Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Trailer - Johnny Silverhand
It's Johnny. Johnny Silverhand.
Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia on December 10th, 2020. The game will also be playable on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles when available.
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About the game:
Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.
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Title: Upgrade
Performed by: Blue Stahli and Danny Cocke
Written by: Bret Autrey and Danny Cocke

  • i can guess how dis StartedWithTrustInFriends
    i can guess how dis StartedWithTrustInFriends

    Im so down to watch a 24 hour live stream of this

  • P3

    Seriously, if this game dont have 12 prices in 2021 including GOTY someone its controlling the world in the shadows xD

    • Joshua Bull
      Joshua Bull


  • Chirayu Rabari
    Chirayu Rabari

    "And you're a c**t, maybe we'll for together after all"

  • GP

    I dont normally do evil runs but Im obligated to do anything Keanu Reeves tells me to so

  • Colin Kilty
    Colin Kilty

    Sooooo, Mccree

  • Kutta Kamina
    Kutta Kamina

    Keanu makes me question my masculanity

  • hari shankar
    hari shankar

    Is no one gonna talk bout the ending punchline

  • 15 r5
    15 r5

    I really hope this is gonna be good but im getting bust vibes from it

  • Terror Tubbie
    Terror Tubbie

    Only reason im buying this game

  • Ghristopher Myers
    Ghristopher Myers

    V sounds like Killer Bean

  • Fattyboi肥強

    i am CDPR die hard fans, u guys made a greatest light on this dreadful year of 2020, just want you to know, in pursuit of perfection, i dont mind the game being delay once more. As long as u made it great.......

  • moist towelette
    moist towelette

    Got to say perhaps the best looking game to date.

  • Bryan Kelly
    Bryan Kelly

    Keanu saying the word "c$nt" makes the wait entirely worth it! :D

  • Vincent Simbol
    Vincent Simbol

    I nearly tripped when I saw that 3rd person pov of the car

  • Pckrat

    So are we going to get the game this year or no



  • Noah Agboinfi
    Noah Agboinfi

    Keanu always plays someone called John.

  • DataSerpent

    Although the song in the trailer is called "Upgrade" I can not understand the whisper part of the song in this trailer :( but the 1:14 in this trailer however, it sounds like ... ""♪♫Can't see no other, burning through my virtual brain, ♪♫ your a feeling like no other!, giving me another upgrade! ♪♫ GIVE ME ANOTHER UPGRADE! GIVE ME ANOTHER UPGRADE!♪♫" is that right? i don't know but it seem to fit!..... Im sorry if i mistaken the lyrics... -_-

  • Samir Murilo
    Samir Murilo

    Music from this trailer?

  • Outdawayfool P
    Outdawayfool P

    Hopefully there are some John Wick references

  • PitFiend416

    Alright CDPR , you used Male V for this this trailer but the V with Judy looks female body type so she had better be Bi or this is trailer is false advertising corpo rat bait and switch. Explain now or face canceled preorders.

  • Courtney Bain
    Courtney Bain

    Johnny Silverhand looks like a mix of John Wick and Winter Soldier.

  • Diego Gomez
    Diego Gomez

    Is it my impression or the graphics had a massive downgrade from trailer?

  • Zaidan Ahnaf
    Zaidan Ahnaf

    Little by little you're just letting yourself become... Johnny Silverhand

  • tommy girl
    tommy girl


  • pastuh

    Fix BUGS

  • gabriele399

    Guys Keanu Is inside you the whole time so tecnically you CAN have sex with him in the game

  • TronDrifter

    1:15 oh yeah boi I cant wait to drive the 911 964

  • My little birdy
    My little birdy

    Imagine if there is parkour in this game, it would be PERFECT!

  • motocrossriders2002

    Car sliding sideways and individual treads show on the skid...

  • care giver
    care giver

    Wake the fuck up samarai..i'm thinking he's back.

