Brushing With a Banana Toothbrush #shorts
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  • Jayden Cantu
    Jayden Cantu

    Thats for babys thats a tether

  • Gacha Laura 737
    Gacha Laura 737

    I like the video but you have the same Voice like my cousin 😮👍

  • Organ Fan
    Organ Fan

    Yeah bro 😎

  • Kayleigh Gagnon
    Kayleigh Gagnon

    That's a teething toy

  • Annoying Asf
    Annoying Asf


  • Jocelyn Hefel
    Jocelyn Hefel

    That's for babys

  • Toy Freddy
    Toy Freddy

    WHAT IS HE DOING. that is why

  • Canela Multi-Usos
    Canela Multi-Usos

    Were did u buy the think purple?

  • the limstr
    the limstr

    nice glasses bro

  • Limonpro Gamer
    Limonpro Gamer

    Where do u buy a disglother

  • Kawaii Cakie UwU
    Kawaii Cakie UwU

    He: absolutely clean! Me: he's maybe blind- bruh

  • موزه محمد خميس بن مسحار المهيري
    موزه محمد خميس بن مسحار المهيري


  • CheezyPotatoe

    How much toothpaste would you like sir? Him: Yes

  • Kitti Hanna Várhalmi
    Kitti Hanna Várhalmi

    Hát majdnem sikerült😑


    He doesn’t even know that’s a baby binky

  • Eilaf Mamooud
    Eilaf Mamooud

    What that purple thing when you put in your moth

  • Sopee P'greansy
    Sopee P'greansy

    That's a toothbrush?!?!

  • Yukii

    Me still wondering what is that purple thing and what does it do.-.?

  • Brittany Russo
    Brittany Russo

    My baby sister has that toothbrush

  • Soule Ali Abdoulatuf
    Soule Ali Abdoulatuf

    C'est dégoutant

  • Soule Ali Abdoulatuf
    Soule Ali Abdoulatuf


  • Sadjida Merouane
    Sadjida Merouane

    هدي 🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴

  • gacha Starlight
    gacha Starlight

    My baby brother has that but he bites it

  • Ado Adp
    Ado Adp


  • Daniel Que
    Daniel Que

    Cannot believe he thought it was a toothbrush when it is a teething toy

  • Chekee Chow
    Chekee Chow


  • Risha naomi Rellones
    Risha naomi Rellones

    , nakakadiri xian alam mo ba you're not

  • Lucita Heolin
    Lucita Heolin

    Ia he a dentist or just a guy who shows ppl what kind of brushes to use to clean ur teath for ten times betzer

  • Frazix

    Cool youtube

  • GodzillaX SonicPlayz Yt Gacha
    GodzillaX SonicPlayz Yt Gacha

    I remembered watching this

  • Basketball Kid
    Basketball Kid

    CEO of fat glob

  • `•Jennifer Estella•`
    `•Jennifer Estella•`

    It's a toy-

  • Mohammad Arsalan Mehdi
    Mohammad Arsalan Mehdi

    Wat u do with all ur tooth brushes? Keep them in a wearhouse?


    Is disclosing time tasty 🤔

  • Little Pancake
    Little Pancake

    What does the purple stuff taste like?

  • Meghan Gluck
    Meghan Gluck

    That’s a baby toy oh my goodness so funny you brushed your teeth with the baby toy

  • Fernanda Wida
    Fernanda Wida

    Bentar masih cupu tidur bukan makan

  • Fernanda Wida
    Fernanda Wida

    Bentar masih cupu tidur bukan makan

  • Om Fahd
    Om Fahd

    Great you 🥺💖

  • Chantel Rabotapi
    Chantel Rabotapi

    Were did you get that purple thing

  • Artur Kurczab
    Artur Kurczab

    Ale fajne

  • Youngflexer _
    Youngflexer _

    Sus lv10000000

  • chathurika damayanthi
    chathurika damayanthi

    Bad banana!👎🤏

  • Bonnie Ngan
    Bonnie Ngan

    Juno 地主好大個仔baby toothbrush

  • Gilbert Santiago
    Gilbert Santiago


  • Abiathur Mbono
    Abiathur Mbono

    The banana thing is for babies

  • Xxcenna_artxX

    The amount of times this man has brushed his teeth his teeth will be brighter than my future

