BROKE vs PRO Gaming PC Challenge
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AOC AG493UCX 49" Dual QHD 120Hz FreeSync HDR Curved LED Gaming Monitor:
Logitech G Pro Hero Gaming Mouse:
Logitech G G513 Carbon LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

Austin’s PC:
Intel Core i5-9400:
ASRock B365 Pro4 Motherboard:
MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Ventus Graphics Card:
G.Skill Ripjaws V 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4-2400:
WD Blue SN550 500GB NVMe M.2 Internal SSD:
PowerSpec 650 Watt 80 Plus Gold Semi-Modular Power Supply:
Fractal Design Meshify C Tinted Tempered Glass Midtower Case:
Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Universal CPU Cooler:

Bitwit Kyle’s PC:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600:
Gigabyte B550M DS3H Motherboard:
MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Ventus Graphics Card:
Neo Forza RGB Mars 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4-3200:
WD Blue 500GB SSD 2.5" Internal Solid State Drive:
PowerSpec 650 Watt 80 Plus Gold Semi-Modular Power Supply:
Solid Gear SDGR-500BX 500W Non-Modular Power Supply:
NZXT H510 Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Computer Case:
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  • Cesya Rottinghous
    Cesya Rottinghous

    The elastic actress nearly fill because pear differently murder of a ancient mole. pricey, pretty distance

  • Pro at games
    Pro at games

    What’s the Place called? And is it in Canada?

  • Friendly 0perator
    Friendly 0perator

    I like how there like 1000 pc kinda broke I wish I had 1000 😂

  • Auqiz

    The most friendliest csgo match I've ever seen.

  • Simple Health
    Simple Health

    someone 1v1 me in rust!

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow

    3:13 Explain this Austin 😅

  • Truth Speaker
    Truth Speaker

    take off your mask, your slowly killing yourself! don't believe me? keep wearing it and find out!

  • GameDJYT

    Bruh I don’t have a micro center in my state

  • big daddy Ace58
    big daddy Ace58

    Have u done a video of graphics card?

  • The Piston Palace
    The Piston Palace


  • Kryptx

    Bring back “HEY THIS IS AUSTIN!”

  • Marla Byron
    Marla Byron

    1:14 I’ve never watched broke vs poor before 😂😂

  • Lone K70
    Lone K70

    I wish my town had microcenter, instead I’m stuck with bestbuy overpriced, limited options, and offbrand pc from Walmart

  • KnifedByAKangaroo

    anyone else look at the desk and automatically think of mystery tech

  • Kristoffer Cabunoc
    Kristoffer Cabunoc

    austin is now ken

  • Just Ez
    Just Ez

    I'm a broke gamer I game on my phone Alone

  • Abdullah 2460
    Abdullah 2460

    Cool 😎


    So where do all the PCs you build go? Might as well give me one for free😭😭😭

  • Xz Trickyy
    Xz Trickyy

    People that only have a laptop 👇

  • Simon Brycki
    Simon Brycki

    12 ads later...

  • xd Wisco
    xd Wisco

    Me who is watching this to entertain myself after I got turned down wanting to get an NZXT pc so I can start a ALgone and stream career by my parents because I already have a pc but my pc is an office pc so it has no graphics. I just want a pc to start a career but they never let me

  • A A
    A A

    Wait so the i5 9400f is $250 on Amazon but $140 in microcenter?? WTFF

  • Ady Guzman Ruiz
    Ady Guzman Ruiz

    buena edicion

  • Bryan Murillo
    Bryan Murillo

    What do yall do with those PC's afterwards

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz

    wtf. only kevin can be your competition

  • Superbatgaming !
    Superbatgaming !

    Not broke some of us just don’t make as much money as you bro😐

  • Super Puppet D
    Super Puppet D

    I dont have any pc but I have a keyboard and mouse and it connects to my PlayStation

  • tr1ml3ss

    can y’all name it cheap instead. broke just be hurting my feelings since i can’t afford neither😭😭

  • Das_OoF

    Broke VS Poor -Kyle 2021

  • Zakky

    Ryzen 5 3600 and 3060 ti isn’t budget it’s a mid end to high end pc

  • οxy sεndzツ
    οxy sεndzツ

    Yes it’s backkkkklk😼🙀

  • Brandon Schmidtberger
    Brandon Schmidtberger

    It’s funny my friends make fun of me for not having a pc

  • Flow Innocence
    Flow Innocence

    Please don’t cuss

  • Anthony Valencia
    Anthony Valencia

    Do you guys do give aways on the PC’s you build because I want a pc but I can’t afford a pc there to expensive😢

  • Gui Arantes
    Gui Arantes

    Micro center the best store

  • xNight

    Austin ... that cut is not the move

  • Michael Baltierra
    Michael Baltierra

    Can someone help me I’m going to buy a pc for the first time, I want to know what’s the best stuff I can get for $850

  • Michael Baltierra
    Michael Baltierra

    Can anyone help me I’m going to build app for the first time and I want to know what’s the best stuff I can get for 850

  • RNG-_-icey

    New series : "Broke vs. Poor." - Bitwit Kyle 2021

  • Ray Supernor
    Ray Supernor

    I kinda wanna see a Broke vs Pro Streaming setup including desk pc and accessories

  • Shifty

    A crossover episode! awesome.

