Dodgers win 2020 World Series over Rays! | Rays-Dodgers World Series Game 6 Highlights 10/27/20
The Dodgers rallied in the 6th, then Mookie Betts homered to lead the Dodgers to a World Series victory, their 1st championship in 32 years
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  • Ethan the Legend
    Ethan the Legend

    Snell can even strike out Seager y did Kevin Cash take em out

  • Thirumalai balaji
    Thirumalai balaji

    It is like cricket... Home run= Six... Isn't?? Target what is that?? Explain me.. after seeing video.. I like to play Base ball.. I saw Base ball on Cartoons..🤣🤣 Doraemon,etc...🤣

  • Thirumalai balaji
    Thirumalai balaji

    Pls explain me the Rules of base ball...

  • Louis Brown
    Louis Brown

    Congratulations LA Dodgers. You're Wold Champions again, in 2020. Well done.

  • Cameron Lee
    Cameron Lee

    urias hizo tan buena

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  • Tatsuo M.W. Nakata
    Tatsuo M.W. Nakata

    I wanna watch this video all day

  • Jack Peterson
    Jack Peterson

    Game Recap: Top 1st: Randy Arozarena Solo Home Run (1-0 Rays) Bottom 6th: Austin Barnes Scored On Wild Pitch (Tied 1-1) Bottom 6th: Corey Seager RBI Forceout (2-1 Dodgers) Bottom 8th: Mookie Betts Solo Home Run (3-1 Dodgers)

  • Andre Yutani
    Andre Yutani

    It was all mookie

  • B


  • Casey Alvear
    Casey Alvear

    I would still not play for the Mets!

  • Dodger Nation
    Dodger Nation

    Thank you Mr. Kevin Cash! You sir, will get a standing ovation if you ever come to Dodger Stadium.

  • The Bushwacker
    The Bushwacker

    I know hingsight is great, but I think Snell could have finished that game and won. I hope manager Kevin Cash regrets taking Snell out till his dying day. LOL

  • Tara Chew
    Tara Chew

    2020...They really should have called it the "No Series"......

    • Eme

      @Tara Chew you dont watch or you watch?

    • Tara Chew
      Tara Chew

      Nope.....I don't watch Professional wrestling....💪

    • Eme

      Your team lost right?

  • Adogg

    Man ... idgaf about the shortened season. Feels good to finally pull that off! WS2020

  • 김터셔스

    California knows how to party,

  • Halsted Black
    Halsted Black


  • Lex Aponte
    Lex Aponte

    Gonzalez for the win, Urias for the save (81+7=88) I Love Baseball

  • jose armando dapena
    jose armando dapena

    L A Dodgers champions go go go

  • Xdrixn Cxl
    Xdrixn Cxl

    That’s right


    I love the dodgers I even got the LA dodgers hat

  • Darkrams

    Heres my question why take out snell when LA got the 2nd hit of the game really bad decision if you ask me

    • Eme

      Literally no one knows why cash took out blake snell

  • Steven Sobe
    Steven Sobe

    After two horrendous eras with the ownerships with FOX and Frank McCourt. After the Dodgers get cheated on not once, but twice in a row and end their 32 year drought which is hard to believe. This World Series championship definitely makes up for all they've gone through. Congrats to one of the MLB's iconic gems, the Los Angeles Dodgers!

  • Cheng Kue
    Cheng Kue


  • Nathan Jedrej
    Nathan Jedrej

    What were the Ray's thinking taking Snell out. He was on fire, if they could play that game again he would pitch the whole game. They gambled and it back fired big time.

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez


  • Stick Man
    Stick Man

    Poor Dodgers. Til this day I still look at the 1981 season as not a real season because of the strike and Dodgers won that year. 2020 is a joke that to me is just a tournament. I can't even pretend it's a real season. Just bad timing I guess, nothing the Dodgers can do about it.

    • phoneAntics

      1981 damn, if I'm ever that old and find myself engaging in this level of petty denial please just kill me.

