CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE Snowmobile in the Backcountry!!
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CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE Snowmobile in the Backcountry!!
In todays video, the boys travel to Spokane, Washington to visit our friends at 509inc and do a little snowmobiling too! Later we head over to meet up with some fellow ALgoners GrindHardPlumbingco. They show us their insane builds and are even kind enough to let us drive some!

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    • Zombie313 Brains
      Zombie313 Brains

      I wish I could of come because I live in missoula, mt

    • roberta reynolds
      roberta reynolds

      I live 30 minutes out of spokane

    • Andrew Constance
      Andrew Constance

      When does the giveaway end?

    • Misfit Vlogs
      Misfit Vlogs

      @MI HONEY- KKnBOYS ikr


      Why are you guys not at a mil yet you guys are the best

  • Hunter Wilson
    Hunter Wilson

    You should of went to rodchester to say hi to my grandpapy

  • Emil Forsberg
    Emil Forsberg

    That's just great fun ain't it

  • wagnerj01

    Which was the cheap one?

  • Chloe Dorothy
    Chloe Dorothy

    The messy birch amazingly guess because year similarly spoil aboard a loud sleet. female fertile, alluring history


    get a 1993 arctic cat ext 580 z

  • Ken H.
    Ken H.

    What Washington State fire lookout tower was that early in vedeo?

  • C Ki
    C Ki

    You are supposed to go around the trees.

  • E White
    E White

    The quality on these videos is insane

  • GimpGunfighter

    You guys seem like dudes I'd like to be friends with 🤣🤣🤣

  • j011a

    omg....... have been fair if you guys was good at driving

  • Dominic King
    Dominic King

    Should’ve cut the tree really low down

  • Austin Gerein
    Austin Gerein

    Shifter cart vs Barbie car?

  • Porter Taillefer
    Porter Taillefer

    I got the same Polaris

  • The Fluffy Boi
    The Fluffy Boi

    My dad got a new sled and I got his old 1998 formula Z 670 rotax skidoo 🔥 road first time couple days ago was a blast can't wait to up north here in Michigan later this month n next

  • Tayla Hardwick
    Tayla Hardwick

    Yall should go to Alaska, I'm from there and 4 months ago I moved to Missouri definitely missing all of the snow this year

  • 2 stroke cowboy
    2 stroke cowboy

    Going for my first time tomorrow 🤙

  • Mr. UFK
    Mr. UFK

    dead sport

  • Kellon Maghan
    Kellon Maghan

    You were close enough on the pronunciation, but you were far off on the adjective. there is nothing beautiful about Spokane

  • Skylor Elliott
    Skylor Elliott

    No its spok compton.😀

  • Nadia Anders
    Nadia Anders

    adjust the damping and stiffness on the barbie jeep.

  • Tanner Nickerson
    Tanner Nickerson

    Pls tell me where you went I live in the area


    1,500 is 1,500 and 16,000 is 16,000

  • Mr. Chris
    Mr. Chris

    My cheap sled does just fine every year here in Alaska. I would never go to Washington to snowmachine.

  • Wills Ohrnberger
    Wills Ohrnberger

    I prefer my thumb throttle in the snow cat too. When I use the foot throttle when you hit bumps, go down steeps, its really hard to not surge and when you surge you make the snow surface have ripples

  • David White Jr
    David White Jr

    I live in the northwest and sorry boys it’s been the warmest winter we have had since I have lived here 33yrs

  • Kevin Tumblin
    Kevin Tumblin

    i have a 79tx440 pol that would kick the pants off them new ones

  • Bill Brasky
    Bill Brasky

    I’d take that switchback any day.

  • biga bisiklet
    biga bisiklet

    süper süper süper süper süper

  • domitheone

    Does anyone know what that small jeep has in it i mean the motor sounds like a v8

  • maximus mancini
    maximus mancini


  • Ra men
    Ra men

    Wish I had a good sled, mine doesn’t even start without something explosive in the carburetor and it doesn’t idle. Have to keep constant gas in order to keep it makes me mad a lot

  • David Riske jr
    David Riske jr

    You were really close to me

  • Kevin Lefort
    Kevin Lefort

    I was 10 years old digging out and old 350 enticer bogged waaayyyyy deeper than that. C'mon girls put your back into it!

  • Dakota Rodriguez
    Dakota Rodriguez

    If you ever get a chance. Mob through Cle Elem, Leavenworth all that area. Its amazing.

  • Revible

    Where are they living ?

  • Colby Schaad
    Colby Schaad

    What kind of engine is in that little unit

  • Mason Drader
    Mason Drader

    The Jeep probably has more off-road capability then Ben’s v6 raptor

  • Majin Studio
    Majin Studio

    That sled wasn't very good at vertical escapes for being called vertical escapes

  • Majin Studio
    Majin Studio

    Woulda been easier to cut the tree down and push it over or drag it out.

  • Dylan D
    Dylan D

    Not sure if I missed it but what are the models of each snowmobile

  • gaming becker
    gaming becker

    Yo whats she skid in that phazer? That aint stock

  • Aj Franklin
    Aj Franklin

    me from Washington hearing them pronounce Spokane.

  • Brice Deegan
    Brice Deegan

    Fork i want one of those mini jeeps so bad

  • XxShydressCatxX Kittens
    XxShydressCatxX Kittens

    Yo its so fun here in spokane tho

  • ThistleDewOutdoors

    Let's see any of this done on the 1991 skidoo mach 1 .

