Ancient Greece in 18 minutes
Homer, The Minotaur, 300 spartans, Greek theatre, Parthenon, democracy - everything that you once knew, but forgot, in a crash course video by Arzamas.
Narrated by Brian Cox.
"Ancient Greece in 18 minutes" is an English version of a Russian video by Arzamas. We also have a few other projects in English:
Russian Art in the 20th Century -
Who are you in 1917 Russia? -
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    Kishor v.p

    Please do more of these. mind blowing

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    HCR tv Official

    Who else is preparing for a test

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    Guys this is only 1 of 2 english videos on his channel, the rest is ENTIRELY Russian. I almost want to learn it just to watch

  • Ardian Kasapi
    Ardian Kasapi

    am Albanian. I am obliged to give you an opportunity to react positively. For a long time not only you but many operators with or without intention are trying to hide the truth. Someone out of ignorance, someone with malicious intent continues to lie using terminology inconsistent with scientifically proven facts. I do not understand where the word "Greek" is. Deep and complete studies have proved that the Troy war was a war between the ancient Albanians then called Pelasgians. The whole fable of the war is based on two ancient Albanian traditions, faith and hospitality. Achilles prayed to his pelasgian god ZEUS. The Trojan War dated 1100 B.C. Herodotus admits that the 3 tribes that came to the Illyrian peninsula date back to 700B.C. Where did the "Greeks" come from? The word "Greek" comes from the Albanian word "graec" which means the place where women own, ie the regime of matrarkat. 7th century B.C. were in patriarchal regime. This is where the change that leads to the truth begins. The Romans referring to Homer when they conquered the Illyrian peninsula, 100 B.C. said we conquered "graec" and began to use the term "Greek". So the use of the term "Greek" in the Troy war till 1821 is already being misused because it confuses 1000 years of history. reference Mathjeu Aref Helena Kocaqi Kastriot Melyshi Aristidh Kola and the list goes on indefinitely. When you are in time, turn away from the truth.

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    The Criminal Fan

    I guess it’s real

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    Carol Ann Miles

    The Ides of March! Courtesy Phi Theta Kappas + KiRows..... 😆

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    Yuri Tarded

    Is it just me or is the channel Russian?

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    James MacDonald

    why does 'Sparta and it's allies' sound so wrong

  • George

    Athens, mother of Democracy


    Greece is the only country in the world that does not recognize the minorities of other countries and their rights inside the Greek territory, but for other countries, the Greeks demand that the Greek minorities be recognized, "The country that invented democracy"!?!?!?!?!

  • Tangkistang Sadboi
    Tangkistang Sadboi

    Agamemnon is the narrator btw...

  • Πετρος Νακ
    Πετρος Νακ

    Great job. I dont know if you noticed people, but theres no turkish civilization at all, modern day Turkey shouldnt be called Turkey, we should call it a mix of Mongols. Kappa

  • ilir zaimi
    ilir zaimi

    All antiquity belonged to the Illyrians. Why do you offend the people who gave you civilization?

  • C, n, k, K
    C, n, k, K

    Why is it that throughout history we humans keep making the same mistakes over and over without learning. There has to be a fundamental flaw in our perception of reality otherwise we wouldn't be making these same mistakes. If this is correct then we have no hope of correcting this flaw in our DNA. Doomed.

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    one two three

  • Sultan of Sultans Safiye Sultan
    Sultan of Sultans Safiye Sultan

    Epirus is Albania and Solun Macedonia.

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    giannis sergis

    You heard it kids, Alexander was Greek

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    Georgios Giannoukas

    8:22 I got chills hearing that. That's some powerful stuff.

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    Good video

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    this is awesome

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    tomorrow I have this test whank you for the video

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    I can't see the map

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    Opp W

    Ancient Greece were waz black n’shieet

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    Tathagat Chatterjee

    Selucids? Ptolemaic empires?

  • SadPrincess00

    i didn't know that ancient greece was even older and more advanced than rome!

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    nice documentary

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    altin mares

  • Eklipon

    Guys stop fighting over Macedonia. If Alexander was Skopjan he would have been named Boris or something. But yeah I would feel really bad if my nationality was basically made up in recent years. What's sad is that you can't take pride in what you really are. You're ashamed of it. Poor Skopjans. Say it I'M A PROUD SKOPJAN AND I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HELLENES AND ALEXANDER. Then you'll feel a lot better about yourselves.