  • Jimi the Schmuck
    Jimi the Schmuck

    This game isn't going to have much of a stealth system, is it? Pass.

  • عَبْدُالبّاقِي عَزْيِزْ
    عَبْدُالبّاقِي عَزْيِزْ

    Johnny silverhand ...... No!No! No.. Keanu Reeves Yes?Yes?Yes?

  • Yeet McLovin
    Yeet McLovin

    Nothing makes me happier than hearing we can smash Judy tbh. Instant goty in my books

  • _ Борис _
    _ Борис _

    its cyborg john wick .

  • Vegito


  • The Viking Sock
    The Viking Sock

    Need that damn Blue Stahli Song, where is it?

  • thotslayer


  • Best music today
    Best music today

    . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

  • Tawhid Alexander
    Tawhid Alexander


  • Richard Wroblewski
    Richard Wroblewski

    I see.... so we are all possesed by john wick. And now we must kill, hack...and do this one weird bugged sidequest 25 times cause it makes Johnny say " Breathtaking".... This must be the unofficial John Wick sequel

  • Esper Pinion
    Esper Pinion

    Isn't this too much info?

  • Murlocknight

    So Is this like a Tales from the borderlands take with Jack in rhys head or Fight Club move? LoL

  • Sava

    The only thing that is not delayed is the trailer.

  • Charly R.
    Charly R.

    So thats what whould have happen if Ted made a Rockband without Bill?

  • Ish the Stomach
    Ish the Stomach

    Johnny mnemonic 3.2?

  • Fatur Aja
    Fatur Aja

    John wick, john constantine, and now johnny silverhand, now im sure reeves is john reeves

  • I'm the Owl
    I'm the Owl

    I think if the game was made by dying light studious it will be better

  • Satyam Patil
    Satyam Patil


  • Samuel David Batista Ruiz
    Samuel David Batista Ruiz

    oh so Silverhand is Handsome jack from tales of the borderlands. ok, i can live with that.

  • Gustlik

    Kurwa jaki sztos!

  • Alan Quiróz
    Alan Quiróz

    H U m i L d E

  • J L
    J L

    As gamers we've come so far I can't wait to play it!! 7 years!

  • Shubham Chaudhary
    Shubham Chaudhary

    Someone please tell me if this song is out!

  • Varrning Skopeftis
    Varrning Skopeftis

    Finally, good music! Blue Stahli \\m//

  • Renos 98
    Renos 98

    Wake up Samurai. We have to find who killed my fucking dog again.

  • Sayan Sarkar
    Sayan Sarkar

    can johnny be a romance option please

  • Kyrie Espayos
    Kyrie Espayos

    "Burned half a city to prove his point.The other half just for fun" hey this man gives off a person who can kill someone with a pecil a fucking pencil vibes

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    johnny johnny yes papa? are you john wick? no papa telling lies? *shot papa

  • rey porras
    rey porras

    John wick form the future

  • Who's got the time?
    Who's got the time?

    This is how you treat a famous celebrity in a video game, unlike that sh!t happened in Death Stranding.

  • Bhanu thakur Vipul
    Bhanu thakur Vipul

    I don't like graphics. Not 2020 release graphics

  • Alex

    “I’m gonna kill everyone who stands in my way.” Oh no. John Wick intensifies.

  • Michal Milosz
    Michal Milosz

    Remember. No pre-orders

  • 6monem

    Cyberpunk has a better cast than DC franchise

  • 6monem

    Stop the hype. Live up to it

  • Trinankur Sarkar
    Trinankur Sarkar

    I know him since Matrix not john wick Mr Anderson what have you done....

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    Meanwhile in parallel universe: Johnny: Hey You, You're Finally Awake........

  • Taha Nasser
    Taha Nasser

    Is that Keanu? I like this game already :)

  • Kevin Andrews
    Kevin Andrews

    Why are some people disliking???

