Dennis Prager - Rational Bible: Exodus (2018)
On November 28, 2018 the Pepperdine, School of Public Policy hosted its annual Patricia Tagliaferri Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series. We were honored to welcome keynote speaker Dennis Prager, radio talk show host and founder of PragerU.
Prager's newest book, released in April 2018, is the first of his five-volume Bible commentary entitled, The Rational Bible: Exodus - God, Slavery and Freedom. While many people may think the Bible, the most influential book in world history, is outdated Prager's explanation of the Book of Exodus, the second book of the Bible, will demonstrate that the Bible is not only powerfully relevant to today's issues, but completely consistent with rational thought.
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  • YT CanSMD
    YT CanSMD

    Stop. Recommending. Jewish. “Intellectuals”. I will never, ever listen to them.

  • Eastern Lafia
    Eastern Lafia

    Samuel 15:3. Spare not infant or woman, or ox sheep camel and ass. GOD IS THE ULTIMATE MORAL COMPASS

  • Eastern Lafia
    Eastern Lafia

    Shakespeare was an English playwright. He spoke English and wrote all his plays in English. Where did Dennis hear that Shakespeare was a different language other than early modern English. If you read Shakespeare and cant understand the grammar, you might need to take a few English classes again. 1600s English is understood by children in highschool

  • Eastern Lafia
    Eastern Lafia

    Japan mascaraed Christians, Hamidian massacres, Armenian genocide, assyrian genocide, Greek genocide. No OnE hAtEs ChIsTiAnS. Come on man


    I enjoy listening to Dennis a lot to the point that it competes with my work.

  • Teresa Baker-Carl
    Teresa Baker-Carl

    I have only seen your fireside chats. I really enjoy this. Do you think you could send some of your delightful wonderful wisdom? I need some. Thank you.

  • G Howard
    G Howard

    Are we supposed to believe he Bible Belt voted against religion?

  • A. B.
    A. B.

    The Spanish Inquisition wasn't any more strict than equivalent institutions all over Europe and the world at the time. Most of what's said about it is "black legend" made up by the British

  • Whenpigsfly

    Noah was righteous in his generation.....untainted by the Nephelim blood line......

  • Chris Stoic
    Chris Stoic

    "Nobody living before the left was a good human being, may be Lenin" GOLD!

  • Ken Masters
    Ken Masters

    So true. A jew said it himself. There is no knowledge of the hate of christianity in America. But, it is said in the scriptures, they will hate you as they hated me

  • John Gottuso
    John Gottuso

    The hulking swimming developmentally refuse because taxicab preferably cure over a aromatic manicure. boorish, stiff instrument

  • Hanz Ketchup
    Hanz Ketchup

    Excellent Cheers Mr.Prager !

  • Hanz Ketchup
    Hanz Ketchup

    Wow , Prager opted for good weather and democrats , that explains something , California is pursuing Climate maintenance , I suppose climate change is about maintenance , however the hypocrisy is that wood burning produces 450% more carbon than fossil fuels like coal and petroleum , and the addressing wildfires that are endemic to California would be a significant 1st step .

  • Marlene Silvano
    Marlene Silvano

    How much PPP money did you take, Mr. PragerU?

  • Lou-ann Atkinson
    Lou-ann Atkinson

    Tku Mr Prager, so helpful to me.

  • Forthe Doctor
    Forthe Doctor

    God loves us He made that very clear , He says as far as the east is from the west. I couldn't imagine not loving him back. I guess Jews didn't love Him back then either.

  • Raymond Gibbs
    Raymond Gibbs

    Seems to me there was alot of Pop music songs in the 70', 80's & 90's to "Follow Your Heart". That's one of the doors which let in today's belief system.

  • Raymond Gibbs
    Raymond Gibbs

    We're headed to The Book Of Eli. That movie Danzel Washington & Mila Cunis were in.

  • takethepowerback83

    @ 23:00 he claims that Churchill saved the Western world from Hitler... uhm, I’ll stick with what General Patton said after world war 2: “we defeated the wrong enemy”

  • Haemosu l
    Haemosu l

    Not much about Exodus here.

  • theaubad100

    Hi Mr Prager. Please don't take this harshly. Do you honestly feel as tho you know about God well enough to expound upon His Holy Word? I don't. To play with what God says with little knowledge of God is dangerous at best. If the Holy Bible is God's Holy Word. Do you not feel so are the curses in the Holy Word? To lie in anyway about God or to harm His will or intentions is blasphemy. To not know God and to speak of His authority in anyway less than majesty is detrimental to your possible eternal soul. Dennis hell is a real place. More real than Houston is. Yet you mock God. As a Jewish man and your great history. I can hardly imagine you would treat God so lightly. If God isn't real then explain how a culture gets removed from their land. Spread throughout the world for two thousand years. Yet completely keep their ways, culture, and identity. 3 generations of Irish folk in America and nearly 0 speak Gaelic.

