Barack Obama Surprises Us + First Time Hearing Bob Dylan | BookTube Trailer
We listened to Bob Dylan, the 60’s counter-culture icon, after seeing his name mentioned in President Obama’s book A Promised Land. We also got to ask President Obama a few questions, and we'll ask him even more on the December episode of BookTube only on ALgone 12/16/20.

  • Trekker Mueth
    Trekker Mueth

    I love this! You guys are doing an amazing job. I totally agree with Obama's comments. Peace and health.

  • devon314

    can’t wait to see what booktube brings next month! this is so awesome! great job you two 🎉🎶

  • Littleredcleric

    Just when I thought couldn't love your show more you have my favorite president on. Wow! Instantly drawn to your show. Your videos are filled with love, enthusiasm and positive energy and I can't seem to get enough of it. It's really something special to witness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Elizabeth Munoz
    Elizabeth Munoz

    AWESOME !!

  • Mk Mason
    Mk Mason

    I love this 😍😍😍

  • Nita L
    Nita L

    Yes for the Black Male Magic. If you disliked this, let their talent burn a hole in your spirit. Im sure it already is!!!!

  • Julie E
    Julie E

    Bob Dylan updated the lyrics in 2018 during trumpism -- it's pure genius!:

  • FairyagelessZoe E
    FairyagelessZoe E

    You guys are so awesome .! You deserve the best of the best and you are getting it as u guys work for it so open minded and gracious. May God bless u both always.

  • Annmarie Gianfrancesco
    Annmarie Gianfrancesco


  • Deplorable

    I unsubscribed, i loathe the racist divider Obama.

  • Max Stokley
    Max Stokley

    Bob Dylan is one of if not the best song writer ever. He never had a pretty voice, but he sang with soul. I suggest you listen to “Like a Rolling Stone” by him. It is so, so, so true.

  • Nina Nina
    Nina Nina

    ALgone dale el la placa a lulu99 y mailu


    This was awesome, I am so happy for you guys.

  • Jennifer Piel
    Jennifer Piel

    Fantastic!! I've been watching your reaction videos and enjoying them and now THIS!! Love President Obama and proudly voted for him twice!

  • Josaphah

    OMG what a great sport is Obama!! What a unique moment, this is just the beginning for you two! When you have an ex-president showing up, it's fair to say you've made it! So happy for you two!

  • Sylvia Bergman
    Sylvia Bergman

    Wow what an honor! Well deserved! I’m so happy for you guys. He meant every word. You both are having an affect on this country by your strong positive message. It may seem small, but your affect is BIG! Happy to have found you all here!!!

  • Jermaine Thomas
    Jermaine Thomas

    Y'all got Obama on the channel Y'all made it.

  • Louise P
    Louise P

    Beautiful and inspiring all three of you thank you 🙏

  • Maggie Donaldson
    Maggie Donaldson

    That was fantastic! What a year you two have had, and what joy you’ve brought to many of us, all over the world. You deserved your moment with President Obama, a man of integrity, compassion and influence. Follow his lead and you will fly even higher. Good luck and keep on doing what you do. Oh, and listen to more Bob Dylan, one of the greatest poets of the 20th century

  • Alan Pleasant
    Alan Pleasant

    Now that was awesome. You guys are special

  • R. Weidman
    R. Weidman

    I have been a subscriber since you only had a few hundred subscribers! Your channel makes many people happy and helps open them up to new things, not just music. I am so happy to see your channel continue to grow and who else can say that President Obama is a fan??? Nobody! Period. Keep on keeping on!

  • japaneseninja33

    Omg I LOVE this❤️

  • Buffy Primrose
    Buffy Primrose

    He, Obama, missed one thing. Your reactions reach and are enjoyed by multigenerational fans, not just the young

  • elizabeth shelly
    elizabeth shelly

    You guys are soooooo cool.

