AWD Trophy Truck Pulls a Wheelie Vs Ken Block’s 1,400hp AWD Ford Mustang // Hoonicorn Vs the World
Welcome to Hoonicorn vs. the World: a show inspired by gameplay from Forza Horizon, brought to real life. Now, you may think a trophy truck is big, heavy, and relatively slow compared to a 1,400hp methanol breathing AWD Ford Mustang. Truth is, they’re geared super short, they make gobs of power and torque, and they’re shockingly nimble for their size.
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  • Adam Kirkwood
    Adam Kirkwood

    You should put the hoonicorn up against a rally car...?

  • Dayton Good
    Dayton Good

    its the two bears one cave for me😂😂

  • Tới Nái
    Tới Nái

    Vãi lồng

  • Callum Hainey
    Callum Hainey

    Do a poo Garty

  • Jeremy Burmania
    Jeremy Burmania

    Race the S10

  • Javiercito 1708YT
    Javiercito 1708YT

    a car with turbos does not compare to a heavy race car and tubes and with heavier tires 😂😆✌️ greetings

  • king gaming
    king gaming

    but wats the quarter mile time for the hoonicorn

  • Костик Прекрасный
    Костик Прекрасный

    Пиздец. Из гонок 4 минуты видео. Вступление 9

  • Tool is the best band 115
    Tool is the best band 115

    Hoonicorn vs dodge supercharger


    Imagine if they tuned this for drag racing and put massive drag slicks on it

  • David Tejeda
    David Tejeda

    Get some real race cars in the 1/8 would be interesting since the hoonicorn accelerates so quick talking 0-60 in like 1.8 or sum like that

  • Pablo Blazys
    Pablo Blazys

    Monster vs RedBull

  • P Stewart
    P Stewart

    Well chief, 7k lbs against 2800, and only 4 car lengths. Sorry that truck would stomp the shit out of the Corn all day if it only weighed in at 2800lbs.

  • silverrider918

    Uhhh. I would take the truck.

  • Andreas.k 070
    Andreas.k 070

    The best mad Mike drift........,📍💪💪💪

  • Chutneyperson

    13:38 that must be the Fast and Ferious gearbox he shifted like 20 times

  • William Arsyad
    William Arsyad

    Vs honda motogp marc marquez #93


    This is honestly hard to pick which vehicle is my favorite... This is so cool!! I've loved cars all my life, but have been sheltered from the life... Nothing I would love more than to race myself... or simply just ride along in a real racecar. Amazed!

  • Santito 4 life
    Santito 4 life

    Has any vehicle beaten the HOONICORN?

  • John Dough
    John Dough

    Y'all built the perfect machine

  • Colby Taylor
    Colby Taylor

    Still waiting for hoonicorn vs hoonitruck

  • Chris Stuart
    Chris Stuart

    One of the best so far!

  • it's Merlin
    it's Merlin

    Jesus that truck is driving with 2 wheels only

  • TJ Beaujon
    TJ Beaujon

    That truck would be 1000 more times fun to drive. 1400 hp in untrained hands would result in noting but spin outs

  • Izhaq Salman
    Izhaq Salman

    Do with bugatti chiron

  • RedIeyeIJedi

    Ken Block is Mike Deans brother in another universe.

  • RedRush

    Do y’all remember when the hoonicorn used to have that supercharger 😂😂

  • pos209

    Race Farmtruck! #farmtruckandazn

  • anthony banks
    anthony banks

    this is the only episode ive watched twice

  • Diana Cooper
    Diana Cooper

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    chris suberg

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  • Das a toilet
    Das a toilet

    Again I have the trophy truck in Forza and the hoonicorn

  • No Nickname The Third
    No Nickname The Third

    Detroit Stand up Lafayette Coney Island is where it’s at

  • Kerros973

    This Truck is awesome 🤩👏👍❤️

  • Roy Patterson
    Roy Patterson

    I want to see it race against Cleetus McFarland's Leroy!!!!