  • Liam

    So.... Still no proof of god then?

  • 2coryman

    7th Day within the Octave of Christmas* God The Father (GOD told us enough these past few days regarding His protection of the USA from the lib progressives, Now, for 2021 HE in effect tells us to “have our house in order” before HIM) December 31, 2020 · Printer Friendly Share on FacebookTweet about this on Twitter Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: "Children, as the New Year begins tomorrow, today, I invite each soul to take inventory of where he stands before Me. What does the soul see as an effort to come closer to Me in the year 2021? Has he made an effort to come closer to Me by strict adherence to My Commandments? Does he hold himself accountable to his effort to build his house of personal holiness in his present moment decisions? Make an effort to identify what carries him farther away from Me and leads him down the path of perdition." "I will bless his efforts to discover his strengths and weaknesses and to use each coming moment in the new year in an effort to know Me and to love Me." Read Psalm 2:10-12+ Now therefore, O kings, be wise; be warned, O rulers of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear, with trembling rejoice, lest he be angry, and you perish in the way; for his wrath is quickly kindled. Blessed are all who take refuge in him. + Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press - Holy Bible - Revised Standard Version - Second Catholic Edition.) * See

  • Susan Reutter
    Susan Reutter

    yes, the "title" of "professor" has been "defaced".

  • Adam Oliver
    Adam Oliver

    So many on the left vilify this man. He is such a kind, intelligent man. I believe he is hated by some because he's not what they want a conservative to look like. He doesn't fit the toothless, inbred, racist image they want people to believe about conservatives. Common sense can be so powerful when masterfully presented.

  • Paul Reginello
    Paul Reginello

    The heart is deceitful.

  • Michael

    Spoiler alert!!! in Leviticus if you find property lost by a neighbor keep it in your house and return it to neighbor.... turn pages.... if an animal runs away from neighbor you should keep it in your house until you can return it to your neighbor... turn pages.... if you come across a runaway slave... politically incorrect territory? what dy'a think? read on...... you shall NOT return him to the slave owner as you were slaves in Egypt and keep it in your house becomes... let him dwell with you.

  • Michael

    Exodus fleshes out the word 'holy'. In Genesis there is only one instance of the word 'holy' regarding the 7th day. God defers fleshing out 'holy' until Exodus with the redemption theme and about 70 instances of 'holy'. Then things take a turn with Leviticus which becomes a reading speed bump to many feeling tedious, No longer mostly 'story' but Leviticus is thematic on 'holy' with only two very short stories inside but mostly thematic. Holiness I would argue the centerpiece of the Torah the center book with two narrative books before and after. This should be no surprise since the only attribute of God said three times is Holy, holy, holy by angels in Isiah 6. Ya... and Leviticus also has about 70 instances of the word 'holy. Genesis only 1.

  • Michael

    Good point about 'justice, justice you shall pursue' Thanks. Keturah is interesting... Abraham had 8 sons... 1 through Sarah, 1 though Hagar and 6 though Keturah who he married after Sarah died and Isaac and Rebecca moved out. This is because God promised Abraham he would be 'father of nations'. Abraham also probably had many daughters unmentioned. And... I would love you to come to Christ also. As far as mystical things what do you think of Lady Gaga and Kamala Harris affection for the Kabbala? Am I bad?

  • mahkato1

    Talks and talks and talks but nothing settles. Prager: agent of republican collectivism. Freemason. And tenured into the liberal university system. Spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on liberal education. But says he's a republican. He's a division sower.

  • joe martin
    joe martin

    Do you observe Shabbat? Dennis, you are a Gentile cur and huckster. Psalms 147:19

  • joe martin
    joe martin

    Ready for psmsy137. Ahrar atah. Do you eat pork? Do you eat shellfish?

  • Ronnie Allgood
    Ronnie Allgood

    Most of us don't have an overarching belief system to guide our beliefs unfortunately. We make up our minds on our own without guidance from the wisdom literature like the Bible.

  • Jean Ellis
    Jean Ellis

    May this be heard from sea to shining sea in 2020!

  • lil moe
    lil moe

    For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

  • rick north
    rick north

    22:00 minute mark. Noah was "perfect in his generations" refers to angels that fell with Satan having sex with the daughters of men who then got economic favors from these demons. Life was tough. Give your daughters to demons, have ecomomic prosperity. Satan's goal was to screw up the gene pool, knowing one was coming later (Christ) that would hit him in the head. Noah was perfect in his generations, no nephilim. God started over with 8 people, Noah, his wife, 3 sons, their wives.

  • Cherri Zirkel
    Cherri Zirkel


  • Steve Crill
    Steve Crill

    This election IS THE most important election in history! "But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son Of Man be." Mathew 24:37, read the whole chapter, 'They will be eating and drinking, married and given in marriage..." then the flood came. AND, 'Likewise, just as the days of Lot, they were eating, drinking, buying/selling Lot was in the town of Sodom and escaped just before the fire & brimstone came down. They've found sulfur balls/brimstone, squared & rectangle giant 'mounds' that look like buildings @ the south dead sea, etc. Ask The Spirit of God to reveal Himself and He will, in Yeshua's name.

