DanPlan Animated | Can You Survive Among Us?
Nelly is sus! - algone.info/slow/video/emu1nXh3qaSJqGw
Theo is sus! - algone.info/slow/video/apevmZuFmmqp2Gw
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We try to solve different Among Us quizzes and become the best among us players! Among Us hype is definitely not as high as it used to be but I still hope you enjoy our Among Us survival video. Try to solve the quizzes with us and play along. Special thanks to everyone that was involved in making this video, it was a grueling process to animate, edit and record a 'choose your own adventure alternate endings' but y'all made it fun. Enjoy!
Animator: Kayla: instagram.com/gloomi.desu
Editor: Elias
Script: Elias & Seh
Music: www.purple-planet.com/
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  • Lehvy B
    Lehvy B

    can we just get a among us video? XD

  • Khalil Nazyat
    Khalil Nazyat

    The Lure of among is that Everyone dies

  • Samis the Greatest
    Samis the Greatest


  • Amanda Cherry
    Amanda Cherry

    Not going to lie vent sus

  • Felicity Harris
    Felicity Harris

    I got right

  • JoliestmetroVIV

    Woah stephen junior here

    • JoliestmetroVIV

      That's nice

    • JoliestmetroVIV

      He's just selfish

    • JoliestmetroVIV

      He kills because he wants to survive

    • JoliestmetroVIV

      Wait no

  • Iulius Caesar Zeppeli
    Iulius Caesar Zeppeli

    4:20, I used that strat as imposter but claimed I was being their "bodyguard" and they trusted me the entire match... I killed in front of him and he didn't notice

  • orange

    Is this just me or was these questions easy

  • oop :p
    oop :p

    Its theo

  • nivile 18
    nivile 18

    “can you survive among us?” yes kill all

  • Nagito Komaeda
    Nagito Komaeda

    Alright, here's who I think it is, and reasoning. I think it's Theo, because, he was in Security, and there's a vent leading to medbay. although, if the camera was on the whole time, it's Jelly. Also, I need to vent. I just miss the By The Way.. It put so much into the video, like a conversation. Now, its just the alone Can You Survive... I keep coming back to the videos, expecting to see someone. It brings my hopes up just to let them down. Its really lonely not hearing Stephen and Hosuh's voice anymore. It put so much into the video, hearing them. I was so heart broken when Danplan fell apart. We all cried, knowing that we couldn't get the correct story. Stephen and Dan had their sides, and we had no way of knowing the truth. If I could just hear Stephen and Hosuh's voice one more time on a new video, it would be the best. We all have apart in Danplan, but its just lonely. I'm sorry for this, but I needed to tell someone this. Even if no one sees it, thank you. Thank you for reading this and hearing out my point of view. I really needed to tell someone this, and I'm so happy that I reached someone. It just isn't the same. I miss the old Danplan. We all binge watch the old videos, just to hear their voices. Thank you, and I wish you the best of luck, and a good day. Sincerely, Nagito.

  • abenzr

    haha i miss stephen's comedic yet so funny personality, i miss hosuh's wholesome and just wonderful personality, *it just doesn't feel the same.*

  • Lizard Of Chaos
    Lizard Of Chaos


  • Im_River _
    Im_River _

    They refer to every colour as he except for pink

  • Potato Meetze
    Potato Meetze

    We’re did hosah go and I agree with can u Survive the promised never land

  • DiamondWolf999 9
    DiamondWolf999 9

    This brings back btw memories

  • Nolanzacharybibb Bibb
    Nolanzacharybibb Bibb


  • draceksk sk
    draceksk sk

    Its theo

  • นายนนทภพ พิศาลภัทรกิจ
    นายนนทภพ พิศาลภัทรกิจ

    It’s just look like your soul have been played among us from thousands

  • นายนนทภพ พิศาลภัทรกิจ
    นายนนทภพ พิศาลภัทรกิจ

    Among us when everyone’s a cool red crew made everyone don’t actually know who is imposter who is the imposter and we have to think you should know who is imposter an imposter make like the other one on crew mates but there are imposters if you unlock the new skin if you type in the name of your names invisible just like your soul was playing among us

  • นายนนทภพ พิศาลภัทรกิจ
    นายนนทภพ พิศาลภัทรกิจ

    Among us have from one imposter tofree imposter you can do just with your pets but it’s actually not free even the hat from Henry stick man even on free except for maybe some of them

  • นายนนทภพ พิศาลภัทรกิจ
    นายนนทภพ พิศาลภัทรกิจ

    Make by in the lot in the slot have released 2000 people game RPG game of ways to think to clear levels henry Stickman collection this one have been released on stream and is the one that makes that makes us can play all levels

  • นายนนทภพ พิศาลภัทรกิจ
    นายนนทภพ พิศาลภัทรกิจ

    Among us by in a slot in the slot is actually a little just a little group but when he create one game of girls is Henry Stickman collection gets late just like 2000s of people playing henry Stickman collection and this is released on stream where that you can play all kinds of level in old Henry stick man

