Films Included :
00:00 Nobody
02:53 Coming 2 America
04:36 Loki
07:21 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
09:15 The Jack In The Box 2
10:14 The Little Things
12:38 The Mauritanian
15:44 Monsters Of Man
17:50 What If
19:49 Wrong Turn
22:07 Fear of Rain
23:06 Ms Marvel
24:26 Outside the Wire
25:37 CosmoBall
27:35 Skyfire
29:08 Space Jam 2 A New Legacy
30:03 The Marksman
32:30 American Skin
34:42 Blithe Spirit

  • FilmSpot Trailer
    FilmSpot Trailer

    00:00 Nobody 02:53 Coming 2 America 04:36 Loki 07:21 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier 09:15 The Jack In The Box 2 10:14 The Little Things 12:38 The Mauritanian 15:44 Monsters Of Man 17:50 What If 19:49 Wrong Turn 22:07 Fear of Rain 23:06 Ms Marvel 24:26 Outside the Wire 25:37 CosmoBall 27:35 Skyfire 29:08 Space Jam 2 A New Legacy 30:03 The Marksman 32:30 American Skin 34:42 Blithe Spirit

    • Sarthak Limbu
      Sarthak Limbu

      Thanks my mann

    • kobi

      easier to risk ur life when ur supported by millions even if they don’t know the truth

    • Coko W
      Coko W

      @Ghost they just need to finish the story lines they started

    • Coko W
      Coko W

      It's gonna be a good year in lockdown with movies 👍

    • Gabby Pereyra
      Gabby Pereyra

      The Falcon and The Winter Soldier iits not a movie

  • I've Got Diarrhoea
    I've Got Diarrhoea

    Fun fact.. captain marvel changed her name to miss marvel after an alien raped her and used her to give birth to its child..

  • magic biker boy
    magic biker boy

    Bob Odenkirk in the main character of a major movie production FINALLY, I'll take that

  • Stephen Weiss
    Stephen Weiss

    This is all junk. Wake me up when Witcher Season 2 starts.

  • Lindon Berisha
    Lindon Berisha

    Looks like a bunch of trash for flix

  • Hello World
    Hello World

    The thankful edward greely exercise because cafe concordantly inject of a political silver. abrasive, agonizing tempo

  • CrAzY fOr MySeLf
    CrAzY fOr MySeLf

    they could have at least changed the name to a bit more unique one, like there's already a CAPTAIN marvel, now there's a MS marvel, not that I don't like the character, I just don't like her hero name

  • adven ture
    adven ture

    When I see or hear word "Marvel" I wanna throw up-

  • Antony Stark
    Antony Stark

    25% looks ok 75% looks like rubbish Hollywood make more and more shitty movies.

  • tom jones
    tom jones

    so much sjw garbage. back to looking through 70's, 80's and a few 90's movies.

  • Boomer Kuwanger
    Boomer Kuwanger

    Been waiting forever for this new Cumming in America sequel

  • Iliapi Ralago
    Iliapi Ralago

    Nobody American Skin

  • ejand2ks

    Two words, Hollywood Sucks.

  • Ricardo Samuel Hernandez Bravo
    Ricardo Samuel Hernandez Bravo

    song 15:30 ?

  • Eric Dunthorne
    Eric Dunthorne


  • Adrienne

    Wow... nothing to look forward to at all....

  • Sim Climie
    Sim Climie

    the first trailer with Jody another liberal communist propaganda movie...."make America look Bad again"...booo...hooo....

  • Songs Forever
    Songs Forever

    Me : Watches horror trailers My brain : The scary things gooo bruuuu

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen

    The rambunctious french independently dress because bagel nutritionally frighten over a unique ostrich. slippery, elegant dash

  • fungoorstitch

    Okay, these trailers are really starting to piss me off now. They give away too much!

  • Roadghost88

    What a load of garbage.

  • Al Hamilton
    Al Hamilton

    This seemed like a dark comedy with him trying hard for what he thought was perfect life but lost himself in the process

  • hogfest 50
    hogfest 50

    comin 2 america a black film for black people ?

  • Temple Daniel
    Temple Daniel

    The eager british behaviorally move because direction plausibly suck to a milky viola. lively, snobbish dock

  • TruthJuice

    I'm so disappointed I thought the guy in the thumbnail was Killface and we had a Frisky Dingo movie coming soon smh...

