Will Two ABANDONED Three Wheelers Survive a River Run? First Ride in 10 YEARS!!
Today we take a couple of ATC's we fixed in the last episode on a river adventure!
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  • TellYouWhat 95
    TellYouWhat 95

    Where's that Perkins ford f30000

  • Gunner Jones
    Gunner Jones

    i think john is a mini version of larry enticer

  • Amanda Bullard
    Amanda Bullard

    i love how every time something went wrong you just said "it's fine it's a honda"

  • Charles Kriska
    Charles Kriska

    Let me buy it for $300

  • Merlin

    Just subscribed, I love 3 wheelers have a few of them myself. This made me want to get my other ones running and go play as well. I used to live up northern Missouri where there is lots of snow and frozen rivers but not anymore but is cool to see you guys enjoying it.

  • kayak trolling walleyes
    kayak trolling walleyes

    Old hondas never die they just get put in barns for years and then dragged out once again for more abuse.

  • chevy062289

    Had a few atc 200 you can wheelie them sitting those are just wheelie machines lol

  • Gatlin PlaysYT
    Gatlin PlaysYT

    and that 125 still ruins better than my tri moto

  • C6 Modellsport
    C6 Modellsport

    I think that little ATC125 earned a full internal overhall, eng and trans. Little trooper died and came back again! That, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we wanna see inside that engine!

  • thesexrulez

    I got a 84 atc 200s and I can't get it stuck and it goes anywhere and a quarter throttle or half and I have no problems and it rides amazing

    • thesexrulez

      Also mine before I rebuilt it had a bad rod knock and it grinded to a stop and when it cooled down it fired back up😂

  • Stephen Reimer
    Stephen Reimer

    “The machine didn’t hurt me” 🤣 well that what threw you back your foot touched the tire

  • chris M
    chris M

    I live in the UK where every square inch of land is owned by intolerant farmers and millionaires. I'm green with envy.

  • theodore Dow-man
    theodore Dow-man

    250R for me please.

  • Southpaw Garage
    Southpaw Garage

    11:34 Of all the possible "dismounts" I could have imagined would have happened at this stage... you stepping off the trike on to a speeding treadmill was not one of them! 😂🤣😂 You are definitely giving Jacob's epic dismount off the moped a run for his money.

  • Damien Balliet
    Damien Balliet

    Damn, now I want to see a teardown, I want to see the damage.

  • Randy Daniels
    Randy Daniels

    You should do a c4 corvette revival next

  • Skylar Wood
    Skylar Wood

    Put 200 s or 185s handle bars on the small ones it helps

  • Daniel Morris
    Daniel Morris

    You should get 2 Honda fourtrax 300s

  • Robert Wallace
    Robert Wallace

    If he shaves his head he'll look like Gallagher..ha

  • Metra Electronics Canada
    Metra Electronics Canada

    Hope you’re ok man!

  • Robert NES816
    Robert NES816

    1980's Weird Al Yankovic is in this video! That's so cool.

  • Darren Parro
    Darren Parro

    Hey Dude... I've got a question for you... I'd like to know why it is that you promote a BUNCH of other peoples ALgone sites but I've only heard one of those sites return the posting and posts something about your ALgone site.. ??????????

  • Amber Fanning
    Amber Fanning

    Is there any videos coming anytime soon

  • The Furrylittleotter
    The Furrylittleotter

    I’m not sure the voiceover was all that necessary. We aren’t dissecting complex equations here. Just riding three wheelers. Pretty self explanatory

  • Frank Evans
    Frank Evans

    Get back to the building remodeling please that was really good to see plus more car and trucks

  • Fortnite Mobilevid Vid
    Fortnite Mobilevid Vid

    We want to see the tow trucks

  • Down2Earth Paranormal
    Down2Earth Paranormal

    not good for um but it works

  • Down2Earth Paranormal
    Down2Earth Paranormal

    could jump starter

  • Down2Earth Paranormal
    Down2Earth Paranormal

    dont i ment oops

  • Down2Earth Paranormal
    Down2Earth Paranormal

    nice drift

  • Down2Earth Paranormal
    Down2Earth Paranormal

    pbr my kinda guy

  • Down2Earth Paranormal
    Down2Earth Paranormal

    ya do say hill just in case dude i plan on building a 3 wheeler soon

  • Down2Earth Paranormal
    Down2Earth Paranormal

    110s r way better

  • jim hall
    jim hall

    what happened to MOOK. i havn't seen her in awhile???

