Bella Poarch - Build a B*tch (Official Music Video)
Bella Poarch
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Bella Poarch
Mia Khalifa
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Sub Urban

Director - Andrew Donoho
Creative Director - Sub Urban
Producer - Valerie Bush
Executive Producer - Ryan Huffman
Executive Producer - Valerie Bush
Production Company - Huffman Creative
Manager, Production - Katie Sarrels
Production Manager - Julio Mata Jr.
Label - Warner Records
VP of Creative Services - Devin Sarno
SVP of A\u0026R - Stefan Max
Bella's MGMT - Aryan Mahyar, Danny K. \u0026 Francisco Montiel
Dina \u0026 Rakhim's MGMT: Edmon Mario
Director Rep - Doug Klinger
Director of Photography - Htat Htut
1st AC - Noah Ramos
Steadicam - Brian Sergott
1st AD - Julia Zsolnay
Editor - Andre “Dre” Jones / Sunset Edit
Colorist - Joseph Bicknell
VFX - Denhov Visuals
Deep Fake - Shamook
Paint - Purple Patch
Rotoscoping - Kalp Media Works
Choreography: Monika Smith
Production Designer: Tyler Evans

This ain’t Build a B*tch
You don’t get to pick and choose
Different ass and bigger boobs
If my eyes are brown or blue
This ain’t Build a B*tch
I’m filled with flaws and attitude
So if you need perfect, I’m not built for you

Bob the Builder broke my heart
Told me I need fixing
Said that I’m just nuts and bolts
Lot of parts were missing
Curvy like a cursive font
Virgin and a vixen
That’s the kind of girl he wants
But he forgot

This ain’t Build a B*tch
You don’t get to pick and choose
Different ass and bigger boobs
If my eyes are brown or blue
This ain’t Build a B*tch
I’m filled with flaws and attitude
So if you need perfect, I’m not built for you

(La la la)

Boys are always playing dolls
Looking for the Barbie
They don’t look like Ken at all
Hardly have a heart beat
Need someone who falls apart
So he can play prince charming
If that’s the kind of girl he wants
Then he forgot

This ain’t Build a B*tch
You don’t get to pick and choose
Different ass and bigger boobs
If my eyes are brown or blue
This ain’t Build a B*tch
I’m filled with flaws and attitude
So if you need perfect, I’m not built for you

(La la la)
(La la la)

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  • Alana Martins
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  • Leila Chu
    Leila Chu

    In my opinion girls should never change there self. Girls, never try to shave, lose weight, try to look perfect, or do anything like that. You are perfect the way you are. For example I am fat and... I don't want to lose weight because, I'm perfect. Perfect the way I am. So you should do the same, NEVER change the way you are just because of a boy or anyone. #You'rePerfectTheWayYouAre

    • Nate Clarke
      Nate Clarke

      well self improvement is always important, its how we grow, you should try and make yourself be a better person it just matters who ur doing it for, if your doing it for a girlfriend or boyfriend and not yourself that's when it becomes a problem. I agree with you with everything else, everyone should be happy with themselves

  • charlie4eva

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  • Rikku Tab
    Rikku Tab

    After watching H3 podcast, this song hits different and understand the meaning behind it. I didn't care for her until I listen to H3. What a crazy life she had.

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  • Madara Garcia
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    Not a bad song honestly but this principle goes for dude's as well.

    • wander mesa
      wander mesa

      @Nate Clarke no again i am not minimizing what happens to men and what they have to go through. as i said in my comment men shouldn't have to be facing constant stress about not being good enough for people because of their height, body shape, etc. but all of your points mirror what the song's message is trying to say. women are called sluts when they date guys they like and are called bitches when they want to be more reserved with their romantic and sexual life. i think the media encouraging body positivity to girls is *because* of how much more prominent the hate they get is for being a couple pounds overweight or having a or b cups, compared to the hate men get. i believe that statement to be true though because the gaze between men and women differ. i do disagree with you on the point that the message has been received though. if it was then both males and females would be respecting each other, and the video wouldn't have been made/would have been shallow. or maybe it was received but just ignored. but again this road goes both ways--men and women are constantly shamed. the point of the video though was how women are normalized to be holding themselves to higher standards than men. men still are holding themselves to a certain beauty standard but the beauty standards for woman are so limited to stuff like blue eyes, blonde hair, skinny, hourglass, etc.

    • Nate Clarke
      Nate Clarke

      @wander mesa well no really tho, men get called pigs a lot who will fuck anything, it's girl who bash girls the majority of times. We are called pigs when it suites the argument but are called picky when it also suites the argument. I mainly see women be picky and not males, like all i see guys online say is 'when she is loyal' which i will admit is fucking cringe asf. Also we constantly see in the media how girls should just be themselves and beauty in every size, which i agree with but i don't think i have ever seen an ad which says a man is perfect just the way he is. The song is good but the message seems to already have been received by the majority of the internet and society. But again i could just be ignorant.

    • wander mesa
      wander mesa

      this song's message was more about how it's normal for women to have to hold themselves to higher standards than men. women also have it really tough when it comes to it as the male gaze is really focused upon looks rather than personality. but that isn't to say men don't suffer a lot with their own problems with their bodies not being good enough but the point of the video was to really highlight the female perspective

  • Henry Bennett
    Henry Bennett

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  • Lukasisgod Lol
    Lukasisgod Lol

    The song is good but I don't understand why people keep making songs about this women vs men bulshit. Justt make a song that is not centred around all those bad stuff In the world

  • l1ght-!

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  • Nate TBAG
    Nate TBAG

    What a message that we needed and is totally relevant when women are significantly more picky than men are.

    • hi

      I think they are trying to promote femisim just wait untill The whole drama is ever I give it 5 more months tops

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    TikTok stuff

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    khadeeja mahmood

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