Ariana Grande, The Weeknd - off the table (audio)
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Official “off the table featuring The Weeknd” Lyrics:
Will I ever love the same way again?
Will I ever love somebody like the way I did you?
Never thought you’d be so damn hard to replace
I swear it don’t need to be this way
If I cant have you, is love completely off the table?
Do I sit this one out and wait for the next life?
Am I too cold, am I not nice?
Might not be quite yet healed already
Should I be going too steady
But I just wanna know is love completely off the table
Will you be there?
Can I still love you? (can I, can I?)
Not yet healed already (not ready)
Should I be going too steady (too steady)
Just wanna know is love completely off the table
I’ll wait for you, even though it always feels like I’ll be number two
To someone you can’t hold anymore
If you let me in, I’m ready to give you what I couldn’t before
‘Cause I got you girl, let me help you through it
You’re trying to fill that void with a couple boys
I can see right through it
I’ll wait for you, even though it always feels like I’ll be number two
To someone you can’t hold anymore
If you let me in, I’m ready to give you what I couldn’t before
Cause I got you girl, let me help you through it
You’re trying to fill the void with a couple boys
I can see right through it

I can love you harder than I did before
Was in a dark place back then, I was toxic and then I was toxic to someone else
I was haunted by the hills, oh yeah
I couldn’t give you my all, but I will
If you let me in your arms
If you let me in your heart
I don’t think that love’s completely off the table
Will you be there? (Yes I will be there for ya)
Can I still love you? (can I, can I?)
Not yet healed already (not ready)
Should I be going too steady (too steady)
Just wanna know is love completely off the table
So can you hold me?
If I let you can you prove it to me?
‘Cause I need you to calm me down babe
Gotta get out of my head
Trying to be here from this bed
Just wanna know, just wanna know know know babe
Can you touch it like you believe in it, baby?
Let me think you never gonna leave on me, baby
‘Cause I aint her and you aint him thankfully
But it’s gon be hard to let someone else in again babe
Will you be there? (I’ll still wait, I’ll still wait for ya baby)
Can I still love you?
Not yet healed already (not ready)
Should I be going too steady (no, no, no)
Just wanna know is love completely off the table
I swear, I swear
I will wait for yah whenever you need

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Music video by Ariana Grande, The Weeknd performing off the table (Audio). © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Ariane grand lali lala
    Ariane grand lali lala

    Ariana Grande The Queen is my sweetest Lariana Grande wow. It's mine

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    happy tears x

    1:52 is absolutely heavenly... ❤️ That sOmEoNe ElsE

    • happy tears x
      happy tears x

      My favorite part of the song

  • Ex Shion
    Ex Shion

    Those rings that pops up here and there in this song makes me check up my phone constantly, it's damn identical to the ringing tone of messenger

  • Ahmed Aay
    Ahmed Aay

    Abel just came in and stole the song, Goddamn.

    • The Weekend
      The Weekend

      ** p0rn Ariana

  • Chad Hunter
    Chad Hunter

    Mmmmmkay this is my fav off the album!

  • Nirmiti

    This is SO relatable.

  • Ane Ninas
    Ane Ninas

    guys, i'm brazilian and i love Ari with passion, plus i'm learning english so i can get to know her

    • The Weekend
      The Weekend

      ** p0rn Ariana

  • João Paulo Natanael
    João Paulo Natanael

    50 likes and I’ll do an acoustic cover

  • Nana Ama Mensah
    Nana Ama Mensah

    This is her best album yet.periodt!! perfect collab for RnB

  • Maiara Gomes
    Maiara Gomes

    I loved this album ... everyone is perfect but this one, for me, is the best ... I love your work congratulations Ariana

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    Majd Badaoui

    this is like modern celine dion and paul anka - hard to say goodbye

  • Jason turner
    Jason turner

    Weeknd fucking up putting her on the track.

  • Nathan Nahrwold
    Nathan Nahrwold

    I never loved anyone the way I loved her! If I had 5 minutes to end things differently between us, I’d hold you close to this whole song, I’d kiss your forehead and take one long last look in your eyes and then walk away! A year and a half and I’m still crippled and numb without you here.. I try to find you in someone else and can’t! Love you Kirsten Knurowski

  • Denise Johnson
    Denise Johnson

    I want to cry as soon as The Weeknd starts singing 😭

  • Abbie Lambeth
    Abbie Lambeth

    at 2:41 it sounds like she is gonna say comment down below lmao

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    Jj Rose 101

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    Aiden The Hedgehog

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    Harrypotter ismylife

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    Jalissa Garriott

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    Fabii :3

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    Alien Monster

    You cannot just get tired of Ari's songs cuz she always release something to make you love her even more. Btw why is nobody saying something about those whistles? Those whistles in the back just snatched muy wig.