  • Sir hornius Maximus
    Sir hornius Maximus

    I'm a greek and I'm reading the comments to boost my ego

  • Henry Livingstone
    Henry Livingstone

    The announcer is so formal and academic so I keep getting thrown off when he uses modern jargon like “memes” and “roasted” 😂😂😂

  • OrfeitheGreat

    and where the F are the Thracians who Herodotus wrote the most numerous people after the Indians ?!!?!?

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    A T

    Hi his guys content is level 1000

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    what software was used to do this video? it's amazing!

  • shvat26

    Brian Cox is the narrator, by sound of voice? Yes, according to the notes. (I'd not looked because many uploads don't give key broadcast or or performer info. Thank you for giving info.)

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    Lo Pha

    I love u girl💋😘🔥💄

  • Chris Oszywa
    Chris Oszywa

    ANCIENT GREEK was an alarm language, that is why they were so advanced see

  • Viv Mc'Kinley
    Viv Mc'Kinley

    It is wrong to say Russian for the alphabet, but Slavic instead

  • Ophelia Jikl
    Ophelia Jikl

    Macedonias are Greek for God's sake. Same religion, same language , same education. When The Great Alexander conquered a new place he dedicated to Greece. Macedonia is a geographical " apartment " like Peloponesse, Epirus , Thessalia etc. A part of Greece to be clear. Give me an ancient macedonian writing I'll translate it , because its in ancient Greek. To mislead and create such propaganda is really pathetic. I Am Macedonian Greek, studying History and it is really sad to call them ( us ) " distant relatives ".

  • Andon Markaj
    Andon Markaj

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    james fiaco

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    my history teacher made me watch this vid so yeah

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    Your videos are amazing, you just need to continue doing some in English

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    Please can someone summary this to us by typing can't understand the narrators voice

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    A true democracy! "They could all participate." Yay! "Excluding slaves and women." Oh.

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    A la verga.9X5LE9-TZMYX2-5J4ACS

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    Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.

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    Bro dropped 2 English vids and dipped

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    *looks at which video comes next* "History of Russia (parts 1 - 5)" length - 47:00 Me: Welp, say goodbye to sleeping.

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    Great but please get rid of the background music

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    I love how most of the comments are just "Reeee Macedonians were fully Greek!1!!"

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    Amazing video!

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    La fantastico

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    lol i'm literally only here bcs for some reason the internet is just dumb

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    the alphabet is not Russian...


    who said this, greece has been an albanian land since 5000 years ago it was an Illyrian land, greece was created with egyptians from egypt stealing illyrian lands and with a language invented by the roman empire the Greeks created "Elada" with a false history distorting the true autochthonous Illyrian Albanian history

    • Greek Productions
      Greek Productions

      I hope you are trolling otherwise your "historical knowledge" is just sad.

  • Eathan Merrick
    Eathan Merrick

    not 18 min its ancient greece in 17 min

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    Tomaž Menič

    These videos are amazing! Why did you stop producing them in English? I would love to see more of them. Thanks 👍

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    A Kiri Anbu

    Greeks > Romans

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  • drawing with parrots
    drawing with parrots

    Fun fact the alaxandriane parakeet is named becouse of alexander the great

  • Ultimate Whinger
    Ultimate Whinger

    Didnt the roman empire after the germanic tribes of England kicked them out cal themselves the byzantian/m empire?

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    K. Day

    Horrible narration voice.

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    Dis is Sparta

  • TypeNull

    We are the people that made the first European civilization as it stands today. We are these who conquered Egypt and Persia. We are these who gave our lights to Rome. We are these who created an empire that lasted more than 1000 years. We are these who stood tall against axis invasion. We are Greece..

    • Tard Wrangler
      Tard Wrangler

      Now look a at Greece lmao. Get your shit together

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    Gameboy Rim

    ancient china is 2 minutes please

  • SuperTapper

    Man, your voice makes it completely hard to understand the context of this video.