  • Isaac Lopez
    Isaac Lopez

    I wish i had a pic so bad:(

  • qt Clueless
    qt Clueless

    How much was there PC's

  • Dezaxis

    “PRO vs BROKE” so if I am poor I am bad? :(

    • Matt ma
      Matt ma

      Pro doesn’t mean good

  • queelio

    That’s the micro center I go to o-o

  • Jenifer Tran
    Jenifer Tran

    omg was this why they shut the store down for a “deep cleaning”😭😭😭

  • ConnerMusk

    Bro the broke pc is 10x better than me

  • Jaben Burk
    Jaben Burk

    I live 5 mins from there

  • Bonjo

    I literally game on a MacBook

  • Josiah Solis
    Josiah Solis

    People who watch hermit craft will recognize the song when they play csgo

  • Ionuț Aruștei
    Ionuț Aruștei

    Can you please help me with a decision between these two gaming laptops 2021 models? ROG Strix SCAR 17 G733 (AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HX Processor 3.3 GHz (16M Cache, up to 4.6 GHz)) , or GE76 Raider Dragon Edition Tiamat ( 10th Gen. Intel® Core™ i9 Processor) What's the Best Processor for gaming laptops in 2021 ?: AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HX Processor 3.3 GHz (16M Cache, up to 4.6 GHz or 10th Gen. Intel® Core™ i9?

  • 3 Peaks Challenge
    3 Peaks Challenge

    your so lucky hit me up if you want to give me a pc lmao

  • Cheese-BurGer69

    It should be broke vs rich gaming because buying expensive stuff doesn’t make you a pro automatically and broke gamers could be better than rich

  • MrReeMonster

    Hey Austin, you should make a video showing every single broke vs pro pc, that would be cool to watch

  • Softy

    there not socail distanced

  • Christy K
    Christy K

    Cries in Australian that theres no micro centre but tbh if I had 2 mins I'd grab a new graphics card 30 series maybe an i9 and 32 gigs ram to add it all to my computer xD

  • xyrox

    What is that haircut austin😂😂😭

  • catlover7839

    My gaming pc was half the price of your guys but mine is better than both of yours

  • SauceTeeVee

    If you are broke, gaming shouldn't be a priority

  • Ali The Alien
    Ali The Alien

    He's making microcenter broke 🤣

  • A Day III
    A Day III

    Great video concept

  • Quietus Plus
    Quietus Plus

    What a shit video... I can't be bothered giving any better comment than that for this...

  • Sttrrz

    I just got a Digital Storm ad

  • comp_janny

    Dayum whos broke im broke

  • Platinum

    My dream is to spend like 5k on Micro center haha

  • RideExpedition

    me in the UK: 😢

  • Flurry

    should have put the black bars and a dramadic filter when they played rock paper sizzors

  • Konstantin Dorndorf
    Konstantin Dorndorf

    Kyle: Using two PSUs in his built. Austin: *Scrapyardwars flashback*

  • Paul Njeru
    Paul Njeru

    TFW 20:18...

  • Carter NoCap
    Carter NoCap

    What does he do with the hardware after the video?

  • Jason Born
    Jason Born

    I would like to have one of those pc’s cus my pc is not that good

  • Clxes

    This is calling me broke in every way possible😢

  • MrBeast Gaming
    MrBeast Gaming

    “Whoever is reading this, God bless you and your family”

  • Lew Grant
    Lew Grant

    The difference between Broke and Pro is less than $50?? These micro center commercials don't even make sense anymore.

  • Korilla

    Me: Constantly refreshing pages looking for a 3060ti at retail price Kyle 40 Seconds into the video holding one: I feel like I already won Me: 😠

  • CreasingCross

    Austin i have a question I ordered a pre-built pc because newbie and definitely broke lol anyways I started doing some research. I found that my home was built in 1943 and doesn't have ground in the plug outlets. Is this something I should worry about? Or can I just plug my pc into an adapter that goes from 3 prong to a two prong 🔌 outlet? And Will not having ground affect my pc? I'm am in the USA 🇺🇸

  • Isaac The Minecrafter
    Isaac The Minecrafter

    That promo is crap

  • Rory Caracciolo
    Rory Caracciolo

    I bought the same motherboard and had the same reaction when I opened it 😂 I didn’t realize it was micro ATX

  • Natan Zadworny
    Natan Zadworny

    There are no micro centers in the uk :( plus all pc parts are more expensive and we don't have good budget monitors....

  • digitalapexbeam

    Austin spent 1030$ my graphics card is a gt1030

  • RezzoBlade

    Next time you'd need to invite Lyle.

  • Crepers_are_dum

    Thats a bretty big mirco center...

  • Vapxr

    I doooo

  • Bolted

    "Austins an okay guy i guess" 20:17 -kyle 2021

  • Bhallu96

    i felt ashamed when my gaming pc was weaker then the broke pc..........

  • Fearfulgaming _
    Fearfulgaming _

    Does any one just look at Austin getting all the build together and just think about when you can do that

  • MR samurai
    MR samurai

    do another part with pre built

  • TheMR howtodoman
    TheMR howtodoman

    Is it just me or in this episode Ken sound like professer Snape

  • Sucukya

    Austin: go to your micro center today! Me: *cries in german*

  • Clouded Soul
    Clouded Soul

    Does anyone have that glitch at the bottom of the screen?

  • T7-oxg

    Me just watching them saying the stuff they are getting are cheap me here crying inside

  • Wesley Wang
    Wesley Wang

    me over here with my 1000 dollar prebuilt that can barely run minecraft with shaders

  • PogualaManiaX

    “Local micro center” the closest one to me is like 7 hours away

  • FadeFN

    austin can i lz have a free setup

  • Jason 128
    Jason 128

    global elites be am i watching

  • Abdurakhmon Avazbekov
    Abdurakhmon Avazbekov

    the funny part was when ken said to put the 650w power supply in the outside lol

  • Leo likes lions
    Leo likes lions

    1030 broke lol

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      I swear hes the cutest thing ever

  • benz

    14:12 music???

  • BigFat

    Remember kyles old name

  • jessyrivard

    Sorry but a 9 hour 600 mile drive is not worth it for just a 32gb card