    • Eme

      I bet your team lost

    • Saldetor Vulcano
      Saldetor Vulcano

      Doesn’t really matter what you think

    • Marco Cazares
      Marco Cazares


  • Sotiris Kosidis
    Sotiris Kosidis

    "Los Angeles the city of champions"

  • David Jaejoon On
    David Jaejoon On

    I will donate all my proceeds from this win to combat covid from China!

  • K R
    K R

    For fucksake it’s been 5 years since I wanted to understant baseball rules. It’s so complicated (I’m french)

  • Red Spy
    Red Spy

    Who else is watching in 2021

  • SmokinSkull

    Who can't stop watching this everyday as a Dodger Fan?

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay

    I'm A Yankees fan and I'm happy The Dodgers beat The Ray's. Congratulations Dodgers fans !! We shall soon meet with the two most historic teams in baseball !! 👍👍

  • Er Tsukuyomi
    Er Tsukuyomi

    For KOBE!!!

  • Spencer Ireland
    Spencer Ireland

    it took LA 32 years to win the world series, and to be honest I'm glad they did

  • Ashley Moody
    Ashley Moody

    pillar men theme

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay

      winning horses and cashing winning tickets

  • Johnny

    I really want to punch coach Cash in the face for taking out Snell.

  • CaliGaL


  • CaliGaL

    Snell is doing a fantastic job why they pulled him out????

    • Nimfa Mcdonald
      Nimfa Mcdonald

      Because That's why

  • Halsted Black
    Halsted Black


  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith

    There was one thing that bothered me about that game. Why did Kevin Cash pull Blake Snell in the 6th inning? All he did was give up a base hit, that's all. Terrible Decision!

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    As an Astros fan, I am fully content with the Dodgers winning it this year. They were robbed of a title in 2017 and deserve this.

  • Philip James
    Philip James

    DJ available in the entire Los Angeles area including the O.C., Inland Empire and Ventura Co.. I've DJ'd at Dodger Stadium and was assistant DJ for Robert Horry's wedding in Sept 2019. I'm on Instagram @djphilipjames and I DJ for all events. Stay healthy fam, go Lakers go Dodgers! 💙⚾️🏆

  • Wilfred Felida
    Wilfred Felida

    Now that the dodgers have win a world series, thèy have to resign both blake treinen and justin turner to keep on winning.

  • VeloX

    You guys got to find a way to get Alex verdugo back he was a beast

    • PeekaPeep

      Trade Gavin Lux for him straight up, DONE. ;-)

  • Scooter Agnew
    Scooter Agnew

    Who cares?

    • Eme

      I bet your team lost

    • Nimfa Mcdonald
      Nimfa Mcdonald

      @I'M RIGHT ALL THE TIME Who cares?


      Better then YANKEES

  • 俵藤太

    You've regained the championship ring stolen by the Astros. Congrats LAD.

  • its alrright
    its alrright

    I feel good seeing the Ray's face of defeat

  • Fun Kidz
    Fun Kidz

    I am a Strong Braves fan

    • Nimfa Mcdonald
      Nimfa Mcdonald

      You're a weak petrified little girl hiding under your bed.

  • Jim Fromearth
    Jim Fromearth

    The Dodgers didn’t win the Rays lost. Terrible managing many bad moves. I counted 5 in game five. Too analytical? Probably. If analysis worked perfectly I would be picking winning horses and cashing winning tickets

    • Saldetor Vulcano
      Saldetor Vulcano

      Rays couldn’t hit dodger pitching, that’s why they lost

    • Nimfa Mcdonald
      Nimfa Mcdonald

      @Jim Fromearth The Yanks couldn't beat meat.

    • Nimfa Mcdonald
      Nimfa Mcdonald

      The Rays lost. That means the Dodgers won. That's how that works. Dweeb.

    • Jim Fromearth
      Jim Fromearth

      @PeekaPeep thanks

    • PeekaPeep

      @Jim Fromearth Meh, if you say so buddy:::shrugs:::


    Never watched 1 inning this year. I could care less.

    • Jolly Guardian
      Jolly Guardian

      You mean you couldn’t care less?

