Can You Beat Fallout: The Frontier Without Taking Any Damage?
There are many mods available for Fallout New Vegas. Some fix small things you’d probably never notice, some add new weapons or textures, new characters or new quests. But then there are the mods that add it all, effectively becoming a new DLC for Fallout New Vegas. Can You Beat Fallout: The Frontier Without Taking Any Damage?
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Can You Beat Fallout: The Frontier Without Taking Any Damage? (in text form)
Before downloading the mod, I made sure to do no research of any kind, just like with parallel parking, I wanted to go in blind with no idea of what to do or how to do it. The only thing I did do was look up the recommended level to start the mod, which happens to be level 11. A few places said 20 but 11 seemed like a good option too. Like with the other DLCs I made videos in millennia ago, I wanted a well-rounded character. I didn’t want to be too good at any one particular thing so I’m borderline bad at everything and good at almost nothing. Perfect. I did pick useful Tag skills, perks, and traits to give myself some small help along the way. To go back to the parking analogy, at the very least, I’ve now got my hands on the wheel.
I picked Guns, Speech, and Barter as my skills and Trigger Discipline and Skilled as my Traits. They’re the failsafe options to go with if you’re not sure what to expect. Then I screamed for 11 straight minutes to level myself up 11 times to get to the right level to start the DLC. As I leveled up, I distributed my points amongst all skills to even them all out and chose Rapid Reload, Educated, Fortune Finder, Jaunty Saunter’s a perk that comes with the mod that’s extraordinarily useful as a perk you take right off the button, looted a few things, and went outside where I was greeted with an option to skip right to Level 12 to begin the mod. That ed with my pre-game ery and it’s too early into the video for getting blasted by two nonsense hoses at the same time. Went back in time, didn’t give myself the levels early, let the mod do it, was almost exactly where I was the first time as far as skill points go but could only choose from a selection of pre-chosen perks, which is unfortunate. Most skills got to 37 or 40. I didn’t put any pints into Medicine or Survival because this is my world, you’re just an observer in it.
At some point I set my max health to 1 so that any damage of any kind killed me, waited for an hour, Private John invited me on an expedition to Hell, and I traveled to the NCR Frontier children campground to sign up for a tour of duty. I’ve got an arm like you wouldn’t believe, gonna take some heads off in dodgeball later. Despite having just woken up about 7 minutes ago, the Sergeant already is well aware of my legendary exploits, and I spoke to Gray about what goes on in the Frontier. It’s an easy mission. Get pumped full of patriotic propaganda, go find yourself a creative way to get PTSD, and you’re rewarded with a lifetime of mental health issues and the bare minimum the NCR is willing to pay you for doing what you probably didn’t need to do in the first place. I really mean that last part, I killed a lot of people for no reason. At one point it actually started to bother me, but we’ll get there.

  • A Spartan
    A Spartan

    Can you beat Half-Life 2 with only a big iron on your hip? Must use .357MG revolver, crowbar, or anything else that is both BIG and IRON-crafted.

  • Jayden Canfield
    Jayden Canfield

    Should have had child at heart as the thumbnail.

  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith

    Meaty claws

  • Trevor Rooney
    Trevor Rooney

    Don't let the algorithm eat Paul's channel while he's on hiatus. Drop a comment on whatever video you want!

  • Rise65487

    depend, did you mean "Without Taking in-game damages" or "Without Taking IRL brain-damages"? because one of them you can't do while beating the game the game

  • hobowithamansion42

    The writing in this mod is stinkier than America's feet and the skunk plushie.

  • Ignacio Chieri
    Ignacio Chieri

    Can you beat Fallout: The Frontier without getting brain damage, though?

  • devilish vids
    devilish vids


  • Mister Manners
    Mister Manners

    Y'know, another aspect that's just completely lazy- I noticed this a little with New California, as well- is making the Enclave the enemy. Every. Single. Time. It's gotten to the point where the Enclave have lost their original purpose and are basically just post-apocolyptic nazis and go-to villains for uncreative mods.

  • Quinton Judi
    Quinton Judi

    This mod looks fucking awful

  • Beau Caspar
    Beau Caspar

    I think that art on the thumbnail is really cool! 💂🏻‍♂️

  • ZI38

    bro imagine this was a real dlc😳i actually like the frontier

  • CNE Official
    CNE Official

    25:12 this is literally wolfensteins into beat for beat but you dont have to watch the nazi scientist dissect your friend

  • morgana plays
    morgana plays

    why can there be any good mods like what happened in asia or europe in fallout universe like it would be good to have fallout 5 in Asia or Europe

  • Isaac Pedia
    Isaac Pedia

    perhaps we treated bethesda writers too harshly

  • ZamorakBrews

    I really didn't enjoy the visions shit in this game

  • cebcrb

    25:50 Really? They pulled a Wolfenstein?