  • Mich Seg
    Mich Seg

    Former FBI director Comey was just hired by Columbia Law School as a teacher

  • gunmonkey1185

    Mr. Prager for your wisdom to enlighten the way through life. From a Buddhist.

  • Stanley Idomeh
    Stanley Idomeh

    I respect you so much SIR, so I retract my last post .. but atheist don't need to have a book like the Bible , we decipher from books including the Bible

  • Stanley Idomeh
    Stanley Idomeh

    We get it from logic and reasoning , u ask the question and decide to answer ?

  • Melody Burkholder
    Melody Burkholder

    So, how does one honor parents who are hateful and abusive (leftists.. surprise surprise) though the whole reason I am here in the place I am to BE here for them?

  • Darla Knoblauch
    Darla Knoblauch

    But if your anti Christian ..theres no name to call you what you are for opposing them....but all other beliefs there is a name against you for opposing them... Christian's are the only ones hated? ...Christian doctrine is a the only belief that pushed their occult on the world other belief had ever imposed their belief on the world but Christians.....of coarse they will drawl negative reactions more than any other belief system.....because they not only impose on the world ...they hi Jack everyone to their belief ....hi Jack everyone to be punished eternal by their belief ...if they do not all common sense...what one believes is meant for them to obey it's doctrine....and what I believe ..I am meant to obey what ever God reveals to me are accountable for what you believe.....everyone ......I am not accountable for someone else's imagination....they are.. .. To each his own

  • dollsofvalley

    Can we multiply Dennis Prager times a million! I love this guy! What an intellectual, insightful, and wise! God bless you!

  • yzagui007

    Its just a book. Get over it

  • UpsideDownWorld

    Hmmm. This guy is great for the church of Satan. Do what though wilt shall be the whole of the law. Be pragmatic. Go to church. Fly around on private planes. Make money. Tell people what you are doing and have them worship you for it. All hail Dennis Prager. He is so wise. He is wise. Wise in the world. Thats what he worships. He says he defends Christians as he doesn't believe in Jesus. Hahahahhha. If you can't see how funny that is, you definitely worship the world and Satan. May want to ask yourself why you believe that and want to attack me right now. Lol. God bless you all. In Yeshuas name.

