. Poor seher, you did the same in yemin with her as suna, you just repeat...repeat...repeat same old same old storylines, adini sen koy, yemin and emanet and i take a shot and predict the end of emanet, seher and yaman will be like omer and zehra and reyhan and emir...omg nazmiye eish

  • Yunita Panjaitan
    Yunita Panjaitan

    Im just only watch ali ❤️ .because im tired with that evil ikbal always make trouble for yaman and seher.. and by the way.. ibo is so funny😂😂

  • ياحسين ام غفران
    ياحسين ام غفران

    فعلا اقبال تحب يمان لما توفى ابو يوسف خافت من يمان يتقرب لكوثر لهذا قتلتها

  • Nairah Joyner
    Nairah Joyner

    Please have mercy on us who don't understand your language..@mihrilee don't give up on us please 🙏.

  • Baku Baku
    Baku Baku

    Çox əsəbiləşdim Bu qədər də yox daaa

  • Baku Baku
    Baku Baku

    diqqəti iti oldugundan Yaman hər şeyi görür Amma İkbalı yox İnsan yorulur artıq seyr etməkdən

  • Baku Baku
    Baku Baku

    Bu qədər də olmaz axı İkbal bu qədər edə bilməz axı Məncə final olmalıdır


    Bezdik yaa artıq kavuşdurun yamanla seheri .bu ne her defe bir pislik çıxır ortaya😓

  • onun canı
    onun canı

    Yaman:aferim ateş parçası tam zamanın da bulmuşsun Ben:☺️😊😀😄🤣🤣👏

  • Syvia Boo
    Syvia Boo

    This ikbal is the devil himself


    Bu peri masalının kötü kalpli cadısı ikbal

  • Xeyal Kerimov
    Xeyal Kerimov


  • Vusal Anvarlı
    Vusal Anvarlı


  • Vusal Anvarlı
    Vusal Anvarlı

    ı hate you İqbal Belgin you couldn't believe why you paralyzed him😭😭😡😡😡

  • Maureen Wignall
    Maureen Wignall

    I can't watch this episode. The comments was good enough for me to understand that Ikbal rules everything and over everybody. She also knows a lot about the physo and can bribe her again to get what she wants. In this drama, evil wins over good.

  • Maziah Hassan
    Maziah Hassan

    How Yaman Don't know manu timea Iqbal bad plan evil.. All pain Seher because Iqbal...

  • Maziah Hassan
    Maziah Hassan

    If Iqbal contect Akshak Why Yaman save her the kidnape.... Why Yaman not searh where Iqbal have money....

  • Maziah Hassan
    Maziah Hassan

    Boring watch evil Iqbal not enought with bad plan... Why the Doctor teraphy afraid Iqbal from Yaman..

  • Raquel Oponda
    Raquel Oponda

    English pls

  • Esma Selmani
    Esma Selmani

    Did mihrilee translate this episode? I can’t find anything

    • Anna Reuel
      Anna Reuel

      No but Lorna Smith has episode recap.

  • Heaven

    Boring drama

  • Tara Jounes
    Tara Jounes

    How can Ikbal have that much influence in that mansion? I don't get the writer, she drives one nuts!

  • Medine Agamemmedova
    Medine Agamemmedova

    Salam axşamınız xeyir necəsiz canlarım mənim Azərbaycan dan kucak dolusu sevgiler saygılar selamlar sizden bir ricam var O lenete gelmiş ikbali zuhali o diziden def edin artık bezdim ya

  • Angelika Gettorf
    Angelika Gettorf

    Is here anyone there are translate in English the Episode 179 and 180?

  • Ljuzor Grusim
    Ljuzor Grusim

    Bravo Nezmije skidam kapu kad simogla ove dve zlobnice zmije vestice kago god stavila na prvo mesto podelim po medalju a sebi stavi krunu na glavu jer ovoje stvarno van pameti kakav senario pises pa nije ni cudo sto rejtin gledanosti pada

  • Gulnare Memmedova
    Gulnare Memmedova

    Qirdiqin qelbi qazanmaq istediyin ucun

  • Gulnare Memmedova
    Gulnare Memmedova

    Yaman birdenesen vallah

  • Mehmet AKÜZÜM
    Mehmet AKÜZÜM

    Yokartik diyorum halen tehtit edebiliyor ikbal sacmaliktan baska bisey deyil ikbali yamana söylemekle tehtit edebilirdi fizikci şu saçmaliğı toparlayın artik foyası meydana çıkmalı yeter artik

  • Neliswa Jaceni
    Neliswa Jaceni

    The writer is doing the same thing as Yemin ... Reyhan used to cry all the time and being a victim of Cavidan and Jemre. They always got away with what they were doing and it's the same thing with Ikbal, getting away with alot ... it's boring that we have to watch Seher crying all the time

    • Сйриш

      The good thing about Yemin was that Cemre and Cavidan's evilness was exposed before the 100th episode. Ikbal's evilness remained hidden until the 183rd episode.

