Among Us Logic 13 | Cartoon Animation
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A new player enters the lobby and discovers a way to revive dead crewmates. Will Player join them and cheat in order to get his first victory?
🡆 Abigail Turner -
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  • GameToons

    This AMONG US skin pack is awesome! 🔥 Don't be sus, go and get this skin pack NOW! 🔪 Make sure to show off your in game pics to us!

    • TJ Gaming
      TJ Gaming

      Hey where is players girlfriend in fall guys can you put it in among us

    • Boris Tomic
      Boris Tomic

      Is this the end

    • Xzander Graves
      Xzander Graves

      Jesus loves and died on the cross for us to save our sins so confess and repent and we'll be saved no cap.

    • Diamond Tiara
      Diamond Tiara

      @Belinda Vanbeers I hope not but what player did too hurt his friends seemed kinda selfish. Don’t you think that I have a good point?

    • Abu Hanifah
      Abu Hanifah

      i have the skin (they are among us) so cool

  • Noemi Villegas-Valdez
    Noemi Villegas-Valdez

    how many logic's are there tho ???? hmmm

  • Kelly McCormack
    Kelly McCormack

    Can someone please explain to me on how Player got sent to the Cheater's Lobby and not Monster and Orange? They were the cheaters. Then again this show is just designed to make Player lose. You hear me Gametoons. Make Player win for once or people will stop showing interest in this show.

  • Jenny Meyer
    Jenny Meyer

    Why at the beginning there was no player

  • Thebanisher9183


  • Thebanisher9183


  • James Newman
    James Newman

    I want to get it but i don't know how to get it

  • Starcreepz

    mini crewmate: *Breathes* NotOrange: Bad mini crewmate

  • Alexthepro0822 ,
    Alexthepro0822 ,

    Lol I bought It today

  • Luke Abram Silva
    Luke Abram Silva

    Not Orange baby sound triggered me as such

  • Uzziel Soriano
    Uzziel Soriano

    Hey nomor among us

  • Uzziel Soriano
    Uzziel Soriano

    Are there any vid

  • William Oriol
    William Oriol

    I shall get to PUmba now

  • William Oriol
    William Oriol

    I like it woods Gametoons

  • Josephine Modersohn
    Josephine Modersohn

    If you listen to Mothers body when she's brought back to life, it sounds like a bone breaking, and among us people have one bone, and no joints. So when not orange says she might experience major joint discomfort, it's probably actually the bone cracking. Which would explain why she screamed SO much.😁

  • William Oriol
    William Oriol

    Why does Mother call the mini cremated children

  • William Oriol
    William Oriol

    I like it

  • William Oriol
    William Oriol

    Cool that Not Orange tigers out how to revive crewmates

  • William Oriol
    William Oriol

    First episode that Veteran get to voted off

  • Sharen Dinkins
    Sharen Dinkins

    Why is player not in the first game in this episode

  • Sharen Dinkins
    Sharen Dinkins

    Not Orange:revives with a revive machine.Monster:Gets mad at him and leaves the game.

  • PhantomGamer 1.0
    PhantomGamer 1.0

    wait.....cheese is the most popular guy in the series?....l:l wat

  • Tyler Brogdon
    Tyler Brogdon

    Worst episode ever

  • Lingqin Tu
    Lingqin Tu

    orenge so bad

  • Paul Irvine
    Paul Irvine

    ............ PLAYER you.........big...........NOOB! wh-why would you do that player wow you finally win but then you lose you noob player big idiot to I would never do that

  • Anthony Valdez
    Anthony Valdez

    Does anyone think that not-oranges scream is sooooo amusing 0:21

  • DJ M00nlight
    DJ M00nlight

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  • #animation sergeant
    #animation sergeant

    Um player revived poopyfarts in episode 6

  • MVM TV
    MVM TV

    We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment


    Don’t cheat keep kids ;)

  • Llord makisig Santiago
    Llord makisig Santiago

    Cyan is half the fan base

  • Alex Montes
    Alex Montes

    Player is my favorite 🙂

  • Rayan Rousan
    Rayan Rousan

    A revive macine

  • Grade Teacher
    Grade Teacher

    Remove poopyfarts96 from the videos

  • Ari Blatchley
    Ari Blatchley

    I love mister cheese

  • Da Lego fam's fan GUYS
    Da Lego fam's fan GUYS

    i knew it was to good to be true

  • Yousef

    Orange subjectlivy created a machine and processed it to a healing crystal the system the machine worked wow

  • ZL Hacks
    ZL Hacks


  • •HxneyQueen•

    HAHAHAHAHA Mr Cheese!

  • Consuelo Nunez
    Consuelo Nunez

    Mr. Cheese “ it’s what the fans want!” The voice of Ms. Cheese is so adorable

  • Dudu Mhlanga
    Dudu Mhlanga

    but i don ,t have mony

  • Digital Soldier XP
    Digital Soldier XP

    Hey at least he won finally

  • Mangle

    Poor mini crewmate

  • Mangle

    1 like = One Signature for Mr. Cheese to have special treatment cuz he's the besstt 1 comment = One Signature for Mother to be the only one with children

  • Joshua

    Please you need to stop making them to face serious because that's confusing my freaking confusing my brain

  • April Kinder
    April Kinder

    When player wins they all be like "How could such a b!tch win? Oh well, we always win, no surprise"

  • June Robinson
    June Robinson

    Mr. Cheese deserves orange. And how dare NotOrange be mean to kid.