  • Lakeva

    Minute 34:52 The Old Testament is a confession book. Ancient Israel was being led by God, but they fell into every sin possible. Their leaders could not even recognize the advent of the Messiah, and Jesus' unfolding mission. Zoroastrian astronomers were more in tune with God than Zechariah, chief priest and father of John the Baptist, who allowed the Messiah to be born in an animal stall. God chose the best people to form a secure foundation to deliver the Second Adam, and protect him; transpiring on a national level. God sent so many prophets, receiving His audible word, saying a redeemer is coming. Thousands of years of guidance and Daniel prophesying a 490 year period could not result in fallen man restoring the blood lineage, and the Parent's Right, and King's Right abdicated when Adam received Satan's word, which was contrary to God. Israel's history was no different in the end than that of any other nation whose predicament was sin and ignorance. So the Messiah had to go through torture and martyrdom, while forgiving those who took his life and possibility for posterity, to wrest us from this material Kmart, and satanic accusation. The world owes a debt of gratitude to all those who tried to the best of their ability to expand the scope of God's Providence. Without the Patriarchs and ancient Israel there would be no expansion of authority, and no leveling of the field which gives every child access to God. God did say He wanted a nation of priests. Now God wants a world of true children who know Him. "And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven. 21 And you, that were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled 22 In the body of his flesh through death, to present you holy and unblameable and unreproveable in his sight:" ~ Paul In the above quote from Colossians, Paul was careful through the Holy Spirit, to clarify the Reconciliation of the Cosmos included both things of a physical order, and beings with a spiritual nature. Of course, if you commit sin, you will have to go through a process to restore the relationship with the aggrieved party to its original state before damage occurred, even though God can forgive you. Punishment is good, not evil. Punishment is corrective. We should graduate from life, out of the limitation placed on the creativity of our heart, caused by the physical body. Death of the physical body, was not the death caused by our first ancestors fallen act. Just as God is not a mind, eternity we transmigrate to upon death, is not a place of thought alone, it is a place of sensation. God is a Spirit. Accordingly the Spirit World is a place of satisfaction. When you don't graduate from life and the person's Testament is tipping 51 percent towards the side of evil, this person will go to the part of Spirit World provided for warehousing sinners. Let's all graduate and create the ideal world. Let's fulfill the prayer of Jesus, in which he prayed for God's kingdom to come on earth, as it is in Heaven. God endowed man with 4 primary desires. They are: 1. The desire to eat, sleep and wear 2. Sex 3. To gain position 4. Knowledge We have established social systems to address these desires. They are: 1. The economic system 2. The family system 3. The political system (to maintain society requires leadership, which is generally speaking, the elder brother/sister's position 4. The education system Some may argue that eating is more than a need, However when you wake up in the morning if you desire to live, you are faced with the 4 choices of: 1. Hunting 2. Fishing 3. Farming 4 Work-so you can slide money across the grocery counter. Politics is about decision making. Desire requires (pursues) joy and happiness through action. The four actions related to 4 major social systems are: 1. Work 2. Sex 3. Shedding tears and sweat 4. Honesty in pursuit of education Jesus said that God's kingdom and will should come on earth. It's interesting how He didn't pray: Thy Democracy come. God is both King and Parent of the universe. He is the Father of spirits, and Great King according to Malachi. These qualifications should be transmitted to His children, who are made in His image and likeness, as the Kings Right and Parents Right. Democracy which is a political system of brotherhoodism, must benefit from the theoretical, and living foundation of leadership, found within the individuals who have inherited the Parents Right and King's Right. Otherwise democracy devolves into dysfunctional brotherhoodism, as we witness in the rise and fall of great civilizations of history. There is no separation between the church and state in the Kingdom of Heaven in the Spirit World. When God said: "Do not eat" He was preparing and hoping for Adam and Eve to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, or else He was speaking idle words. We know God doesn't speak idle words. The implications were profound. There would be no US Court of Appeals and no prison system on earth. Because God created us with desire, and because desire is fulfilled when we see our nature reflected and developed in the object of our creation, and God's creation, wether that be our children, other people, a hobby, mastery in art and science, the symbolic representation of an idea held in the kingdoms and various kind in creation, and because desire reauires or pursues fulfillment - joy and happiness through action, we can arrive at the conclusion that joy and happiness is the purpose of life. What is the process of subverting emotion stemming from premature, excessive, inordinate, or unfulfilled desire in the absence of good and wise parents? It is found in the development of the Process of Murder: Envy of knowledge (education system), position (political system), property (economic system), affection (family system) = envy --> jealousy --> arrogance --> resentment --> anger --> hatred --> invasion--> violence--> murder/suicide. This process leads to 4 kinds of sin through the actions of: 1. Theft 2. Fornication, adultery, sexual perversion 3. Murder 4. False witness We may refer to these actions as: Evil joy and happiness What is the original blueprint for leadership indicative to mankind? It is found in no less than Godly parents. Such good parents are willing to eat less, to sleep less, and to work harder than their children. These parents shed tears and sweat in raising their children. When this standard expands towards the community, society, the nation and world, the true definition of spiritual leadership comes into being. What is the essence of God's Providence and Messianic thought? It is to reveal the existence of God and to teach us how to occupy God's love. This is done through the birth from above, and through a correct walk with God. This requires surrender. Hence Jesus said, "For whoever wants to save his own life will destroy it, but whoever destroys his life for my sake will find it." The ideal world of perfect love between God and man, and man and man will still require 4 major social systems. Sons and daughters of God need to be involved in administering the kingdom, which involves the 4 major social systems. Eschatology leading people to conclude the world is too evil to make a difference, who want to be rescued is what Satan wants.

  • Chris Halstead
    Chris Halstead

    I’ve yet to hear a man who doesn’t believe in Jesus have such an awesome knowledge on the Pentateuch. He’s so close from knowing Christ if he doesn’t already, I feel. Although they say isaiah 53 “is a torture chamber for rabbis” lol. Interesting to hear his thoughts on that scripture

  • zero

    This is my opportunity to ask: OF the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat OF it. It has always seemed to me that "of it" is unnecessary and God doesn't waste words. Could this be "by hand" or be "by portion?" I think I understand Eve's confusion. And, by the way, isn't the Bible itself a sort of book about good and evil? I tend to lean toward the idea of not learning good and evil by studying only a portion of truth. We might all be blind if we studied only the portion about plucking out wayward eyes. Chemotherapy has damaged my reading comprehension. And I'm not and educated person. If you, professor, could answer this, I'd be much appreciative.

  • Eldorado Texas
    Eldorado Texas

    I think you need to study the Bible more. I am not sure if you really understand. You said it, "Fear of God..." Start there. Statues, that's an easy one. You didn't even get that right.

  • Ruth Hayes
    Ruth Hayes

    ...u r 🌞 brightening the corner u r in... sharing truths with hurt people... 🙏 in your "war room" prayer room...

