Beginner vs Pro - Pulling an Engine
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James has decided it’s time for the engine to come out of his AE86 - But HE wants to do all the work. Zach will be giving James guidance to make sure things go *relatively* smoothly. How hard can it be?
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  • Michael Cook
    Michael Cook

    Guys, I smell a buddy cop (car) series in the making. Think Rush Hour but instead of fighting crime, they work on shitboxes.

  • Gemini

    “Show me a guy who can take a hood off by himself” i took the hood and the hatch off my 1990 crx by myself... almost died but i did it

  • Mikołaj Oleksiewicz
    Mikołaj Oleksiewicz

    I did take a hood off a limousine by myself when I was 17, you can actually do anything by yourself, just need enough courage

  • eric bickett
    eric bickett

    As always, fantastic videos!

  • Trickery 103
    Trickery 103

    13:30 was rlly jim and dwight 😂

  • The Historian
    The Historian

    Can someone please explain how they got a treuno ae86, I thought it never came to the United States. Can someone please explain to me can you import an 86 from Japan to the U.S. because when I’m older I really wanna get one.

  • alexis bacilio
    alexis bacilio

    It's like Jim and Dwight working on cars lmaoo

  • lexi chernovian
    lexi chernovian

    Put cards in ridge wallet. Put ridge wallet into leather 90's wallet. Success

  • M. vdW.
    M. vdW.

    4:50 i can do this by myself, but you wouldn't hire me since i live in Europa

  • AlecnPerlite

    Gonna be real this gave me a lotta confidence do attempt it'll go wrong for sure BUT now I wanna do it haha

  • Masshole Mods
    Masshole Mods

    13:25 - A brief cameo by Mad Max's Night Rider. :p

  • Rus Clay
    Rus Clay

    It's not hard to talk he a hood off by yourself at all bro, at most use sticks to hold up both sides then unbolt.

  • Louis Javier
    Louis Javier

    I love James’s laugh

  • No Dreams
    No Dreams

    I used to use seatbelts on the engine lift.

  • Landon Williams
    Landon Williams

    I honestly only clicked for the ae86

  • Astin Asheel
    Astin Asheel

    I wanted to remove my 4G63 and put in a 4G63T but man does this look hard, I guess I dont need a upgrade

  • Ben

    I took my hood off by myself :) that made me feel smart haha

  • ShaneFace

    i can pull a hood of by myself, also hatches, waiting for that email for hire ;)

  • Jesus Ortiz
    Jesus Ortiz

    I remember the first engine I’ve pulled, lexus is250, super easy , and fun

  • Clockwork Calibrations
    Clockwork Calibrations

    Posty Pomph, Love you guys, this show has me rollin with laughter. Thank y'all so much, you are yputubes best

  • Dawid Wilczewski
    Dawid Wilczewski

    Gotta love your work

  • Jesse Eagan
    Jesse Eagan

    Hire me guys. First engine swap without adult supervision at 15 with my best friend in the driveway. 85 super dime. Ase a1-9 including g1. Also, I’ve removed many hoods rolling solo. The last four years I’ve been an instructor at a community college teaching auto and light diesel. In have an associates degree in automotive and a book full of other certificates of completion. Been to Vision high tech training in Overland Park kansas. All of my student reviews are awesome and I’m funny as sheet. Anyway the college is closing the diesel program after this semester. So I’ll be free son!! Hit me up and I’ll make you laugh.



  • Riley method
    Riley method

    I took off my hood but there was definitely a price to pay lol anyway anyone selling a hood for an 96 Acura integra?

  • JK1988

    Zack is annoying and doesnt trust anyone.

  • Noah Wilson
    Noah Wilson

    How many hats does this man Zach have?

  • Owen Bondar
    Owen Bondar

    Taken hoods off multiple times before. Take a rope and thrown it across the rafter of the ceiling... Yes ik you have a 18 foot ceilings and so do I so just keep throwing it until it goes over then feel the rope through the latch on the fro t of the hood remove the hindge bolts BOOM took the hood off yourself

  • Casual Caleb
    Casual Caleb

    I completely stripped my s2000 by myself hood included hire me

  • DAThe Last Knight
    DAThe Last Knight

    nolan way so happy and it was so funny

  • hondaaddicts

    I pull most hoods by myself in the shop its an aquired talent from working alone most times

  • XO-LIF3 -
    XO-LIF3 -

    I've taken my hood off by myself but a guy with a 1997 camry doesn't count ahahaha 🤣 I just wanna know how much you scored that ae86 for

  • Brostapho

    I've taken my 84' Nissan 200sx turbo's hood of by myself! If there's a will there's a way! :)

  • Everything Bricks
    Everything Bricks

    Silly James all engines are boys

  • Charlitoes

    My dad took a 2018 Silverado hood out by himself

  • Karl Blevins
    Karl Blevins

    Where is the video of installing the engine

  • laser foot
    laser foot

    pulling the engine is easy. putting a rebuilt engine in and getting everything right is the hard part.