  • Mama& Aurora
    Mama& Aurora

    Ancient Greeks were Albanians 🇦🇱 PROOF ---> Olympia = O Lumt Shpia = Glories House Aphrodite = Afer Dita = Near Day / Dawn Hera = Era = Wind Apollo = Apelon = Appeal Rhea = Reja = Clouds Zeus = Zot = God Pegasus = Prej nga Zeus = Comes from God Ares = Are = Field Demeter = Dimer = Winter Hestia = Vjeshta = Autumn Primavera/ Minerva = Pran Vera = Spring Poseidon = Posedon = Owns Triton = Driton = Light Up Thetis = Deti = Sea Fortuna = Furtuna = Storm Kronos = Krijoj = Create Amalthea = Tamel Dhia = Goat Milk Adamanthea = At Te Man Dhia = The Goat should Nurse Him Hephaestus = Sefa e Shtus = Joy and Rise Alexander = Aj Le Si Ander = Born Like a Dream Cleopatra = Ka Le E Para = First To Be Born Archimedes = Ar Ki M Des = Gold you will Die Hippocrates = Hapi Krahet = Spread your Wings Herodotus = Era e Dites = Day Wind Aristotle = Ari Do Te Le = Gold Shall He Born Paris =Pari = First Pericles = Pari ka le = First Born Asclepius = Aj Se ka Le Pi Ujt = He who has born from the Waters Achilles = I Quillit /Ne Quill Le = From The Sky /Born in the Sky Hercules = Hekur Les = Born Iron Troy = Troja = Place or Land of Origin/Roots Medusa = Me Dy Sy --> With 2 Eyes Pandora = Pun Dore = Hand Made Odyssey = Udhetues = Travel /Traveler The letter DH did not exist in the Roman Aphabet so they changed the word just like Dhompir = (Drink With Teeth) they change it to Vampire Ajax = Gjak / Ne Gjak = Blood / Blood Feud Oracles of Pythia = Ore ku Len Pytje = There where you ask a Question Delphi = Selvi/Selvije = A Beauty Together it says = There where you ask the Beauty a question Alexander the Great Soldiers, that settled in Pakistan for more then 2000 years are Called Hunza = Hunda = Nose Burushi= Burrash or Burr = Men Pamiri = Pamja Mir = Good Looking Kalashi = Kala or Kali = Castle or Horse. Alexander the Great Named Most Mountain in Asia Tirisch Mir = Ti Rish Mir = You stay Well Rakaposhi = Ra ka Poshte = Falls Downwards Torabora = Tu Ra Bora = Snow is Falling Stok Kangri = Sa Toke ka Ngri = So much Land is Frozen Bubli Motin = Bubullime Moti = Thunder Weather Ka ra Buura = Ka ra Bora = Snow has Fallen Diran = Durron / Dy Ren = Two Turns / Withstand Shpartans King List Names Translation into Albanian Sparta = Shpata = Sword Lycurgus = Ligji = Law Agis = Aga = Elder Theopupos = Dhe I Popullt = Nation Land Doryssos = Durojesh = Withstand Damaratos = Te Meriton = You Deserve Klenymos = Ka Le Ndimues = Born a Helper Cleombrotos = Ka Le Mbrojte = Born a Shild / Born Protective Kleodaios = Ka Le I Dijes = Born All Knowing Alcamenas = Aj Ka Menas = He has a Mind Eurykratos = U rritch Krye or Krahet = Grow Headed or Grow Big Shouldred Eurypon = U rritch Pun = Grow Harworking Eurysthenes = U rritsch sa te Hene = May you grow to the Moon Eurydamedas = U riritch sa me dit = Grow until you Know Pausanias = Pasunia = Wealthy Hippocratidas = Hapi Krahet = Spread you Wings Hippomendon = Hapi Mended = Think Wise Ariston = Arrituar = Reach Success Labotas = Sa Bota = Big as Earth Anaxadritas = I Ngjan Drites = Resemble The Light Anaxilaos = I Ngjan Yjet = Resemble The Stars Anaxandros = I Ngjan Andres = Resemble a Dream Anaxidamos = I Ngjan Demit = Resemble a Bull Zeuxidamus = Zerin Si Demi = Voice of a Bull Arehidamus = Aj Rrehet Si Demi = He Fights Like a Bull Menares = Menare = Wise Polydoros = Fol I Dores = Speaks Profiency Echestratos = Udhes Drejtes = Lead Straight Nikomedes = Nje Kombit = One Nation Randon Italien Cities Names Translation into Albanians Italy / Viteli = Ve Dielli = Place of Sun or Sunny Place Calabria = Kala Briri = Casle of Horns or Horn Caste Rome = Rromullak = Round ( couse all Buldings were build in a Circle Shape ) Sicily = In the east the Siculi, or Sicels, who gave their name to the Island but were reputed to be latecomers from Italy; to the west of the Gelaes River, the Sicani; and in the extreme west the Elymians , a people to whom a Trojan origin. Siculi = Sikur Ylli = Like the Star Sicani = Sikur Hana = Like the Moon Elymians = Ylli Mi Hanes = Star above the Monn ( Like Illuminati, but that says: Ylli Mi Nat = Star above the Night ) And also Julius Ceasar says: Je Ylli = You are a Star , Ca es ar says: Ky esht Ar = He is Gold As a History Lover im Disappointed I have been tought the wrong History all this time. And how many more Albanians have to live in the dark believing its all Greek .. Arvanites: Live in Greece for thousands of years, and speak 🇦🇱 Arbëreshë: Live in Italy for thousands of years, and speak 🇦🇱 Arnavut: Live in Turkey for thousands of years, and speak 🇦🇱 Alexander’s Hunza ,Kalash , Pamir , Live in Asia for thousands of years, and use Albanians words 🇦🇱 Where are the Greek Speakers, that settled somewhere in the World, for thousands of years, and speak Ancient Greek ????? WAKE UP People !!! ANCIENT GREECE SPOKE ALBANIAN!! @ancient_albania Instagramahddgffee

