Chris Webby - Prayer Hands (feat. Grieves)
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Produced by Grieves & Kevin Falconi. Additional production by Nox Beatz.
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  • Ry Rv
    Ry Rv

    Never disappointed.


    I love it! Let's make a video in Defuniak Springs Fl

  • Christopher Bowman
    Christopher Bowman

    This is my souls new fav song!

  • I-AM 1-of-1
    I-AM 1-of-1

    Walking on the clouds but I'm wondering how these people stuck here in Yesod, like yes Lord, I See Them. Axe them tell you 22°... THATS why I walk like that, get it together people, aren't you supposed to be masters over your own habitats, minds mined for their gold, creators and consumers, a symbiotic balance to behold. I'm like shit, I just got here you can have all your habits back. Re engendering the world to get the plants and people to come back. Wake up people, it's time to cultivate the garden and not lay on backs. Mess around and eat the wrong thing and then go on a date with my round chick called Poor-Ceilings. I didnt come from the bottom, I'm still there. What's that all about? Play my music loud cause I dont want to hear. Their sound and the blue tooth earbuds have me feeling waves. Not focused on them, I'm too focused on my mission, no respecters of persons, so anyone can get it, any-day. Gaurd my energy and presence because they pine to give me all their negative I'm a magnetosphere, get behind me, I want to wash feet over here. Got my bricks laid, walls up, and they mad like what got into HIM. They talking about how they can get Him, calling me fake. For heavens sake, clip thire young toung so now I hear no snakes. Juke them like I'm running with the Rock, while Most High, and 12 stons, call it a chest peace, Heart of Hearts I'll be on your face like a skull and Criss Cross Bones and 3-22. Like they have the balls to make me Demosthenes, to my face, so they will try some slick shit to get rid of me, trying to radiate this knowledge into their brain Space ship. They hate themselves and accountability, a person doesnt know that they are wrong if they have not been taught that they are wrong, when that's all they have known and had to do to servive, indubitabelly like Johna people stuck in the pit of their shit, past the point of whaling and crying. Past the point of pissed, yall going to make me start star bustin the Sun and get everything to Frying too shyst, char-you-too-coal (charcoal) I cant wait to the end to come, I'm getting excited. Fear not, dont get caught in your lower mind because you creat your own heaven and hell, dont want to spend the next life screaming for help. Shamanicly shaking my raddel at these spirit babies, while inhaling in inscence, and wafting white sage. I can see by their aura and demeanor that there stuck in the etheric and EMF sauce and many need saving, but when I talk they start to hate me because I have been made a mirror and what you show me and give me I give right back to ya, yeah that's right. People pinning to out me down, to label me and put a thumb upon me. We all are going to die one day so I'm at the point of laughing and yawning, the night light is dawning. Like and Phoenix, I'm flying high and exorbitantly, hording knowledge to give it away. I rode that reading Rainbow , while reading and sensing through the 7 Jewled rainbow, call me John Arch and I won my game. No leppercy and cons. I'm done dealing with people who want to hate because they cant keep up. I'll still give you the water, if you want it so drink up. Still give you love from a distance, but your negativity, naw I dont need that, cause it seeps into me and makes me mad. Then I transmute it and re-become MAN again, peopletalking shit saying I'm a Manikin. I'm on a higher mission, on a different demention, you grounded being plain again, no wings. People saying I should move when they say I should move, they should read the books again. I can see prophesy coming true again, unfolding like a indigo blue lotus flower. I'm saying all these things and their like who is this. What a clue less kid. Cules is all this kid gets cause I got a woman, Dog, and friends what's that, if your talking out the side of your neck you can't get the pearl, cause I'll not cast it, Saying Chis is holding back HIS Web, prolonging the harvest time. While their pride is weathering, I'm resting up for the fight of our life, I'll let them come to me cause when the blows are poured out I'll be the one fucking up demons and things. The MAN in the white robe cutting through them like air. I would prefer to save them but when the flip is switched their is no saving them, no taming them. Hearts of stone and colder than the outskirts of mount marue. Get centered. Dame I just gave you a list of clues. I only take orders from the highest above. So when you judge the way I move and the things I do out of ignorance, just remember who is testing you.