  • Gigi Bee
    Gigi Bee

    How amazing 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💗💗💗I worked on his campaign door knocking in swing states in 2008 & 2012 I went to his inauguration In 08 I wish my parents were living to see the first African American President ❤️❤️❤️ I’m am proud of president Obama as if her were my family he made us all feel connected to each other so happy for you both many blessings I pray you both go on to do great things our youth will carry us through 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻never forget how our lives touch others

  • Sheryl Eddins
    Sheryl Eddins

    Hear-Hear! Well done, y'all.

  • Monscent

    How organic....

  • Shelly B
    Shelly B


  • Leslie Mize
    Leslie Mize

    We need more storytellers these days..that's how our past lives our words and actions love

  • Leslie Mize
    Leslie Mize

    Look at all of the eyes on y'all love...that's so beautiful're openness is really quite lovely

  • schmedrake

    What a blessing. This made me cry. I don't know why. But I'm going with it.

  • MamaBear Angela
    MamaBear Angela

    AMAZING! I'm so happy for these guys! Obama is the coolest guy on the planet, hands down. I just can't believe we were lucky enough to have him for 8 years as our President. The world needs more Barack Obamas, without a doubt.

  • Reenie

    This makes my heart so happy ♥

  • Jennifer R.
    Jennifer R.

    President Obama, dropping love and wisdom ❤️🙏 Not to mention telling you guys about having to roll up cassette tape ribbon with a pen (yes I am old enough to remember doing that 😆) Love it. You guys deserve all good things.

  • dechinta

    My favorite video EVER of yours! Love Barack Obama and miss him terribly. So I love seeing him anywhere and to see him here on your channel! Awesome! Oh man, he is telling the TRUTH about those cassette tapes. And when you couldn't get the 45 record or the 33 album but tried to tape a song off of the radio and the DJ would break in during the last part of the song, which ruined it! Oh gosh, it was indeed a hassle. You guys are so very cool, but oh my gosh, you got President Obama on your channel! How great is that?! I am smiling so big my cheeks are hurting! Hurray for you!

  • 4jrbrown

    Based on how much you enjoyed Tracy Chapman's Fast Car, you all should check out her cover of this song.

  • Amy Evans
    Amy Evans

    Oh man...that almost made me cry!!

  • sairah1

    Congrats from the UK! ✊🏽👏🏽🥳

  • Nicole Oguchi
    Nicole Oguchi

    Good energy you two have 🙂

  • K. G. Cameron
    K. G. Cameron

    • K. G. Cameron
      K. G. Cameron

      This is another song of Obama's playlist Aretha Franklin's "The Weight"

  • Karen Beasley
    Karen Beasley

    The first shall be last...

  • PS PLS
    PS PLS

    I love the President Obama was on their show. These twins have reached out to so many people. I hope they keep doing their thing. Thanks guys 🙏

  • renate19861958

    I must be a terrible person. I hate bob dylan!!!!! LOL

  • Sierra Night Tide
    Sierra Night Tide

    Barack Obama is the dad a lot of wish we had.

  • Katherine A
    Katherine A

    Good for you! What an honor! Anyway, Bob Dylan is a genius and a poet. Next, you need to check out Joan Baez - start with “Diamonds and Rust”.

  • Tina Gauthier
    Tina Gauthier

    Oh my goodness! This just warms my heart!

  • Margaret Ponce
    Margaret Ponce

    Hey guys! I met the president in 2012. Isn't he the best? He is so down to earth and easy to talk to. Keep up the good work opening minds and showing the world the love of music.👍🏼❤️

  • Drea Baby
    Drea Baby

    So proud of you young men. Looking forward to Dec interview. ☺☺

  • Miss Janus
    Miss Janus

    I don't know who I'm more proud of more, Obama or the twins!

  • Raymond Johansen
    Raymond Johansen

    That was good fun:) keep on going!

  • Flavius Maximus
    Flavius Maximus

    They played that very cool!

