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We decided to start this week off with a little break from boat work to explore a slice of our Tongan neighborhood. Because all work and no play make Jason and Nikki a dull couple. Along the journey, we meet a local boy who decides to not only be our guide but our film director too.
Then, it's back to the boat restoration and getting our home livable again. The scrubbing continues as does the next big project: our diesel tanks. We knew our port side fuel tank was pitting and was in need of repair/replacement but we thought our starboard tank was ok. Turns out, removing our sailboat's 15-year-old aluminum diesel fuel tanks turn into a challenge with a surprise.
We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn. We been living #OffTheGrid and exploring the world for 10 years.
Our first six years of #travel were an epic road trip around North America.
Now we’re on a #sailing voyage about the world. Did we have any previous sailing experience, of course not!
Neither of us is overly talented, smart, rich, lucky, or retired. But that doesn’t stop us from reaching far-flung destinations, having wild #adventures and managing everything that makes living aboard a moving vessel possible.
We’re two ordinary people that just so happen to live an extraordinary life.
And this is why we publish our lives on the world wide web. We share in hopes of inspiring you to find your adventure.
Timestamps if you like to Jump Around:
00:00 We Need a Play Day
00:35 How We Got Here (Short)
01:20 Neiafu, Vava'u Tonga
02:45 Mt Talau National Park
07:55 8 Hours of SailBoat Cleaning (in 3 minutes)
11:45 Our Biggest Boat Problem: Bad Diesel Tanks
15:28 Removing a LEAKING Fuel Tank
21:06 Bad Fuel with Diesel Bug
23:59 Holes in the Fuel Tank
24:59 A New INTERACTIVE Ending Idea
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  • Gone with the Wynns
    Gone with the Wynns

    Hey guys, thank you so much for the kind comments and the recommendations for our Trashed Diesel Tanks. We’ll begin working on the tanks this week, keep your 🤞🏻 and we’ll see how it goes. We spoke with the welder last year when we removed the first tank. He didn't have the proper fittings and wasn't in love with the 'cutting the bottom half off and replacing it idea'. He said he would do it but he recommended buying new tanks as the best solution. Enter COVID...and now he's stuck in New Zealand not able to get back to Tonga. As far as I know he was the only aluminum welder on the island. So it's back to a temporary repair for us😢 Kudos to all the people that answered the trivia at the end. We have LOADS of correct answers (we’ll make it more difficult next time) so we’ll choose one at random end of day tomorrow and let you know the winner in a pinned comment. Ok, back to boat work! 💘 Jason and Nikki

    • Philliph Whirley
      Philliph Whirley

      @hugo brutus that’s what I suggested. Maybe not the brand specifically. I just said Spray on bed liner. My trucks are currently Line-X bed lined and my previous trucks had the same. Never had any problems with denying, chipping or fading. I guarantee, if I were to seal the tail gate and take my tonneau cover of, the truck bed would turn into a swimming pool when it rains because that stuff seals off everything.

    • hugo brutus
      hugo brutus


    • Brian Joyce
      Brian Joyce

      Get to it and keep smiling ‘cause you luv it.

    • Philliph Whirley
      Philliph Whirley

      Try two coats of spray on truck bed liner instead of the fiberglass.

    • Tom Bell
      Tom Bell

      Better late than not at all? You be the judge.... Your stated objective is to 'fix/repair' the diesel tanks so they last until you can get new ones made. Your time frame is 'a year or two'. Starting there, it makes sense to clean up the inside and outside of the tanks, either weld or JB Weld the holes up, and figure out how to cut down corrosion. Cleaning and repair are relatively straightforward. My suggestion for cutting down on corrosion is to apply some marine anti-fouling paint over primer on the bottom and up the sides for a short distance - say about six to eight inches, in case the bilge fills with water. If you can locate any spots where sea water can come in contact other than the bilge, then use the anti-fouling paint on that surface also. Be sure you don't overdo it, because the paint may insulate the tank well enough to cause condensation inside it,. Make sure you have good venting to keep that from happening.... Getting new tanks manufactured is another interesting project. You two are VERY handy with computers and videos. Pictures are worth thousands of words. I'd suggest that you take a bunch of photos of the tanks and use a program on your computers that will let you draw and write on a picture to document the tank's measurements, sizes of holes, sizes and and placement of the fittings, such as the fuel gauge and pump, vent hoses, the supply tubing, etc. Be extremely detailed, and if you've noticed something that could be improved, such as moving a fitting or reducing the size of a portion of the tank so it's easier to get it into its space or take it out of that space, you can note that on the picture. When you're ready to have the tanks made, you can email the photos to various suppliers and obtain quite accurate quotes. You could even do it just before you set sail to where the tanks are being made.

