DMX - What They Really Want (Official Music Video) ft. Sisqo
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Music video by DMX performing What They Really Want. (C) 2001 The Island Def Jam Music Group
#DMX #WhatTheyReallyWant #Remastered #Vevo

  • Wazif Muhammad
    Wazif Muhammad

    Shout Out to Dina! MP!! 6🏀

  • Angela Hughes
    Angela Hughes

    Saweeties mom in this video..

  • Jasmine S.
    Jasmine S.

    I’m listening to this in 2021

  • Marlo Standfield
    Marlo Standfield

    Gloria Veles thoooooo

  • Marlo Standfield
    Marlo Standfield

    This song will always be fire


    This should have a billion views....

  • Felicia Collins
    Felicia Collins

    Put his movie on Netflix

  • Felicia Collins
    Felicia Collins

    Dmx realist

  • DjKilLaBee DjKilLaBee
    DjKilLaBee DjKilLaBee

    Rachel Levy and DjKilLaBee..

  • David Snider
    David Snider

    About three Kims ***WHAAATT*** 👌

  • Moke Hauanio
    Moke Hauanio

    Before rap was mainstream there where some that put it down...that being said give the new generation time to evolve...our generation did and it turned into something special.

  • christian ellis
    christian ellis

    The puny richard echographically spray because accelerator totally scrub amidst a tasteless call. gigantic, wide force

  • QueenT Tarotlight
    QueenT Tarotlight

    Sisqo dance moves lmao he had to get his gangsta gear ready for the video shoot lol

  • HailAmina

    Ayo Mimi 🥰

  • Gangsta's Paradise
    Gangsta's Paradise

    2021 und ich bin hir

  • Moses Carter
    Moses Carter

    Yoooooo X!

  • Mehdi Bziz
    Mehdi Bziz

    سمعتو في 2001 konti radi nmchi Washington DC

  • G L W P
    G L W P

    It was about 3 Kim’s ! U not lying X

  • darius hodge
    darius hodge

    2021 still wanna know what they want

  • Joseph Rawles
    Joseph Rawles

    I first time i heard this song i thought he was going alphabet order 🤔

  • Fitzroy King
    Fitzroy King

    bad bloodclaat song !

  • Chillouttez

    Yall better stop playin with sisqo! 😂😂😂😂

  • No Limit Soldier
    No Limit Soldier

    Shout out to ALL the fine ass women in this video!👌🏾🔥✊🏽🔥👍🏽

  • Bee Duarte
    Bee Duarte

    Quem.nao tá com nois passa pá vê nois loucura até os.ossos ......🐜🐜🐜🐜

  • Errol WATLER
    Errol WATLER

    People like to dog are 60'$ threw 90'$ music rap to .its better than ya stuff 🤔🤔🤔so don't talk! Hear it the best music pop locking an Bang, are time the best!!

  • Christen Smith
    Christen Smith

    Hey Simmie, talk to em' for a minute.

  • Ntombikaise Maila
    Ntombikaise Maila

    2021 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kim Elliott
    Kim Elliott

    I'm just watching for DMX. Fine ass. Nice and rugged. Damn!!😘🥰😍

  • Raphaël Johnson
    Raphaël Johnson


  • Mukhtar Umashev
    Mukhtar Umashev

    nostalgia ностальгия хитовый hit


    Man i feel like my child support will never end after this.

  • MiaJulisse A.
    MiaJulisse A.

    No smelly front laces or dust feather looking lashes or fake butts that don't match the thigh ratio.

  • Terrance Garrett
    Terrance Garrett

    Come on now💪🏼

  • Wael Bouyahya
    Wael Bouyahya

    Watching this in 2021 ! This song is in my top 10 favorite hip-hop songs of all time !

  • Doreen Stone
    Doreen Stone

    My boy sweating 😥 mad hard

    • 2020 Ehud
      2020 Ehud


  • Edona muriqi
    Edona muriqi

    @2:03 saweeties mom

  • Edona muriqi
    Edona muriqi

    Aye !!! Throw back

  • ilkay biggy
    ilkay biggy

    This here is classsic feels like yesterday good music never fades DMX SISQO

  • Alycha Newman
    Alycha Newman

    This song still hard as hell

  • V.PAUL

    2052 ......

  • Jared Tennant
    Jared Tennant

    Sisquo over Chris Brown anyday tbh...that niggah can saang his ass off! make every song better.

  • Die Zestörung
    Die Zestörung


  • Thomas Abalo
    Thomas Abalo

    Still listening in 2021❤️❤️❤️

  • денис пилипенко
    денис пилипенко

    Девки больше на трнсов похожи

  • Kien Trinh
    Kien Trinh

    Je me peut etre dans ma team

  • Parisign

    If I'm on the hood of a car with a women is sitting on top of me on a nice car last thing I'm doing is singing, I'm gonna put a show for the block... This video is proof of what happens when your in your feelings

  • John Wasonga
    John Wasonga

    Kenyans be like, Shiko, Atieno,Kerubo, Mbeke,........... Kenyans lets add the names

  • Salvador Domingos
    Salvador Domingos

    Devemos valorizar a música

  • Salvador Domingos
    Salvador Domingos

    Muita força na música

    • Salvador Domingos
      Salvador Domingos

      Governo de apostar muito na arte

  • Salvador Domingos
    Salvador Domingos

    Good yusi

  • Jesse Eromosele
    Jesse Eromosele

    The only artist that comes close to sisqo in hooks nowadays is T pain.


