Being Inspired! A Day at FuelTech revs me up!
I’m driving the Elcamino back to Colorado. The Guys at FuelTech said hey you should swing by for the day and we can rip some cars! So we did and oh boi this got epic! I got my first C8 ride and it happened to be twin turbo . Then we Stopped by a Rad little shop XS motor works. Then we ripped a rad little 2jz with an 88mm turbo and it didn’t disappoint! So join me now for this special experience!
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  • Anderson Dick
    Anderson Dick

    Thanks guys for the visit! We had a great time!

    • Denis Rodrigues
      Denis Rodrigues


    • Giovani Carneiro
      Giovani Carneiro

      I’m so happy to see you guys together improving much more

    • DiplomataFPV

      Yo! When are we gonna see some brazilian Chevrolet Opala at FuelTech USA? And possibly racing at NHRA?

    • Jeffrey Bamford
      Jeffrey Bamford

      @Dos Dahrk same bro

    • Dos Dahrk
      Dos Dahrk

      @Jeffrey Bamford ahahahaha allgood champ have a great day

  • Juicebox315

    This is a collab that i wanted to see! PFI and FuelTech!? thats a winning combo if i ever saw one!

  • Giovani Carneiro
    Giovani Carneiro

    I’m so happy for you buddy!!!

  • ryanmc9088

    Merry christmas dude

  • cvf707

    That AE86 is a legend in Dominican Republic. They have not seen this version yet 😁🇩🇴🇩🇴

  • Chuck Fowler
    Chuck Fowler

    Hey Brent is that car with the 2jz a Toyota Corolla????

  • Jesse Altamirano
    Jesse Altamirano

    I wanted to see Gordo gap the c8 lol

  • FreedoMoto

    Shane is a lucky kid, hes going to have all your knowledge and what he learns. Good luck to the pfi family.

  • FreedoMoto

    I would let the owner of fuel tech bang my wife, i dont have one though. Great people it seems. Fuel tech for the win.

  • pFbSpecV

    Man you guys spent all day there at fuel tech! Love the ending speech tho!

  • C W
    C W

    Paint work on that Trueno was 👍👍👍👍👍

  • TheRaeyFamily

    Brant I love u brotha Ur the best tuner and a legend in the tuning world, Keep doing what u do best mangerz, nobody is better than brant at tuning.

  • John Colvett
    John Colvett

    For as good as Brent is in the Auto Industry, I feel like he has a higher calling. When the man speaks, positivity, love and comfort flow effortlessly. Keep shinning your light my brother! P.S. If you ever find yourself to tired to make it to Tom's House or if its at full capacity, we live an hour south and you and your crew would be more than welcome to stay at our place.

  • Daniel Carter
    Daniel Carter

    That's a solid burnout with that truck

  • M&M M
    M&M M

    Cool video👍

  • jesus saves cars s
    jesus saves cars s

    Your a big part of my motivation and you should kick a flow for shots next video😂 to a trap beat🤣😂🤷‍♂️🙌💯🙏

  • Dagan Williams
    Dagan Williams

    if FuelTech would just offer on board knock control id buy one

  • javier rios
    javier rios

    Thats the new humilde

  • bolmeesh ff
    bolmeesh ff

    Q80 from Kuwait 🇰🇼

  • ronald graham
    ronald graham

    Wow, thanks for bringing us along Brent!

  • Deric McGuffie
    Deric McGuffie

    Hey boys how bout I felt that shit Brent was talking at the end. Southern hospitality.

  • Cycle9568

    Give those guys both a subscribe!!

  • steve h
    steve h

    such a humble dude with mad tuning knowledge, bless

  • Wrench Werkz
    Wrench Werkz

    We're thankful and grateful for you Brent!! So, Thank you sir 🤘 keep it rad

  • JesseFpv

    How far are yall guys from Carbondale Co. I usually visit family up towards that way. I absolutely love Colorado.

  • Pedro Corrêa
    Pedro Corrêa

    V8 TK representando em 10:34 kkkkk

  • THErealistREALIST

    is that gordo?

  • Fry


  • Xzydo

    Where is fuelltech located?

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells

    I've never seen the big boss man spend that much time with anyone that has ever been in Fuel Tech videos it's usually the other guy that talk's to the racers that visit he must like you Brent but it doesn't surprise me anyone that's seen your videos loves what you're doing and I know I would like to be apart of it.

  • Talkin' Tech
    Talkin' Tech

    Brent, I love your little side thoughts about your experiences and what it means to you. It shows that genuine character that was so easy to see when you were helping Kyle in the early days of Boosted Boiz. Honestly, you're probably the reason I even started watching his channel - you remind me of how some of the more experienced people in the early 2000s helped me get my start on building cars.

  • lilrob Houston
    lilrob Houston

    I love it

  • Mike Larsen
    Mike Larsen

    Hell yeah bro..good video ..really good shit

  • vinny Schatz
    vinny Schatz

    Keeping it real love the content bro

  • Ralph Menta
    Ralph Menta

    I just checked out and subscribed to that XS channel. He has some pretty sweet sh1t going on over there.