  • Jimmie Johnson
    Jimmie Johnson

    WONDERFUL! How go listen to The Temptations Ball of Confusion

  • blackkatt777

    It's funny you should mention storytelling and campfires because that is exactly what type of music this is, but the genre is labelled Folk music. A lot of this type of music was big in the 60's and 70's. There were many life changing stories to tell from those eras that paved the way. Music has always been a motivator, and a timestamp of where the world was in its growth as a species. Music is life.

  • Anna J
    Anna J

    And this is why regardless if you agreed with he man's politics you can't deny he has been the best modern day Prsident of this country simple because he is grounded and for the people, regular people who live normal lives and not only relatable to the elite. He has lived a life that almost all Americans (even those that wont admit) have somerhing in common. He can and makes anyone at ease. 💪🏾❤ thank you #44, my president 4 life 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤❤

  • beth goldman
    beth goldman

    How is it the words are still relevant even now? The words to his music is so freaking important!

  • Lady Ashley The Iron Underneath
    Lady Ashley The Iron Underneath

    What a beautiful surprise! We subscribed awhile ago for the same reason- were old too! We're in our 40's & we love watching you guys bring back our beloved old music to introduce it to others who've never heard it. It is important what you're doing. You attracted the best president we've ever known! Congrats, guys. Much love to you, stay healthy & keep making videos! (So happy you played Bob Dylan, Times They Are a Changin'. What a perfect song for the moment!)

  • Melvin Pena
    Melvin Pena

    omg, y'all have to listen to jeezy's "my president"

  • Catherine Carter Parker
    Catherine Carter Parker

    Queenager is here for all of this fabulousness!! Omygosh twins! That was out of the stratosphere, Wow! I'm so proud of you and what a Blessing you have been to have reached the attention of Barack Obama-44th President of the US! Hold on for your magic carpet ride continues!

  • Beth Parsons
    Beth Parsons

    This is amazing!! So happy for you guys!! I miss him as President ❤️❤️❤️

  • J L
    J L

    bob dylan is the man and you guys are too

  • Brenda Swann
    Brenda Swann

    Opened minds and opened hearts. Barack is the best. I so miss grace and dignity of the POTUS

  • Kathy Williams
    Kathy Williams

    That was so beautiful !!!! Way to go guys! President Obama is a once in a lifetime person. We are all honored to have had him as a President in our lifetime.

  • Andrea Peters
    Andrea Peters

    Who doesn't like Bob Dylan. Great poet and song writer.

  • Fletcher Christian
    Fletcher Christian

    How cool is this. Congratulations you guys....Just awesome.

  • beth the fam
    beth the fam

    I find that some dark skin people are listening not only to bridge the gap but to better understand. Thank you guys for doing this!! Keep being an inspiration.

  • Gina Delgado
    Gina Delgado

    I adored this. Obama listening to Dylan makes my heart happy. I recommend listening to the Bob Dylan of the Millennials - Conor O’berst in the band Bright Eyes “the first day of my life” is a great song to start with.

  • Damian Wilson
    Damian Wilson

    this is dope. congrats twins!

  • P.J. Whitman
    P.J. Whitman

    The video you started, was 1964. When Dylan was first being heard. When president's had music performers at the White House, he was one of Obama's first performers there.Dylan was already around 70 in 2013. Dylan has won Nobel Prize for his lyric poetry. I saw him live with Tom Petty, Roger McGuinn from Byrds in Army in 1987. He wrote All Along Watchtower and Jimi Hendrix covered it. listen to Dylan and Hendrix version and notice a "slight" difference between the 2 versions of same song. Kinda like Disturbed cover of Simon & Garfunkel 'Sound of Silence", or Dolly & Whitney "I will always Love you". Congrats on Obama call... peace out

  • Vicki Ellen
    Vicki Ellen

    Amazing!! Look what you guys are cultivating in your life! You have our attention and have the ability to bring so many people together :) The ultimate commentary from Barack Obama!!!!

