Dream - Minecraft Hitmen Extra Scenes
This is extra scenes from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Survivalist VS 3 Hitmen" video. We react to what happened during the video and talk about it.
Original Video: algone.info/slow/video/i2_O0a97jpBo2YE
This video was crazy fun and intense. Definitely one of the hardest challenges.
Minecraft challenge videos are fun to do :)

  • Catherine Woloshyn
    Catherine Woloshyn

    y'all should: 1. Have a 10 minute grace period where you can't hurt each other. 2. Make the map larger This was super fun though, love it!

  • LemonGrab 7
    LemonGrab 7

    Yeah that was sooo funny when george fell

  • madcat

    I think they should do this series more, but the seed shouldn't be randomly generated. It should be a balanced seed like this one picked out by someone different so that you don't have to be extremely lucky (Dream), or extremely proficient (The three muffinteers) to win.

  • Samuel Sepulveda
    Samuel Sepulveda

    Who else really misses Minecraft tag he did vs George. I think I’ve never been as tense for a Dream video as I was that one

  • Prithvik T Hanson _
    Prithvik T Hanson _

    cavemen learning how to boat fly hack 1:21 / 7:11

  • Abigail Sharif
    Abigail Sharif

    He should do one where the three or four different people are trying to kill him, and the first one to do so wins like 100 dollars or something. Then, if like 2 hours goes up and no one kills him they have to pay him $100. And it should be a livestream instead of a ALgone and then they put the highlights on ALgone.

  • Wanderer *
    Wanderer *

    Dream: “Hmm, would recreating the Pirates of the Caribbean be an effective way to get live?” Yes

  • Random cam ra dude
    Random cam ra dude

    You should do the boat thing and have 2 people in 1 boat and it’ll be Star Wars lol

  • Sticku xx
    Sticku xx

    Hunters: Aight we've got him! Dream: Hehe boat go brrrrr

  • Benkay V Falsifier
    Benkay V Falsifier

    Why hasn't there been a reverse manhunt or more appropriately named "menhunt." Where dream hunts all of them before they complete minecraft. The only catch is they have to be linked together so they can never be, say, any further than ten blocks apart from each other.


    first one to beat the dragon dream vs snapnap george and badboy infinite respawns can kill other team

  • raiden cook
    raiden cook

    This is how dumb my head is How about theres the open world and you speed run with like three hunters

  • MiguelCrafter23

    1:15 weeeee!

  • Samuel Dionne
    Samuel Dionne

    At some point, it'll be 2 speedrun teams on the same map trying to beat the dragon first.

  • daphr

    they literally had a full build fight at the end LMAOOO

  • MUFFIN Memes
    MUFFIN Memes

    George has been muted lol

  • Dumb_ Bitch
    Dumb_ Bitch

    1:16 Click it

  • Endercake 98
    Endercake 98

    The boat fly glitch is an omega lul

  • Geohonn Klyde Dela Cruz
    Geohonn Klyde Dela Cruz

    i've never DREAMED of dream doing that

  • Yanko Alejandro Navas Duarte
    Yanko Alejandro Navas Duarte

    here is a concept for u so basically its a speed run of the game with 4 people but they have to be buddies for example: you and snapmap bad and ponk or something like that u have to set a timer and it has to be a stopwatch and whoever beats the game first with their team wins, just giving it out.

  • CrossoverWorlds

    is there a way to do these strats in minecraft UHC or just the hunger games from mineplex? cuz that would be awesome- You know what? I PROPOSE THAT DREAM SHOULD PLAY UHC. If he wants to. that would be an interesting video.

  • alter makius
    alter makius

    2051 Dream speedrunner vs 100 hunter


    Dream would've survived the boat either way, he was close to water, he had feather falling 4, he had hay, almost impossible to fail with that much handicaps

  • Argie nieto
    Argie nieto

    1:15 Look at gourge lol

  • xxFane Wolfxx
    xxFane Wolfxx

    you could do it the say way but they can't see dream but have a compass and a heart beat thing so when they get close it goes off

  • bebechaman

    manhunt is incredible, but I understand if you are sick of it dream, rip

  • Just Vienna
    Just Vienna

    0:56 Explain this Athiest

  • Dark Pyro
    Dark Pyro

    A concept I kinda wanna see is the hitman thing you just did except everyone get the power of one mob in Minecraft except for bosses. So like you could squirt ink like a squid or always have a bow like a Skelton or constantly explode like a creeper yk?