  • Gano Lemoine
    Gano Lemoine

    Hello Wynns. We're new to your channel - just about 2 weeks in. Just seeing the fuel tank dilemma, and the "how far up to fiberglass" question. Jason said, "any other ideas?" ---- Rhinohide ! Don't know whether you've already finished the project, and don't know whether you can get the spray on epoxy material that is Rhinohide, but --- that seems like a great way to "waterproof" the exterior of the fuel tanks. I'm tempted to suggest spray on vehicle undercarriage coating - a rattle can spray on mix of rubber and petroleum wax, but that's somewhat soft, and would probably eventually wear away because of the rocking and rubbing. Hope that's helpful ! You two are saints for sharing such good, helpful, and thorough information. Oh - and extra kudos for being a sailing couple that doesn't "pimp out" the woman sailor with "thirst-trap" visuals. We'll keep watching - we're thinking your adventure may be our retirement plan / semi-retirement plan after the daughter finishes college (5 years out). All the best and safe travels.

  • Ray DiTomasso
    Ray DiTomasso


  • Darren Neilson
    Darren Neilson

    Hey Nikki, I love your musical ability to play the BUMGO DRUMS. LOL

  • Robert Simon
    Robert Simon

    For the tanks, multiple layers of aluminum barrier coat epoxy primer (2 parts) and nylon grating at the bottom or sides of tank housing. (Avoid rubber, silicone, EPDM, LDPE, bad with fuel)

  • Derek DeGrofft
    Derek DeGrofft

    Put bladders inside of your tanks. They do it to custom motorcycles all the time.

  • Alain Nantel
    Alain Nantel

    I would look at bladders if someone makes them for diesel

  • Terry Zieman
    Terry Zieman

    I guess I missed your final solution on your fuel tanks

  • Eshootzi Scrs
    Eshootzi Scrs

    Three options for tanks. Please read the last. Definitely get to the inside of the tank and clean the area to be repaired. Put the Jb weld on from both sides so it forms a rivet type effect. Glass to the top edge and then build the top sperate if you have enough room for an overlap. Should be a couple of inches of overlap which should keep the water out and still allow for removal. Looks like for the second tank you could use the tank for a mold to build a negative and then build the new tank inside the mold. Glass inside the as thick as you like. Make sure to seal the inside with proper paint/epoxy. Should go without saying that the top will be built separately and glassed together after. Crap design. Third option and really the best. Take the tanks to a fabricator. Cut about an inch and a half to two inches off the bottom. Reuse the bottom if possible and build a bit of a frame under the tanks to keep them up and out of the water. Might be worth painting them with a good epoxy to prevent future corrosion as well. Keep smiling, live your energy.

  • Eshootzi Scrs
    Eshootzi Scrs

    Four years already. I remember shopping for boats, cats taking a walk in the woods from the RV. Half a world away now. Quite a journey.

  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips

    @18:14 Austin Powers "That's not mine baby, really".

  • Podo Crypto
    Podo Crypto

    Guys, you ae going to screw yourself trying to repair that aluminum fuel tank. That will cause you pain out at sea eventually! Your best bet and investment is to have an exact fuel tank made and then completely coat the outside with a very good 2 part epoxy with white pigments in it (not paint). And really, at this time you should replace the other because it will eventually need it. and again, the last thing you want is pitting holes with fuel leaking out while you are out making a very long passage out at sea. Money well worth spent for "piece of mind!" Also, make sure you do NOT grown any electrial wires or ground wires to the tank itself, which adds to the electrolysis process.