  • นายนนทภพ พิศาลภัทรกิจ
    นายนนทภพ พิศาลภัทรกิจ

    Among us thousands of peoples have played us and who that creates a Among Us in Twitter they said in 20 21 will be a new update of new Mac and new hats are free

  • นายนนทภพ พิศาลภัทรกิจ
    นายนนทภพ พิศาลภัทรกิจ

    SCP 6789 make by Trevor Henderson real name is siren head is the humanoid creature that is 40 feet tall arms almost all of its body parts

  • jojo ko
    jojo ko

    I think it's Teo,because he was in security knowing that in medbay There's someone.In elettrical,med,and security there are 3 vents that go to eachother so Teo watched the player get in medbay,vented,killed and vented back

  • Undertale Squad
    Undertale Squad


  • allan Chavez
    allan Chavez

    when he suggested the pro player as toast, he soubded like toast...almost

  • The lost soul 123
    The lost soul 123

    Poor pink pink: cries the other tow:DIE YOU SUS!

  • Dhaesam Tupas
    Dhaesam Tupas

    Where is huwsa and steven

  • Mr Gamer
    Mr Gamer

    Try sweet home theme

    • Mr Gamer
      Mr Gamer

      Like the movie

  • Khaius Yang
    Khaius Yang

    i thought it was Nelly but I was wrong

  • Pleasedontcallmecarson 2.0
    Pleasedontcallmecarson 2.0

    Can you do a crossover with recreyo

  • Jayden Destroyer0
    Jayden Destroyer0

    Guy 2 was cleaning inside the vents... SUSPICIOUS. PLUS ONLY IMPOSTERS CAN GO IN VENTS

  • samurai slicen
    samurai slicen

    The oxygen password is boobs

  • night owl
    night owl

    It must Theo because he can quickly vent kill security to media like a ninja soo it's Theo he's the imposters

  • Robbe van den Hooren
    Robbe van den Hooren

    0:27 those are 2 different bodies, the bones would collide if you'd try to glue it

  • Crumpet The Frogalophosaurus
    Crumpet The Frogalophosaurus

    *sigh* this video would've been so much better if...... the *thing* never happened

  • Andrey Rumming
    Andrey Rumming

    Best moment I ever had was: "So Person A, where were you when it happened?" "Well I was hanging out in medbay doing my scan. Person B can vouch for me" "Yup, he's clear" "Hmm... ok. Person C, you seem kinda sus. Where were you this round" "Well, I had finished filling the engines, then I popped into the vents for a bit to- WAIT, HOLDUP, SLIP OF THE TONGUE, I DIDNT MEAN THAT, NO PLEASE!" *Cue everyone dying of laughter*

  • Lia

    THEO There’s a vent from security to medbay he was making sure where everyone is

  • Sergeant Saturn
    Sergeant Saturn

    *Good to see DanPlan on a roll with awesome videos*

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere

    Should just quit your channel

  • DJ mr shadow
    DJ mr shadow

    Its theo because you can vent to sec to medbay

  • sack boy 166
    sack boy 166

    dan sus

  • helper dude
    helper dude

    if this real life just have 2 people in record 2 in admin and 2 in nav the other 4 walk around alway checking with people in admin to see if someone dead and where using the info unless there 2 killer in the 4 group that was pick by skill set as running or moving without making sound they can check who dead but dont vote out unless they sure not be in that room it will work if the 4 group fast and fix thing like in o2

  • Louisa Piper
    Louisa Piper

    Its obviously theo theo was in security vented to medbay and did that quick slice

  • Koto Edits
    Koto Edits

    Can you do more among us it is really interesting and cool I was really taking notes

  • Moira Burgin
    Moira Burgin


  • Gina Fahrni
    Gina Fahrni


  • Jacob Isaac
    Jacob Isaac

    Your sus luck



  • Cyber Crate
    Cyber Crate

    I miss Hosuh out of anyone, mainly because we wont see him for a while..

  • Lulu _Rex
    Lulu _Rex

    Dude on cams vented to med then vented back to cams real fast if the cams where on the whole time its whats his name

  • hyper sluge
    hyper sluge

    You forgot the sabotage

  • Deifterwaser

    Alternate title: Can you survive Mafia again?