  • Ruth Hayes
    Ruth Hayes

    Blessings.. dad taught us 3 children (we r not children any more :-D ...) that Noah found favor in GODs sight, because he chose non-mixed/non-nephelem (?) women for his 3 sons... blessings ❤

  • MyOneBlack Friend
    MyOneBlack Friend

    Back when I believed in the biblical God Mr. Prager was one of my heroes. I listened to him with great enthusiasm. Listening to him as an Atheist tells me just how much I have matured away from a need of his religion. The stories of a talking donkey, a talking snake, and a talking bush fail to comfort as truth. Those five Books of Moses would kill off my gay friends, my friends that committed adultery, force women to marry their rapists, and places the value of a male child higher than a female child. By the way, if you are interested in selling your children into slavery there are instructions for that in the Bible.

  • Thanks for Being a Useful Idiot
    Thanks for Being a Useful Idiot

    You'd have to remove so much from the Bible to make it rational you'd barely be able to call it a pamphlet by the time you'd get done.

  • Alex Gordon
    Alex Gordon

    this is awesome.

  • backach1

    you think he is joking no he is mocking

  • Marlene Silvano
    Marlene Silvano

    Dear @Dennis Prager, what do Jews really believe about Jesus? I heard Ben Shapiro say that Jesus got what he deserved when he was crucified. And I’ve read articles I looked up on Google, including Wikipedia, that the Talmud says Jesus is boiling in excrement. Is that true?

  • Mike doyle
    Mike doyle

    I can listen to him all day. So soothing.

  • CDS84


  • Terry Yaki
    Terry Yaki

    He might be a good speaker, but Dennis Prager is sadly a liar and a servant of unethical corporations and their leaders. I'm sorry if that upsets you, but if you look at things objectively and do your research, those are simply the facts. It's better to know an inconvenient truth than a comforting lie.

    • Digital Nomad
      Digital Nomad

      Written as it is to an audience that knows a great deal about Prager, an assertion without evidence will convince no one. I'm indifferent if this upsets you.

  • tim jones
    tim jones

    The Torah is the eternal rules of order.

  • Satan: The Ultimate Invisible Imaginary Boogeyman
    Satan: The Ultimate Invisible Imaginary Boogeyman

    You tell some cool campfire ghost stories. I especially like the ghost stories about talking snakes, magical dirt men, magical ribs, magical fruit, food falling from the sky, talking donkeys, Noah's magic zoo boat, ghost sex, zombies, magic hair, magical goblins, giants (Bigfoot), Elvis Presley post-death sightings, 900 year old humans, and a man who lived in a fish. You tell the Magic Realm ghost stories so effectively that it gets these noobs scared of the Boogeyman!

  • Ali G8r
    Ali G8r

    America is truly destroying itself, at the hand of corrupt leaders and a passive population.

  • Carol F
    Carol F

    Because wisdom is intrinsic and something doesn't come from nothing, therefore wisdom comes from God.

  • The Great Cornholio
    The Great Cornholio

    I love the Jews, especially Dennis, and know you all hate to have Christians proselytize, and ramming Christianity down your throat for centuries. I get it. However, there's no escape in my mind, there MUST be a bridge between God and man, and between God and all men (and woman). It simply cannot have ended at a bridge between God and the Jews, and the rest of humankind, God's prized creation, in His image, well , who cares about them? We both affirm an Omnibenevolent God, which means a maximally loving God. If God exists, and is literally maximally loving (every mono-theistic religion affirms this), would God have offered a bridge between *some* of humanity to come freely to His love, or *all* of humanity? In your minds, if God is truly maximally loving, and it is not logically possible to love any more than God loves, what is the greatest symbol expression of maximal love for another? I hope our Jewish friends will think about these things, that is if you have not already. God bless all of you.

  • Kristopher Wright
    Kristopher Wright

    That's BS prager, read the book by his great grandson! God and churchill, then revamp that comment,churchill was very well documented as having a relationship with God.

  • Victoria Mathews
    Victoria Mathews

    Well being anti black is racist so why would you put that in the same category as homophobic or Islamaphobic 2 doctrines that are very different from racism..and take no pride in being a Jew..God has to identify a people so that others would know the true God. Has nothing to do with being a Jew and if Jews don't accept Jesus death burial and ressurection, you will not go to heaven.

    • The Great Cornholio
      The Great Cornholio

      It's ontology. He put them in the same super-category as racism. The category would be "hatred toward people for identifying attributes". Usually in that *category*, thing such as racism, xenophobia, creed and religion would be lumped. His only point was, the Left has a term to describe hatred toward every single group on earth, except hatred directed toward Christians, in which case you would be called a PHD in secular "learning".

  • Sports PCF
    Sports PCF


  • Alex Haowen Wong
    Alex Haowen Wong

    1:07:28 As a native of Southern California who now lives in OKC, OKC's weather is actually quite nice. We get almost as much sunshine every year as SoCal, summers are sometimes muggy but the winds take the sting out of the humidity, it snows every year but seldom enough to shovel it. The tornado threat in Oklahoma is exaggerated--in reality, tornadoes are becoming less and less common in OKC and DFW while places like Nashville and Birmingham are having more and more tornadoes.