    Rumor has it that till this day Sisqo still doesn´t know what they want from him

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay

    My breakup anthem 🤣

  • SONA Awareness
    SONA Awareness

    SAWEETIES mom is Kelly😂

  • Mugambi Karugu
    Mugambi Karugu

    49 million plus viewers and DMX has 1.39m subscribers.The world would be a better place if we lifted others up.

  • kyrathevillagebaddie manley
    kyrathevillagebaddie manley


  • Kristina Ondinyo
    Kristina Ondinyo


  • LiaChanel SoloDoe
    LiaChanel SoloDoe

    This song makes me😢

  • blendedaffamily _
    blendedaffamily _

    2021 still fucking booming that dmx

  • pstar2385

    1:05 me in the bathroom mirror after I just laid that hammer down! 😂

  • Ricardo Lester
    Ricardo Lester

    The Dances Sisqo Were Doing Lls

  • Darrius S
    Darrius S

    How many people know who he was talking about in this song? Yes it’s someone famous

  • Dwayne Rose
    Dwayne Rose

    every rappers favorite rapper legend dmx dog for life

  • Sword Fish
    Sword Fish

    My theme song facts!!

  • Jenielle Grier
    Jenielle Grier

    Me in 2021 and still can't get this out of head.

  • Patience Kasere
    Patience Kasere

    This song brings back so many memories of atlanta Georgia and living in the hoody hoooo

  • mohamed hamidi
    mohamed hamidi


  • Thomas Washington
    Thomas Washington

    Year 2000 Gangsta shit I been Gangsta since a child

    • Zakai Allen
      Zakai Allen

      Ayobitch -dmx

  • Emilio Peña
    Emilio Peña

    When you realize that 80% of DMX’s second verse was him saying girls name

  • Hilaryy.x

    2021 anyone? 😂

  • Amanda Lynn lamb
    Amanda Lynn lamb

    Know. Me feel sad real women. Hurt borke ing love you

  • Ernest Martin
    Ernest Martin

    I'm tellin you, when X was on his shit and had creative control there was nobody in the industry fuckin with dude. Homie was a monster and to this day my favorite MC of all time

  • Amanda Lynn lamb
    Amanda Lynn lamb

    Love you bor


    Я до сих пор в ахуе от DMX . Качает не по детски.

    • Илхом Каюмов
      Илхом Каюмов



    I’m here cuz the parody on ig 🤣

  • Music Video Live TV
    Music Video Live TV

    The days when Misogyny was glamorised!!!

  • DrizzKidd


  • Bush Girl
    Bush Girl

    When women had beautiful natural bodies and face miss these days.

  • Rod Franklin
    Rod Franklin


  • Sarina Murrell
    Sarina Murrell

    I remember my husband got mad because, I got excited when I heard my name "Sarina". He asked me why I was excited about a rapper saying my name. I was like it's DMX baby. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Buddah KIng
    Buddah KIng

    Chicken heads 🤣

  • splinter360

    The days when every chick didn't have booty shots 😫

  • Jabella TV
    Jabella TV

    Sisqo is still the the most energetic RnB singer to ever grace us with his talent and he's definitely the King of RnB since R.kelly fucked up because group or not Sisqo was the BEST

  • Dray How1
    Dray How1

    Much love!!! #lvdrizzle

  • Phillip Morales
    Phillip Morales

    I gave you u gave me I played you you played me

  • IAM_YFNGEE Book Now
    IAM_YFNGEE Book Now

    😂😭😂😭 this my favorite song

  • Nico Motloung
    Nico Motloung

    2021 we still here

  • Vegas Beast
    Vegas Beast

    2021 Feb Black History month ..This the Vibe 🔥

  • carlos rogers
    carlos rogers

    The names remind me of crybaby but longer

  • Miguel Torres
    Miguel Torres

    I came here for answers! The question was never answered I'll continue my search.

  • Luisbudda

    2021 🐐

  • Martin Ozueh
    Martin Ozueh

    When men made their bones from rap and not grabbing p*ssies

  • peralez2383


  • dwayne arthur
    dwayne arthur

    Best is classic !! 👍🏽😎

  • Indecence


  • Luxury Lemonade
    Luxury Lemonade

    Rip boomer x dog

  • Mary Hudson
    Mary Hudson

    I tried to keep up but lost count when he said about 3 kims but i think it was 48 women he said in all.

  • Patreese Marshburn
    Patreese Marshburn

    Sisqo like that his voice is very good and dmx the🐐 old school all day over new school

  • The Best
    The Best


  • GlamorousKiema

    Everybody in this video been on powda

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