  • UltraRichterian

    25:15 Totally not stolen from wolfenstein.

  • Y'know Don't Say Swears
    Y'know Don't Say Swears

    The funny thing is that he NCR campaign is nowhere near 35 hours like they advertise. Paul actually got very close to the ending, an hour more or so and he would've done it.

  • Swag Meister
    Swag Meister

    Behold the greatest disappointment since fallout 76!

    • joseph charles
      joseph charles

      Hey! Fallout was great. One of these days I'm going to hop back onto my lvl 173 account with my 6 sets of identical power armor and my two shot explosive bloodied mini gun and mess stuff up. Probably crash the game to make duplicate weapons.

  • Andrew Dolinin
    Andrew Dolinin

    But can you beat it without taking psychological damage?

  • Doc Holiday
    Doc Holiday

    *Can you beat Fallout: The Frontier without taking any mental damage?*

  • Your Kang
    Your Kang

    Can you beat Fallout: The Frontier without wondering if Quagmire made this

  • Nathan Pierce
    Nathan Pierce

    Lol they really did wolfensteins deaths head thing

  • DarkestVampire92

    I don't care about the controversy regarding the devs. I dont care about the sexisim, hell, i am a lewd, lewd man myself and i dont mind it. I don't even care if the mod is janky. But who the HELL decided that CoD Modern Warfare was a good idea to base a Fallout mod on?! The story is LITERALLY One-for-one the first Modern Warfare game, just set in the wasteland!

  • Sane DerpyGoat
    Sane DerpyGoat

    Bro the tanks were so bad in the mod but the cars made me so happy to find one and I spent so much be ause they are so fast and so fun to use in the roads

  • Jxso


  • Dominic Kruziki
    Dominic Kruziki

    I saw you try to hide killing yourself at 7:25 lol

  • Mythias Mathew
    Mythias Mathew


  • Citizen Snips
    Citizen Snips

    4:59 lolz tell that to all the poor bastards who get UCMJ’d in the Air Force. (Or any branch I suppose)

  • Kael Clugston
    Kael Clugston

    The amount of self-fellatio in this mod is HDTF level

  • Stephena Smith
    Stephena Smith

    I didn't know this because me no no mod

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon

    Someone please point me to the Skyrim video where he finds out he can abduct children. I NEED to see that.

  • Seth The Beat Machine
    Seth The Beat Machine

    "I am proud to introduce Chairman Fred Hampt-" *Skips Ad*

  • Sam Phillips
    Sam Phillips

    it's a shame that this mod lost it's sense of scope. The idea of a legion proxy fighting with actual Armour is really cool on it's own

  • kermit

    this just looks like mw2

  • Daniel Polm
    Daniel Polm

    Can you beat Fallout: the Frontier without wanting to die?

  • Kieran Callaghan
    Kieran Callaghan

    The way he binoculars

  • Christopher

    The ncr campaign is so glitchy that I had to skip half a dozen encounters with TCL in order to progress. It's also so tiresome and unbalanced that I tossed on tgm for most of it. I can't believe you got that far with just 1 hp (for the most part)

  • Ultimate Nothing
    Ultimate Nothing

    This is just mass effect red dead toxic cod players and 20 more things this copied

  • Japanese Crab Ninja
    Japanese Crab Ninja

    Throwing in a squadron of troops on vertibirds to save a crucified mailman. Outside of thinking it would make for a cool battle did the writers not realize how that would fuck over the deserters in loss of numbers and equipment? Did they not realize a better way to do a quest to rescue the mojave mail carrier as to simply send in a crack team of stealthy commandos?

  • Possum with a Cowboy hat
    Possum with a Cowboy hat

    Blew all the bad guys.. Away.

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson

    For the whole 40 minute video, my favorite part is 'Hypo-thesis'.

  • Anupam Datta Sarkar
    Anupam Datta Sarkar

    It is kind of hypocritical That you can be morally fine with killing men, women, etc etc but Nope, not the children. Example skyrim.

  • Gerardo Reyes
    Gerardo Reyes

    Fallout frontier took 7 years to build and became hated really fast and has weird fetishes and bad writing. Great video

  • niatsdoolb

    "Gave him the Beecher treatment." Dude, I didn't think I could love you more.