  • Carla Houston
    Carla Houston

    What a wonderful lecture! Thanks to technology and Pepperdine School Anyone can watch it. Dennis Prager is indeed a important man to America and the spreading of its values to the world. Thank you! i really feel grateful for that.

  • rbspider

    I'm an Atheist because of the bible.

    • The Great Cornholio
      The Great Cornholio

      That means you are an inherently irrational person. Even if the Bible were utterly false, and entirely made up, it simply would not lead to the conclusion "therefore there is no God". I believe in God because of the Bible, but your comment is a complete non-sequitur. A very foolish statement from very foolish secular indoctrination.

  • Muddy Boots
    Muddy Boots

    I am an Islamaphobe. Why? Because Islam is radical. Where there is Islam, there is often chaos.

  • Muddy Boots
    Muddy Boots

    The Rational Bible on Genesis was so excellent that I bought Exodus even before I finished reading Genesis. It really helped me see things in a rational way. And I can't wait for Leviticus.

  • Ted Bates
    Ted Bates

    When I think about honoring my parents, I remember in the last years of my dad's life, Dad on occasion told me to do something that was not the right thing to do. I felt very bad that I had to tell him no, because I felt in my heart that I should honor my father. I also loved my parents, although I did not always get along with them well, but I knew my mother loved me, and I don't know that my dad loved me, I loved him and tried to honor him. Dear Dr. Prager you need Jesus because all have sinned and God being a just and righteous Being has to punish sinners except if justice has been served by a righteous man. The only righteous man is the God man Jesus. Jesus is the Savior of the world and without faith in Jesus's goodness on your account you are not a righteous man in God's sight and you will go to a place called hell, the lake of fire. I love, respect and honor you but we all need the Savior. Without Him you are lost. Jesus came to seek and save that which is lost. I am found but if you are not saved by God's offer of His Son dying on your behalf you are lost. Jesus is God's love. You embrace God's love by embracing God's Son. If my dad is in heaven, it is because I shared the Lord with him in the only way I knew how. Dad was a physicist and I wrote a book about science in the Bible. I tried to bridge Dad's love for science with my faith in the Lord Jesus. Dear Dr. Prager I honor and respect you and I tell you the truth because both my love and respect for you. I know you won't see or read this but I wish you did.

    • Alma D
      Alma D

      Ted Bates, you expressed that so well. Thank you. It's just what I would like to say to dear Dennis Prager face to face if I had the chance, and if I was able to verbalise the truth as well as you have.

  • Christian Elder
    Christian Elder

    Isaiah 53

  • Han Räddas
    Han Räddas

    Good comments, but if one does not embrace the Gospel of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, he is LOST. Galatians 1:6-9 is also very important.

  • Alex Gordon
    Alex Gordon

    this is awesome

  • Waldboden 900
    Waldboden 900

    What a wonderful and wise speeech. It brought tears in my eyes. I am from Germany. Just yesterday i thought about my grandparents who livesd during WWI and WWII and fought. My parents were young kids, when WWII endedy. My Parents and my grandmother, who was living, when i was born, never talked about war, never talked about their experiences with war. My Mother told me in her 70's, that it was painfull enough, even after the war. I don't blame them for not talking about war, because they were traumalized. But i think they traumalized us, their children. So they can't gave us the strength to live a fearful live in god. We the children hadn't the choice to advantage from their experiences. Today i know there was great lack of strength in my younger years. Nevertheless today i know my grandparents never gave up life, love, faith and hope, and that makes me very proud because of my grandparents and parents. And now in my 60's i have the strength to live in these times. Yesterday i had those thoughts and today i find this wonderful speech. I thank you very much Dennis prager and i thank god for leading me to this speech.

  • may june
    may june

    Amazing talk. I find his comments of Christians fascinating. I really like to hear from Jews because they sometimes will have a unique perspective ....things about history and Hebrew and culture that we in the west might not know. If he became a Christian, his perspective would be so special.

  • Gold Knox
    Gold Knox

    Biblical scholar that doesn't know the difference between Jews and Hebrews. I don't think so. Prager has some wisdom but he is skewed.

  • John Albert
    John Albert

    Not a prosperity teacher or Pastor ! more like a commonsense Bible Teacher . 🙂 Also wisdom . I enjoyed Mr. Dennis Prager . First time I ever heard this man . Proof that intelligent people believe God . Me , average high school diploma . Bible is the only book I can read over and over again . I was never a book worm in high school . Go figure . ( not bragging ) Peace and God Bless .

  • David

    Denis Prager has been a source of wisdom and knowledge since I began listening to him when I was 12 yrs old listening to his radio show Religion on the Line, I never missed a show and knew then as I do now that he was the wisest man I would likely ever have the privilege to learn from. I am now 52 yrs old and still believe Denis is a moral pillar holding up a crumbling house. Thank God of Denis Prager.

  • Cherri Zirkel
    Cherri Zirkel

    The deception plays on Judaism with this talmudic is death to believers in Christ truth !