  • Tyler Dockery
    Tyler Dockery

    Brent your closing monolog is super inspiring. Great dad, and an awesome person. I'll be even prouder to wear my PFI tee when it gets here. (Lightning fast ship time by the way) Keep up the great work.

  • Car Culture Nation
    Car Culture Nation

    I’d buy a 1 off ford powered Honda supercar lol it’s the best of every world. A little bit of exotic mixed with jdm powered by American muscle!!!! That’s gotta be the coolest thing I’ve seen. Best part is they didn’t just go for a LS swap. LS swaps are getting old and knowing what a stock bottom end can handle on these ford engines is insane. Especially gen 3 coyotes.

  • Dick Johnson
    Dick Johnson

    Florida cars don’t need a heater ?

  • XOZ Industries
    XOZ Industries

    Is the c8 faster than your NSX? Y’all notice he is wearing a fire suit while doing dyno runs? Maybe he knows something.

  • Ralph Menta
    Ralph Menta

    Its friggen awesome when you see people that have it all, still acting like regular Joes.

  • captlucky 23
    captlucky 23

    Was the red Toyota the new Humilde?

  • Chris & Rehann Handford
    Chris & Rehann Handford

    Your such an inspiring dude brent to much brother take it easy n take care much love to you n the fams in florida n colirado all the way from New Zealand must get me pfi merch here one day lol rep it in nz

  • turd furguson
    turd furguson

    Love the motivational speech at the end that was rad keep it up brother you are a true inspiration and a great father a lot of the world could learn from you not to mention how some of the most positive vibes I seen not to suck you off too much but you're an awesome dude Brent keep it up

  • turd furguson
    turd furguson

    Thanks for the content Brent it has been one hell of a rad trip brother glad you had a safe ride and got to enjoy the holidays with the family

  • Birger Gillent
    Birger Gillent

    nice that corvet buth adding turbo's only forget to look for air suction of the turbo pulling that much air tru six vents is way to less i bed loose the trunk you gain more horses because you turbo's can suck what they need ant not what get provided by six measley vents

  • Mitchell Whitcomb
    Mitchell Whitcomb

    are my right side speakers messed up or is it the video?

  • Bryan Rojas
    Bryan Rojas

    PFi in ATL🤙

  • Ben

    Xs guy and Brent on another level together

  • Ledroo

    Thank You Brent for sharing your day with us. Unfortunately you couldn't be with your family in Colorado for Thanksgiving but glad you had your son and friends around you. All the best for you and your team. With greetings from Finland!

  • Phill Black
    Phill Black

    She ever lose your heater core because it's leaking and option you can do is to buy power inverter from harbor freights then hook it up to your cigarette plug in or just a 12 volt constant then buy you a little heater little mini heater I heat your car right up I done this one time because it was leaking and it was going to be too much and too aggravating at the moment to pull out the dash so I just bought a power inverter and a little mini heater strapped it down to where it couldn't move there we go

  • rims jobs
    rims jobs

    yo man you one bad ass rad dude wish you the best phong is the man lol

  • Koby Hunnicutt
    Koby Hunnicutt

    That XS motorwork dudes shop and what he has going on out of it is insane..props to you man. Seriously simply amazing.

  • 39supercharged

    Not making much jam In. The elco....

  • 94XJ

    Brent's recap just... beautiful. People bettering people! That's what it's about!

  • Chris G.
    Chris G.

    This dude with the 3D engineered cars is next level.

  • Chris G.
    Chris G.

    Gordo is so out of control with that car lol

  • Ryan Nedela
    Ryan Nedela

    Just wanted to say there is no such thing as rambling at PFI, Love the positivity, as a foreman at work (Carpentry)I also like to bring people up and teach, and learn. I've learned a lot from all of You Thank You:)

  • slim pickens
    slim pickens

    Florida cars don’t need heat lol

  • James Suman
    James Suman

    Don't lie you spent the prize money for the race in that fuel tech shop 🤣

  • Atanas Tripzter
    Atanas Tripzter

    Should have waited 2 days man, it's going to be upper 40s tomorrow :D

  • Jim Hiscott
    Jim Hiscott

    I am 2 minutes into the video. My first thought is the heater core leaks, dont put hoses on it! I'll continue to watch to see if I am right or wrong...

  • Gary Kimble
    Gary Kimble

    I'm calling it at the front of the vid: heater core leaks!

  • Christopher Cancel
    Christopher Cancel

    Lazcano racing. Responsible for having the fastest Nissan rb in the world

  • FireoftheGreeks

    No heater hoses usually means heater core leaked. Hope I'm wrong.