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      @Mama& Aurora Aaa ju jeni ato fansat e agron dalipaj qe komentoni ne YT! gjynah prej zotit jeni 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      @Mama& Aurora Ignorant😂😂😂

    • Mama& Aurora
      Mama& Aurora

      @Rogers B yes I laugh too when those Anatolia orthodox Pontic Turks of Greece thinking , they are arvanite related to Alexander and they great parents fought for Greek independence 😂😂 they just came 200 years ago 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Rogers B
      Rogers B

      @Mama& Aurora You're just a functional illiterate who hates the Greeks 😂😂😂😂

    • Mama& Aurora
      Mama& Aurora

      @Rogers B don’t waste time declaring Mycenaeans minoans kings of the world the pure white aryan race 😂😂 you need to learn a lot .. Mycenaeans are just an Anatolia dark race that settled in Greece for a while till the son of Hercules returned the Dorians Illyrians and got rid of them ... modern Greeks are only related to Mycenaeans now cause 1923 population exchange over 2 millions Anatolia orthodox Turks and Armenians were forced to migrate to Greece by now they must me 5 million orthodox Turks living in Greece thinking they are Dorians white Classical Greek


    Iraq =babylonia

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    that voice is so smooth it can put butter on toast

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    “There is everything in Greece except Greeks “LoL

  • jorgan Kharn
    jorgan Kharn

    Macedonian Kingdom not other

  • jorgan Kharn
    jorgan Kharn

    “There is everything in Greece except Greeks “LoL

  • Bruce

    We need a movie about the people who smashed all the Hermes statue dicks

  • herko keranen
    herko keranen

    17:14 '' the weird Russian Alphabet '' ... what an annoying way to put it .... Old Slavonic = Bulgarian ... This was the Bulgarian Alphabet. that became the alphabet for all Slavs ...

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    But you said in 18 mins it’s not quit 18 mins now that’s a mythe

  • Brightlytical

    It’s a great vid

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    how do u do all dat animation? impressive.

  • chrisimos588

    1) Doros and Doreans were Greeks. 2) The Phenecian made symbols, Minoan made symbols, Mycenean made symbols. Greeks made letters and the alfabet, they dont take it from others.

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    Randy Watson

    Love ancient Greece.

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    Scott Whitley

    Is this Brian Cox that plays Agamemnon in Troy?

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    This was fucking awesome.

  • Θνητός Αθλητίας
    Θνητός Αθλητίας

    so close to the truth .. but it is impossible to know the reality. the subject requires so much study... which was probably done by several people. historical sources are not mentioned... only the narrator is mentioned. by the way.. in Physics we trust !

  • Nikos Kaitatzis
    Nikos Kaitatzis

    Aristotele he is not only teaching in Macedonia but he is also born there...Stageira,,Chalkidiki

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    Que Dios nos perdone.

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    kala krasa

    Unbearably surfacial.

  • PG Plays Video Games
    PG Plays Video Games

    I'm guessing there's no consensus on what caused the dark age (the reason i found this video) because this ( link claims there's no archaeological evidence to support the dorians causing the dark age. it's still believable though, that the 'greeks' left by boat across the Mediterranean sea and only returned later. it would explain the two different writing / languages before and after. but i'm not history buff person thing so ..

  • Roozbeh Bahramian
    Roozbeh Bahramian

    I do not know why you say to Alexander, a great Alexander, if Alexander was really a big person, he will fire the Persepolis Library and eliminates the first human rights structure.

  • Aneil P
    Aneil P

    Great video. I love how the narrator (who is awesome) wrapped up on such a silly/anti-climactic note: "The Byzantine Empire extended the life of Greek culture another thousand years...leaving us the weird Russian alphabet for instance." Nicely done.

  • Walter

    This guys voice just makes me want to learn

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