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez

    92% of all who identify as Jews are not Semites. It's impossible to label someone as anti semite who doesn't like someone not a semite. They tell you in their own Encyclopedias. You can look it up! See for yourself : The Jewish Encyclopedia: "Khazars, a non-Semitic, Asiatic, Mongolian tribal nation who emigrated into Eastern Europe about the first century, who were converted as an entire nation to Judaism in the seventh century by the expanding Russian nation which absorbed the entire Khazar population, and who account for the presence in Eastern Europe of the great numbers of Yiddish-speaking Jews in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Galatia, Besserabia and Rumania." The Encyclopedia Judaica (1972): "Khazars, a national group of general Turkic type, independent and sovereign in Eastern Europe between the seventh and tenth centuries CE during part of this time the leading Khazars professed Judaism . . . In spite of the negligible information of an archaeological nature, the presence of Jewish groups and the impact of Jewish ideas in Eastern Europe are considerable during the Middle Ages. Groups have been mentioned as migrating to Central Europe from the East often have been referred to as Khazars, thus making it impossible to overlook the possibility that they originated from within the former Khazar Empire." The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia: "Khazars, a medieval people, probably related to the Volga Bulgars, whose ruling class adopted Judaism during the 8th cent. The Khazars seem to have emerged during the 6th cent., from the vast nomadic Hun (Turki) empire which stretched from the steppes of Eastern Europe and the Volga basin to the Chinese frontier. Although it is often claimed that allusions to the Khazars are found as early as 200CE, actually they are not mentioned until 627 . . . most Jewish historians date the conversion of the Khazar King to Judaism during the first half of this century [AD]. . ." The primary meaning of Ashkenaz and Ashkenazim in Hebrew is Germany and Germans. This may be due to the fact that the home of the ancient ancestors of the Germans is Media, which is the Biblical Ashkenaz . . . Krauss is of the opinion that in the early medieval ages the Khazars were sometimes referred to as Ashkenazim . . . About 92 percent of all Jews or approximately 14,500,000 are Ashkenazim. The Bible relates that the Khazars (Ashkenaz) Jews were/are the sons of Japheth not Shem: "Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth: and unto them were sons born after the flood. The sons of Japheth; . . . the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz . . ." So the Bible verifies that the Ashkenaz Jews [Khazars] are not the descendants of Shem and cannot be Semitic.

  • Der O'Connor
    Der O'Connor

    Only ideologies need "haters" that they can hate. This man makes so many good points.

  • DefaultDan97

    Oh, so there exists a rational version of the bible? Sounds like something that couldn't exist. A rational bible would be like a married bachelor.

  • barnsweb52

    Rathional Bible I can believe, but Rational Orthodox Judaism that side steps Exodus to put the opinions of Rabbi's over the record of the teachings of YHWh is no rational Dennis. Do you support the Mishna? Talmud? Zohar? or any others?

  • Nathan Caulford
    Nathan Caulford

    23:00 "If he [Churchill] was a racist why didn't he like Hitler?" Non sequitur. Race/racism had nothing to do with it, or at least, it took a backseat to other concerns, not the least of which was the fact that Hitler was trying to take over the world, and wreaking havoc on the socioeconomic stability Europe. Churchill did not like Hitler because Hitler threatened his (and his fellow Britons') way of life. I'm sure that Churchill with all of Great Britain, seeing the other countries of Europe toppling, and seeing that they were next in line, and then no doubt seeing how difficult it was to get shopping done with blitzkrieg and all, said something like, "I'm beginning to think this Hitler guy is a real jerk!" ... And maybe they said, "... And I'm not fond of his politics about the Jews, either."

  • Chris 432T
    Chris 432T

    I had the honor of playing a show at Pepperdine while i was touring the states with a famous group in 2000 and it was a very memorable experience for me. Everyone was so friendly i was blown away. I should have known one of my favorite speakers had a connection to the university. Love it! 🌝

  • Carlos. Daniel. Santmaria
    Carlos. Daniel. Santmaria

    I´m a Jehova Witness, and I wonder why my fellow Jehova Witnesses didn´t want to come to your convention? Is weird, your speeches are very inspiring. And so far, I have not heard anything from you that contradicts the bible, so...I have no idea why they wouldn´t come.

  • Carlos. Daniel. Santmaria
    Carlos. Daniel. Santmaria

    15:02 Is a self-inflicted punishment. EXACTLY!!! Actually, most human suffering is self-inflicted. Not all, but most. People take wrong decisions all the time, and they take them knowing that they are doing something wrong, or knowing that is gonna cause harm to someone else.