  • Russell Roesner
    Russell Roesner

    I didn't even know the world series was played this year. Nobody talked about it at work either but I guess people aren't in to Baseball as much anymore. All that was on the news was the election and Covid. I'm not a big sports person but I've never not known the series was happening. I honestly thought the Baseball season was cancelled this year.

  • Amy Koch
    Amy Koch

    Aww good for them and for Clayton!!

  • Yung Faness
    Yung Faness

    Hitting A Homerun iS Not Easy i PLayed A WhoLe BasebaLL Season An Aint Hit Not One Homerun i Dont Think

  • Yung Faness
    Yung Faness

    Tampa Bay Just Lost The Major League BasebaLL Championship To The Los AngLeS DodgerS Tampa Bay FinaLLy Made it To The Major League BasebaLL Championship An Just Lost The Major League Baseball Championship The Next Major League BasketbaLL Season iS On The Way Major League BasebaLL

  • tBone's Garage
    tBone's Garage

    Whippy doo.

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon

    NBA: los angeles lakers champs MLB: los angeles Dodgers champs The angeles time baby

  • Gaming With Eli
    Gaming With Eli

    Dodgers win and Lakers win crazy

  • Elber Galarga
    Elber Galarga

    I feel bad for Victor Gonzales he doesn’t get enough credit.

    • Saldetor Vulcano
      Saldetor Vulcano

      For real, he’s been great this entire postseason

    • Dominick Tello
      Dominick Tello

      Victor is goated

  • Georgia Black Man
    Georgia Black Man

    Rams or Chargers turn now

    • senni bgon
      senni bgon

      vamos dodgers vanos con mexicanos

  • Bri G15
    Bri G15

    I hate baseball. But love watching any team in any sport win it all!

  • Jerrick Delapena
    Jerrick Delapena

    Chills every time

  • Joseph Baker
    Joseph Baker

    It only took several world series losses and over a half a billion dollars to finally do it.

  • Marc Anthony
    Marc Anthony

    I never felt like the Rays could win this series. I picked the Dodgers in five and it would have been five if not for the debacle that led to the Rays walk off win in Game 4.

  • TheBatugan77

    So... Is this shtt over? Finally?

    • Nimfa Mcdonald
      Nimfa Mcdonald

      So...are you over? Finally?

  • StrawHatMatt

    I can’t stop watching !

    • Nimfa Mcdonald
      Nimfa Mcdonald

      Maybe a couple of jabs in your eyes with a hot poker would help.

  • dutoiu hour
    dutoiu hour

    He should've kept Snell in. I bet he didn't sleep yesterday.

  • Trone T
    Trone T

    Lakers win, now dodgers, let’s see if La rams/chargers can pull it off

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo

      Finally, Clayton Kershaw gets his ring!

  • Leonardo Artist
    Leonardo Artist

    I insulted by MLB and every other TV "station" that puts that damn "strike zone" box up. Myself and millions of others baseball fans have been watching the game for more years than the dopes that decided to do the box are alive-wand we never needed any aid to see if a pitch is a strike or ball. You insult and disrespect all of us.

    • Nimfa Mcdonald
      Nimfa Mcdonald

      @your son's juicebox You chill. Or you'll be deep. Punk.

    • Nimfa Mcdonald
      Nimfa Mcdonald

      No Leo. They just insulted you. You should be used to that, as the local village idiot that you are.

    • your son's juicebox
      your son's juicebox

      Chill it’s not that deep

  • Spooky


    • dutoiu hour
      dutoiu hour

      From a Cardinals fan all respect to The Dodgers but whyyyy pull the starter, Rays?! Totally different ball game.

  • K

    Happy for the Dodgers. Kershaw, Turner and crew finally get a WS ring. I gotta give a shout out to Tampa for getting as far as they did. Totally unexpected and a testament to that team's drive and talent. So happy the overpriced Stankees had to watch WS from their mansions.

