Doja Cat - Streets (Official Video)
Doja Cat // Streets (Official Video)
Hot Pink // Out Now:​​
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“Streets” (Official Video)
Starring: Doja Cat & Kofi Siriboe (@kofisiriboe)
Director: @christhedirector
Executive Producer: @christhedirector @miketheproducer
Commissioner: @samhoustonishere
Producer: @miketheproducer
Line Producer: @nicky_bonez
Director of Photography: @jchema
Production Company: @luckybastards_inc @londonalley
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#dojacat #streets #hotpink


    Pls stop twerking guys

  • Rory O'Connor
    Rory O'Connor

    Dat mix ridiculously good

  • Rhian Resurreccion
    Rhian Resurreccion

    2:36 **spiderman mode:on**

  • Carmen Flores
    Carmen Flores

    This video was whatever tbh lmao

  • Jalil Bouhentals
    Jalil Bouhentals


  • シ


  • Ju Lee
    Ju Lee

    Swear if someone like Doja twerked on me, I would die happy. For a video or not, twerk me to death.

  • Betty Sosa
    Betty Sosa


  • Omega Beam
    Omega Beam

    "No Final Fantasy, can we end these games though?" Square Enix: No

  • Naz Ozden
    Naz Ozden


  • Sead Jerome
    Sead Jerome

    Spiderman is probably jealous

  • Enny Martinez
    Enny Martinez

    Qué pasado este Man sabroseando se al maniquí🤣🤣

  • Khushi Sharma
    Khushi Sharma

    This bgm make my vibe different 🤫🤫😈😈😈

  • Aylin darinka Jimenez
    Aylin darinka Jimenez


  • Weeb Naruto
    Weeb Naruto

    i love this song 😍😍

  • Jahnye Squad
    Jahnye Squad

    When she was crawling my mom said is she super woman

  • Enes17

    I love your body

  • Derins My
    Derins My

    Is this next Spiderman Movie OST ?

  • tvtime2122

    This song and “Clover Cage - One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you..

  • jesse spring
    jesse spring

    Damn she did it agaiin another put on repeat song ❤👌

  • oMadarah300x4TCBlog

    Doja and everyone involved did their mf thing.

  • laura fuentes
    laura fuentes

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  • Starla Madonia
    Starla Madonia

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  • Luciano Buccio
    Luciano Buccio


  • Clipper Boss Brrp
    Clipper Boss Brrp

    She so amazing

  • Julio Perez
    Julio Perez

    *Twerks on top of nursing home*

  • Odessa Shahid
    Odessa Shahid

    She really said I started this trend and I’ll stop it when I don’t want it 😂

  • Laura Vittadini
    Laura Vittadini

    1:33 I cannot be the only person that recognizes this reference after she jumps off of the building.....

    • Diana e.
      Diana e.

      I don't understand. Can you explain

  • Laura Vittadini
    Laura Vittadini

    T-Boz @ 1:32 Left-Eye @ 2:35 Chile @ 3:18

  • Vicente Facuse
    Vicente Facuse

    Spiderman looks different here...

  • AJ York
    AJ York

    Me replaying this video just to see doja in the beginning 🙈😍

  • Dssffd Feeews
    Dssffd Feeews

    why is everyone twerking? I still don’t get the meaning of this

  • lili

    She really made a 2019 song into a 2021 song

  • Roro Montoya
    Roro Montoya

    does the spider remind you of the spider from Charlotte web

  • Its Your Boi Bunny
    Its Your Boi Bunny

    Doja-cat Doja-Spider Doja-Cow Doja-Masked Killer Doja-Ps5 Gamer

  • Blue bird
    Blue bird

    You give me energy. Make me feel light weight - I FELT THAT.

  • Çağrı Ayakta
    Çağrı Ayakta

    Türkler heryerde 🇹🇷


    She summoned zombies by dancing on top of a car!

  • Sage jacobs
    Sage jacobs

    Y'all, she's the definition of "women venom"

  • Maria Hoque
    Maria Hoque

    Funny this has 69M views

  • NBA Kanalı
    NBA Kanalı


  • dan




  • Marigona L
    Marigona L

    *captivating nympholeptic twerking*

  • Gisele Rocha
    Gisele Rocha

    Amoo ❤

  • Ello Mello
    Ello Mello

    Great video, nicely done with creativity. Glad I found this naturally without hype.

  • Corpse_ Wife
    Corpse_ Wife

  • Castro Veiga
    Castro Veiga

    Spiritual warfare you can see it in many videos ...Narcs will never be able to replace the real you attract who you are period

  • Isidora Djuric
    Isidora Djuric

    put your hand on my shouhlder-

  • Mi La La
    Mi La La

    To be honest I love all of her songs

  • jahzeely sinai
    jahzeely sinai

    amo a doja

  • Emmanuel zagadat
    Emmanuel zagadat

    She's channeling her inner Tinashe

  • Laina Myron
    Laina Myron

    At 3:54 she looks like Tiana

  • Anthonia Orji
    Anthonia Orji

    Are we ignoring how fine Kofi Siriboe is here?