  • Ryan Coats
    Ryan Coats

    Still the maynew

  • Skittlz Boy's aka. Skittlz Nation
    Skittlz Boy's aka. Skittlz Nation

    Skittlz Boys is in the comments! #muchlove from Skittlz Nation #goodvibesonly #chriswebby Shoutout to: 🎶 ggogoogood music🎙💯🔥🎵

  • Adam Valles
    Adam Valles

    Bro webby this track is fire bro much love man


    Am I the only one here who can't stop hitting replay?

  • littlemoth

    Got damn grieves. Get it homie.

  • William Coudriet
    William Coudriet

    Grieves Webby Jellyroll gotta happen

  • smileydude12

    Was fortunate enough to get out to see him and our hometown boy Grieves in Seattle with my cousin. We had a killer time! No matter the crowd size Webby brings the smoke.

  • Trevor Curtis
    Trevor Curtis


  • Brandi

    Absolutely love this song

  • God

  • Justin Dejager
    Justin Dejager


  • Austin Sears
    Austin Sears

    Been following this dude’s movements in music for some time now, I’m glad he’s been comin out with this new shit because it reminds me that we go from low n rowdy times in life to a good mindset of what’s important in life Keep movin the way u do but don’t lose ya self n things go the way it’s supposed to

  • G.I. Geno
    G.I. Geno

    Ninja, that chorus is KILLAHHHH!!!

  • nerfe magpantay
    nerfe magpantay


  • Nick Aries
    Nick Aries

    It sounded like snoop on the end

  • ikeluv25


  • twitch nlmb
    twitch nlmb

    Always consistent always dropping 🔥 🕸 🕸 🔥



  • Godfrey Wobblewitit
    Godfrey Wobblewitit


  • XXpacmanXX123

    Weebly x Grieves is my favorite duo for sure.

  • Christian Ocasio
    Christian Ocasio

    Crazy enough i was hoping for some new Grieves lately...dope shit

  • Zachary Cole
    Zachary Cole

    Like if this is hard asf 🔥🔥🔥

  • J Groves
    J Groves

    Your a legend bro . I remember listening to you when mac Miller (RIP) first came out and dropped kool aid and frozen pizza and I was thinking these 2 guys are the next Eminem's meaning next big time white rappers . But you stayed underground (Respectable), Mac went global but unfortunately with fame comes the devil so ... but its good to see someone who's been relevant in my life since i was in middle school as consistent as you my man and still alive seeing how things are today in the rap world. Most of my friends I knew back then I don't even talk to anyone so that just goes to show how long you've been known for. You ever get a chance, give me a listen, since I've given all your songs a listen, I'd appreciate that for than youd ever know. I been rapping as long as you have Webby just never got noticed. So I havent had the money for the video productionand the money for a top quality mic like you but type in J.Groves = my full catalog or just give the song on this channel a listen .... soon il be buying a good mic and doing videos but I dont even want fame all that does is bring more negativity it's just a hobby I'm so passionate about I can't stop and clearly neither can you so keep doing what you love Webby. I know I will be.


      Keep it up man, everyone finds success at different times in life.

  • T-WHY-G Skitt-Skatt
    T-WHY-G Skitt-Skatt

    *** nothin changed hommie you still, lay bars. Appreciate. Our generation, well it’s one of a kind! I’m on the brink, of layin it down to the game.,. I willl warn that collab*** #Hungary

  • A-louise Snyman
    A-louise Snyman

    Grieves leaves me speechless again😍😍😍

  • Dopamine Child
    Dopamine Child

    Does anybody got some Webby Acapellas they can drop over this Pass The Dutchie beat ?

