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Music video by Demi Lovato performing Commander In Chief. © 2020 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Dana Bojor
    Dana Bojor

    So so awsome

  • Tristan Cutler
    Tristan Cutler

    Bruh shes talking about trump talking money "lining your pockets" when Trump is the only president to lose wealth while in office, he has lost billions! He does not do this for financial gain he does it because he sees wrong and he has the balls to fix it and all he gets is shit from uninformed liberals like this girl. #BackTheBlue #Trump2020

  • Jed Morris
    Jed Morris

    Woke much

  • Ethan Laird
    Ethan Laird

    Absolute trash

  • bobocpe

    I'm Joe Biden and I forget this message.

  • Juliet Silvers
    Juliet Silvers

    For everyone saying this song is about Nigeria, it’s not. Demi has out right said it was about Trump. If you can relate to this song fine, but don’t say she wrote it about you when she’s said otherwise.

  • Sufyan Ramzan
    Sufyan Ramzan

    Coming from South Asia, I can clearly relate and feel the impact of words (once Commander in Chief == Politicians)

  • Ryan mike
    Ryan mike

    Lmao.... The media is so controlled.. At least we know how much of a cell out she is... Haha.. Stupid song... Id rather listen to dreamlover

  • Frexedly X
    Frexedly X

    Whatever his faults, why shouldn't he be able to breathe? This is a kinda' dramatic -but still beautiful song

  • McCaleh Bionca
    McCaleh Bionca

    This song is literally just a copy of Pink’s song Dear Mr. President. Obviously different lyrics, but it’s not original and it’s based on ignorance.

  • randy tessman
    randy tessman

    The light in the darkness that I hope will remain in peoples hearts is that empathy isn't enough we ALL need to take action. Evil things happen when good people do nothing......... never again ! No matter where you live, where your born, what colour you are, where you go to church or who you love none of that matters because we are ALL PEOPLE ( Children of the Earth)Remember that we all need to do what we can protest, sign petitions and speak out against injustice where ever it is, only when we stand together can we all be safe to live our own lives. Freedom isn't free, put your time, sweat, money and effort into it because if WE dont then it will cost OUR blood to do it !

  • Lori Ru
    Lori Ru


  • Talita Flinspach
    Talita Flinspach

    Commander Vice President sleepy Joe lined his pockets deep with China and Russia. Nobody is singing a song about this poor bastard

  • Hikari Jacobson
    Hikari Jacobson

    Yay for disability representation! 💪🏼👏🏼

  • Jay Ar
    Jay Ar

    I'm Canadian wishing I could vote Trump

  • Generic Username
    Generic Username

    I love that people are seriously trying to pin all of this on Trump when it's actually just years of liberal capitalism and right wing identity politics. You can't have your cake and eat it, too. Either you want to solve the problems caused by the system, or you want the system. Can't be both and if it's the former, stop fucking whining about it, change the system and kiss your liberal and right wing luxuries like yearly apple phone releases and rich whites only golf courses, goodbye.

  • Tori Ngl
    Tori Ngl

    “Line your pockets deep” ??? Like he literally donates his salary. Dumb ass song

  • Melaney Preston
    Melaney Preston

    The dislikes are all trump supporters out here being clowns on a public forum

  • Beauferal

    This is the top of my protest song list for 2020 followed by Keedron Bryant (I Just Wanna Live), Sault (Little Boy), Robert Cray (This Man), Tyler Childers (Long Violent History), Rapsody (12 Problems), Janelle Monae (Turntables) & ALA.NI (Lament for Emmett Till). Peace! X

  • Chris Joyce
    Chris Joyce

    only 6M views in 2 weeks??? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha STFU Demi.

  • Ray Ajao
    Ray Ajao

    This is a poetic justice to Dotard jeenius Trump. It's over for him in November 3rd 2020 The Buhari's Gerontocracy and Morontocracy Government is as dead as a dodo too

  • Teresa Romao
    Teresa Romao

    Demi ❤️

  • Gurmeet Singh
    Gurmeet Singh

    0:38 Like this comment to aware people about sikhs. the turban person is sikh. Victims of Islamophobia (sikhs are not muslims). Sikhs suffered a lot in history like 1984 sikh genocide by government and still a lot of discrimination and no justice.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    Feel sorry for the sheep that think this music is good or listen to the message this smack head is trying to tell us 😂

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    Hilarious how this is supposed to be about trump but applies way more to other countries where actual tyranny is at the top 😂

  • İrem YALÇIN
    İrem YALÇIN

    I love you my hero 💜💜

  • matt

    no one likes political songs demi 🤢

    • Ujani De
      Ujani De

      Them what do you like from de mi?