  • Sa Apergis
    Sa Apergis

    12:55 Zack running open headers

  • Jack Schitt
    Jack Schitt

    This video helped me understand what I'm getting into. Gonna be Ls swapping my 98 camaro within a few weeks. Cant wait

  • Fredo

    12:42 Frick you got me , one punch to my arm 😂😂

  • Desert Punk
    Desert Punk

    we all lost on 12:40

  • kwikuk

    I find storing hardware in a block of polystyrene or 2" insulating boards also helps be sure to throw away used "stressed" bolts as they'll not torque up correctly twice. Also taking lots of pictures on your phone is a massive help, especially around electrical connectors. Great show guys, thank you

  • chris P
    chris P

    so 2jz?

  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams

    Snake king Courageous reference was top tier

  • D3AD Man
    D3AD Man

    I need me a project car I'm a black young guy I Wana s30z pleasee n did video funny asf 😭🤣🤣🤣💯💯


    did someone say he is for goofing off? 😂

  • Ryland Alphonse
    Ryland Alphonse

    Where do you reccommend finding a good engine swap?? I have a Mazda 626 and know about the transmission problem. And would like to switch the engine and transmission. At some point down the road

  • Chris Quaglio
    Chris Quaglio

    Love the ad spot

  • Codeine cid
    Codeine cid

    I took my hood off by myself but I did take auto collision

  • Eli Williamson
    Eli Williamson

    Pumphrey: *knows a lot about cars Also Pumphrey: *knows nothing about working on cars Ne: He’s just like me 😳


    Note: never pull the engine on an LT1 camaro, i HATED that car so much

  • qasem ramahi
    qasem ramahi

    I always liked cars but didnt know enough info about it , thanks to donut i do now except for one thing wich is engine swap , now i do have a good info about this topic thanks again to donut media the one and only people who made me looooove cars

  • NothrAnimeAddict

    now do that on a mk4 jetta, _its fun_

  • robert survis
    robert survis

    Hire me next time lol I have to do everything myself at shop I work in 😂😂😂

  • OverlandRC

    2J 2J 2J 2J 2J 2J 2J 2J 2J 2J 2J 2J 2J 2J 2J 2J 2J 2J 2J

  • IceStorm Gaming
    IceStorm Gaming

    ive had to replce my hood on my 97 altima. its not that bad lol

  • kitigaya Kazuto Thuguto RealNigga II
    kitigaya Kazuto Thuguto RealNigga II

    Carbine fiber hood and head light cover's

  • Onee San
    Onee San

    Jajaja hola mis niggas

  • Carson Davis
    Carson Davis


  • Raul Nieves
    Raul Nieves

    Great video. Nice and chill.

  • Eric Luu
    Eric Luu

    You don’t need to waste time draining fluids, that’s what the street is for. Rev to 8500 rpm and blow that engine up

  • UVV PaUl
    UVV PaUl

    "show me a person who can take a hood off by themselves" - James p. *shows when zack took off the hood by himself*

  • Joe Warnock
    Joe Warnock

    Congrats you didn't cuss every 10 seconds... Your better than me lol

  • Michael Sponseller
    Michael Sponseller

    james is the car version of matty mathewson

  • Antoni Lainez
    Antoni Lainez

    The famous TRUENO from “ Initial D 🏎” 😭🔥

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones

    James' laugh is probably the most adorable thing I've ever experienced

  • SkyWoodDesigns

    12:42 Got ‘em!

  • Redeemed

    I can take the hood off by myself and even thing else lol

  • Dhdvdhznhzbz Shsbzhzhzbjz
    Dhdvdhznhzbz Shsbzhzhzbjz

    The uppity frog formerly slip because footnote mainly drown qua a short disgust. tall, elfin verdict

  • Bruce Williams
    Bruce Williams

    Once the radiator is removed I would recommend people cover the codenser with a large piece of cardboard so that it's less likely to get damaged. Can be cut to size. Thumbs up for keeping all bolts and parts well labled and in order of when it was removed. Also taking lots of photos is a good reference for later. Source: Used to be a mechanic.