  • Nick V
    Nick V

    That part where you almost get squished and then have to choose who dies is from Wolfenstein lol

  • Big rick
    Big rick

    Blew all the bad guys... away

  • Tame

    FalloutNV: the frontier. A huge but only decent mod, made for the wrong game, by terrible people.

  • Alexander Ziegler
    Alexander Ziegler


    • #1 Rival
      #1 Rival

      The Sneedclave when they heard about the Frontier's degeneracy: *Loads weapon* WE CAN'T EXPECT GOD TO DO ALL THE WORK!!!

  • Captain Cook
    Captain Cook

    Makes dead money look like - citizen kane the dlc.

  • Jakkaphat Kaewthong
    Jakkaphat Kaewthong

    Actually if you play the fo new vegas without any mod you will see NCR soldiers with limb missing and still alive

  • Sean Dailey
    Sean Dailey

    Yeah but can you beat without cringing?

  • Alexander C
    Alexander C

    so the husks are just straight up stolen from mass effect

  • Zachary Darnell
    Zachary Darnell

    I love the ramshackle sniper scope

  • Luscious Luchs
    Luscious Luchs

    How about not giving this mod any coverage and shaming all of the writers.

  • May Sparkle
    May Sparkle

    The Frontier is what would have happened if Bethesda had written Fallout New Vegas.

  • Happykid31

    Yes but actually no.

  • Channel

    The huntering lodge quest is yet another reference copied exactly from media, but from a book this time

  • Chayce Hughes
    Chayce Hughes

    what video did he abduct kids in?

  • Tajaloe - Personal
    Tajaloe - Personal

    Not if you include brain damage

  • Captain Jurgh캡틴져
    Captain Jurgh캡틴져

    Imagine if this mod was all about killing mutant bugs instead of finding actual bugs in the fallout setting imagine

  • Dean Facca
    Dean Facca

    Can you beat FO4 Frost without taking damage?

  • TheEnchilada Kid
    TheEnchilada Kid

    Is this the mod that was pulled for being messed up

  • Mythias Mathew
    Mythias Mathew

    Thank God you didn’t talk to America

  • Alek Wales
    Alek Wales

    Imagine being killed by a scrub who sounds like he has an infinite cold and he makes a captain obvious joke and he then explains why he is desecrating your body.

  • XxAwesome GlassesxX
    XxAwesome GlassesxX

    Correction: without taking any mental damage.

  • Lifes Insight
    Lifes Insight

    This guys voice reminds me of uber danger lol

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan

    Oh my, props to you mittens, you actually like the frontier. I mean, it makes sense, its a very impressive mod after all but many seem to hate it because... I am not sure actually, I think its because they have never properly played a fallout game (except 4 cause fuck 4) or a proper Rpg for that matter before.

    • Aaron Moses Paguio
      Aaron Moses Paguio

      @Darth Revan Okay, I understand what you mean. The hatedom towards this mod can indeed be very toxic and downright absurd sometimes, focusing on issues with it that I think are the least of its problems and overblowing them out of proportion. I am impressed with the amount of effort put into the mod; it is very clear that a lot of folks on the development team put their heart into the mod, and I think the harassment they've received is totally undeserved. Especially since the mod is totally free. However, I do not believe that the mod should be immune to some amount of criticism. Like I said, the themes, writing, pacing, and atmosphere they were going for borders on downright cliche, painful, and confusing sometimes and felt very derivative instead of feeling inspired, to the point where I sometimes wondered if I was actually playing Fallout. Though I very much had hope that the mod could be improved, especially since beneath its problems I could see that a lot of people cared about it. The admittedly terrible first impression the general public had of the mod which led to it getting blasted has probably dashed those hopes though. On top of that, the dev team seemed to have many interpersonal and organisational issues amongst themselves even before the mod became infamous. Anyway, I now understand where you're coming from and I would like to apologise for being rude. I just felt mildly insulted by your initial comment and I reacted on impulse since it was because I felt like The Frontier didn't really fully capture New Vegas' spirit that I felt slightly let down by the mod. I still think it was worth playing though, if only to marvel at the sheer amount of effort that went into it and as I said, it's free. Hopefully, in time, more people will be able to look at this mod with a clear mind and make better judgements on this mod's faults and successes.