  • Blessed by Yeshua
    Blessed by Yeshua

    This is my take on Noah. And in my heart, and after prayer, I believe this to be true. Before Noah, Enoch who was his great-grandfather, wrote of Nephilim corrupting the genetics of humanity. The ancient gods in Greek and Roman mythology were likely chimera’s that were created by the Nephilim. The Nephilim taught advanced technology that they were not ready for. They also taught them metallurgy but they were not readily ready for. They also taught them to mix roots and powders and cast spells. The children of the Nephilim and human women were giants. For that reason, God started over. Dinosaurs were laid in the silt. They were layered under the pressure of so much salt, sand, dirt and water. That is why we see that they are layered from original see creatures and small life forms to heavy dinosaurs and early reptiles and fish, to the lighter dinosaurs, and eventually to dna-corrupted humans. Knowing that Noah had not been corrupted by Nephilim DNA, God set him apart from the others with his wife and three sons and their wives to begin again. In the line of Shem, Goliath (descendant of Ishmael) rose to eventually fight Daniel. I suspect that Shem’s wife or Shem had a recessive gene that was eventually bred out and that’s why giants were eventually bred out of humanity. If you read the books of Enoch, it will all make sense. God loved Enoch so much that he took Enoch. He never died. So he was not corrupted by Nephilim dna. Even in the Bible, dinosaurs are mentioned. Psalms 74:14 as a multiheaded sea serpent that is killed by God and given as food to the Hebrews in the wilderness. In Isaiah 27:1, Leviathan is a serpent and a symbol of Israel's enemies, who will be slain by God. Also, Job 40:15-24 15 Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox. 16 Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly. 17 He moveth his tail like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapped together. 18 His bones are as strong pieces of brass; his bones are like bars of iron. 19 He is the chief of the ways of God: he that made him can make his sword to approach unto him. 20 Surely the mountains bring him forth food, where all the beasts of the field play. 21 He lieth under the shady trees, in the covert of the reed, and fens. 22 The shady trees cover him with their shadow; the willows of the brook compass him about. 23 Behold, he drinketh up a river, and hasteth not: he trusteth that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth. 24 He taketh it with his eyes: his nose pierceth through snares. And the whole of Job 42. Speaks of multiheaded dragons who spew fire and smoke. This is what I know in my heart of hearts from the Lord. I also suspect that the Nephilim are hidden under each pyramid. In Enoch, God said people were to bury them in the ground and put heavy and sharp stones on top of them until the end of days. This time shall come soon.

  • Sibyl7 1
    Sibyl7 1

    If we erase these people from history we deem as villains , we also erase all those whom lives were impacted by them . This is the true travesty. What are we really erasing ? Those that lived before us we can view with a bias perception that is propagandized. Communism has proven itself to be a tragedy and a travesty on humanity. The fact that this is what is taught at American Universities is a actually a true detriment to society.

  • Suzette Sharpe
    Suzette Sharpe

    A most important recipe ! 😎

  • Suzette Sharpe
    Suzette Sharpe

    People are lost without The Word Of God !

  • tom iden
    tom iden

    I disagree, those who hate us (Christians) are Antichrist !!!

  • Roger Grace
    Roger Grace

    Imagine for a moment that reality has you erily twisting in the fall of the springtime of a Pelosi flower, where nothing but bubble lies takes flight from the dim lips of the truthless Polifictions, and just of which exist in the redeye cackles your mind, you've been overturned and slipped on the slime of a blue bungeling banana peel, where your feet took flight and your head met the ground rules of the intoxicated party of AOCC's & Omar with a knife to to jugular of the majority cheater. Now, in your dream stated frickled mind there is a terrifying manipulating dragon-virus in concert with a self serving lion machines that parlayed momentarily the resurrection of 1/2 dead loser who deranged an election, and you heard, "Jo, we did it!" All in the year of jello minds of 2020, with nothing to laugh about, but yet, seemingly on and imagigary lens of a Candid Camera. Where the narrator is Lloyd Bridge on a Sea Hunt, meanwhile you're up to you neck's head under water, when you are met by the most feared sea monster ever recorded, "Kamala Harris" (I'm talking now!) with eight evil tentacles of Soros - Obama - Clinton - Cortez - Omar - Pelosi - Schumer & Biden tugging at your air supply and you frantically fight back losing all oxygen, while fading in air and faith you hear the chirp of a bird, and thanks to God, suddenly you awake in soft bed in Philadelphia singing God Bless America, Land of the Free~~~. And, you hear the sweet words, "Mr. President, we did it; we defeated the evil one!" Never give up on fighting evil and keep praying for the. promised return of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Love your neighbor, as He loved you!

  • Schwarzchild Radius
    Schwarzchild Radius

    Prager helped turn Rabbi Meir Kahane into a hated, isolated, despised figure in the Jewish Establishment. No matter how many profound things he says, he can never be forgiven for doing to Rabbi Kahane what the Progressives and Jewish Establishment NeoCons are doing to President Trump and PM Netanyahu..... Prager must do something meaningful and real to take a step towards being worthy of the respect he craves and thrives upon but viciously denied to Rabbi Kahane.

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