  • Penny Cockerell
    Penny Cockerell

    You know that everyone that is signed into youtube is already a youtuber

  • Penny Cockerell
    Penny Cockerell

    I like your content

  • Don Camero
    Don Camero

    Why is brown not talking? Thats kinda sus (White =imposter)

  • James I’m only 7 so please Be nice to me among us
    James I’m only 7 so please Be nice to me among us

    I already have the minecraft logdotzip among us skin pack on minecraft PS4

  • Leon Elias Lopez Ferrer
    Leon Elias Lopez Ferrer

    7:02 Heyheyhey that situation gives me Monster x Not Orange vibes and they are so far one of the little amount of characters I do like sooo yeah pretty likeing the ship idk

  • Dotty Llama
    Dotty Llama

    Imagine if there was really a revise thing in Among us.

  • Leland Smith
    Leland Smith

    No offence but it hurt my soul when orange sprayed the mini crew. (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

  • maria huerta
    maria huerta


  • Gamer’s Gamestorm
    Gamer’s Gamestorm

    Why is revival illegal here but not in halloween

  • NinjaValtreak11

    Stop breaking the fourth wall!

  • Pam Rogers
    Pam Rogers


  • Cohen Roth
    Cohen Roth

    *cries in no minecoins*

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    The ending is like that meme "I've won but at what cost?" Or "suffering from success"

  • lionstarwolf

    But i already cheated and i idnt got on that lobbby

  • Elvis Davis
    Elvis Davis

    If you actually cheat you be in the cheater please forever

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide

      Hey, it’s me!

  • RouteSonic902

    shouldn't monster and not orange be in the cheater's lobby

  • Jaxier Otero
    Jaxier Otero

    Mother and I hav pets

  • Clar1nettist

    monster and not orange are the people who team up and say "IT WAS [colour] I'M ON DISCORD HE TOLD ME"


    I have a idea for the next episode player should fall in love and have family and finally win a game I hope you like it it can go on for 4 episodes at that I hope it does from the number 1 fan of the show . P.S I hate mr cheese he so annoying and weird as well. Thank you

  • Bhatia Vedaant
    Bhatia Vedaant

    Ok this video ells us where dead bodies are on the map after a meeting. They are put back in medbay!

  • Leiland Sneddon
    Leiland Sneddon

    Dr player I like

  • BearsEatChips

    Mr cheese is the best charcter

  • Fnaf FamiLY
    Fnaf FamiLY


  • Syed Shah
    Syed Shah

    Bone: I was the winner too Ayra: shut up bone

  • kele6wele


  • jo jo 3 logics
    jo jo 3 logics

    I can’t believe player actually finally won just because he cheated

  • Chloe V
    Chloe V

    Among Us: What did you want? Player: To win once in Among Us. Among Us: What did you lose? Player: Everything.

  • محمد اسكندر
    محمد اسكندر

    السلام عليكم

  • Player

    At least I won 😭

  • Not Orange YT
    Not Orange YT

    Hey, it’s me!

  • Flashy the Cyborg Hedgehog
    Flashy the Cyborg Hedgehog

    The adorable little guy just wanted a hug 3:09 :(

  • Madeleine Awili
    Madeleine Awili

    Oh I didn't watch the whole thing . Wow

  • Madeleine Awili
    Madeleine Awili


  • Jordy De Zee
    Jordy De Zee

    but why are not-orange, monster and "bone" not there?

  • France Tajanlangit
    France Tajanlangit

    player win but jr can get out in cheter lobby

    • Ricther Belmont
      Ricther Belmont

      @France Tajanlangit Mr Cheese botted in episode 10

    • France Tajanlangit
      France Tajanlangit

      but Mr cheese in there he's not a hacker

  • gaming with Aban F
    gaming with Aban F

    Cant they just bann them or kick them out of the lobby

  • Omi Tarappe
    Omi Tarappe

    At least player won even he at cheater lobby

  • Sabina Basley
    Sabina Basley

    Can you make a video where player trys to escape the cheater realm

  • Aslan Dudu
    Aslan Dudu

    Rainbow Crewmates 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 5:25

  • S.panger Ao
    S.panger Ao

    Why only him??

  • brandon34


  • FakePlayerGamer

    0:03 well that part the way blue is animated seems new to me

  • Probably when player finally gets a among us win is when among us is all ready dead ☠️



  • mini crewmate
    mini crewmate

    You should make a episode that player actually wins

  • Bubba Chuck
    Bubba Chuck

    Player almost win

  • Eugenie Moussas
    Eugenie Moussas

    He has luck

  • Eugenie Moussas
    Eugenie Moussas

    Check next epesode

  • Eugenie Moussas
    Eugenie Moussas

    I feel bad for player he my favorite character

  • Anely Manuel
    Anely Manuel

    Can y'all do a music video lemon tree

  • Hyperx09xd

    This is my third favorite Among us logic =)

  • Ayla Veater
    Ayla Veater

    blue and "not orange" are the real dumb ones lol

  • oof boys
    oof boys

    @oof boys

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