    • Darth Revan
      Darth Revan

      @Aaron Moses Paguio Oh no, dont get me wrong, I can find it but well, installing it manually is kind of annoying. I am not interested enough in playing it to actually go through the trouble. But no, I am afraid I am not too dismissive and that what makes me sad. See, want to guess how many people like you I got as of now? None, you are the only person I have gotten a reply from in any comments or such I made that pointed out actual problems they have. Everybody else just got pissed at me that I could defend such degeneracy, as in the fact that there are evil choices, or they acted as if I was just a moron when I pointed out that a general wanting you to put down mortally wounded troops is not bad writing, hell, the base game has literally such a thing (even if you can get around it). Because yes, I agree, parts of it are really not Fallouty so to speak (But really mate, anything over Fallout 4) but they are still fun enough, not like the mod is suddenly canon. Yet almost all replies I get are pissed about some of the crazy shit and dirty jokes the game has while showing me examples of stuff that is not any different in the base game. Because yes, it took the whole referencing stuff too far in some places and made a terrible mistake, trying to focus on a linear action campaign, something that just doesnt work with such a shitty combat system (This would probably work with Fallout 4's, because for all its terrible flaws the combat was way better.). I get that there are more people like you (or hell, me for that matter, seeing as I do not actually want to play the mod all that much I am just pissed how people treat the makers) but the ones that are vocal about their opinions are mostly just very dissrespectfull and seem to know nothing about Fallout and I cannot say if it is just a vocal minority or not.

    • Aaron Moses Paguio
      Aaron Moses Paguio

      @Darth Revan I stand corrected regarding Paul. However, I think the space stuff isn't even the worst of what The Frontier has to offer. I just feel like it didn't capture the Fallout spirit. The Frontier just felt so... modern. It kept reminding me of other FPS's like Call of Duty and Wolfenstein (outright ripping off that scene where you choose who dies.). It also tried to pull some meta-commentary Spec Ops: The Line-style where it tried to give the player shit for their choices and it feels really heavy-handed and on-the-nose and was already addressed in Lonesome Road. Overall, the mod IS very impressive on the technical-side, but the writing, theme, and atmosphere just felt like it kept getting things wrong about what Fallout is about. You should probably give it a try for yourself, a quick search and you'll probably find it and it's free anyway. I think you're very quick to dismiss the people who don't like this mod as people who haven't a proper Fallout game or RPG. Because the majority of people surely wouldn't be playing this mod if they hated Fallout.

    • Darth Revan
      Darth Revan

      Small correction, most of his challenges seeing as there are some he fails, like well, this one.

    • Darth Revan
      Darth Revan

      @Aaron Moses PaguioMate, did you watch the whole video, he straight up says that he likes the mod quite a lot at the end of the Video. Making fun of stuff is simply what his videos are about, after all everyone knows the challenges are doable. Mind, a bunch of the glitches were probably real complaints but well, base Fallout new vegas aint any better (Thank you bethesda). And that is one of the biggest insults ever, hell, even fucking games that are not even Fallout like Wasteland feel more like Fallout than Fallout 4. Sure, Frontier is like an entire game full of Wild Wasteland stuff but too over the top? Yeah no, I mean sure, it is quite extreme in what it does but its not like anything it does feels to unfallout, the two biggest problems for many I assume are the hover carrier and the space station but honestly, they really arent that over the top. We know they had advanced hover technology before the war and we also know that the Enclave very much so was involved with working space travel. And I take that space Station any time over that damn Mothership Zeta. But by all means feel free to point out other stuff, I am after all relying on the videos and information of other people seeing how Steam yeeted the mod and I am honestly to lazy to install the mod manually :D.

  • Too Much Sus
    Too Much Sus

    God the writing on the sniper scope is such a nuisance, was it really worth it to ruin the visibility in a weapon like that for the whole duration of the mod, just for a joke that would probably be funny for like 5 seconds?

  • Tristan Farias
    Tristan Farias

    The answer is no from the get go. There is so much unavoidable mental damage I'm surprised I didn't enter a coma at some point during my playthrough of the mod

  • Dimitri Warchief
    Dimitri Warchief

    He must regret this now

  • defenseive kobra
    defenseive kobra

    the only reason youtube thinks i have watched this video is becuase of autoplay schenanigans but due to the comments and what little i have seen i am concerned

  • Martin D
    Martin D

    I thought this gonna be some grounded war like reality mod with controversial dark themes like sex slaves hidden somewhere, but damn, after seeing that boss fight and space station and sh*t... Somebody was really.. really high.

  • D 03I8I
    D 03I8I

    Fallout: Frontier is literally what you would get if you try to combine all CODs into an RPG.