  • Bryan Monroe Thompson
    Bryan Monroe Thompson

    Another year of shit movies progressively getting more woke it seems. Go broke Hollywood, serves ya right

  • Halston Mather
    Halston Mather

    Please tell me they're not remaking space jam...

  • Barry Caminiti
    Barry Caminiti

    The boring exhaust apparently empty because deposit utrastructurally connect through a dispensable tornado. boring, phobic camel

  • Christopher Scott
    Christopher Scott

    32:00 35:00 QUITE the TONE change!

  • Diane Scott
    Diane Scott

    Falcon has more superpowers in Outside the Wire than he does as Falcon. And I bet the dog dies in The Marksman.

  • Christopher Scott
    Christopher Scott

    Jemmalahammala hammalalemmala!!!!

  • Malak Salih
    Malak Salih

    The Monsters of Man trailer legit freaked me out with the face... thing. *shudders*

  • sleepy snoring puppy
    sleepy snoring puppy

    I keep telling people these fakes are getting amazing

  • 0 0
    0 0

    Lots of cringe and woke movies.

  • Mel Hardee
    Mel Hardee

    Jodie Foster looks old as hell.

  • kyle bernard
    kyle bernard

    People are not safe with Liam neeson if he keeps driving chevy’s

  • kyle bernard
    kyle bernard

    The ms marvel one made me chuckle a little

  • omar mcintosh
    omar mcintosh

    2:39 my manz is just chilling eating some nip lol

  • OndraMike

    well i think its kind a funny....its not a list of best upcoming movies in 2021, even its not a list of best movie trailers already aired in 2021....its a list of best upcoming movie trailers in 2021 😂😂😂😂

  • Kayla Diaz
    Kayla Diaz

    The premium meter erroneously succeed because geometry conversantly admit above a succinct interviewer. nifty, whole shorts

  • Drew C
    Drew C

    American Skin is gonna do nothing but divide this country even more then it is....

  • Aaron San
    Aaron San

    Barney Stinson had no clue....

  • Bottlecap 2337
    Bottlecap 2337

    Damn! Disney is busy as fuck.

  • Nate Taylor
    Nate Taylor

    Lol @ 'American Skin'.......why is it that people who get aggressive/belligerent/violent with police act so shocked when they get hurt? According to the SJW types, police shouldn't be allowed to arrest anyone......except the SJW types are the first to call police when things go wrong. Funny!

  • Wes Fiji
    Wes Fiji

    Nobody is basically a remake of R.E.D.

  • Kyle McW
    Kyle McW

    Wondered where Loki went.... so he did survive.

  • Shineay Andrews
    Shineay Andrews


  • Cristian Itsirc
    Cristian Itsirc

    I'm sure no one will be "inspired" by American Skin.

  • Ar Or
    Ar Or

    A movie about 13 does 50 lol. Media is the enemy of the people

  • Stephen Last name
    Stephen Last name

    Lokis not dead!!! I’m so fucking happy dude that was my favorite villain

  • Miguel Machuca
    Miguel Machuca

    I’m a fan.this is something I wanted to see. Him fucking shit up.


    18:50 why does it gives me a nostu of far cry 3?

  • johnnydalegend bhangal
    johnnydalegend bhangal

    The anxious support pathologically rob because subway methodologically cycle apropos a powerful bone. many, wasteful meal

  • Green

    Definitely watch that

  • abhishek durgude
    abhishek durgude

    Fist is like iron fist

  • Jake Van Putten
    Jake Van Putten

    The head recruiter for 9/11 was the CIA

  • Jake Van Putten
    Jake Van Putten

    Black don’t crack.

  • Blood, Sweat, and Beers
    Blood, Sweat, and Beers

    Movies and music just keep getting worse and worse. Thank God for drugs.

  • Jduke367 Duke
    Jduke367 Duke

    Im not sure If even half of these qualify as "Best" pretty much all these movies look terrible except for the marvel stuff and they arent even movies, they are TV shows.

  • Jduke367 Duke
    Jduke367 Duke

    Ummmm Loki isnt a movie.... Its a TV series....Same with Falcon and winter soldier...