  • Todd Kesler
    Todd Kesler

    Why do they call it a B.O.A.T. Bust Out Another Thousand lol

  • Todd Kesler
    Todd Kesler

    Use wire that has a high content of sliver or nickel

  • Todd Kesler
    Todd Kesler

    Buy a mig welder from harbor freight..learn to weld!

  • Todd Kesler
    Todd Kesler

    Weld them up!

  • Mike Duhr
    Mike Duhr

    What you did to the tanks will never last, every fuel tank I have done I replace the tanks, you have a extra sheet of aluminum welded to it, then have the tank coated un coal tar epoxy..

    • Gone with the Wynns
      Gone with the Wynns

      There isn't a welder nor supplies here. It should last until we can get to a mainland for replacement tanks.

  • Tim McNamara
    Tim McNamara

    Jason, if you haven’t done anything with your tanks yet, I’d weld the holes yourself using this video as a reference.

  • Unos

    Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, like a sister.

  • troy f
    troy f

    Should hook an air compressor up to your tank to find the leaks

  • Carl Nelson
    Carl Nelson

    You are right that the foam tape caused the corrosion. It kept the aluminum wet but with no oxygen circulation to form a protective oxide. When you put the tank back in try using hard neoprene rubber blocks that you glue to the fiberglass but just let the tank rest on the neoprene blocks - don't glue it. The neoprene absorbs no moisture and is hard so that moisture doesn't get held against the metal. Hold the tank in place with wood at the top of the tank. The higher you can get the tank out of the bilge water the better.

  • Mark Raiche
    Mark Raiche

    Fiberglass up to the top or you will have issues, you can taper the fiberglass.

  • Russell Brock
    Russell Brock

    As far as the foam problem, you could put in strips of star board or nylon. This product wouldn't compress and not rot or hold sea water either.

  • Tyler B
    Tyler B

    You should invest in a drill pump. They are like $4-$10. And super useful.

  • Dan Bell
    Dan Bell

    Hello Jason @ Nikki @ WYNNS family I'm so excited in finding your exciting adventure Tour channel , My dream you my new friend are living. I have wanted to share thoughts and cool places to see. My Darling Bride of 48 years and in our 70's and we still have both share your journey and Thanks all I'm Dan

  • Paul Bartomioli
    Paul Bartomioli

    this just popped in my feed. I have not seen it,

  • Mark Justice
    Mark Justice

    Since you're only looking for a temporary fix until you can get new plastic ones from either NZ or AUS, why bother wrapping the whole tank in fiberglass at all? Perhaps just doing the bottom, and just up the sides a bit, in fiberglass or some other rubber sealant will keep it until you get the new tanks.

  • jofus01

    Aviation fuel tank sealant sealer. Commercial aircraft seal the inside of the wings and use the wing for a fuel cell. you can use it to seal the outside of your fuel tank and it comes as a two part kit, with different drying times so use the B2 kit it gives you two hours of work life and dries to a rubbery consistency. Tape off the area you want to seal and spread it on. found at most aviation supply. I'm a certified airplane mechanic and used it to repair all kinds of stuff. If you get some screen material you can cover larger holes by using the screen as a base over the hole.

  • Jordan de Geus
    Jordan de Geus

    I hope yall didn't glass over the tank. Fiberglass does NOT stick to metal, so if you've done this already its going to last only so long. I would look towards a poly tank or having a custom metal one made(stainless or aluminum).

  • Raye and Ty
    Raye and Ty

    I think that you upload good travel videos! Actually we are a travel couple and would like to collaborate. Maybe we can do a video together or share eachother on our social media platforms. Would you be interested? If you want to, our Instagram is @rayeandty

  • Gene Tidwell
    Gene Tidwell

    You can solve some of your fuel problems try using a real chamois and a funnel water and trash won't go to the Chamois but fuel will . I live in Alaska and that's how you can clean your fuel after it sets in a fuel. container for a while.

  • captaingregger

    I absolutely appreciate all of your cleaning and maintenance videos. As a multi-hull boar owner myself I know all too well how much work all of what your doing is... but in the end it’s oh so satisfying. Keep the vids coming!

  • Damian Sloper
    Damian Sloper

    What about just painting the tanks with a rubberised paint?