  • Bradley Peterson
    Bradley Peterson

    Webby took the bench on this one. Grieves straight killed it. 🤯💯

  • Young Richard
    Young Richard

    This dat dope dope.... 🔥🔥

  • Chris moonbear robertson
    Chris moonbear robertson

    You are fire bro !!! Honestly my favorite artist long time ,keep dropping the bombs ,ima keep spreading your bars far and wide

  • Ryan Coats
    Ryan Coats


  • Amanda Baker
    Amanda Baker

    Please follow me on youtube!! God Bless! I love chris webby

  • Adtr Cory
    Adtr Cory

    Lit! 💨🔥🔥💨🔥🔥

  • Addicted Fishing
    Addicted Fishing

    This is by far the best song you have put out in a long time Webb!! 🔥

    • Robert Germain II
      Robert Germain II

      @D God agreed 🔥 🕸️

    • D God
      D God

      Every song of his is the best

    • lit guy42
      lit guy42

      @John Riddic no, I said grieves sounds like g eazy or Pete davidson, and I think webby is better. Tho I don't typically listen to grieves so I guess I can't really say that

    • John Riddic
      John Riddic

      @lit guy42 you literally just said that only 1:15 seconds of this song is good. Because Webby was only on a 1:15 seconds of this song

    • lit guy42
      lit guy42

      @John Riddic you're wrong, grieves sounds like fuckin Pete Davidson or g eazy. Webby better 😘

  • Alan Tolles
    Alan Tolles

    Keep up the good work man! This song is great can't wait for the album.

  • Unique_Gifts For_Less
    Unique_Gifts For_Less

    ayyyyy 2 of the underground greats. Right on

  • Eric Littlewolf
    Eric Littlewolf

    Straight 🔥 webby never disappoint ever always 🔥

  • Lauren Johnson
    Lauren Johnson

    i am the gatekeeper, are you the key master?

  • Bad Canadian
    Bad Canadian

    Sick of people sleeping on this guy.

    • Alan Tolles
      Alan Tolles

      Agreed for sure, keep spreading that good word.

  • Thejknational

    Word to the web 🕸 🔥

  • alex bauer
    alex bauer


  • Austin Miller
    Austin Miller

    If webby ever retires I'm not listening to rap anymore.

  • Brittany Curtis
    Brittany Curtis

    Love grieves

  • Cig X
    Cig X

    The devil's name is Velavuse. Instagram: Velo0ne

  • Kitty Lillian
    Kitty Lillian

    Chris Webby go in soo hard on this right here, BANGER! He aint like all these other trappers out there who just be usin that *Authenticviews* website to get they views up... SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days..

  • Mr. Blablab11
    Mr. Blablab11

    Whole track straight flames, but the best part still the halleluuuujah in the hook 😅💯

  • Jesus Is King of Kings
    Jesus Is King of Kings

    Webby brotha this is blasphemy, I’m from a small town in CT but my church puts in work spiritually clearing the air in this demonic state, peep Lifeway Family Worship Center if you haven’t been born again meaning baptized in Jesus’ name and baptized in the Holy Spirit demonstrated by speaking in tongues, Jesus lays all this out in John 3 KJV and says its the only way we’ll SEE or ENTER the Kingdom of God

  • technovert1

    Words from Web Webb

  • Weldon danroth
    Weldon danroth

    Webby deserves to be on the top!! All these whack rappers out there making a killin!! Our boy webby is throwing down 🔥 🔥 🔥 more then anyone!!

  • Josh Hayes
    Josh Hayes

    Webby killed it as always but gotdamn my boy grieves put this shit under tha coffin... HALLELUJAH