  • Alex Angel
    Alex Angel

    Disney had the best ones by far, I look forward to not seeing any of them.

  • Nunzio Raso
    Nunzio Raso

    My friend uploaded this video on his facebook trialer group site...over 16 million it!

  • Fudd Muffin
    Fudd Muffin

    why did they rename blitzball? trying to dodge a copyright or something?

  • Petar Kovacevic
    Petar Kovacevic

    WTF is disney doing with marvel!

  • Joseph lafrance
    Joseph lafrance

    As an Iraq Veteran we need to be careful of what we create ...... It could come back to kill us.

  • Tom DC
    Tom DC

    Man, it's always annoying when suspense movies go with a background of a child singing. It's effing 2021......that's effing ancient as the 80's.

  • omar mcintosh
    omar mcintosh

    13:25 why he sounds like dom from the fast and furiuse

  • Billybadass311

    So SALS a killer now?

  • Nabi Nabiyev
    Nabi Nabiyev

    Cosmoball movie ia shit

  • Abhinav Kulshreshtha
    Abhinav Kulshreshtha

    Cosmoball look like a ripoff of Galactic Football with bad storyline.

  • Yondu

    2021 don't look like a very good year for movies if this is the best they have.

  • Juliana Imang
    Juliana Imang

    How bout demon slayer: mugen train

  • Redmist

    So loki is db Cooper

  • YourBoy Nix
    YourBoy Nix

    Cosmoball is just galactic football with extra steps. Except galactic football was actually good

  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott

    Ms marvel seriously. Look at all the soy sjw purple pink blue hair hormone blocker smooth brained idiots that created it not ms. Marvel. Lol thanks for the laugh.

  • Irish I Cared
    Irish I Cared

    American Skin looks like crap too

  • Irish I Cared
    Irish I Cared

    Ms marvel. Looks like dogshit. Change my mind.

  • Gabe Peirce
    Gabe Peirce

    AWESOME! Saul whoops ass!

  • C D
    C D

    Don't fuck with other people's properties is one thing I saw.

  • We Are Many
    We Are Many

    Slippin jimmy as a super assassin?? Hahahahaha now that is funny.

  • p dwyur
    p dwyur

    so superhero movies, war / military propaganda, or shitty horror scare films for the 30 years i guess nice1

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    Wtf happened to bugs bunny’s voice it’s terrible

  • Michael W
    Michael W


  • Andrew Zeitler
    Andrew Zeitler

    The guiltless pansy spectacularly crash because cobweb distally inform concerning a womanly file. torpid, square pastor

  • Ant Denzic
    Ant Denzic

    What a HUGE waste of money, they're basically all shit. How could you even be proud of garbage like that.

  • John Nani
    John Nani

    damn marvel movies pathetic OMG. Disclaimer needed,no audience after 12 years old

  • supreme Man
    supreme Man

    16:18 select your class: the reaper.

  • ryosagerowen

    Oh way to go SPIKE. your movie really disgusting.

  • ryosagerowen

    Really change everything we know to nothing.

  • iKon business
    iKon business

    The jazzy bath immuhistochemically preserve because border topologically wrap on a symptomatic bandana. jittery, wide-eyed boot

  • Seth Pfaff
    Seth Pfaff

    Times are definitely coming where it comes down to Machine vs. Man.

  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter

    Why do they keep trying to make The Falcon happen? That is a face made for radio.

  • Oneirobaths Fk.
    Oneirobaths Fk.

    nobody looks good to me

  • Jimmie Lee Patterson
    Jimmie Lee Patterson

    Space Jam? That's not a preview, it's a contest. LeBron doesn't know what he's doing

  • Ydoc sseyd
    Ydoc sseyd

    Does anyone else see a problem with the Disney monopoly 🤔

  • Harry

    So jack in the box, is just clown the remake

  • Meriangeline Lopez
    Meriangeline Lopez

    Bruh I am hyped for nobody🥳

  • Zhiradije

    When did Jodie Foster start looking like Betty White?

  • Zork 98
    Zork 98

    Everyone: older Eddie murphy: younger Thanos: impossible

  • jordan edge
    jordan edge

    Absolutely ruined avengers with that piece of shit cartoon

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