    • Henrique Sá
      Henrique Sá

      Specially, propaganda musics

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke

    How many are old enough to remember Pink's anti-Bush Dear Mr. President?

  • Real's Thought
    Real's Thought

    I like this song.. Been looking for Demi good songs. Glad that I watched this before sleeping. Night!

  • Dawn Torres
    Dawn Torres

    She should write a song about Hunter and the "big guy". Titled Biden's are Thieves.

  • Linda Saya
    Linda Saya

    This song is so applicable in Uganda, we have been in a state of crisis for the last 35yrs😪💔

  • Xanthia Mcdermott
    Xanthia Mcdermott

    Oh boo hoo Demi go filling his pockets with money soooo your making money off this song

  • Vocondus •
    Vocondus •

    🙌🏻Virtue Signaling🙌🏻

  • Slade Wilson
    Slade Wilson

    TRUMP 2020!!

  • jean sprague
    jean sprague

    WHAT!? 😂 Who would fall for this🤔 like honestly? You would rather have a pedophile who touches young children literally on camera and doesn’t no where he is half the time; as our Comander and Cheif? Sad to say bye to all my liked songs of Demi on Spotify. But it’s okay Demi doesn’t care about her fans anymore 💁🏻‍♀️🐑 🐑 🐑🐑🐑🐑

  • IamPablo

    I like how she said "Line up pockets" yet thats what Senor Obama did and has millions of dollars.....

  • Gears Primed
    Gears Primed

    Song is awesome. Video really sucks. It's got some good parts like the handicapped person, the sign language person, but Demi looks way too rich and completely out of place ( especially considering what parts of the songs lyrics are about ), and some of the actors where too over the top bordering on ridicule.

  • Navshimmer Kaur
    Navshimmer Kaur

    cant stop tearing up

  • Navshimmer Kaur
    Navshimmer Kaur

    Thank you so much, singing this everywhere now.. Modi needs to leave, Trump needs to leave

    • Call me Carnes
      Call me Carnes

      Trump is the best thing to ever happen to this country! The Don! 4 more years of the King!

  • Sean Manning
    Sean Manning

    Trump 2020

    • Call me Carnes
      Call me Carnes

      He’s the greatest to ever do it

  • Jerry Jaguar
    Jerry Jaguar

    Shes looking very kelly Clarksonish

  • Donald Watson
    Donald Watson

    This reminds me of Pink's Dear Mr President

  • Júllia Letícia
    Júllia Letícia

    Gente, (BRASILEIROS), a DEMI precisa da nossa ajuda, vamos compartilhar muito a música dela, para q possa estourar em tds as plataformas, ELA MERECE NOSSA AJUDA!!! (O COMENTÁRIO NÃO É MEU, SÓ ESTOU REPASSANDO)

  • Chrissy Bright
    Chrissy Bright

    That mans voice at 0:36 is *chefs kiss*

  • Rebecca liew
    Rebecca liew

    Demi Lovato your song is vry inspiring but u and ur character in the past wasnt good i hape u will change wish you the best and stay safe stay home. pls like if you agree.

  • JulieMarie Reddington
    JulieMarie Reddington

    Thanks Bro lol

  • Cameron Lee
    Cameron Lee

    Haha she believes what the media tells her. Lines his pockets?? He works for free lol.

    • Henrique Sá
      Henrique Sá

      She is probably another Tool used by the democrats

    • Call me Carnes
      Call me Carnes

      Fr he donates his whole salary

  • Maryam Fatema
    Maryam Fatema

    i have goosebumps rn

  • Richard Wheatfill
    Richard Wheatfill

    Such a dumb song

  • M 6
    M 6

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 .

    • Call me Carnes
      Call me Carnes

      @Natalie Brimer The future belongs to the True Americans, the ones who back our Blue, who defend our veterans, who defend our CONSTITUTION! You will only understand after you see the biggest red wave of all time! You won’t understand what being an American means until you have seen the power of patriotism, and President Trump embodies it!

    • M 6
      M 6

      @Natalie Brimer

    • M 6
      M 6

      @Natalie Brimer the future belongs to the patriot .God bless America .

    • Natalie Brimer
      Natalie Brimer

      Do you even care about our future?

  • I_ 820
    I_ 820

    So sick of these “woke” celebrities trying to preach their warped political views

  • rosa barrera
    rosa barrera

    Ecuador 🇪🇨😭

  • Mack Lewis
    Mack Lewis

    I love the trumpets in the comments saying “what racist stuff has trump said?” It’s not the stuff he’s said but he’s actions prove he’s a racist poc. Actions speak 1000x louder than words.

    • MrTron

      I don't think Trump is a racist, but he doesn't want to lose the votes of those who are.