  • Chul Yeom
    Chul Yeom

    Genuinely thought you were gonna lose half way through. That was amazing XD

  • Evan Krueger
    Evan Krueger

    Concept idea, two teams work against each other In an attempt to catch you. I feel like that would add another level of difficulty because you would have to worry about getting 3rd partied during a tense chase.

  • Gui Zapa
    Gui Zapa

    there are more airplanes in the ocean than boats in the sky dream: not for long

  • Cant Read
    Cant Read

    Where they playing fortnite at the end

  • ANDEW nims
    ANDEW nims

    can i join the dream smp please dream i will make a shop please

  • Breanna Toups
    Breanna Toups

    I have an idea what abt they do a challenge where whoever beats the game first wins, you can kill each other and what not. Like if you agree.

  • rudobovo

    It would be cool with the first 30 mins with no outline and then the later 30 mins is when the white outline enables

  • LeoUwU - Pokemon go
    LeoUwU - Pokemon go

    No one: BBH insults:that was ABSOLUTELY muffiny

  • bruno youtube
    bruno youtube

    that fire aspect was clutch

  • Tzer

    did he see the boat on reddit

  • Litao Chen
    Litao Chen

    Are you going to do a reamatch of THIS?!

  • ZiggyCat

    Anyone else think they should have a speedrun race where there both in the same world trying to speedrun and whoever beats enderdragon wins

  • Comp Sad
    Comp Sad

    Patch it

  • Jared Smith
    Jared Smith

    do a rematch

  • sukbear

    This video caused me so much stress and anxiety.

  • The incoming Ducks
    The incoming Ducks

    talk about secret moves geez

  • cryptic

    POV: you here for the boat glitch

  • jaice niavez
    jaice niavez

    they really wanted that money:)

  • seagod

    extream. please do it again!!!!

  • taycat 34
    taycat 34

    I would love to see Manhunt Swap 3 Speedrunners vs 1 Hunter Tbh I would just like to see Dream as a hunter. Speedrunner Race (Speedrunner vs Speedrunner) would be cool as well, though not sure how interesting it would be.

  • CDSava 123
    CDSava 123

    I cant wait for the analysis of the minecraft hitmen

  • Jonathan Ehn
    Jonathan Ehn

    I think we want more of this. At least I do anyway.

  • Zach Boston
    Zach Boston

    Video Idea: Minecraft Hitman But In The Nether.

  • Justin melvin
    Justin melvin

    Lol imagine floating to victory

  • Definitely Not Faith
    Definitely Not Faith

    I bet he got this tactic from Reddit 😂

  • Eduardo Nicoletti
    Eduardo Nicoletti


  • Jenna Williams
    Jenna Williams

    idea for a new topic: one of the "hunters" are secretly working with dream.

  • Xightable


  • charzz

    Why do I learn all my minecraft tricks and tips from Dream

  • Isaiah Ticeson
    Isaiah Ticeson

    I loved it But i thought you were dead

  • Willlam Samara
    Willlam Samara

    Boats saved his life so many times. How many to be precise?

  • Gacha_ Dre
    Gacha_ Dre

    Hey Dream if your taking ideas one could be Minecraft Deadliest Survival u all r trying to survive and kill each other the first to kill the others win anywhere but the End/Fortress is available to go I just feel like this could have some great potential for some good videos

  • Septic _Op
    Septic _Op

    You know what u should do, u should do a reverse manhunt where u kill them, Ik u already kinda did it and Ik u won’t see this but that would be awesome

  • Frag S -_-
    Frag S -_-

    How do you have 2.13m!?!?!

  • Ronin Kenshi15
    Ronin Kenshi15

    I wish I could be as good at Minecraft as Dream

  • Parkourer 72
    Parkourer 72

    God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!

  • :3 ღ XfemalegogyX ღ :3
    :3 ღ XfemalegogyX ღ :3

    XDDDD amazing.