    • K

      @Nimfa Mcdonald Fair comment. But a few of these LA guys will be coming off the books soon. Meanwhile, you'll be paying Giancar"IL"o Stanton till eternity for half a season's work. Oh, and how did that Elsbury contract work out for you? ;o)

    • Nimfa Mcdonald
      Nimfa Mcdonald

      You're calling the Yankees overpriced but you're happy for the Dodgers. Are you this stupid every day? Or just today?

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo

      Now the real question is what is MLB going to do at the start of the 2021 season.

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo

    NBA: los angeles lakers champs MLB: los angeles Dodgers champs The angeles time baby

  • SERROT 05
    SERROT 05

    Urias is the new King of LA. 1. Lebron 2.Urias 3. Caruso 4. Davis 5. Mookie 6...... 7...... 8...... 9...... 10. Kawhi Leonard

  • Zyptic

    Baseball is a dying sport anyways

    • your son's juicebox
      your son's juicebox


  • jesus garcia
    jesus garcia

    vamos dodgers vanos con mexicanos

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo

      Florida the city of loss

  • Lost Lost
    Lost Lost

    They won't win again 7 of ther players are free agents . Mad love for urias tho RESPECT for him .

  • david martin
    david martin

    Fake world series 60 game season what a joke

    • Nimfa Mcdonald
      Nimfa Mcdonald

      You're the only joke here, davy boy. Beat it. Hit the bricks

    • your son's juicebox
      your son's juicebox

      Aww you’re not happy the best team in baseball won the World Series so you come up with excuses 🥺🥺🥺🥱

  • Randy Cokewave
    Randy Cokewave

    En verdad no entiendo, dejó a Glasnow con 4 carreras & 112 picheos. Y Snell 73 picheos, 9k, 2H, no bxb.. al menos debió relevar con un abridor.. ese juego debió pasar 1-0.. El esfuerzo de Arozarena & Snell fue en vano 🥺

  • مغربي عربي
    مغربي عربي

    Urgent Karim Benzema burns the flag of France today 🔥🔥👇

  • Nick

    Someone please explain the logic of pulling Snell that early.

    • Nimfa Mcdonald
      Nimfa Mcdonald

      No. Deal with it.

  • Droppedbybran

    I thought the rays won

  • joliecide

    About effing time!!! Hail the Dodgers!!!

  • Ibraheem Rao
    Ibraheem Rao

    Now the real question is what is MLB going to do at the start of the 2021 season.

  • john cao
    john cao

    Finally, Clayton Kershaw gets his ring!

  • Lew R
    Lew R

    It would've been nice to see Alex Wood in the highlights. His two perfect innings were crucial.

  • Kolten Mulligan
    Kolten Mulligan

    From a Cardinals fan all respect to The Dodgers but whyyyy pull the starter, Rays?! Totally different ball game.

  • Brandon Larsen
    Brandon Larsen

    that was really dumb to take out snell


    Mlb should consider to only playing 120 games...

    • Nimfa Mcdonald
      Nimfa Mcdonald

      You should consider minding your own business.

  • Coffee Zilla
    Coffee Zilla

    Phillies fan here! Congrats Dodgers!

  • JackGeezy

    Im still in shock. Champs of 2020 forever LAD


    Picking up mookie was a great move.

  • Joe Shelton
    Joe Shelton

    YAHOO!!!! YEAH DODGERS WIN WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤🏆

  • GarettLovesMovies

    I love rewatching these Highlights over and over again! LAD BABY! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Monkeys Uncle
    Monkeys Uncle

    Urias deserves more than 502k a year now. Come on dodgers !!! Urias was fire 🔥

  • Mason MIrras
    Mason MIrras

    Go dodgers

  • Anthony Banuelos
    Anthony Banuelos

    Let's go Dodger 👍


    Se recuerda al toro Valenzuela, viva México cabrones!!!!

  • Elias Chelios
    Elias Chelios

    Rays coach fumbled...

  • Adan Espericueta
    Adan Espericueta

    I think Victor Gonzalez is the best pitcher

  • Alexander Pipio
    Alexander Pipio

    Como ese manager de Tampa perdió el juego al sacar a el mejor de sus lanzadores! Que aprenda de esa lección.

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