  • FrontSeat Devil
    FrontSeat Devil

    Fact: Donald Trump donates all of his earnings from his job as president.

    • FrontSeat Devil
      FrontSeat Devil

      @Call me Carnes True

    • Call me Carnes
      Call me Carnes

      They don’t like facts

  • Sami Gib
    Sami Gib

    The fact that she spent time and money to right a song bashing one of the best presidents in the history of the US, just shows how brainwashed you democrats are becoming.

  • EddieTheSponge


  • Maria Helena Correia Pereira
    Maria Helena Correia Pereira

    Brazil can't take it anymore... Corruption has destroyed us. Everynight i cry.

  • HO F
    HO F

    Donald Trump will win BIG again #Trump2020 #MAGA

  • João pedro Soares
    João pedro Soares

    Fora Bolsonaro; Fora Trump.

  • Roxie Baby
    Roxie Baby

    Such beautiful soul... #talented

  • Mason Woods
    Mason Woods

    This song was 100% terrible. 6 notes, orange man bad . . . ? Like really? C'mon. 4 writers and this is what you came up with. No thanks, im gonna stick with 60s and 70s music, cos thats where the good music is

  • Mitchell Brown
    Mitchell Brown

    Personal gain? Line your pockets deep? You realize he's the first president EVER to not take a salary? He gave up 8 years of his life and millions of dollars to serve the American people. You celebs gotta get out of your leftist echo chambers and come out into the real world sometime.

    • Mitchell Brown
      Mitchell Brown

      @MrTron Yes he purposefully killed all of those people and is the only one to blame.

    • MrTron

      225,000 and counting Americans dead because of his incompetence. Thanks so much for that great service, Trump. You're the one who needs to come into the REAL WORLD.

  • Nissim brousan
    Nissim brousan

    Honestly Demi, I used to be a fan.

  • OhhIsa Gor
    OhhIsa Gor

    It’s facts we will be in the street well the president is in the bunker

  • Francis Osuna
    Francis Osuna

    Shes literally a FAT joke. It took Hollywood to see real Americans make songs about the politics and real struggle of the people. What a sell out soulless Wrech. "Line your pockets" ?? Lofl he denied his paychecks. Some will be fooled but true Americans will oversee his re election. So sad to see so many youth be fooled

  • Stefanie Mercado
    Stefanie Mercado

    Me and my mom always listen to this in the car

  • Ashley S
    Ashley S

    You're the one lining your pockets by exploiting people's race and backgrounds. Shame on you, Demi. Never listening to you again - the hate within you is scary.

  • Myles Manning
    Myles Manning

    I applaud her for making this song. She is calling out not just Trump but other leaders from around the world. This is a global issue where the leaders care more about themselves and their money rather than their country and trying to lead it responsibly. My grandma first showed me this and I was amazed. Demi, great job. I also love the fact that you took different varieties of people including a TRUMP SUPPORTER to show who he has hurt I'm gay and I love this!!!!!!

  • Chamy world
    Chamy world

    Listening to this music as a Nigerian breaks me the more😭😭......Our heroes were killed and our leaders denied it....the blood of our brothers and sisters will never be in vain

  • samsonsfit ed
    samsonsfit ed

    beautiful song. shame you can relate every word she says to Nigerian politicians and authorities

  • Hailey Z
    Hailey Z

    Ok Demi I love the song but if it wasn't for Trump are country would be s.o.l and Biden would tear apart the country. Trump is trying his best and if he didn't do the things he did it would be bad. I'm just saying even though trump is a bit different he still tries his best every day to keep us healthy and happy. You try being president even tho most people think your weird and dislike you. I meant this in the nicest way possible love you.

  • Alie Plays
    Alie Plays

    Am I the only one who came to this from a project? I love this song though.

  • Gavin Vasquez
    Gavin Vasquez

    Lovato just mad the government is gonna take away her heroin supply.

  • Daniele Alberi
    Daniele Alberi

    Beautiful song with beautiful lyrics, you are great Demi Lovato. Grretings from Italy to all American people who are suffering through guilty commander chief 💪❤


    Almost 4 million jobs created since election. More Americans are now employed than ever recorded before in our history. We have created more than 400,000 manufacturing jobs since my election. Manufacturing jobs growing at the fastest rate in more than THREE DECADES African-American unemployment has recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded. Hispanic-American unemployment is at the lowest rate ever recorded. Asian-American unemployment recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded. Women’s unemployment recently reached the lowest rate in 65 years. Youth unemployment has recently hit the lowest rate in nearly half a century. Lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for Americans without a high school diploma. Under my Administration, veterans’ unemployment recently reached its lowest.- Donald J Trump. here are some facts demi.