  • Erik Vandever
    Erik Vandever

    Look up Mahalia Jackson, trouble of the world from Imitation of Life. That clip is legendary!

  • L Burke
    L Burke

    Thank you, Mr. Obama. He has it right. The things I love about your videos, besides uplifting and sweet, you listen with open minds AND you are positive. You send a quiet ‘message’ about just enjoying music and love, taking out all the other negative factors. From someone dealing with chronic pain during this pandemic, you brought a smile and laughter into this woman’s life and I thank you..

  • Stan Miller
    Stan Miller

    Very cool...Obama checks in with the twins!

  • Barbara Cardis
    Barbara Cardis

    Bob Dylan was a voice in a time of so much unrest in our country,we had the civil rights movement,Vietnam war,War, and people had the guts to say hey that's not cool

  • Hettie de Korte
    Hettie de Korte

    You guys were great! You’re so wise already at 22 years old. You deserve the best. I love your positive attitude. We really need it now more than ever. Thank you so much.

  • AvecPoésie

    Check out the film "I'm Not There." Incredible. Bob Dylan is and has for decades been a poetic voice of truth. "Deep" is right.

  • Tim Correll
    Tim Correll

    Absolutely love this guys! Thanks for what you're doing and who you are.

  • Debbie M
    Debbie M

    Wow, what an honor! You both have some influence, use it to make great changes. Keep doing what you are doing!

  • Diane Fiske-Foy
    Diane Fiske-Foy

    Excellent 👍🏻💫💫💫🥰‼️

  • jay coopz
    jay coopz

    This may be the first time I agree with 44

  • caroline g
    caroline g

    A wonderful President.

  • Shari Hardinger
    Shari Hardinger

    So fun to watch this! You 2 are amazing!!! Oh how I miss Obama! Oh, and Bob Dylan is crazy good too. 🤣

  • oshifish2

    My heart! What a special moment! xx

  • Francie Taylor
    Francie Taylor

    So many more changes ahead. Always relevant.

  • Judy Newman
    Judy Newman

    Bob Dylan was awarded a Nobel Prize for his poetry. I am thrilled that you are introducing him to your subscribers.

  • Francesca Cangialosi
    Francesca Cangialosi

    This is fabulous but then so are you two! Twin power! BTW, I have twin granddaughters.

  • Kate

    You guys appeared in my feed and I was hooked after the first video. I am glad President Obama stopped by to say hello. Very cool indeed.

  • ruth keiser
    ruth keiser

    Just simply amazing !💕💕😊 First congratulations on the acknowledgment from Barak Obama, and second I agree with President Obama in that you are and have been bringing people together with music! 💕💕💕😊

  • Nj6305

    Now this is pretty cool

  • Simon Coombes
    Simon Coombes

    fantastic. hats off to you guys.

  • robert gibson
    robert gibson

    I like Obama more now fellow Dylan fan...

  • Chris Smiles
    Chris Smiles

    That was heart-warming to watch

  • Tracy Mattocks
    Tracy Mattocks


  • Beryl Pegues
    Beryl Pegues

    I love these guys💖💖💖

  • Cheryl ann
    Cheryl ann

    That was awesome

  • Diane Ross
    Diane Ross

    Hi Yall and Wow!! Just wow!!!! Been watching since the beginning and am so proud & happy for you young gentlemen. God bless...

  • Carol Davison
    Carol Davison

    Love watching you guys!

  • miko foin
    miko foin

    My dude just said "what's happenin man" to Barrack Obama. 😂😂😂

  • Nicole Cooper
    Nicole Cooper

    Wow! Just Wow!

  • Patti Criss
    Patti Criss

    The coolest president-EVER-visited your show. How cool is that? Wow. Couldn’t be more pleased for you guys.

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      LOL Barack describing mix tapes dilemas.

  • Anthony Lanni
    Anthony Lanni

    Congrats guys, this is awesome

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