  • shaiii

    Tbh I always smile when they mention toast 😂

  • BomberDragon 01
    BomberDragon 01

    Since Theo was in security, they probably vented into Medbay and killed Dan so I'm voting Theo final answer

  • Sky Ekstrom
    Sky Ekstrom

    Its the guy on cams the vents are connected and there is a camera where you can see when someone gose into medbay

  • angel manuel
    angel manuel

    Welcome back lol 😆

  • DarkRecon6

    This doesn't feel the same without Stephen....this is why I haven't watched newest videos....YOU NEED STEPHEN BACK DAN

    • DarkRecon6

      @TokyO oO because of Dan mate go watch his video on WHY HE LEFT

    • TokyO oO
      TokyO oO

      Bruh Stephen left for a reason just let him go

  • bryguy games
    bryguy games

    Dan sus

  • Elvis Hansen
    Elvis Hansen

    fio is an impastor

  • flofl and adrian
    flofl and adrian

    Yay among us

  • Kimberly Crockett
    Kimberly Crockett

    Me: cry’s mom: what’s wrong Me: I miss the old dan plan with the og group

  • C3ns0rB4r

    I paused the video right when he said “cleaning vents”

  • Lyka Dorothy Contreras
    Lyka Dorothy Contreras

    i think theo cause if he was on cams he would’ve saw his target and vented to medbay and then vented back in security.change my mind uwu

  • Macayle Angelina
    Macayle Angelina

    Okay, but they wouldn’t have been right to accuse pink, there are plenty of people who act like that in 2 imposter games as a crew mate. I am one of these people. I get ejected for this way too often, it’s really annoying, it’s a technique used most often with the intent of making friends and a surprising amount of people don’t know this.

  • Lingx Cats
    Lingx Cats

    Where are Hosah and Stephen?

  • Colton Dallmann
    Colton Dallmann

    If Steven was here this would be so epic

  • Tyler Steer - Grant
    Tyler Steer - Grant

    Alternative title: people come back and play stuffed mafia

  • Guppy G
    Guppy G


  • big_ reii
    big_ reii

    I miss Stephen 😔

  • Jordan Montalvo
    Jordan Montalvo

    Steven would be great in this video

  • Kajler Brocious
    Kajler Brocious

    Not nelly bc he is sus haha but I still think it’s dan bc he was one of the us from the can you survive us with hosuh and Stephan

  • Kajler Brocious
    Kajler Brocious

    Where is hosa I thought only Stephan left

  • manasvi Sharma
    manasvi Sharma


  • Ewan Dougherty
    Ewan Dougherty

    My guess is Theo, because when he was on cams I believe that he was scouting out his next victim which was Dolan. After he heard us/you coming he jumped into the vent to escape.

  • Big brick 999 Bordelon
    Big brick 999 Bordelon

    It’s all of them vote all of them out

  • Bullseye

    It does not feel the same

  • Excalibur 9
    Excalibur 9

    I thought they were actually going to play among us

  • Chaitanya Sathe
    Chaitanya Sathe

    Hey how about, by the way can you survive Chernobyl

  • Little weird Dog
    Little weird Dog


  • عسل عبد الكريم عبد الوهاب
    عسل عبد الكريم عبد الوهاب

    It's theo he vent to medbey

  • Trainerzakthesteelix Pokémon
    Trainerzakthesteelix Pokémon

    Drama from before aside, if Stephen was here he would probably say something like “ Tongues are too non-informal”

  • Evelina Brichka
    Evelina Brichka


  • Higashi-Chan

    blue sus

  • Keiko Kitamori
    Keiko Kitamori

    It's nelly incase the camera wasn't on then maybe it was Theo but assuming regular speed speed for characters Theo wouldn't be able to run from security to Medway But at the same time Theo could've vented from security to Medway to frame nelly but belly wasn't there also it depends if the body is close to the Medway scan or not but nelly would be a better option

  • Esmas Coco
    Esmas Coco

    Oh no this phase again

  • cyclops 121
    cyclops 121

    they didn`t give us that the camera light is blinking or not

  • Alex Clan
    Alex Clan

    danplan has changed and that's sus

  • littepinging jmenez
    littepinging jmenez


  • The Pixel Gamer
    The Pixel Gamer

    nelly sus

  • Mater Welon
    Mater Welon


  • Kathy Evans
    Kathy Evans

    I play among us

  • Eager World
    Eager World

    0:51 you forgot about when crew mates and ghost complete all their tasks

  • Mari

    Noooo what happened to hosa? 😥

  • swooshanimations

    I'm still sad that stephen left Danplan and all that stuff.....stephen all ways made me luaght...(sight)

  • Lorenzo Torres
    Lorenzo Torres

    I miss Steven's teasing and interrupting, and random comments, I miss Hosah being adorable, and being a pure bean, Danplan isn't the same without them, just wanting to say it's not the same without having them here, Danplan just.. isn't the same to me, and I'm having a hard time watching because of it... I wish it was all back to normal, I know they where in a fight and all that crap, and that I'm being selfish about the situation, but I'm just trying to say I miss it...

  • Lorenzo Torres
    Lorenzo Torres


    • Lσʋҽʅყ Aʅʅιʂσɳ
      Lσʋҽʅყ Aʅʅιʂσɳ

      He's not trying to replace them-

  • Acer_best boi
    Acer_best boi

    Tryna be the new Stephen

    • Acer_best boi
      Acer_best boi


    • Lσʋҽʅყ Aʅʅιʂσɳ
      Lσʋҽʅყ Aʅʅιʂσɳ


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