  • Alex W
    Alex W

    The cringe.

  • paola styy
    paola styy

    nossa me arrepio toda

  • Romaine. B
    Romaine. B

    Funny how most of the issues she is singing about refers to Biden and his corrupt family. Also goes for Hillary!! Trump2020 red wave will prevail.

    • Romaine. B
      Romaine. B

      @Call me Carnes hands down Yes. All this so called Hollywood "elites" should stick to music and out of politics. Irrelevant !!

    • Call me Carnes
      Call me Carnes

      Not only the red wave but America and freedom will prevail! They won’t know what hit them!

  • Maria Nino
    Maria Nino

    Hey hi, wait in her neck new tattoo.

  • Kelly O u O
    Kelly O u O

    OMG!!!!!!!11 LISTEN! SHE SHADED DONALD TRUMP! oop- however many likes this has s how much people agree- dislikes are diagree

  • Kimberly Trader-macias
    Kimberly Trader-macias

    Biden harris 2020💙💙💙💙

    • Call me Carnes
      Call me Carnes

      No use in voting for them, the red wave is coming, and there isn’t anything you can do about it. America will prevail, Freedom will prevail, The constitution will prevail, And PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL WIN 4 MORE YEARS

  • rivki gould
    rivki gould

    Strong message we can all learn form this💪❤

  • JJ Pagan
    JJ Pagan

    So brave🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Bianca Gaudiosi
    Bianca Gaudiosi

    This is the new Dear Mr President. This is awsome.

  • Telena Brookshier
    Telena Brookshier

    Annnnnnd I'll never listen to her again.

  • Julian N
    Julian N

    These people like Demi Lovato make millions, they're privilege while we have real men and women represent our country in the front lines. Officers who sacrifice they're lives and first responders yet we should listen to Hollywood? Hollywood is full of it. Trump2020 🇺🇲 ❤

  • eniolanimi Ajayi
    eniolanimi Ajayi

    #endsars 💔

  • Jaclyn Cink
    Jaclyn Cink

    I love the message in this song, such a beautiful song

  • Kira Kaur
    Kira Kaur

    I love how the there’s so much culture and religion. As I’m a Sikh.

    • Call me Carnes
      Call me Carnes

      They are paid actors... if you wanna see real diversity I suggest you attend a Trump rally. You will never feel more love than then

  • Randall Frye
    Randall Frye

    We won't sleep!

  • Kindly help me get to 1k subs
    Kindly help me get to 1k subs

    I pray whoever reads this becomes successful..._

  • grace grace
    grace grace

    honestly I really love this song ❤,,, I'm crushing on her so bad , all the men did let her down please give us girls a chance to show you too what happiness is .

  • Luka Vuckovich
    Luka Vuckovich

    No wonder Demi Lovato fell off

  • bazı insanları hiç anlamıyorum
    bazı insanları hiç anlamıyorum

    as a muslim this song tells it he killed our muslim soldier süleymani and said we killed The biggest terrorist but he wasnt a terrorist he killed terrorists and terrorists who provocating shiis to kill other muslims also lyrics tells it actually all The lyrics tells it

    • Call me Carnes
      Call me Carnes

      He killed hundreds of American soldiers, he isn’t fighting for the Middle East, President Trump puts America first!

  • Smasher Blues
    Smasher Blues

    That wheely chick had me in tears, hilarious.

  • mark sidebottom
    mark sidebottom

    good song hi smashed the thumbs up button and shared you out on reddit

  • rmkle

    Naturally, republicans aren't going to like it.

    • Call me Carnes
      Call me Carnes

      @rmkle Maybe a generalization, but atleast from what your candidate stands for, he doesn’t want freedom for Americans

    • rmkle

      @Call me Carnes I wouldn't generalize about Liberals, it only makes you look like you don't know what you're talking about. Despite what you think, Liberals are really about freedom and truth. And most of us actually enjoy the National Anthem.

    • Call me Carnes
      Call me Carnes

      No different than you Liberals don’t like our National Anthem! We stand for America, you’d tend against it. So trust me, Truth will prevail, Freedom will prevail, AMERICA will prevail.

  • susan muthoni
    susan muthoni

    this is in Africa tho.....they are jus taking advantage of the situation to get richer while the poor in the streets get to pay the price for their arrogance and greed.God help us

  • lil' death bear
    lil' death bear


  • Jeremiah Hazelwood
    Jeremiah Hazelwood

    Y-O-U. A-R-E. D-U-M-B. “Line your pockets” yet the man gives away all of his salary.

    • Call me Carnes
      Call me Carnes

      @MrTron just like Joe and Hunter Biden did?

    • MrTron

      The President's salary is pocket change compared to what he could make if he's a corrupt President.

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