  • Shahed Ahmed
    Shahed Ahmed

    It looks like Keanu's character is the bad guy here. If you help him you might lose your own life or at least have to compensate; otherwise he'll turn into enemy and you'll have to kill him.

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      That shotgun blast, how it throws the target back is so bad ass!

  • kingspore5000

    Coming soon in 2077

  • OldFew

    V‘s voice is so trash tho, definitly not playing on english

    • Yue Miyakawa
      Yue Miyakawa

      yes male V voice is a little ....boring.

  • Mr. Grimm
    Mr. Grimm

    Johnny Silverhand shall live forever

  • Weirdo Kitty
    Weirdo Kitty

    Graphics from 2010 year. System requirements from 2020. Well done CDPR

  • Zachariah Yunus
    Zachariah Yunus

    I'm trying not to watch all these trailers so that when i get the game everything will be 100 percent new but I CANT HELP MY SEEEEEEELLLLLF

  • H K
    H K

    we need this sound track first

  • Nate The Great
    Nate The Great

    the virgin keanu reeves: hangs out with puppys while answering twitter questions the chad john wick: destroyed an entire crime syndicate over a dog the mega madchad johnny silverhand: burned down half a city to prove his superior intellect, then burned down the other half of the city for pure enjoyment

  • Mr. Ben
    Mr. Ben

    Omg omg this is happening 😳 😍 I didn't thought I'll be alive to see this game in action 😭

  • Jon Sanseom
    Jon Sanseom

    Anyone know if it's possible to have one upgrade in one arm and one different one in the other?

    • Mr Critical
      Mr Critical

      I think it’s possible as most gameplay footage shows V’s dominant hand with an upgrade that allows you to monitor how much ammo you have whilst the other hand remains unaltered

  • This Is Hande
    This Is Hande

    John Wick is here

  • Nogah Lerman
    Nogah Lerman

    dude they announced this game back when im in highschool, now im a registered MD.

    • Brunoki22

      Tell me about it, lol

    • J L
      J L

      I was 18 when the teaser trailer dropped now I'm 25 fuckin ay!

  • Edward Dahlstedt
    Edward Dahlstedt

    To be honest at this point even if the gameplay turns out to be a little bit of a letdown, my absolute desire to play out the Johnny silverhand story has gotten me hooked. This trailer sealed the deal. Thank God you picked Keanu for this, I don't think there was literally a better person on Earth for this role

  • Ben Glaser
    Ben Glaser

    Wait Keanu Reeves is a bad guy?

    • Kirky


  • しゅーさん


  • Benjamin Pierce
    Benjamin Pierce

    That shotgun blast, how it throws the target back is so bad ass!

  • Zaiiplayz :x
    Zaiiplayz :x

    Dk why I been ignoring this game but I’m definitely hyped for it now

  • Mr Mask
    Mr Mask

    John Wick from alternate timeline.

  • Ma Deuce
    Ma Deuce

    Cant wait to create a Novel Epic character. A real bad ass!!

  • Meas Saominea
    Meas Saominea


  • Brandon

    redditors are gonna love this

  • Levi

    My Prediciton: V is actually Jonny Silverhand

  • Chezter Sumambod
    Chezter Sumambod

    Oh i didn't even noticed this one is still exist?

  • Thomas Greyson
    Thomas Greyson

    Whoa! EXCELLENT!! *air guitar*

  • Jet Soo
    Jet Soo

    Johnn Silverhand for smash bros

  • Cat with internet access
    Cat with internet access

    the game allows you to do anything except playing the game

  • Lightning WackQueen
    Lightning WackQueen

    Did I just see a 930 Turbo????

  • Milk Boi
    Milk Boi

    Johnny Silverhand is long for *John Wick*

  • RogerRabbit Gaming
    RogerRabbit Gaming

    John wick as keanu revees

  • Ansoni

    Ahhh Cyber Winter Soldier Keanu Reaves aka Johnny Silverhand. We meet again babayaga