among us but the IMPOSTOR is a WITCH (mods)
among us but the impostor is a witch (mods)
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Today we give the impostor a new among us role, the witch! We combined it with our other among us mods such as jester,sheriff, doctor, mayor, and even detective among us roles.

  • Socksfor1

    200k for a quarter of memegods face :O

    • HuddyMax 495
      HuddyMax 495


    • Great content
      Great content


    • Andy F.
      Andy F.

      Poison? So more like an assassin?

    • Purple Guy
      Purple Guy


    • Purple Guy
      Purple Guy


  • Jana Murmann
    Jana Murmann

    Can you make a Corona Edition with one Person who is infected and tries to touch everyone else, these touched Person will be also be contagios and the Person is winning when everyone is infected

  • Duckie Plays
    Duckie Plays

    alternative title: Among Us but the impostor has *C O V I D* Quick Note: this is a joke pls don't sue me youtube :(

  • Kuperlilu

    11:45 this is gonna give me nightmares lol

  • Daniel Reyes
    Daniel Reyes

    YOOO Poison point in among us

  • Monique Di Stefano
    Monique Di Stefano


  • Umme Salma
    Umme Salma

    Corona virus

  • FF music
    FF music

    1:21, FatMemeGod's patients after their recovery at meme's hospital

  • itz._krar the gamer
    itz._krar the gamer

    This is social distanting with extra steps

  • Julie Hjortshøj Lee Andersen
    Julie Hjortshøj Lee Andersen

    5:29 I'm not the only one saying bri-ish, and btw I'm danish so if my name look weird, its only because of that.

  • Melvyn O'Leary
    Melvyn O'Leary

    it's covi-19

  • Jon Davila
    Jon Davila

    They should do this again but they get a visual that they are poisoned and can go to medbay and heal

  • Esme Johnson
    Esme Johnson


  • Mehm He
    Mehm He

    Why r we still here Me:but he is already ded

  • FellSwap Papyrus
    FellSwap Papyrus

    6:49 LMAOOO

  • Jah'Meik Gooding
    Jah'Meik Gooding


  • Vivi Mariska
    Vivi Mariska

    S O S I A L D I S T A N T S I N G

  • Aitan Daz
    Aitan Daz

    at 00:05 blaza and balaza's hat is crying lol

  • SNS Basix
    SNS Basix

    Among us but the imposters can give you C̴̰͚̥͚̿̊̋̈́̊͂͐̿̓̕͘̕͝o̴̧̫͔̫͔͖͗͛̏̍̓́̿͋̚̕͘͘̚͝ṟ̷̳̻̔̉̌͆̄́̚ͅo̷͖͕̩̞̹̮͖̐̋͌́̈́͒̏́̾̈́͒́͘ņ̵̛͓̞̣͎̬̞̐̿̍̓̂̑̓̀̈́͋̈́͑̚a̶̢̟͖̲̜̖̲̓̍̋̀́̆̏͌̕͝͝v̷̧̛͈͕͈̝̩͕̻̝͙͔̹͇̋̂͛̉́̎̊͐̊̈͐̕͜͝i̸̛̫͎͓͇̹̖͈̤͓̯͓̦̍̐͋͊͌̂̓̇͘͠͝r̵̖̼͊̔͐̏̂̍̍̄̂u̴̦̫̖̣͕̓͒̍̉̓̑̄̑͑̎̍̕s̴͙̺̣͍̬͍̝̰͉̜̮͒̊̈́̾͛̐̚͝

  • Kyrone King
    Kyrone King

    What if there was a coronavirus mod in among us.

  • Dexter Waters
    Dexter Waters

    Just saying this is COVID-19 in a nut shell

  • The Eclectic Witch
    The Eclectic Witch

    As a Wiccan, I find this rather insulting. (I'm kidding, I love it!)