  • Kyyle Rhea
    Kyyle Rhea

    You and grieves are always a great mix 🔥🔥🔥

  • susan Watson
    susan Watson

    Chris and prof for me!! But Chris number 1#

  • Sarah Wilbanks
    Sarah Wilbanks

    Wild Irish rose!! ^^^^

  • BlkHwkDwn63

    I'd be careful what you say and who you say it to ❤️ ❤️ Proverbs 16:18

  • Hexxxplicit Truth
    Hexxxplicit Truth

    Grieves is on this track 👍😮 nice

  • Kareful

    Never stop making music

  • DEM0

    [Chorus: Chris Webby] Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah [Refrain: Chris Webby] I'm on different levels and they know That they can come and get it if they really want the smoke Yeah I'm seeing all these sheep around, I'm feeling like a goat I'm the father, son, and fucking holy ghost, hallelujah [Verse 1: Chris Webby] Yeah I tried to tell 'em though I don't give a damn, still the man They been sleeping on me like their dinner plans, tryptophan While my diet's been nothing but Ritalin in my hand And a half a pound of mushy's in the van, this the plan Take the world over like Pinky and thе Brain, switching lanes From a rapper to a boss and shit, they thought this shit's a gamе Keep the change, got my heart on my sleeve like a liquor stain 'Cause I'm spilling while I'm sippin', every shot is in the frame The consensus in the game is I'm relentless Yea my skill-set is tremendous By the time I end my sentence They gon' know I spit that venom Word to the web that's on my necklace And now I'm getting plaques Shit I gotta go see my dentist Pick the world up and I bench it Don't even need a spotter Then I'm dippin' with your wifey Sippin' wine I made from water Then I got her on my stick Learned that shit from Harry Potter Hit it, Quidditch, I'ma kill it Better say some "Our Father's", holler [Refrain: Grieves] I'm on different levels every week These motherfuckers talk so much, no wonder why I drink Somebody should've told they ass that I was on the brink I just wanna turn the beat up, make you put your hands together Hallelujah [Chorus: Grieves] Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah [Refrain: Grieves] I'm on different levels every week These motherfuckers talk so much, no wonder why I drink Somebody should've told they ass that I was on the brink I just wanna turn the beat up, make you put your hands together Hallelujah [Verse 2: Grieves] I've been on a level, on a level Everyday it's been a battle fighting off the Devil You ain't talking in my face, then I don't know what else to tell you You can take it up with management, they handle little fellas like ya I don't give a dam if you've been bumping at the gums I'm out here buying property, you fighting over crumbs They full of shit, colostomy, get off of me, I'm done I'm already on the edge bitch Don't make me fuck around and plunge I prefer when a motherfucker acting like he can go and get it When you know that he ain't gonna do shit I been around the block, heard a lot of talk Some of that'll get you stitched Rolled up and thrown in a ditch My microphone cold as a bitch I'm up and I'm down, ducking you clowns Holding a hand full of grit I bet you thinking you could probably hold a spot Better widen up your stance if you plan to take a shot They keep try'na catch you slipping, always pushing 'round a mop Any time they wanna find me, I be ready for the drop son [Refrain: Grieves] I'm on different levels every week These motherfuckers talk so much, no wonder why I drink Somebody should've told they ass that I was on the brink I just wanna turn the beat up, make you put your hands together Hallelujah [Chorus: Grieves] Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah [Refrain: Grieves] I'm on different levels every week These motherfuckers talk so much, no wonder why I drink Somebody should've told they ass that I was on the brink I just wanna turn the beat up, make you put your hands together Hallelujah, hallelujah

  • Prodigeric

    Yo boy webby, knows music 🤣🔊✊🏽🔥🔥

  • Connor Whytock
    Connor Whytock

    Man grieves sounds like yelawolf

  • FueldByHashBrowsAnCof

    ive loved you since super human only has grown thanks for savin my life might not seem like much but without you ...

  • adam hammond
    adam hammond

    Play at 1.5 speed - Sounds great!!!

  • Jason Peacock
    Jason Peacock

    This song hits on a different level when you’ve lived a dangerous life. I’ve questioned god for a long time. My questions scare people away. It would be great if someone could have a sincere conversation about it without getting scared or offended.