  • Michael Jablonsmi
    Michael Jablonsmi

    Lots of tough comments here. People all forget what they looked like when they were younger. Maybe they are jealous because they miss their own hair.

  • Kevin Chamberlain
    Kevin Chamberlain

    Your pal looks like an 80's Scouse football hooligan.

  • Øyvind Hanstad
    Øyvind Hanstad

    Old Honda's are great😁🇳🇴

  • ThePr8head

    Kevin I'm sorry but I'm ditching ALgone.

  • mike mac
    mike mac

    weird al's long lost son

  • probably_drunk

    dude looks like weird al!

  • Hasitha Pushpakumara
    Hasitha Pushpakumara

    Nice fun!

  • Doug Ackerman
    Doug Ackerman

    Awesome video

  • harleyJune

    loved riding these 35 years ago - - until i rolled into a tumbleweed - few know these are rolling thorn bushes - or can be - my hand hurt for weeks - so make these into 4 wheelers now - - bc then they will be more fun and probs no more falling off - but maybe engine is just to small.... fun video but maybe alos a lesson in economics and sunk cost fallacy is at work here...?

  • Jordan Wiley
    Jordan Wiley


  • amber rose
    amber rose

    Awesome thanks

  • Chest Of squirrels
    Chest Of squirrels

    Dude stop buying them all up I want one to

  • Doug Mallozzi
    Doug Mallozzi

    I've got an 86 Honda 350x. Love the trike videos.

  • barfass

    You want a ATC250ES Big Red. Full suspension, front and rear. The Ultimate Honda ATC for work/play.


    I have a question I’m hoping you can help me answer My friend has an 85 Chevrolet c10 we just retimed the engine and we have fuel air spark and power and can’t get it to start it just keeps spinning over and won’t run not even make a sound of combustion anyone with advice please respond back or email me at masterplayzgeod1021@gmail.com

  • Jerry Wickizer
    Jerry Wickizer

    That 200 you’ll be able to add a little more stability, 400 ex rear hubs will fit on that axle and you’ll be able to put the rims from the 400 on it and add a wider stance, I did it to my 185s

  • Crusty Kustoms Garage
    Crusty Kustoms Garage

    is John the lead singer of REO Speedwagon? LOL

  • Conner Burke
    Conner Burke

    What gear did you use in the $1000 cheap truck revival to make the rear differential full lock

  • Phoenix

    Damn reminds me of when I ran my 91 accord out of oil... it still lives.

  • Bill Shaw
    Bill Shaw

    Not one of your better vids. 👎

  • Obnoxiouswolf 2
    Obnoxiouswolf 2

    is that a Datsun 240z in the background at the end of the video?

  • steven menary
    steven menary

    Glad I live in Florida, absolutely no SNOW. Not missing out on anything here.

  • F1shittyGarage

    It went from a revival, to a murder, then to a proud triumph of a cockroach of a machine. We have an 85 Trx 125. Same exact engine just a 5 speed tranny with reverse instead of 4lo/4hi. It pops out of 3rd here and there but I mud bogged with it 😂😂

  • Gus the MicroYeti
    Gus the MicroYeti

    Takin Weird Al 3 Wheelin

  • JKU's rbetter
    JKU's rbetter

    Ron Jeremy lost a bunch of weight and now rides a 3 wheeler !

  • Jeffrey Sumpman
    Jeffrey Sumpman

    The 200 seems as though it'll drift better than it does doughnuts.

  • nolan The monster
    nolan The monster

    i have a 200r

  • Pyrite2009

    To bad my 125 is blown up

  • BarnStangz

    Fun video. I sold most of my 3wheelers, but I still have a 110. I grew up having one, so I keep it for fond memories I guess. It lives in my barn and mice use it as a condo, but I know 4 years from now, I'll put fresh non-ethanol gas in it and it'll fire right up. I'll have fun with it for 45 minutes, till I use up the gas, then I spray WD40 in the tank and toss it back in the barn. These things never die. Everyone should have at least one 3wheeler!