  • 《《 moonlette 》》
    《《 moonlette 》》

    My baby brother has this as something to chew since he’s teething-

  • Elizabeth Saldia
    Elizabeth Saldia


  • DollarCoin _Boi
    DollarCoin _Boi

    Dental Digest: fAt gLuUuUb

  • Sundararajan Sudarsanam
    Sundararajan Sudarsanam

    Why can't you stop this video it is so gross 🤢🤢🤢

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez

    When the video sied banana

  • Алиночка

    мини мини

  • Anita Krisdayanti
    Anita Krisdayanti


  • Teyah_ _ope
    Teyah_ _ope

    Does anyone ever wonder how many toothbrushes he iwns

  • papabare 17
    papabare 17

    Do the purple stuff this bad

  • JFM Huncho
    JFM Huncho

    I got that stuff that thst purple you put in you mon

  • JFM Huncho
    JFM Huncho

    I got that stuff

  • Khelzci Davis
    Khelzci Davis

    I seen that in the store and i almost convinced my mom to buy it for my brother

  • Mubarak Alhazmi
    Mubarak Alhazmi

    I like your glasses tho

  • Elder dragon slayer25 Crawler
    Elder dragon slayer25 Crawler

    I like your watch

  • Amiyah Smith
    Amiyah Smith

    That’s a babies teething toy you weird as fuk bruh you tripn

  • GR50

    This dude is disgusting but intresting

    • mlplayer

      its not disgusting he just want to see us that the tooth brush is good or not!!

  • razzy tinamisan
    razzy tinamisan

    It's a baby toothbrush for baby's not for older once

  • Matt Powell
    Matt Powell

    He's brushed his teeth so many times his teeth is brighter than my future

    • naema salam
      naema salam


    • super gamer
      super gamer


    • radhika Kaki
      radhika Kaki


  • Melvin Huerta
    Melvin Huerta

    My baby cousin used to have that toothbrush

  • Kizzy the gamer
    Kizzy the gamer

    The glob was a skinny legend


    I watched it a hundred times 😂

  • Rita Acosta
    Rita Acosta

    I would have it and ut my toothpaste all over it so its better

  • Humair Ilyas
    Humair Ilyas

    Bro that’s for babies my cousin has that yeah don’t be eating

    • Tina Pryor
      Tina Pryor

      I love the video maybe you could give me a shout out maybe you can give me the post notification winner

  • Miriam Huete
    Miriam Huete

    Bro that is for babies for their teeth , how is it going to Work but at least it did clean. A little bit

  • The official Norman
    The official Norman

    I wanna try the purple thing but I don’t at the same time will my tears stain how long does it take to get it out helpppoo

  • aerronnn lol
    aerronnn lol


  • Ali Aturko
    Ali Aturko

    The more you tok the more of the Cole Gows okay

  • Luaninha Isa
    Luaninha Isa

    Mente poluída

  • Irma Arredondo
    Irma Arredondo

    That is not a toothbrush that is a baby teether

  • Jesarelah Mata
    Jesarelah Mata

    All you videos are testing a tooth brush maybe testing a soap pls

  • Jaslyn Morales
    Jaslyn Morales

    I know why it doesn't work because it's for babies not for adults

  • Darcie Miltner
    Darcie Miltner

    Ok well first of all that is a baby teether not a toothbrush

  • Noe Estrada
    Noe Estrada

    My baby sister has that

  • tracey knoblock
    tracey knoblock

    thin glob

  • kxyla

    that’s a teething toy for babies sir

  • love Wolfie
    love Wolfie

    You look Young

  • addy Warr
    addy Warr


    • mlplayer

      your the ew he even brush his tooth and your not brushing your tooth you disgusting!!!

  • Samantha Bacon
    Samantha Bacon

    For those who don’t have kids...that’s not for brushing teeth😂 it’s for brushing gums on a teething baby. It’s just for soothing and getting breast milk grime off their gums. Lmao not for teeth🤦‍♀️

  • Rachel Chevez
    Rachel Chevez

    The banana is so small he couldn’t put it in his mouth

  • Dashiel Blake Ubana Base
    Dashiel Blake Ubana Base

    Ooh! Nasty!!🤮

    • mlplayer

      your the nasty he even brush his teeth and you never brush your teeth bad breath!!!

  • guest 308 and e
    guest 308 and e

    And looks like garbage

  • hxxjx

    And the tooth paste is for baby's they can't taste it

  • hxxjx

    Man that a teething tiy

    • hxxjx


  • Maha M
    Maha M

    He thinks that that baby teething thing is a tooth brush 😑 when it’s really a baby teething toy!!!!

  • Gamer Girl E
    Gamer Girl E

    Dude I feel like one day his teeth are going to be pink because of this

  • Felicia Gibson
    Felicia Gibson


  • Char Toons
    Char Toons

    This makes my brain have tingles

  • Jim Layman
    Jim Layman


  • Mr Gaming Nacho
    Mr Gaming Nacho

    Well it did clean well it just didn’t remove any of the plaque

  • April Ludtke
    April Ludtke

    😂🤣A banana toothbrush!!!

  • coca cola•50 years ago
    coca cola•50 years ago

    Kinda sus

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    'wgat the hek' haha

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