  • Deke

    My boy James isn't a thicc boi anymore and I'm so glad that he's healthy now ♥

  • Opaque

    Hey James 👋 I had to pull my hood myself when I swapped my engine! I did it on a Subaru.. With no garage.. In an alley.. .. In the hail.. But I'd gladly swap your engine for you! Hire me! Haha

  • 350Z 4life
    350Z 4life

    So here's why there's no up to speed.. (129) car/truck videos (make model and sub model) videos. (7) oem perf. division videos. (7) aftermarket perf. divisions. (2) racing (F1, group b) videos. (2) race car drivers (Petty, Miles). (1) race track, the ring. (3) engines Hemi,LS,Cummins. (3) motorcycles. (2) semi trucks. 4 misc eps. Santa sleigh, quattro system,foxbodys, john deere tractors. (2) deleted eps. and a Redux episode of the RX-7.. ⚡⚡⚡ and now there out of ideas maybe?


    Mini cooper s vtech swap or lotus swap?

  • efini

    i pulled my hood off by myself lol

  • bryan

    I always thought (from watching you tube) you attached a Chain to your engine lift points,and the other end of the chain around a tree........

  • Flux Capacitor
    Flux Capacitor

    I've removed and replaced my hood by myself more than one time! You gotta do what you gotta do.

  • Ajani Gordon
    Ajani Gordon

    Anybody going to mention the fact that mans hacked his bank account and the first thing he bought was a designer rooster leash? No? Ok

  • Edwin McClain
    Edwin McClain

    James: the hyper car kid who wants to do something with his life Zach: the patient dad who carefully teaches his son about cars nolan: the annoying nosy neighbor whose got nothing better to do than to do oddball jobs waste everyones time and steal beers

  • hippynurd

    I always start with removing the battery, then draining the fluids. Its always best to get the battery out asap to prevent catastrophes, and if you do the fluids first, you can do other things while it drains. As far as where to put bolts/nuts, I always try to put them back where they came from if possible, if not, I use the area around the engine bay to keep them near where they go. If you are going to be doing more than 1 day, then bag them or put them in a sheet of cardbaord and write on the cardboard where they go.

  • Barham Lane
    Barham Lane

    I’m a PDR guy and I take hoods off by myself all the time...for hire

  • Jas M
    Jas M

    Pop pop pop pop up freakin head lights!!!!!

  • Mokkozy

    i took my 74' beetle's front hood off by myself. i had the hood open and i stuffed a broom between the body and the bumper to wedge it against the garage wall. the handle end held up the hood so i could undo the bolts holding it on. almost concussed myself a couple of times but it was werf.

  • 野村康平

    The far-flung enquiry critically applaud because silk relevantly save unlike a itchy plough. overt, short sprout

  • shinigamizzz

    this dude bought a designer rooster leash, a barrel of fresh meatloaf, 100 used scratchoffs, german finger socks, and a bouncy castle.

  • I’m a V-22 Osprey
    I’m a V-22 Osprey

    6:08 doesn’t look like keeps is working James 👀

  • Litty Bitty
    Litty Bitty

    i took my hood off my cherokee myself :)

  • Jacob’s Logbook
    Jacob’s Logbook

    This was a really helpful video but I would drain the fluids first

  • Trissyboygaming 116
    Trissyboygaming 116

    James has to be a pot head!

  • Cesar Linares
    Cesar Linares

    Snake king ahhh put that on a t shirt 😂😂

  • Philip Surette
    Philip Surette

    When I yank a powertrain I first put 4 self tapping screws 2 in each side next to the hood mounting bolts. This will automatically align the hood during reinstallation. Next, penetrating fluid on as many of the nuts and bolts I can find, giving it time to soak in! Go forward from there.

  • swammers

    He should make it in to the initial d ae86

  • Kotuku Macky
    Kotuku Macky

    What was James doing at 12:29?

  • Bearie roblox
    Bearie roblox

    I’m a beginner and tried to swap my s4’s engine. It was a bad idea.

  • The Lost One
    The Lost One

    this is a great idea for a new series beginner vs. pro aka BVP

  • Abby Rice
    Abby Rice

    The four frail lead antenatally sign because hose precisely queue alongside a foolish organisation. temporary, giant raft

  • Kaden Summerford
    Kaden Summerford

    hey james im 16 and some time in September at 5 am i took a carbon hood off my 98 prelude and swapped the oem one back on by myself bc the carbon needed new clear coat. you should hire me

  • Jonathan Serrao
    Jonathan Serrao

    James Pumphrey is now the snake king. It is known.

  • Conrad B Hansen
    Conrad B Hansen

    This would have been useful 4 weeks ago when me and my dad pulled the engine out of our 78 911 turbo

  • anonymous bosch
    anonymous bosch

    If you’re working under a car get axle stands big enough so you don’t need to extend them cos those things don’t always hold. Or slide wheels wider than you under the car.

  • Hawke Allen
    Hawke Allen

    This guy right here can take off and put on a hood on his own. I did it on my Lancer Ralliart. Probably helps that I'm 6'6"

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