  • rh2669

    My 2c :-). Buy some THS brazing rod, use a mapp gas torch and braze over the weak areas. If the hole is to big, put and Al screw in it and braze over the screw and tank. Next invest in a couple sacrificial zinc rods and use cathodic protection for the two tank so you never have to worry about this again. You can use you tube for tutorials, I learned by practicing on a couple aluminum bear cans. I also really liked the bladder idea.

  • Jim Currier
    Jim Currier

    Have you thought about stainless steel tanks? they resist corrosion from saltwater and fuel.

  • Judy Goodson
    Judy Goodson

    Just watched this today. These problems would completely overwhelm me! I hope you can safely get to Australia

  • Carl bell
    Carl bell

    Take a look at these products, they are made specifically for these kinds of problems.

  • N7801Z

    I was hearing Ross say, "Pivot, PIVOT!"

    • Gone with the Wynns
      Gone with the Wynns


  • Downsizing Makes Cents
    Downsizing Makes Cents

    Have you considered using a tank inside coating system. I used it to salvage a rusty motorcycle tank that leaked. Lasted perfectly for years. It’s a step by step process that cleans the inside of the tank, then coats the inside with a fuel compatible coating, Called por 15 fuel tank sealer. Just an idea, Larry

  • navion1946

    I really think these are a great answer to your fuel tank leaks. Tell me how to mail them to you and I’ll send you some.

  • Russ Campbell
    Russ Campbell

    Make a bead of 5200 across the bottom of the tank before you install it. Let it harden and it will act like the foam strips but will not absorb water. definitely get rid of the foam strips

  • Other brother Daryl
    Other brother Daryl

    Spent 10 days kayaking thru Va'vau in 1999. Beautiful place. Beautiful people.

  • Rodney Fleming
    Rodney Fleming

    We have been watching for a while and love your show. What an inspiration! I wanted to ask Jason if he looked into ceramic coating the inside of his fuel tanks? We used to do that to old rusted out motorcycle fuel tanks. Just a note. Good luck and looking forward to seeing you back on the blue!

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith

    There is good news for these troubled times is JESUS LOVES YOU ALL.

  • jonathan coe
    jonathan coe

    gone with the wynns hi you to if you can fined a man on youtube called delboy garadge and he usese wellding rodes on ally nankes that would do it ten times better than fibber glass

  • KC Conaty
    KC Conaty

    Wow Hope you can get the diesel tank fixed & get moved back in🙏🏼👍

  • Robert t
    Robert t

    Just for a pump idea, you can get a pump that attaches to a drill. if it doesn't suck up fill it with fluid as it will push fine!

  • Sailing Octopodes
    Sailing Octopodes

    You guys are fast cruising with the boat work. I feel like all our projects take so long. Nice work. Keeping me motivated!

  • greylynnn

    It’s not the salt water rotting your tank. It’s electric corrosion. You need to ground your tank to a sacrificial block (zinc) to stop the dissimilar metal corrosion. Any non aluminium metal fitting will induce a corrosive current and this corrodes the most vulnerable metal which in this case is aluminium. Zinc is more vulnerable to this type of corrosion so it will corrode instead of the tank.

  • je g
    je g

    I actually don't have a tip on how to seal the tanks. My tip is more for when you put the tank back in. When putting it back in, set the tank down where it is taller than it is wide, then spin it on end, then you should be able to then drop it back into the room without having to squeeze it as you did getting it out.

  • Bob Shaw
    Bob Shaw

    Jason I thought you bought new fuel tanks while you were home in the states ?

  • ดุ่ยดุ่ย ลุยเดี่ยว
    ดุ่ยดุ่ย ลุยเดี่ยว


  • zewise1

    My 2 cents, I would replace the one tank that has an existing plastic version by said plastic version, no need to start doing fiberglass on a temporary solution.I would extra thick JB weld the other one for now.

