Among Us With NEW CAPTAIN ROLE.. (broken)
Among Us With NEW CAPTAIN ROLE.. (broken)
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  • Adway Aadhi
    Adway Aadhi

    its brown brown sake shilds

  • Radioactive Gaming
    Radioactive Gaming

    Imagine this with guardians

  • Vijesh George
    Vijesh George


  • Dorky Emily
    Dorky Emily

    I last saw lime and black in there

  • Desmond

    Can you kill the captain?

  • James O'Shea
    James O'Shea

    Hey Alex I love your videos but there is something I’d like to see it’s opposites role so basically a crewmate can vent and kill but imposters can’t and imposters can’t report but they can only do tasks I think it would change the game like A LOT please notice me


    I think at the start he said super crew mate

  • Emma Kirbby
    Emma Kirbby

    Whats the vode dude

  • Emma Kirbby
    Emma Kirbby

    How do I join Alex discored whats the code

  • Chris Ryder
    Chris Ryder

    Hamster role

  • Zsófia Balogh
    Zsófia Balogh

    Well one way to better guess what the Captain is doing as an impostor is setting a timer or counting for their zoomout cooldown. So you'll be able to sort of blindly assume when they have a chance to zoom and how long they can do it approximately. And they sure going to do it cause why wouldn't you zoom out as soon as you have the chance to? And staying in the vent after a kill even if it takes minutes. But actually this role is way too OP. Unless you leave the captain cooldown insanely long or only give them only a couple of chances to zoom during one game. Maybe when using this role crewmates should have lots of tasks so impostors have a chance to play it long i guess.

  • Multi skills M
    Multi skills M

    I hope you make the death note and life note role so you need to find the peoples real name and then they die in 30 seconds

  • Farrel Cube
    Farrel Cube

    New update??

  • dajajaj minecraft
    dajajaj minecraft

    What mod pls

  • Anayo kelvin
    Anayo kelvin

    You could’ve gone to admin and when you see somebody vent then press zoom out and you see who the person is

  • Gabriel Lang
    Gabriel Lang

    It looks so big I did not know the skeld was soo big

    • Gabriel Lang
      Gabriel Lang



    Same as captain America

  • Tania Small
    Tania Small


  • Tania Small
    Tania Small


  • Tania Small
    Tania Small


  • Lucas Lee
    Lucas Lee

    Role: Among us but one person has a uno reverse card, when they get killed it kills one of the imposters! recommended on 3 impostors so not too OP

    • Lucas Lee
      Lucas Lee

      @Vincent Banh lol

    • Vincent Banh
      Vincent Banh

      Hope that person has 3 uno reverse cards

  • Joshua Griffin
    Joshua Griffin

    Demon imposter

  • David Chijindum
    David Chijindum

    there so cool

  • David Chijindum
    David Chijindum

    how do we get mods

  • Jameel Ahmad
    Jameel Ahmad

    How to play this mode

  • TotallyAiko

    Is this a mod?

  • Maayan Ganson
    Maayan Ganson

    Cool videos

  • Lovita Choudhury
    Lovita Choudhury

    Wow New role

  • Lovita Choudhury
    Lovita Choudhury


  • Serafina R
    Serafina R

    How about a thief mode ? Like you can steal the crews task for a certain amount of time and kill them/sab/close doors?

  • Limelighter

    Can the impostors see if the captain is zooming?

  • Lucia Gonzalez
    Lucia Gonzalez

    Police Officer: Can't be killed, Can kill anyone Wins if imposter is dead/meeting

  • Hafsa Rana
    Hafsa Rana

    I know zmde also maked this video

  • Parvana Shibu
    Parvana Shibu

    Dark blue is the impostor you saw in nav blue standing on the vent kinda sus right

  • Kaizen Sinha
    Kaizen Sinha


  • Kaizen Sinha
    Kaizen Sinha


  • Mary izobelle
    Mary izobelle

    Terrified- idk how to spell it to Lol

  • Eiya Seal Vitchanate
    Eiya Seal Vitchanate

    I like this

  • Zane-Andrew Clarke
    Zane-Andrew Clarke

    I think a cool mod will be a captain america mod

  • Thediamondx12

    You took this from ZMDE!

  • coolkid

    You guys know what I'm about to say.... I AM THE CAPTAIN NOW.

  • Ruben Dik
    Ruben Dik

    Super imposter becomes invisseble

  • Aisyah Fahd
    Aisyah Fahd

    How to download

  • Achita (Cheetah) Meteevorakulkij
    Achita (Cheetah) Meteevorakulkij

    The first round I saw a vent at weapons up there at 7:41-7:47 try looking at it!


    pokemon mod

  • Roblox_gamer 45
    Roblox_gamer 45


  • Felix White
    Felix White

    Idea: among us but there is a new MASTER ROLE! 1. The role is able to zoom out and see the whole map 2. He is allowed to switch the maps between eachother 3. He can’t see the task bar

  • Hfihfkggidjgxf j
    Hfihfkggidjgxf j

    Chef mode

  • Claudia Draw Doodle bob
    Claudia Draw Doodle bob

    I hope You do A Sonic. exe Mod.