  • Ricardo Lopez
    Ricardo Lopez

    Awesome video. Thanks for sharing

  • Angel Luis Rodriguez Bonet
    Angel Luis Rodriguez Bonet

    See some 🇵🇷🔥🔥🔥

  • 1egbubble24

    Fkn siiicckkkk!!! Goalllsssss

  • Build0001

    I’m about the same age as Brent and I still feel like he’s inspirational to me and that even though I only get to work on my cars when I’m not at my 9 to 5, I push to get better and keep on pushing. I had a chance back in the day to buy a dyno and start my dream. It didn’t happen and it has kind of hindered me from doing what I have always wanted to do, which was have a speed shop. It’s just a hobby at this point but I have worked on all kinds of nice rides from Trackhawks to 68 Mustangs. Brent keeps his head up and is an excellent person and everyone can learn from him and take their motivation to another level. Congrats to PFI speed for their success.

  • Carlos Reyes
    Carlos Reyes

    Whoever disliked this video, is such a hater😒

  • Winston Pratt
    Winston Pratt

    Brent you rock...... Just thought you should know bro

  • Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson

    Holy crap. I wanna work at fuel tech 😍😍😍😍 licenced tech here. Hmu lmao

  • Winston Pratt
    Winston Pratt

    Gordo str8 driving that thing cross country.... Now that's legit

  • Winston Pratt
    Winston Pratt

    Fuel tech is definitely a industry leader in fuel management systems....🤯🤯

  • Joseph Thomas
    Joseph Thomas

    Hanging out with my boys at PLR


    When he asked if you knew what car it was and said you tell me to Brent i knew right away it was a civic lol

  • 802 Garage
    802 Garage

    I love how this guy just talks about all the mods they did like it's so easy, hahaha. Rad car.

  • John Mann
    John Mann

    Let's go!!!!

  • Drew Powers
    Drew Powers

    We all love you Brent you always work your ass off and grind to the bone and we love that about you. Best Dad award definitely goes to you!!!! #PfiSpeed #LetsGo

  • Edgar Reyes Torres
    Edgar Reyes Torres

    Gordo should be in all video now showing him munch alway

  • andy bowyer
    andy bowyer

    Cooper could do with some of that magic!!

  • ROB Rob
    ROB Rob

    One of the best videos ever

  • Darius

    Hey Brent, get ahold of Richard Holdener! He wants to do some cool stuff with honda v6.

  • Omar Quezada
    Omar Quezada

    I’ve seen that trueno since I was a lil kid in the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 , the owner is Isidoro de los santos

  • John Z
    John Z

    Absolutely impressed with the cleanliness and organiation of the FuelTech shop,, a first class operation rite there.


    The fastest ae86 in the world, i got goosebumps just looking at it.

  • Purebred Racing
    Purebred Racing


  • Randall Tufts
    Randall Tufts

    The way car enthusiasts share with each other to grow the sport is nothing short of amazing. It makes us better people in life and in buisness. We're all in this together . Watching PFI grow and going on this journey with you Brent has been an honor and a sure privilege. Helping each other grow the channels and grow the buisness and especially the knowledge shared between you all is where rubber meets the road. People helping others is what separates us from the lower animals brother! You gentlemen exemplify that sentiment perfectly. Have fun ,learn, and share. It's what were here for. Thanks for the ride. It's all about the trip not the destination! I appreciate your hard work and dedication to the channel , work and life. Have a safe trip, stay well.

  • Jesper

    nice tripot god stabel :)

  • Zdenko Tijanić
    Zdenko Tijanić

    I think that blonde is still interested in something else!

  • Neo Martin
    Neo Martin

    I think if the elco have honda engine HAHAH

  • Mad Man Machines
    Mad Man Machines

    1500rwp at "low" boost and cutting it off at only 6200rpm...yes please! Must make around 2500hp at full boost and rpm.

  • Dlandes 14
    Dlandes 14

    Good God that car is a an absolute monster

  • Daniel Baldwin
    Daniel Baldwin

    Brother if wasn't for your channel my life would not have any meaning. I love cars. I'm 68yrs old. Just bought another Honda Oddsey. I have a 2000 and now have a 2002 model. Brent thank you and all the rest. All my love to you and yours. Papad.t...

  • Stephen Mendez
    Stephen Mendez

    Is that el humilde?

    • PFI Speed
      PFI Speed

      Looks very similar, this belongs to Isodoro de Los Santos

  • Aaron Miner
    Aaron Miner

    Huge like on this video ! The stuff is amazing ! Excellent content Brent !

  • Andrew Walker
    Andrew Walker

    Got that Florida heater delete going on.

  • Carlos Reyes
    Carlos Reyes

    Seen an AE86 on the thumbnail, clicked 👍🏽 ASAP!!!! AE86LIFE TIL I DIE!!!

  • Oliver Copeland
    Oliver Copeland

    Is that an AE86 with the 2j stuffed in ? 😂😂

  • Gary Coad II
    Gary Coad II

    you are inspiring yourself and other Brent. i hope to be able to have a better conversation w you at the next cleetus and cars

  • Charles Bronson
    Charles Bronson

    You should assume the heater core is bad on the El Camino. Just get and inverter and electric space heater, until you have time to pull it apart! 😁

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