  • Michael Krieger
    Michael Krieger

    Jason; check out the POR products. - I have had very good luck with the fuel tank sealer. Also, the POR 15 might be what you need for the outside of the tank, perhaps over the JB Weld for an added layer of protection. Good Luck, MK Fort Worth

  • Wayne McPhail
    Wayne McPhail

    Be thankful that you were able to extract the two tanks without tanking part of the boat apart. Recommend getting two new tanks, slightly smaller to ease reinstallation. Best of luck. Wayne

  • Frank Stocker
    Frank Stocker

    Aluminium boats live in saltwater, you have electrolysis making the holes. Earth the tanks to the battery negative.

  • Donna Kawana
    Donna Kawana

    I am homeless with a disabled 15 yr old son.. his love of the ocean is his thing an his spirit animal is Orcas. So I wanted to do the Onaze thing cuz we wouldn't be homeless. But dreams are dreams.. so I couldn't do omaze cuz it costs. But our dream really is to sail live off nature an sail... we became homeless due to a fire on February 28th then lock down so we spent what lil $ we had saved an a crap motel. Ya kno I never knew the difference between Hotel/Motel til now.... Anyway I adore you both you inspire me,you keep me motivated when I have none cuz you both never give up. You both draw closer an pull thru. So when u share your lives with the world u never realize how u may save someone... thanks for being my life ring. The home she shines you both inspire me so..... Sorry so long it . I kinda don't hold my feelings in much!! Life is far too short !! Donna❤ & LB

  • Second Star to the Right
    Second Star to the Right

    spray on rubber for your tank in Canada we call it rino-lining. it's the same stuff for a truck bed liner.

  • Jan Roar Bernhardsen
    Jan Roar Bernhardsen

    Sad to see all the damage in one year. I wish you all the best

  • Joseph Vida
    Joseph Vida

    Buy new tanks is my advice.

  • Patti Dasher
    Patti Dasher

    Hey guys! You are the most awesome people! You have helped so many people, Mark and the pets just to name a few. Watching your channel just makes us feel good to know there are such good people on the planet. We never miss your videos! We were checking out your swag but also wondered if there were GWTW stickers? We want to proudly display one! Cant wait till you are back out there! Love P&D

    • Gone with the Wynns
      Gone with the Wynns

      No stickers yet. 😩

  • gbplay10s

    How about painting them with the stuff in pickup truck beds?

  • tom080955

    So, this morning at Barnes n noble I picked up my copy of Latitude and read about this virtual content powerhouse duo sailing the South Pacific...maybe you know them? 😉 The article was shared with Sophisticated Lady in Columbia right now.

  • B Boyda
    B Boyda

    I'm sure someone has mentioned that repairing the tanks and then having them anodized might be the best option, should not add dimensionally to the tanks and will make them corrosion resistant and tougher.

  • Nutty Traveller
    Nutty Traveller

    I admire your work ethic and getting those tanks out - what a blasted job --- I know, I've done similar on a sailboat. However, the smell you never really commented does it not smell - diesel permeates everything for a very long time....but yet you make no mention of the smell. [edit - o.k. near the end you did!!] For diesel, it had to have stuck up everything. Diesel smell in a close space for short periods of time will permeate into wood and I can only imagine that in a hot climate or trying to get rid of the smell.

  • Stanley Allen
    Stanley Allen

    Sandpaper the outside of the tank wash with soap and water let dry mix up liquid fiberglass with harden not hot mix the light not to light and not to hard give you to paint it on with a paint brush that it alumin always a film on it if a tank 30 years ago still leaks your has become battery you can ground clipp a wire on it to a ground the best of everything

    • Stanley Allen
      Stanley Allen

      No leaks

  • Jeff Urfer
    Jeff Urfer

    An easy way to find a leak in your tank is to the foot pump use you use for your dinghy. Plug all the fills, vents, pick up tubes, returns and pump air into the tank. Then you just just use soapy water, spray the tank, and look for bubbles. This will help you find all the pin hole leaks or cracked welds that you may not be able to see You only need to get to 1psi on the tank for the leaks to show. Keep the pressure low. Tanks are only tested to 3psi at the manufacture to ABYC regulations so you never want to exceed that pressure. Because you are so remote the simplest and most effective temporary fix for corrosion protect would be to epoxy paint the tank. When you goto slide the tank back in, cover the tank in an old sheet so that when you slide it in you dont scratch the paint.