  • Peter F
    Peter F

    Skipped the whole intro and the rest. You guys need to practice more.... a lot more

  • Crue Urie
    Crue Urie

    where is this it is snowing evey were there and here not at all

  • Will Wright
    Will Wright

    GREAT content

  • OutDoorMen

    If you get 1 million subs give away a snow mobile

  • Araceli Nieto
    Araceli Nieto

    We will not bother you

  • Araceli Nieto
    Araceli Nieto

    Please tell us

  • Araceli Nieto
    Araceli Nieto

    Where do you live

  • Parker Lawrence
    Parker Lawrence

    I live in spokane

  • Rodney Wuttke
    Rodney Wuttke

    what idiots

  • Feisty

    Screw new sleds. In new England we ride oldies

  • Declan lloyd
    Declan lloyd


  • Stephen M
    Stephen M

    should go back to GHPC and build a snowbike. Put the motor and track system from the sled on the bike, no wimpy 2 or 4 stroke bike motor.

  • SiLk

    You guys should buy the sunzy snowmobile from Amazon and do some videos on it. Its basically a quad with skis lol.

  • xXJBrutalXx

    i used to have a 2004 Pro XR 440 snocross sled that i put a built 600 engine in and a 136" long track kit. that thing was a trail monster back in the day. probably doesnt compare to the new sleds. but i moved south 13 years ago so i cant ride anymore.

  • Mitch Alexander
    Mitch Alexander

    This guy has so many ads and he won’t even let me report them to skip them fast

    • 4schitzangiggles

      He has more ads than common core math in my kids 6th grade class

  • ONE_shot Kraken
    ONE_shot Kraken

    damn so close to me

  • VT3 Aries
    VT3 Aries

    Wait y'all were up here I live the area

  • Taylor Johnston
    Taylor Johnston

    Can somebody tell me at at 6:31 what the heck that is in the background beside his head ..

  • Trenton Allen
    Trenton Allen

    why so many ads

  • Heady Fullmelt
    Heady Fullmelt

    Lunch peak!

  • depressed kid in the corner
    depressed kid in the corner

    I live in spokanr i wish i found u guys earlier

  • brandon misiak
    brandon misiak

    Have you guys ever went riding in Cooke city Montana?

  • Odyssey Sea
    Odyssey Sea

    Enjoy our cold weather

  • brady walson
    brady walson

    Yo did y’all pass through cds ad well shit sandpoint is my parents home town but my is Hayden Idaho and a great mountain to go snowmobiling is sweitzer

  • Wyatt Scott
    Wyatt Scott

    What type of motor is in that barby jeep It looks bad a

  • Roger Crawford
    Roger Crawford

    Some people's kids...

  • Driver

  • itzyboiNOVA VR
    itzyboiNOVA VR

    Lol 0:43 and that echo at 0:53 😂😂😂😂

  • Brass Catcher
    Brass Catcher

    Phazer 2 wins today

  • ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔSCP039ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

    Ayyy bro I passed y'all at some point

  • thomas bond
    thomas bond

    There’s hella snow in Alaska so come up if you want

  • henry22lr

    that bolt is a shear point... breaks so it doesnt kill the trailing arm


    Gonna have to go find someone that knows how to fabricate to fix that trailing arm now.

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith

    Don't worry your daddies will buy new runners for you.

  • Brax Ben
    Brax Ben

    Compared to my 97 indy 500 those sleds are nothing

  • Jordan Simcox
    Jordan Simcox

    Come on boys you can’t Evan lift and old rmk 🤦‍♂️

  • Steve McVay
    Steve McVay

    You guys really need to put more music to the videos like this. Hearing these things scream in you ear buds for 17 mins was brutal. I thought my ears were going to bleed!!! Had to basically watch on mute or volume with 1 click!

  • Yo yo HIPPTY YO
    Yo yo HIPPTY YO

    Ok why does a four wheeler go farther and faster than a item that’s ment for snow

    • Noneya Business
      Noneya Business


  • Scottie Manners
    Scottie Manners

    Yeah just a couple beaters, as he points to a 2019 and 2018

  • Luke Goossens
    Luke Goossens

    Please do more cheap sled stuff

  • josh rosman
    josh rosman

    This gives such early sledneck day vibes tbh

  • ryan sievers
    ryan sievers

    IN MY OPINION (pls dont take offense) thats a trailer full of cheap junk i ride yamaha so give me all the shit in the world for it

  • Zenrick

    There is 666k views on this vid right now

  • Mathias

    Only problem I see is that I don’t see any Ski-Doos

  • Branden joseph
    Branden joseph

    With the right mods, an old sled wouldn't be too terrible

  • joe john2
    joe john2

    Where does the money come from to fund this type of trip?

  • Crashkob

    We’re getting dumped on now boys, we’ll always welcome you back up in Spokane for shenanigans!! Hope I can meet you boys one day! Also where is this around Spokane?

  • Brian Palmer
    Brian Palmer


  • Jordan Maille
    Jordan Maille

    Intro song??

  • 4bangerlove

    i have a 1980 Kawasaki invader 4/6

  • Mountain Airsoft
    Mountain Airsoft

    Screaming *ROLL IT OVER!*

  • logpile13

    Spokane smells like liberals

  • drehkraft1

    Cheap snowmobile? I used to ride a 1982 Safari 447 up to Lunch Peak and that was in 2010! Either that or on a stock 1986 480 Phazer

  • Ben Swanson
    Ben Swanson

    Bless up boyytssssss

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