  • FAR ISH The gamer
    FAR ISH The gamer

    Its is skeld net

  • M Dude
    M Dude

    Realistic mod

  • Just A Random Frog On Your Lawn
    Just A Random Frog On Your Lawn

    I wrote this with a grape

  • Obi-Wan’s Lair
    Obi-Wan’s Lair

    Once upon a broken captain who the impostors feared... 😶😶😶😶

  • Hazel Arcay
    Hazel Arcay

    That's not real though we just anything ok


    The captain should have a different ability than Zoom. Zoom is too OP, or when the Zoom was activated all players should have an indication that the Zoom is activated

  • Junling Iiew
    Junling Iiew


  • Modaspro1

    pls like

  • Awele Ijei
    Awele Ijei

    spider man mod

  • Kiran Patel
    Kiran Patel

    Can u put a chef mod that instead of tasks, he or she looks around the map for food and is able to make the food into a meal that he or she can feed to players dead bodies to revive them, but if you kill him or her they can't come back so it's either like protect the chef or do your tasks ( if you haven't already)

    • Umarwa122

      medic but more interesting

    • stan skz for a better life
      stan skz for a better life


  • Fire Playz
    Fire Playz

    Hey you should make a Mandorlorian mod!

  • XxSavage GachaxX
    XxSavage GachaxX

    Alex: I’ll give you an internet cookie Me: tries to grabs a cookie off the screen Also me: realizes how STUPID I am

  • Sophia Yu
    Sophia Yu

    4:40 am I the only one that saw monkey faked tasks or am I just stupid and visuals are off

  • Orbital Potato
    Orbital Potato

    Who killed Captain Alex?

  • Tabitha Feeney
    Tabitha Feeney

    Does among us mod cast money

  • Gabriel Brennan
    Gabriel Brennan

    not a bad mod

  • random person
    random person

    how to istall this

  • Carlos Joaquin Borres
    Carlos Joaquin Borres

    wow nice

  • V_YLOD


  • AG - 02DC 921966 Morton Way PS
    AG - 02DC 921966 Morton Way PS

    I want the president role

  • Sourav Roy
    Sourav Roy

    @wait wuuut big turtle ship

  • Yousuf Mulla
    Yousuf Mulla

    all this time i wish i told u it was cyan

  • Denied Chats
    Denied Chats

    And kept trying to get the mod but I can’t get mod

  • Denied Chats
    Denied Chats

    U went to ur discord

  • Denied Chats
    Denied Chats

    How do I get the mod

  • Nash Hatake
    Nash Hatake

    The zoom is just so satisfying.

  • Vanessa Elena Riady
    Vanessa Elena Riady

    What about detective mode

  • Syahrul Akbar
    Syahrul Akbar


  • Stacy Sakata
    Stacy Sakata

    You should do a video where you can kill the imposters and crewmates if u kill all of them then u win. The mod name is (Thrower)

  • Christian zedrick Doquila
    Christian zedrick Doquila

    Is that real in among us?

  • Cindy Akis
    Cindy Akis

    Go zz

  • P E
    P E

    This guy is king 👑 KING 👑 OP He's so goood

  • Malebo Lekoape
    Malebo Lekoape


  • Abbey Harding
    Abbey Harding

    Can u make a vampire roll

  • Riddhi Tiwari
    Riddhi Tiwari


  • C-TNT Videos
    C-TNT Videos


  • Ganga brothers Gaming
    Ganga brothers Gaming

    how do you make mods plz tell

  • Nazrine Anika Mae Mendoza
    Nazrine Anika Mae Mendoza

    What about an insect animals and the power will be flying like anything that a bug can do but they can transform into any bug 🐛

  • Scholar Fon
    Scholar Fon

    he told the truth he gave me an internet cookie

  • bronson wid
    bronson wid


  • Neeru Awasthi
    Neeru Awasthi

    How do we install this app

    • Neeru Awasthi
      Neeru Awasthi

      Please tell me

  • Empy3rus YT
    Empy3rus YT

    Idea : add time traveler role

  • Ahmad Zawawi Mohamad Ariff Fahmi
    Ahmad Zawawi Mohamad Ariff Fahmi


  • Ahmad Zawawi Mohamad Ariff Fahmi
    Ahmad Zawawi Mohamad Ariff Fahmi

    I tink is yellow

  • Mista_potatoxd yt
    Mista_potatoxd yt

    Captain.. captain as in captain from among us logic?

  • Peter Neufeld GAMING
    Peter Neufeld GAMING

    How could I play with you I would love it🤩

  • Bill s
    Bill s


  • Jusonic Fan05
    Jusonic Fan05

    Idea: military role. It is where you have to buttons the first one is the scope. When you hit the button a menu will show and you click where you want tot watch the effect last for 10 - 15 seconds you decide. The other button is the gun it is where you can kill the imposter with it if you kill a fellow crew mate you go blind for 5 - 10 seconds. And the crew mates will get a little alarm on the side of there screen that the soldier has been blinded!

  • Nasra Omar
    Nasra Omar


  • Anonymous 222
    Anonymous 222

    Zoom call

  • LEGO Masters
    LEGO Masters