  • Neliswa Jaceni
    Neliswa Jaceni

    The writer is doing the same thing as Yemin ... Reyhan used to cry all the time and being a victim of Cavidan and Jemre. They always got away with what they were doing and it's the same thing with Ikbal, getting away with alot ... it's boring that we have to watch Seher crying all the time

  • Hiaupreti UprEti
    Hiaupreti UprEti

    i am only going to watch this if yaman and saher will get happy ending ..theres no point in this whole drama .

  • sara jaya
    sara jaya

    I know the regular translator is busy... but I humbly request cos want to know today serial should be knowing the entire story n not half pass six

  • Enejan Nurullayew
    Enejan Nurullayew

    Ikbal'in de sonu gelsin artik biktim heyecandan

  • Letife Adigozelova
    Letife Adigozelova

    ıkbal yılan

  • juvie siasico
    juvie siasico


  • Robin Kite
    Robin Kite

    Friday was the first time in a long time that I didn’t watch or even read the translation of the show. I have totally lost interest. 😢

  • Cleo330

    Wot the Hell? Seher was getting betr Dat injection has made her paralysed. Im getting fed up wiyh this. 😡😡

  • F Stan
    F Stan

    first of all Yamancim, the woman who had such injuries that was not able to walk should not be in hills. second of all, the woman who was using the crutches to walk that morning is now falling to the ground needs to go to the hospital for a lot of tests including a complete blood test. also you need to pay more attention to who you bring to your house. Why do you the man who did not trust women trust this physiotherapist and let her stay at your house?

  • Cleo330

    Can sumone translate wot Ikbal sed to the physiotherapist plz?

  • Gwen Ratu-Bekala
    Gwen Ratu-Bekala

    Get the snake ikbal out from the mansion Yaman...she is killing your Princess.

  • Maria Filip
    Maria Filip

    Dacă puței sa ne traduceți ep 179 180 și celelalte

  • Maria Filip
    Maria Filip

    Va mulțumesc mult pentru traducere sinteti minunați o Simbata binecuvintata și multa sănătate

  • Hemide Ismayilova
    Hemide Ismayilova

    Yene ikbalin planlari yene zuhal....bu neyaaa dizi bawa donuyor.cok fazla oldu ikballa zuhal.yeteryaaaa

  • Mahmure Türk
    Mahmure Türk

    Ay yeter artık vallahi aşkına nedense hep bu kötüleri kazandırıp duruyorsunuz. dizi tam kıvamına geldi diyoruz gene ikpal cadısı ortaya atıyorsunuz vallahi neredeyse artık yani bakmaktan vaz geçeceğiz kötülerin kazanmasından bıktık dünya zaten kötülerin üzerine kurulmuş🥲

    • Vefa musevi
      Vefa musevi

      Yazarin mutluluk fobisi var , kimseyi mutlu goremiyor, Hazm edmeyor anlaschilan

  • Penny D.
    Penny D.

    Not watching this ridiculous shi* anymore 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Reğet muhsun
    Reğet muhsun


  • Penny D.
    Penny D.


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    Artemiz Atremiz

    Polisi işcisine ev temuzliyir

  • Artemiz Atremiz
    Artemiz Atremiz

    Polis işcisi qab yuyur

  • Диля Нар
    Диля Нар

    Остановите икбал хватит надоели

  • Gulsen Aliyeva
    Gulsen Aliyeva



    Seher sen ne bildinki yaman uykudan oyanmış rüyadan ayılıb ona sarıldın

  • Elizabeth Caracas
    Elizabeth Caracas

    I don't want to get stress so I'm going to stop watching this.

  • Sue Y
    Sue Y

    I wish seher was this nosey about all the unfortunate things that keep happening to her than this stupid surprise 🙄 Yemen how can you think that zuhal acted alone?🤦🏾‍♀️ Can’t this Ikbal fall down the stairs by those ugly shoes she is always wearing?😒 Yemen you should fire your right hand man cause he’s bad at his job,how did Ikbal knows more about this woman and he didn’t? And if Ikbal have all this money why she killing people for more? Ten million?

    • Anna Reuel
      Anna Reuel

      Iqbal wants Yaman Kirimli money to stay with the Kirimli no one else. And in Iqbal pea brain and delusional mind of hers, she wants Yaman to marry Zuhal. Again what a crazy snake she is. Yaman will be never ever ever marry Zuhal even if seher dies. And the Kirimli money will go to Yusuf not Zuhal anyway. I just want some new character to be introduced in the mansion that would be worst than Iqbal and will help our Sehyam to continue on there relationship and put Iqbal in her place. So sick of all this evil that no one sees. 😣

  • Керим Алиев
    Керим Алиев

    енада бу филим маним чох узду Яман буну гермали иди гермади бас зия аби ода данышмады енада сахер яман чох грусна