  • Meli Thompson
    Meli Thompson

    Kofi siriboe is so Fine! Doja chose the right man for this video. Doja out here creating mutha F#$@ing ART! She is beyond creative! She is so beautiful and intelligent. Beauty and brains😍love her♥️♥️♥️

  • NoobMaster 69
    NoobMaster 69

    69 Million views😏

  • SweetCherimu

    Freak and Streets together

  • Göktürk Alaz Yalçın
    Göktürk Alaz Yalçın

    **Silhouette twerking**

  • YouTok •
    YouTok •

    South Africa Approves .🇿🇦🇿🇦

  • Odysseus

    If I have wife, this would be our sex song😂

  • Jamie Jones
    Jamie Jones

    Gotta love Doja she's always changing up

  • Kentrell White
    Kentrell White

    Let’s get one thing clear, he wasn’t acting

  • JOSUé LEóN
    JOSUé LEóN

    girl, this at 69 million views.

  • Juan Antonio
    Juan Antonio

    *why is so many people commenting something with twerking*

  • Harvir Rai
    Harvir Rai

    why the fuck did i think this was made like a year ago-

  • Lex Vand
    Lex Vand

    The song is perfect the video is amazing !!!

  • i am toxic
    i am toxic

    I'm feeling Twigs' vibe ffrom the first verse. 😭

  • Cotton mouth
    Cotton mouth

    The urge to tell everyone I knew this before tik tok is killing me

  • niks

    69M views, dang it... *massive twerking*

  • Mecha godzilla929
    Mecha godzilla929


  • Suzy K
    Suzy K

    Mini janet jackson

  • Akari

    **Aquarius pansexual twerking**

  • allegory Eeee
    allegory Eeee

    Ah yes 69

  • Vic Vega
    Vic Vega

    I did not know she sampled Paul Anka's "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" 💀

  • idk who tf is this
    idk who tf is this

    No one; Comments; .... twerking

  • free

    E-girl twerking🖤🕷🕸

  • cabexadecuete

    Silhouette Twerking

  • Lonely Alien
    Lonely Alien

    I think the video could have been a lot more creative. But regardless she is talented.

  • Relda Richards
    Relda Richards

    A 20th century song reaches 2021Omg this is lit

  • Space Shinobi
    Space Shinobi

    I zoned the fuck out to this video..her voice n this beat took me to another planet. Thank u

  • it's schultz
    it's schultz

    put your head on my shooooooooooooooooooou-

  • Kevin Gov
    Kevin Gov

    Everyone wondering who black man is? His name is "Kofi Siriboe". Thank me by subscribing to me (just kidding).

  • Guadalupe Solis
    Guadalupe Solis

    Tengo una obsesión con este vídeo.

  • Ana Mauricio
    Ana Mauricio


  • Anna Bier
    Anna Bier

    Honestly, there is not one song I don't like from Doja.

  • nba papi
    nba papi

    Okay cuz this video snaps

  • Farah K
    Farah K

    This song has to be prolonged

  • leandro galvez
    leandro galvez

    los del hotel

  • AddisonRaePickles


  • ฅʕ•ع•ʔฅ

    Oh to be the guy in this video

  • Mio Dorsey
    Mio Dorsey

    I love the first hook 0:08 to 0:48

  • Qween Kendra
    Qween Kendra

    This MALE LEAD THO😍😍😍

  • BROZA Entertainment
    BROZA Entertainment


  • Cheez Itz
    Cheez Itz

    69 million views.

  • Hailey Burrus
    Hailey Burrus

    This song makes me wanna be a stripper and that’s just saying something 😌✋🏻

  • Blueface Baby
    Blueface Baby

    She is so beautiful and so talented she’s got everything everyone wants she badass she’s got it she definitely go far in her career for sure next Nicki Minaj seriously though no lie she can sing and rap and more people don’t actually watch what she’s capable of they only watch her looks or what she doing not words or how she changes her voice and yes she’s definitely beautiful but most of all she’s talented and most people lack that talent she has it all most definitely

  • DrStrange1000

    Fuck, they got Jon Jones in the Spider Web too..

  • Hoshanie Deonarine
    Hoshanie Deonarine

    You wish that was you huh😀

  • Esther Vanie
    Esther Vanie

    How am i just finding out she made a video for this 💀

  • Lily Evans
    Lily Evans

    The fact that three years ago she made moo! Amazes me

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