  • MechanixandMurica

    Y'all should 140 swap the 125. It's not a direct bolt up but the rear motor mounts fit and you only need to make hangers for the front. Plus, you wouldn't have to deal with the pullstart anymore. It's either kick or electric. No hi/lo unfortunately

  • Jesus Morin Jr.
    Jesus Morin Jr.

    John reminds me of Weird Al Yankovic

  • Dre' The Cajun '81
    Dre' The Cajun '81

    I remember being @ my grandmother's watching the National News special on why 3 Wheelers were banned....WAAYYYYYYYY BACK IN '87....as I sat at the dining room table...playing with my toy Honda 3Wheeler...

  • Dre' The Cajun '81
    Dre' The Cajun '81

    5:21....FUCK YEAH KEV!!

  • Jay R
    Jay R

    Gosh, these things look terrible.Seems overhyped!

  • YT Kruegs
    YT Kruegs

    Can you do some Hot Rod Power Tour videos when it comes this year?

    • YT Kruegs
      YT Kruegs

      *if (I dont really see why not lol)

  • Neil

    I realize you have to publish something, but would much rather watch the progress on the new garage/office/shop!

  • Jim A
    Jim A

    That Was A LOT OF FUN 2 Watch..... : )

  • Falney

    at $250. 10 hours of ride time/fun and they have paid for them selves pretty much.

  • Lelan

    Those Honda ATCs always get stuck between high and low gear. I thought I blew the transmission to but you just got to roll the bike while putting it in gear

  • Q Z
    Q Z

    What did you invent in America? Nothing?

  • John K
    John K

    Alright ffs. Dislike, couldn't finish video. Unsubscribe.

  • myk d
    myk d

    john: "hallo. my name is inigo montoya. you killed my father. prepare to die."

  • Mr

    Why is Gallagher in your video?

  • Kenney Chappuis
    Kenney Chappuis

    You and Doug Henning are breaking out three wheelers. Totally rad

  • Keith703redskins Redskins
    Keith703redskins Redskins

    Put the front forks of of a bigger atv and put it on 125

  • scarface matt
    scarface matt

    37:25 look at that oil though

  • TrikeLyfe


  • Brandon Mcclanahand
    Brandon Mcclanahand

    REBUILD THE 125 and do a comparison on a “fresh” motor

  • chravis youto
    chravis youto

    You should do a motorcycle.

  • jpz Julien
    jpz Julien

    Honda never die!

  • L B
    L B

    Next episode have John smash a watermelon with a big wooden mallet ,🤔 I don’t know it just seems right

  • Mark Stevens
    Mark Stevens

    70's porn-stash

  • Mark Stabe
    Mark Stabe

    really liked seeing an adventure like this...the restores are super fun but it was cool seeing em do work after

  • Doug Harkness
    Doug Harkness

    I gotta dig out my yamaha 200E now and get it running. It hasn't run since 94 lol

  • Tentaisei

    I just saw this video in my random suggestions, I've been subbed for a while and I just had to resub,?!? Strange

  • vk2aaf hamradio
    vk2aaf hamradio

    Hey John, 1982 called, wants their mullet back :)

  • oncewaslost1982

    Now you need to honor that 125 with an engine rebuild video.

  • TacticalIdiot17

    Oh, Hondas... they work forever, but only when broken. They have issues from the start, but never die.

  • Dereck Snart
    Dereck Snart

    How in the fuck did u fall like tht !!!!!! Like seriously the physics don’t add up !!!☠️☠️🤣🤣

    • Junkyard Digs
      Junkyard Digs

      Dude I have nooooo idea😂😂

  • Amy Schaap
    Amy Schaap

    an you guys keep me in your prayers because I have surgery in 1 days before I leave 

  • Shandis Phaneuf
    Shandis Phaneuf

    Please do another 71 Lemans sport revival please

  • johnyhawgleg

    So did I guess right? You’re saying that John may be Larry Enticer?

  • Hans Mo
    Hans Mo

    You should have Weird Al on more often. Great guest star.

  • Jerred Wayne
    Jerred Wayne

    Honda makes a quality product across all models and types.

  • Hunter Theissen
    Hunter Theissen

    What do u use for ur editing software?????

  • cdoublejj

    i'm digging Jon's awesome 80s style

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