E-BOY vs VAMPIRE | Party challenge by La La Life Emoji
Popular guys have the coolest parties all the time! But can someone do it better? Someone you'd never expect....like a VAMPIRE! Check out which party will be cooler in our new video! 🧛🏻🧛🏻🧛🏻
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00:00 I won't drink blood!
00:30 I throw my own party!
00:54 I can't wait
01:10 Where are my guests?
02:12 Wellcome to vampires party
02:56 Who is Jess?
03:42 Stay away from us!
04:25 Lucky vampires!
04:50 How was your party?
05:16 Test day
06:04 Inviting
06:42 Hey people!
07:04 Google knows
07:24 Steal like an artist
08:01 Coolest party
08:25 Putting in the place
08:36 To Johny!
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