  • Mote

    I like when you left in the mess up with words it was funny

  • Job Valdivinos
    Job Valdivinos

    The Trex Armageddon skit was done by Robot Chicken

  • Bird Up
    Bird Up

    25:10 - 25:30 They completely ripped off Wolfenstein The New Order. And they also ripped off Dead Space with the asteroids and everything else in the space station.

  • GruntGamerProductions

    Can you beat Fallout Frontier without damaging your dignity?

  • Jamish Mcquo
    Jamish Mcquo

    A compiled list of every major complaint/issue with Fallout: The Frontier: -Feet fetish/joke -Lizard sex fetish/joke -Deathclaw sex fetish/joke -Emotional abuse of a child (across multiple characters, all female) -one of the head artists draws underage pornography -awful, awful, lore-breaking, fan fiction style writing -enormous segments that were not playtested/reviewed by anyone besides the one person in charge of making that specific part -removed the Enclave, comparing them to 'alt right nazis'. A trifecta blow of giving your political opinion, comparing something to hate speech, and breaking major lore within one sentence -completely bashed and negated any constructive criticism/jokes made on initial forum posts questioning parts of the mod -admitted to not communicating with writers between questlines/storylines, essentially allowing story writers to do whatever they wanted without any proofreading/fact checking. This also apparently lead to delusions of grandeur with some story writers attempting to take the mod hostage by forcing the lead developers to let them write their lore-breaking fantasy on top of the main quest -very very braggadocios, 'in your face' attitude from the developers until the media came down on them, to which they ate their own words and apologized like hypocrites instead of being straightforward about their mod, like they acted in the first place (I.E. telling your friends about your new girlfriend, but when asked for information you just say: 'she goes to another school') -alot of things that weren't key features (Driving, new weapons/maps, voice actors) were completely underdeveloped or not checked by play-testers, to the point where it feels like half the content in the mod has been installed individually, by people who weren't working on the same concept or idea This mod could've been great, had it actually been reviewed and playtested. 7 years

  • Martial Arborist
    Martial Arborist

    You can't beat it without taking damage, because the player takes psychological damage from the foot fetishism and degeneracy immediately upon starting the mod.

  • Zunzun

    Bethesda fans : dont railroad me in to a quest Also Bethesda fans

  • Maestrofeli

    to be fair, the argus in bo3 was dogshit when shooting from the hip

  • Thought Dumpster
    Thought Dumpster

    you automatically get brain damage just from installing it

  • SkullboundVSK

    As a writer that is capable of telling a cohesive story, this mod just hurt. That's it. No roasts. No exaggerated or witty comments. It just hurt my soul.

  • Eldrick Astrosmos
    Eldrick Astrosmos

    I’m so glad I didn’t bother with this mod. Too many aspects I just don’t like.

  • LightOfJustice

    I just want to know if Al voiced Ghoul Jesus.

  • LightRoomRJU

    5:40 Hunt Down the Truck Thief

  • Brawl Brockerson
    Brawl Brockerson

    You can't beat this mod without taking brain damage

  • Mr. K
    Mr. K

    The fact that he didnt choose "2 bears high fiving" is fucking evil. Also, during the taco section a bag made a sound like a minecraft blaze and i had a fight or flight response or whatever.


    You don't know how to properly pronounce binoculars

  • FlamingAtheist

    I dont entirely understand the hate for this mod from some people. I think its pretty fun, though i do think it has too much call of duty vibes in it at times.

  • Jean Marceaux
    Jean Marceaux

    "Can you beat Fallout New Vegas: Frontier without taking damage?" No, because you'll suffer brain damage from playing it

  • Zeema

    but can you beat the Frontier without ending up on a list

  • JJC

    16:19 The Hammer of Dawn? I knew the writers were braindead and had no idea what they were doing but why carbon copy gears of war?

  • Silent One Wolf Pup
    Silent One Wolf Pup

    Honest to God, I really hope in the future, the mod, thanks to all the backlash, gets fixed up to be an actually good mod. Making the legion actually make sense, Removing horny, all that. But for now, it goes to show mods can be hyped up, then get shit for being ACTUAL shit.

  • Maximus789

    Anyone know the name of the music in the background?

  • PhantomARP

    You should do this more skyrim and fallout have a ton of mods that you could make challenges out of

  • roastednuts

    Not without taking some directly to the brain, no.

  • Mason JH
    Mason JH

    Love how this mod has already fallen apart

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