  • Dhanu Monde
    Dhanu Monde

    Example with NOS

  • Kenneth Robinson
    Kenneth Robinson

    Would I say every race is picked so the Ken’s car will win? Hell YES.

  • Ammit Thapa
    Ammit Thapa

    Just pull it up with the Bugatti Veyron... please ...on demand

  • Explicit

    Download the app PI on android and ios, it works just like bitcoin and you can mine from your phone. Use NoaOk as your invitation code. Free money😳

  • AKASPEEDY cubley
    AKASPEEDY cubley

    Put it up against something that actually has a chance of winning u are just old news now I fell in love because of your driving skills and what you could do around the streets in a rally car but now all this shenanigans is just to get numbers Yes the car looks great but there's nothing special going on here anyone with a welder and mechanical skills and KNOWHOW can to do this. You put it up against much heavier slower vehicles and not on a proper drag strip. why don't you do this because you know it would get absolutely Mullard because it's too heavy to be a drag car that's why you have to do it on runways airstrips with UN prepped surfaces and if it's that quick why don't you time the race like you would in a normal drag race so we actually know what time this is actually running and a reason why you don't show the time of what the car can do because it would then show your car is not actually that fast in a straight line lol

  • Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez

    Hoonicorn vs 2021 SSC Tuatara Hoonicorn vs 2000hp lamborghini Huracan Thanks.

  • Morgan F
    Morgan F

    Anyone else notice the ziptied pry bar on the truck? 😂

  • team hvp
    team hvp

    I want to see this mustang versus the alpha Lamborghini that pulls wheelies

  • Ryk Bon007
    Ryk Bon007

    Monster embarrassed Redbull

  • Luis Montalvo
    Luis Montalvo

    I am now on my second round of watching all the hoonicorn videos again! I need more vs the world!!!

  • Carlos 5
    Carlos 5

    Ken hasn't met my stock Hyundai Elantra. It set down the drag strip a week ago... should be crossing the finish line any day now. Lmao

  • Dean Scott
    Dean Scott

    Big old girl with no turbos, was getting the same results as the senna

  • ernie

    Hoonicorn vs hoonifox make it happen

  • Stephen Morgan
    Stephen Morgan

    Yo guys at hoonigan headquarters. Public service announcement we want to see the hoonicorn versus white rice 240 SX

  • Lucas Dos Anjos Oliveira
    Lucas Dos Anjos Oliveira

    Eu brasileiro sem entender nada kkk

  • siamonatiliberi

    Cazzo più di mezzo video di chiacchiere

  • Play Time
    Play Time

    UGR Lambo vs the Hoonicorn!!!

  • Rex McStiller
    Rex McStiller

    I´m in love with trophy trucks. They are just the best SUV´s out there.

  • Rex McStiller
    Rex McStiller

    How much does it cost to operate the Hoonicorn for 10mins?


    what is the name of the background beat you used for the intro? by the way I love the acceleration of the hoonicorn

  • Chris Matthew
    Chris Matthew

    bro ken is attacking that clutch man... but that raptor was a pretty sick built

  • Jonathan Cartmel
    Jonathan Cartmel

    Would love to see the Hoonicorn against one of those quick 7 seconds 4cyl civics..

  • Timm B
    Timm B

    Do you really have to go over why your racing the hoonicorn in every video? Just skip your intro or come up with something new please. And please race something that has a chance, like I don't know another methanol car maybe. Its a fast car but you only race it against cars you know can't win.

  • Aminu Yazid
    Aminu Yazid

    Ken please do me a favor help race Tesla.

  • Kings

    Race a alpha 12 GTR 🙌💪

  • เอก บุญเพ็ง
    เอก บุญเพ็ง

    Very good

  • เอก บุญเพ็ง
    เอก บุญเพ็ง

    FC Thailand

  • Ali HN
    Ali HN

    10:09 Ken's hood popped loose after he changed gears😳

  • Johnny A. Quevedo
    Johnny A. Quevedo

    Hoonicorn vs wrx from travis p.

  • celso guajardo villarreal
    celso guajardo villarreal

    Excelente saludos desde Apodaca Nuevo Leon Mexico.....