  • Bennett Tobey
    Bennett Tobey

    When you realize the song at 7:00 is the Sailing Nahoa intro.

  • Paul's CCNA
    Paul's CCNA

    If you can find an bike air pump (agree with comments below, all you need is 1 or 2 psi) and the correct fitting, you could fill the tank with a few pounds of air. Then use dish soap (on the outside). If there is a leak the soap will bubble. Also, there is is spray on (sometimes it comes as a paint), marine grade, that will seal the entire tank, outside. Plus, a paint product will fit the requirement, so you can fit the tank back into the tight alcove. Also, at the bottom of the alcove (there the tank slides into). You should be able to use, if you can find a used (wet-suit), and cut it up into large rectangle (to fit the bottom) and simply put the entire tank on that. This will keep the tank from rubbing on the bottom.

  • John deVerteuil
    John deVerteuil

    DO NOT fiberglass the tanks, a waste of time and expense. Do your temporary repairs as best you can until you get new tanks (I suggest you do that soon). When you get the new tanks do yourselves a favor and build then so that you have a fuel bladder in the tank. Also separate the fuel area from the rest of the bilge, no more salt and you will not dump fuel overboard. You can run a PVC pipe between forward and aft bilge areas. If you build the fuel area correctly you will not need a tank just a bladder although i would build it like a box with a sealed lid.

  • Salah Alsulaiman
    Salah Alsulaiman

    How about a plastic tank ?

  • ysesq

    which trimaran is next to you ? manufacturers name ?

  • Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average

    You said Aluminium like a Kiwi or Aussie does,like it's supposed to be said,nice one mate. :-)

    • Gone with the Wynns
      Gone with the Wynns


  • Brian Joyce
    Brian Joyce

    Watch everything I can and don’t remember the delivery but totally enjoy these video productions. Keep cleaning Wynns. Git er dun!

  • Stanley Allen
    Stanley Allen

    Fiberglass repair will work' when you install make a ground. Strap to battery or ground to stop corrosion love ya

  • Dick Gibson
    Dick Gibson

    It seems to me that a good competent aluminum welder person could patch the holes in the tanks, you might ask around? I feel your pain!! Carry on with vigor..........

    • Dick Gibson
      Dick Gibson

      @Gone with the Wynns Wouldn’t hurt to ask

    • Gone with the Wynns
      Gone with the Wynns

      Except it's 500 miles from Fiji to Tonga, which is more than the range of the plane if I'm not mistaken. Curious Minion

    • Dick Gibson
      Dick Gibson

      Bummer What about your friend with the seaplane? Could he pick up the tanks and take them somewhere to get fixed?

    • Gone with the Wynns
      Gone with the Wynns

      There isn't anybody on the island who can weld aluminum. Small place. Curious Minion

  • jack ploof
    jack ploof

    Hello again place to get the rod It says free shipping world wide .

  • mouldyboats

    Wondering how much DIEsel that leaked into the bilge and then pumped straight out in the Ocean and harbors. Go Electric, it's more than viable and lord knows you make enough money. With holes that big, you must have noticed or smelled it or have seen a fuel film floating at some point. I guess that wouldn't make a click-bait thumbnail, however.

    • mouldyboats

      @Gone with the Wynns General Dynamics Electric Boat: Am I a Joke to YOU?

    • Gone with the Wynns
      Gone with the Wynns

      Curiosity's way too heavy to go electric.

  • Richard Sellier
    Richard Sellier

    Amazon has several fuel tank coating products. I like POR-15 its easy to use. POR-15 Fuel Tank Sealer is a high-tech sealer impervious to all fuels, including the new Stage II fuels which have a higher alcohol content, and additives. It has superior strength and fuel resistance. POR-15 Fuel Tank Sealer stops rust, corrosion, and fuel leaks.

  • Louis Lilienthal
    Louis Lilienthal

    Many older high quality sailboats make or build in fuel tanks in the boat out of fiber glass like Hans Christian with no problems. Worse case use the AL. tanks as mold and fiber glass inside and use the top AL for access.and fuel lines. good luck

  • Robert

    My 2 cents is a 15 year old boat shouldn’t have tanks that produce holes. I’m afraid they design for charter market which wouldn’t have boats past seven or so years.

