Best Wheel Offset for Honda Talon - Ososik Media
Took the Honda Talon 1000x to the Vision Wheel facility in CA to test out the best aftermarket wheel offset for the Talon. Jaime at Vision was also able to drop some knowledge and share with us how the UTV side refers to choosing the correct wheel.
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  • Ron Daman
    Ron Daman

    wow very well explained i think more people need to watch this just for the info awesome thank you

    • Ososik Media
      Ososik Media

      Thank you for watching!

  • parkcitymacs

    Awesome insight. However, is this brand all made in China? What about doing a review from an American factory, like OMF? They build them exact to the vehicle, with multi billet machined components. That would be wonderful to an understanding of multi-component wheels. Also, it would nice to GAIN a better understanding how they make them so light vs cast wheels.

    • Ososik Media
      Ososik Media

      We don't mind featuring any manufacture but we don't know anyone at other off-road wheel companies.

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez

    bruh sick!!

    • Ososik Media
      Ososik Media


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