    • George Planter
      George Planter

      They r weak. Stay up. God is on another level. Something we cant see yett

    • zacho cracy
      zacho cracy

      This and his song "Campfire" just hit on a diff lvl for me 🤜🤛

    • Gage Turner
      Gage Turner

      I feel ya

    • Turtle Turtle
      Turtle Turtle

      Ask away homie.

  • Auston Luttrell
    Auston Luttrell

    ⚠️🚷Wet Floor Grieves

  • bionic tv
    bionic tv

    Webb is fucking back yesss!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏

  • The Hype Den
    The Hype Den

    Dispo was playing ya boi Webby over here! tipped them hella!

  • matt iatauro
    matt iatauro

    This is one of the hardest songs I heard in a while I’m waiting for apex 2 feat grieves ;$

  • Miztah Raye Productions
    Miztah Raye Productions

    That line about tryptophan got me thinking about Turkeyday and how fast it went by.

  • David Ivey
    David Ivey

    Webby + Grieves = 🔥 "Man Down" is my shit

  • Dan Berg
    Dan Berg

    grieves got it going on

  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan

    I hear the low battery warning sound in the beat lol got me

  • Frost Burns
    Frost Burns

    Go head and play sheep, I’ll just sit back like a goat of the mountain

  • Nate one
    Nate one

    This is refreshing and dope. I would love to see an Anilyst and Webby Collab possibly Prayer hands for it please

  • Landy2123

    Underrated. Everything is fire from this man.

  • Santana Sanchez
    Santana Sanchez

    Fuck yes my brothas shiiit

  • Toot Z
    Toot Z

    As a huge Webby fan... that Grieves verse is above and beyond 🔥

  • CowboyAngel27OfChrist

    Thanks for not shoving it down our throats like @thatsdax

  • Keylan Bankston
    Keylan Bankston

    Chris Webby makes rap music for other rappers 🤣

  • Rob Dogg
    Rob Dogg

    You Suck. The End.

  • Kevin Simmons
    Kevin Simmons

    860 n 203 STAND UP

  • Darrin42069

    Cant wait for album

  • Nate Reed
    Nate Reed

    Been here since the freestyles through the mountains, and the I need a dollar days

  • Its Mizu
    Its Mizu


  • The Whyte Gucci
    The Whyte Gucci


  • val barnes
    val barnes

    Fond my new favorite song

  • Brad Minich
    Brad Minich

    Man he is just getting better 🔥

  • Are you Serious? For Real
    Are you Serious? For Real

    Yo you got grieves to hop on yo track !

  • Shawny S-berry
    Shawny S-berry

    Hey you like how your music is. Your new wave of best of 2020 in my eyes. The lyrics are always bomb 💣 😍

    • Chris Webby
      Chris Webby

      Hello Thanks for all the love and support you’ve been giving me hope you’ll never grow tired of listening my can text me back privately on my private line (316) 395-2666

  • alex fisher
    alex fisher

    Rhymsayers let go of grieves.


    This is a good song you should make some more I like your songs

  • Jordan Moses
    Jordan Moses

    God bless this track

  • Kenneth Sr.
    Kenneth Sr.

    @fortheburbs Happy Thanksgiving bro love the track as always

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller

    Not big into religious imagery in hip hop when used disrespectfully. When pac did makavelli he made it clear where he stood. If we were created, we are not worthy to call ourselves gods.

    • Michael Miller
      Michael Miller

      @Benjamin Bontrager what do you mean?

    • Benjamin Bontrager
      Benjamin Bontrager

      Yikes my guy... How many thumbs down you lookin at so far? 👀

  • Reginald Lindy
    Reginald Lindy

    I've been waiting for this collab again since Man Down!!!!

  • Daniel McGinnis
    Daniel McGinnis

    This song is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Tu Sicka
    Tu Sicka

    Chris Webby ft. GAWNE 👉 #MatterOfTime

  • Kyle Allon
    Kyle Allon


  • JakeDrennanOfficialMusic

    that intro goddamn. the man that's still never put out a bad song

    • matt iatauro
      matt iatauro

      Neva ... he was a born rapper strait up grieves is beast to

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