  • ActoSket

    heres another concept: me and my friends made it so that I had to get a certain item before they kill me, it can be anything, it would be cool if you had do get like a beacon or something

  • Andrewy

    Can we just admire that beautiful tower?

  • Da Sauce GOD
    Da Sauce GOD

    do this but in the nether

  • Noah Harley
    Noah Harley

    Who wants to meet dream in person

  • Kryo

    Wait do they do multiple takes untill dream wins is that what the first scene was dream lost and so they went creative?

  • RedHairedN3rd

    What if you did a manhunt like this but it is a competition between two teams? who ever kills you first in the teams win

  • poppy_flower

    Instructions on how to do the boat thing: step 1- go to the top Step 2- place a boat Step 3- and get in Step 4- and just yeah :)

    • Noodle man _
      Noodle man _

      Directions misunderstood Defeated ender dragon

  • Raahim Khan
    Raahim Khan

    we want more

  • Thierry

    Who wants mansave

  • CroftersJam 5
    CroftersJam 5

    This should be renamed to “4 grown men float in boats for 7 minutes”

  • Aritra Sardar
    Aritra Sardar

    *E P I C*

  • Andrew K
    Andrew K

    Can you do an analysis video too pleaseeeee

  • Anime Senpai
    Anime Senpai

    He didn't mine a single piece of stone

  • cool164 kookie
    cool164 kookie

    Dream a wouid like to see you as a hunter against techno blade

  • Aj Jones
    Aj Jones

    Carefully now

  • Androgynous Metalhead
    Androgynous Metalhead

    I have an idea: royale manhunt: conceptually very similar to manhunt, except dream isn’t trying to beat the game, and the goal is to kill dream before one of the other hunters, so it would be “first person to kill dream wins”

  • Lucas Loh
    Lucas Loh

    the tower looks like a reimagined version of the Dragon's Nest central area in Hypixel Skyblock anyone? anyone?

  • Irfan Rani
    Irfan Rani

    i love this but at the same time i hate it because my heart can’t take the anxiety for 1 hour

  • Neon Kraken
    Neon Kraken

    1:12 Bad:I’m gently floating to the ground 2 seconds later George:Falling to his death

  • SolarSG

    Bad & Dream: flying with a boat George: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET

  • Tudorache Andrei
    Tudorache Andrei

    dream i have idea you guys, the most important guys should be like: -electors -princes -workers the electors: everyone is an elector. the electors can vote who is gonna be a prince and a worker prince: you get elected by the most people who voted, you can choose wich elector can be a worker, you can swap the workers too worker: the limit is 3 workers, you are always protecting, building , helping , etc. you can be a worker only a week maximum guys please, its a great idea xD

  • Olymphia Resma
    Olymphia Resma

    That’s 20sec so awesome and so cool this is gonna fun you are so so so so so prooooooo!!!! OMG that’s my first time to see that move OMG I wanna be like you!!!!!!

  • CreYo Zen
    CreYo Zen

    Go to 1:16 and pause then look at georgE XDDDDDD.

  • The Real Kain
    The Real Kain

    race to the end, you against a team of three and whoever beats the game first gets a prize

  • Ice Kun
    Ice Kun

    Boat is OP


    Hitman is so fun to watch

  • Earl Caguimbal
    Earl Caguimbal

    www.blockmango.net/#/ www.blockmango.net/#/ www.blockmango.net/#/ www.blockmango.net/#/

  • Metin Arda Köker
    Metin Arda Köker

    Why did you closed video playlists :(

  • Noose

    Physic Teacher: ok class today we are going to talk about gravity, can someone tell me what gravity is? Dream: My bitch

  • Cacti Playz
    Cacti Playz

    this is my first time commenting

  • Stiyyx

    Everyone gangsta until dream starts flying on the boat

  • Jayson Santos
    Jayson Santos

    Dream make a cid about the server war thing

  • Reshy

    I think for the next one you shouldn't do the outline since it is very limiting to Dream's options and it basically removes any gameplay occurring underground. Also think the arena should be 1000x1000 just so that running into the barrier will happen less frequently.

  • uzma khan
    uzma khan


  • Garry Gaming
    Garry Gaming

    This is the tower where you learn to fly with a boat

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