    • The Weekend
      The Weekend

      ** p0rn Ariana

  • Happenings in Universe
    Happenings in Universe

    After " Love me Harder " Pop king & Queen together once again ❤️❤️

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    Bobalada Shins pop

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    Finally got around to listening to this and it did not disappoint!!! These two together is just pure magic!!!! Keep them collabs coming 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    CheatDeath NYC

    this song sucks lol

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      Moonlight AMV

      ur music/songs are worse

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    Jessie Moniewski

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  • Mr. Bottomtops
    Mr. Bottomtops

    R.i.p. mac

  • mehmet onalan
    mehmet onalan

    the best part is 2:32

    • mehmet onalan
      mehmet onalan

      and 3:08

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    Sophia Maya

    try to read the comments without crying challenge

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    Jis Jass

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  • Silvia Capraru
    Silvia Capraru

    Alguien que hable español? Es que solo me e encontrado comentarios en ingles:(

    • Aulii Soares
      Aulii Soares

      I'm bilingual but imma be an asshole and purposely speak to you in English >:)

  • Kinda

    This is a nice song. But it reminds me much of Mariah Carrey's GTFO.

    • Denise Johnson
      Denise Johnson

      I agree!!!!! I hear a little Mariah in a few songs.

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    nekreiea Dumas

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    "I will love you harder than before" Love Me Harder- Ariana Grande and The Weeknd

  • A C
    A C

    This song touched my soul before I was even able to hear it, it hit me harder when I had the same flashbacks and me and you don’t even know each other, but I feel it incredibly. Beautiful song inspired by beautiful souls, that’s when music hits the hardest to our hearts. Keep doing great babygirl, can’t wait for the day I can finally be able to go to one of your concerts 🥰 #NumberOneSupporter 🙌#MaybeOneDay #LoveYou #RIPMAC 💙

  • Tyesha Janaee
    Tyesha Janaee


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    Jay xx

    Lowkey sounds like Kiana Lede's song Cancelled 🥺💕 just slowed down

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    Farhana Syed

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    ariana grande

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    Fôřəvəř Records

    Why is this song bringing back old memories?☹️☹️

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    Catherine Cervantes

    Ooo this song makes me need to listen to Whitney’ Houstons I have nothing .... same vibes for sure!

  • happyname

    I lowkey wish the weeknd's verse is directed to selena

    • The Weekend
      The Weekend

      ** p0rn Ariana



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    Sarah Abbas officiel

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    Kimberly Veronica

    i really don’t like her music but this new album is amazing and i have so much respect for her. i can’t even imagine losing my soulmate, i don’t think i’d even be able to cope with it after an hour, but here she is 2 years later and she is so successful and i hope she can fully heal and be left alone, she deserves this! 😞

  • Alma De Guzman
    Alma De Guzman

    Best of the best!!!

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    Mikaela B.

    To my mind, one of the best songs of Ariana 👏❤️❤️👍

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    Kate Henson

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    haley wagner

    this is the best song on the whole album. im in love

  • Unique Roster
    Unique Roster

    Nice song love from india

  • Saffira Karmoeddien
    Saffira Karmoeddien

    Everyone’s talking about how Ariana Grande dedicated this song for Mac. But did anyone thought that the weeknd is dedicating his words to Bella Hadid too?🥺

    • Deborah Tunis
      Deborah Tunis


    • Its Lucis
      Its Lucis

    • Lord Of The Lyrics
      Lord Of The Lyrics

      Maybe Selena?

  • Donny

    Not as good as "love me harder" of the yours truly album but I'll take it

    • shyguyraid

      love me harder was from my everything album

  • Angel Mae Roldan
    Angel Mae Roldan

    "will i ever love the same way again?"

  • Sergio Escarfuller
    Sergio Escarfuller

    Damn I think this was a waste of potential. It doesn’t hit for me personally, especially not like love me harder.

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    Vish Pat

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    Catherine Shuman

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    Kailen Nicole

    Gives me goosebumps everytime



  • Prieto Family
    Prieto Family


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    Alexis Kelley

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    Allie Sims

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