Doing Kylie Jenner's Halloween Makeup!
HI SISTERS! Today's video is with a guest that needs no introduction, Kylie Jenner! We're back for a part 2 to our iconic Halloween video! I did a really scary cheetah look on Kylie while talking all about her new collection, Stormi's Halloween, Tik Tok, What's next after Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and so much more! Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • Estelle M
    Estelle M

    Idk why in this video she actually looks her age. You can see her real face showing and it’s so refreshing. IG really doesn’t display who people truly are.

  • XxAlly _oreoVlogs_andmorexX
    XxAlly _oreoVlogs_andmorexX

    Omg my diamonds earnings. ..! U guys u should get the orange soda 1 min later can I get the strawberry soda and the other too I don't feel bad I feel sad...

  • XxAlly _oreoVlogs_andmorexX
    XxAlly _oreoVlogs_andmorexX

    Guys- don't u realize somthing when famous ppl do photo shoots and other stuff they look rude but when u get to know them their a whole different persob-

  • Baileryn_ Valtyni
    Baileryn_ Valtyni

    Aunque no entiendo nada me encanta James xd.

  • alqama kundiwala
    alqama kundiwala

    who is sauce

  • loubna loubna
    loubna loubna

    Wtffff her face shes looks 40

  • Yuppie

    OMFG, Kyle and James are so SOFT! PERIODT

  • Mx

    she is such a good mum omg

  • RevmanBeastly YRG
    RevmanBeastly YRG

    love you james

  • Dne Laprade
    Dne Laprade

    Hi sister *

  • Secretly Sims
    Secretly Sims

    Kylie's face with no Makeup looks so cute like a baby

  • liza lili
    liza lili

    I'm Russian and I'm 13 and I have a lot of Amcrekzki bloggers on my subscription, and the first blogger I signed up for was James

  • Asanda Mkhize
    Asanda Mkhize

    She's such a sweetheart 🥺😭

  • Aye!ItsZee Mlanjana
    Aye!ItsZee Mlanjana

    Please do a collaboration with Cardi 😜

  • Angelina Abdelsayed
    Angelina Abdelsayed

    8:29 kylie got exposed...

  • Melanie Jones
    Melanie Jones

    James is that the real Kylie Jenner

  • Elie Lanny
    Elie Lanny

    James: I dont like decorate Also James: I'm a make up artist

  • Amelia Kepa
    Amelia Kepa

    i love this collab so much, this is the 10th time ive watched it

  • anayr arroyo
    anayr arroyo

    Omg kily.😍 hello i love you kily y james

  • Eliana Habib
    Eliana Habib

    she didn't drink

  • Gemma Larham
    Gemma Larham

    You two are together some much and kylie is like the same size as last year

  • Valeria y Marcela
    Valeria y Marcela

    Maquillas hermoso😍😍

  • Cat Garcia
    Cat Garcia

    This is the sweetest thing there so PURE

  • Paola Gonzalez
    Paola Gonzalez

    Kheee hablas muy rápido, más de lo que mi cerebro puede procesar el inglés 😂😂 me encantó el vídeo

  • Jaylin Henriquez
    Jaylin Henriquez


  • mommy honey
    mommy honey

    CARDI B next please ❤️

  • Alexander Heilman
    Alexander Heilman

    Kylie looks like she got younger

  • Ëppīė Thę Wēírdõ
    Ëppīė Thę Wēírdõ

    Kylie is so much nicer than I thought and so much prettier without make up.

  • Ingrid Saavedra
    Ingrid Saavedra

    Se ve muy distinta a la foto que publicaste... aquí su cara es más redondita! La foto está muy editada 😯

  • BlinksPy Blackpink
    BlinksPy Blackpink

    James react to KYLIE GRINCH Collection!

  • Tim Simms
    Tim Simms

    which one is which?

  • lego constroi
    lego constroi

    Omg sisters

  • Jeralyn Maasin
    Jeralyn Maasin


  • o xico
    o xico

    she's so cute and chill !! Love her 💖

  • Corona Bibi
    Corona Bibi

    It looks like she hurt herself with her own nails

  • Suxxess Music
    Suxxess Music

    wth? she looks better without makeup

  • Sienna Diaz
    Sienna Diaz

    Kylie looks so different without her makeup, but she is worth a billon

    • Fatima Sarwar
      Fatima Sarwar


  • Asiya Khan
    Asiya Khan

    This video reminds of those childhood shows that would air early morning at 4 am and the characters would talk to you. Just kicks in nostalgia 😇☺️

  • Hey Hey Hazel
    Hey Hey Hazel

    She’s so pretty 🤩

  • Giselle Perez Lopez
    Giselle Perez Lopez

    it looks like her long nails scratched it. I really liked it.

  • K_ NK
    K_ NK

    uhh why is everyone saying future millionaire will like this comment-_- FUTURE MILLIONAIRE LIKE THIS COMMENT!! NOW

  • Jeffrey Eee
    Jeffrey Eee

    Interesting james went sicko mode

  • Annika Katharina
    Annika Katharina

    Why are you supporting that she does not pay her workers and that they starve in Bangladesh?! It’s children slavery and you are making a video with her ?! So you Support slavery ?

  • Moxaq Fn
    Moxaq Fn

    Kylie jenner looks 12

  • Yasya Lerman
    Yasya Lerman


  • SweeterThanHi C
    SweeterThanHi C

    I didn’t know I needed this

  • Shanna Lorenz
    Shanna Lorenz

    Okay but like why does she look 12 in this video but 30 some in her promo video?!? The wonders of filler maybe? Love their personalities mixed together! So cute!!!