  • Philliph Whirley
    Philliph Whirley

    Gone with the Wynns --Truck Bed Liner-- You should look into using the spray-on bed liner that you can buy at almost any automotive store. Just apply 2 coats to it, in order to make it a little thicker. The bed liner will be really tough and much easier to apply than fiberglass. It will also help keep the holes sealed up.

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith

    Fiberglass just the bottom where the holes are just temporary.

  • Randy’s Foxbody
    Randy’s Foxbody

    Find a welder to weld them up , it’s stronger and you can weld another plate of aluminum on bottom to double the strength of the tank . A good tig welder can make short work with the tank out .

    • Gone with the Wynns
      Gone with the Wynns

      There isn't anybody on the island who can weld aluminum. Small place. Curious Minion

  • Big Ocean Small Boat
    Big Ocean Small Boat

    Cut the top off and fasten a batten around the inside at the top then fiberglass the inside, including over the batten. Finish off glassing the underside of the top and bonding the top to the batten. No increase in size and a last for ever tank, hopefully :)

  • someone

    Do not JB weld or fiberglass you can patch weld

  • someone

    Really no link to the giveaway? Fuck

    • Gone with the Wynns
      Gone with the Wynns

      It's in the description box! Or in the blog post. Curious Minion

  • Joe Halcomb
    Joe Halcomb

    Hi guys, I just watched your video on your fuel tanks. I've got a suggestion on how to repair them. Depending on how bad the aluminum is damaged (a few holes or Swiss cheese). I'm a truck driver 40 yrs and owned my own truck, some how something rubbed a hole in the fuel tank right in the middle. Here's what I did, I drained the tank well below the leak, cleaned the hole with soap and denatured alcohol even sanded it to get down to raw aluminum from the outside, obviously I couldn't get inside. I sealed the hole with silicone sealant the same stuff you would get from an auto part store for making gaskets, let it dry well. I drove the truck for another 8 years before I sold it without out a leak 👍😃. I would suggest on the bottom where you had the rubber stripps put a couple of beads of silicone for the tanks to sit on. I think this would be better than fiber glass. Good luck guys.

  • BH Clark
    BH Clark

    Nice "fuel pump". Uh

  • Ron Thorpe
    Ron Thorpe

    On the bas tank what about welding on a new bottom ? Or just welding in patches over the holes ?

    • Gone with the Wynns
      Gone with the Wynns

      There isn't anybody on the island who can weld aluminum. Small place. Curious Minion

  • Ron Thorpe
    Ron Thorpe

    Nice view, its way better than a screen saver,


    Fuel tank? Scary. When I had my boat i was always concerned about my fuel tank leaking. Just a fear I kept having.

  • Stephen Gould
    Stephen Gould

    on our military aircraft aluminum parts we used 'Zinc Chromate Primer', can e ordered from Granger.

  • simon parrott
    simon parrott found this on you tube, same issues as you. Prepping the tank for welding .

  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson

    Take tanks to shop and have holes welded. Better then putty and fiberglass only be couple hundred dollars

    • Gone with the Wynns
      Gone with the Wynns

      Except there's nobody on the island who can weld aluminum. Wanh wanh. Curious Minion

  • Bill Burton
    Bill Burton

    Jason - An update that I just found to my comment below (on welding the fuel tanks) - This guy is doing a test on the AL soldering to give you a "feel" of the different AL soldering strengths.

  • Fishing America
    Fishing America

    yall having fun yet

  • Patrick Dougherty
    Patrick Dougherty

    Probably a little late to the party.. but I'd line-x or similar the tank. It is the spray on bed Iiner. Not sure the accessibility though where you are.

  • Sukhi nijjar
    Sukhi nijjar

    Boy what a journey you guys have gone through for the past several months. I love the positive attitude and excellent team work towards getting your boat back into sailing condition!!

  • Life On The Hulls
    Life On The Hulls

    Guys,Dave at Santmarine made my tanks fir my Cat build.Survey rated,pressure tested rotational moulded ldpe tanks and he has about 100 designs I am certain he is your guy in Melbourne.Look him up and get in contact with him.He may even have the right size.Cheers Ross.

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