  • Hans Riegner
    Hans Riegner

    Anyone else notice a pry bar zip tied at 2:50

  • Chris_ Rhodes_
    Chris_ Rhodes_

    where the hell is the "wheelie" at

  • Jarrod Steve
    Jarrod Steve

    The blue astronomy chiefly wrap because sea microregionally grease aside a peaceful frown. sore, rhetorical cirrus

  • Yaw Asiedu
    Yaw Asiedu

    Ken is definitely a living legend 👻

  • dgtlgtr

    Hoonicorn vs. Nth Moto's Juggernaut Viper.

  • John K
    John K

    Imagine if that truck had turbos or a superchager...itd be fuckin ridiculous. That and some gearing and i think itd hang with the ruinicorn

  • David Hiram Gtz Lindero
    David Hiram Gtz Lindero

    Is a mustang fasbac?

  • David Hiram Gtz Lindero
    David Hiram Gtz Lindero

    Ese es un mustang fasbac?

  • Omnihil777

    Who makes that music? I mean, is there somewhere a lil guy in the basement with an old laptop doing this? It's awful. But nice cars though. :)

  • 7sixPAUL

    Fast and Furious gearbox be like: 13:40

  • Erick Villalva
    Erick Villalva

    I couldnt care less who won, that truck pulled a hell of a show. AND THE NOISE!

  • Jordan Larson
    Jordan Larson

    Hoonicorn vs Volkswagen I.D. R (I wanna see it race a no-joke electric)

  • UberzyrhO

    The Hoonicorn is the UNICORN. It performs beyond expectations, it launches so freaking hard.. and your not geared for drag.. this car blows my mind

  • Abdul Haris Siregar
    Abdul Haris Siregar

    I think the best part in this video is prediction, we can learn predict who the winner

  • Joseph Ferdinand Manal
    Joseph Ferdinand Manal

    its like redbull vs monsters

  • LazyLion

    6:28 shout out Tom Segura

  • michaelcontreras892

    This one definitely needs another go around. The trophy truck should be on the dirt next to the road while the Hoonicorn is on the road. Side by side. Racing.

  • Edgar Rivera
    Edgar Rivera

    You have a great car. But you should choose real competition for that mustang. Always choosing cars that you know you can beat. Want real competition? Ask for Loquito Killer RX7 from PR. You will loose.

  • t.bennett

    I just love how the last shift is a got em!! shift. Everytime. That car plus the driver. No wonder we don't hear from Tanner no more.

  • j

    Has ken ever lost?

  • Marc Overley
    Marc Overley

    That was no competition

  • Jason Ross
    Jason Ross

    Trophy Truck and the diesel race truck that ford that did pikes peak who also raced hoonicorn be good race!

  • David Munyaradzi Mugadza
    David Munyaradzi Mugadza

    super bike???????????????????????

  • Karim Selkridge
    Karim Selkridge

    I think I've watched all of these videos now and it's just unreal how fast the Hoonicorn accelerates.

  • Алексей Ковалев
    Алексей Ковалев

    Please sound 2:22 Что за музыка на 2:22

  • skmetal7

    Now let's see ken and the hoonicorn race in the desert!

  • Static Ops
    Static Ops

    Offroad vs onroad. That speaks alot of awesome. Both are beasts!

  • Greg Thomas
    Greg Thomas

    This car is the real madmax stang

  • Taku Nakamura
    Taku Nakamura

    Hoonicorn vs f1 car. Sounds exciting 🔥

  • Jay Sims
    Jay Sims

    I'd love a trophy truck in the UK. Literally take any line you want.

  • John Krelac
    John Krelac

    Doesn't meather witch car you bring that mustag beat everything maybe formula 1 have chance:)))

  • Bill S
    Bill S

    Damn that 4WD gear gets off the line fast.

  • wengaiden

    When against tesla or porsche carrera?

  • JR's Variety Tv
    JR's Variety Tv

    Wonder if the stang would be faster with longer gears

  • Colin Clarke
    Colin Clarke

    hold up what’s the song at 0:35 ? i need it

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