  • Princesa Guarani
    Princesa Guarani

    She is so beautiful when she smile 😊

  • og1082

    There actually is DOS card game! 😆

  • Sheeva Sheeva
    Sheeva Sheeva

    Why is James so cute

  • D50_ crazy
    D50_ crazy

    @fazerug hehe

  • natalie perez
    natalie perez

    tell kylie i like her

  • Calaco Winch
    Calaco Winch


  • Samantha Chettri
    Samantha Chettri

    I really don't like her but only because of James Iam watching this

  • Lynn Rondell
    Lynn Rondell

    is that really Kylie jenner -_-

  • Brenda Likes James Charles
    Brenda Likes James Charles

    Can we talk about how good James Charles makeup is

  • Kawaii Gacha
    Kawaii Gacha

    She look smol but when she put makeup on she tol

  • Isabella Bristow
    Isabella Bristow

    James Charles is a eboy

  • Violeta Sanchez
    Violeta Sanchez

    Ghuyy I

  • Shakyra Grimshaw
    Shakyra Grimshaw

    I feel like these two r besties

  • Viole Gugliotti
    Viole Gugliotti

    amo 🤍

  • Hi no
    Hi no

    I love your vids

  • Kylie Jenner
    Kylie Jenner

    Hi sisters!!

  • Delfina

    Es tan buena kilye con james

  • atf 4x
    atf 4x

    more kid with who tho ? travis?

  • Supreme mike yt
    Supreme mike yt

    A future

  • Busy bee 231
    Busy bee 231

    She's young and pretty❤

  • Tionna Maffett
    Tionna Maffett

    The people that noticed Kylie didn’t swallow her drink!😳😳 👇🏾

    • Adrien's Sad bean
      Adrien's Sad bean

      People he skipped that part? Duh

  • percy pig
    percy pig

    Kylie kinda looks like daniella westbrook

  • Lazer


  • Nandini Panjwani
    Nandini Panjwani

    I love James charles flawless skin 💞💞😍😘 You and your makeup is just 'WOW'❤️💗

  • Reet Kaur
    Reet Kaur

    i llove KYLIE JENNER so much i am not FAMOUS but iam willing tu meet u

  • 陈佳


  • Alexplays aesthetic_vibes
    Alexplays aesthetic_vibes

    That’s so nasty! *while taking another sip * 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m sorry James I had to

  • Princess Faith
    Princess Faith

    Wait who’s kylie- I live under a rock-

  • Helen Smiths
    Helen Smiths

    Why do people hate on Kylie Jenner she’s so pretty and has a grateful Personality

  • Estefania Rodriguez-Cano
    Estefania Rodriguez-Cano

    Hi Kali

  • unofficial Faria
    unofficial Faria

    She is looking like a 16 yrs old school girl0

  • Trace Wilson
    Trace Wilson

    James are you you marshmello?

    • Trace Wilson
      Trace Wilson

      Wait I meant to put a w but I lost it

  • Makenzie Phan
    Makenzie Phan

    I love you both so much😍 this is one of the best Collabs ❤️

  • Viri Monroy
    Viri Monroy

    Soy el comentario en español que buscabas🥺♥️

  • Val H
    Val H

    Hi kylejenner 😊😊😊😊😍😍😘

  • PekePanda L
    PekePanda L

    El es hermoso con maquillaje pero sin maquillaje es un expectaculo para la vista

  • kiki love
    kiki love

    She looks so much younger and fresh without all that make up

  • camila rainal
    camila rainal


  • Geraldine Gilbert
    Geraldine Gilbert

    omg shes so pretty i cant

  • Theressa Leone
    Theressa Leone

    she said that breath was *hot* lmaoo

  • Berenice Villalobos
    Berenice Villalobos

    the scratches look so real

  • Candice Brown
    Candice Brown

    Kylies nice but she she loooks like a catfish in every video 😭.

  • Chelsey Lardenoije
    Chelsey Lardenoije

    i mean...kylie looks sooooooo pretty without any makeup! :00 gorgeus!

  • Emilia Gonzalez
    Emilia Gonzalez

    me gusta mirar maquillajes pero no entiendoh uhn culoh loh queh dicenh

  • Faith Lockmiller
    Faith Lockmiller

    you'll get used to it lol but I love your makeup

  • Jazleen Ray
    Jazleen Ray

    kylie dosen't even act like a billonarie

  • I love Chicken nuggets
    I love Chicken nuggets

    James hears a knock at his door. James opens the door for Kylie and says “hi sister in order for you to collab with me you HAVE to put this sister hoodie on.” Kylie “ok” the entire vid Kylie is getting CHOKED by it

  • Brooklyn Brewer
    Brooklyn Brewer

    James" Its so nasty" also James*takes another sip*

  • TheReal KemKayao
    TheReal KemKayao

    Kylie looks so ___ without makeup and blinged out clothes

  • Dema Kamal
    Dema Kamal

    i love kyile shes SOOOO FUN

  • Happychicx

    Loving u both 💕

  • Bandaru Dinesh
    Bandaru Dinesh

    Kylie looks beautiful with and without makeup

  • Scary ghost Stories
    Scary ghost Stories

    That was amazing!!! I will be getting the cheetah pallet 🤩

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