  • The Professional Spy
    The Professional Spy

    the poison mod is more like the covid mode

  • nora fekry
    nora fekry

    can you pls put the corter of blaza's face and meme's just cause i have no insta

    • Megan Pinnington
      Megan Pinnington

      You can look his insta up on google

  • TheProCat

    short title among us but the impostor have covid

  • Phú Quý Trần Huỳnh
    Phú Quý Trần Huỳnh

    Stay 6 feet plz I don't want to get covic

  • Retroツ

    The way the boi's just play with the lightsaber while socks is doing he's intro is funny

  • Udant Sarkar
    Udant Sarkar

    Did tbh honest just pull light saber

  • Freydeebobs

    No no dont touch me there this is my no no square 🤣

  • Deann Bailey
    Deann Bailey

    Insomnia baby time to watch sooks

  • Hunter Johnson
    Hunter Johnson

    No the Rick roll 0:19

  • candy moonlight kitty
    candy moonlight kitty


  • ann bharrath
    ann bharrath

    Socks for one:everyone will keep there distance Me, :like covid lol

  • Anthony B. Ramirez
    Anthony B. Ramirez

    The kiss of death

  • Anthony B. Ramirez
    Anthony B. Ramirez


  • Nova Raven
    Nova Raven

    When he doesn’t make the perfect imposter run: ight ima head out now

  • Carrissa Tay
    Carrissa Tay

    5.13 wew the yellow is about to get voted out by the oranges 😂

  • K J
    K J

    YAY 😃

  • gemma keogh
    gemma keogh

    Wizard mod

  • Noah Eneix
    Noah Eneix

    Ultimate COVID

  • Tahura Choudhury
    Tahura Choudhury

    Why don't you make a mod that means that means that 1 impostor is an alien and has special abilities.

  • Ammonator

    Add on for poison = doctors can cure poisoned people

  • •Dee Dee Kawai Sl•
    •Dee Dee Kawai Sl•

    Alternative title: Among us but someone have C0ronavirus

  • Gacha_ Fri3nds
    Gacha_ Fri3nds

    *this is why you need to social distance kids*

  • OwenDino Studios
    OwenDino Studios

    Should have had an animation where the person just fell instead of the explosion animation

  • Grim Magnusson
    Grim Magnusson

    ”The poison people have the ability to poison people” socksfor1 2021

  • 20_Kylie Tow
    20_Kylie Tow


  • Caroline Hall
    Caroline Hall

    Real world parallels to the video. (Imposter) irresponsible person with COVID-19. (Mayor) quarantining the entire city and shutting down events to stop the spread COVID-19 (detective) biologist trying to track how the virus is spreading from person to person. (Jester) stupid prank accounts from ALgone, Instagram and TickTock coughing on food and touching everything. Some of them pretend to have COVID-19 for views.

  • Landen Hollon
    Landen Hollon

    This is quarantine in a nutshell

  • Skull Games
    Skull Games

    (day 3 of asking for this)Idea: The ninja Mod where the imposters or imposter is a ninja which there power's are the following dash when dashing your a blur ninja star normal kill button can turn into items around the map so hes not spotted when trying to get a kill

  • Tyrone Garcia Jr
    Tyrone Garcia Jr

    socks how do you get mods.

  • Raviya 9
    Raviya 9


  • Raviya 9
    Raviya 9


  • 14_Bryce

    1:16 *big brain*

  • Katherine White
    Katherine White

    Oof you have to love the fact that laff's comment has more likes than sock's

  • Andrew Carter
    Andrew Carter

    This one should have been called coronavirus

  • Wolfie_playz

    Socks: so you will die in 10 seconds (seconds later) which is why we need to stay 6 feet apart Me: CoRoNa ViRuS


    He always pulls off a perfect impostor run

  • Silent Gamer
    Silent Gamer

    I’m way to late

  • CARL U
    CARL U

    and then orange gang were the impostor in the second round

  • CARL U
    CARL U

    m the first round the yellow gang were the impostors

  • Nanie Calister
    Nanie Calister


  • Ludwig Grundström
    Ludwig Grundström

    OOF weren,t even there, meme!

  • Darrien

    among us sucks

  • Black_pufferfish

    "amoung us but the IMPOSTER is a BITCH"

  • Segax x
    Segax x

    POV:among us but imposter is corona virus

  • screem on pad
    screem on pad

    can you give me the mod link pls

  • Lianna Chu
    Lianna Chu

    Alternative Title: Among us but the impostor has Corona Virus

  • Hamadpro 12
    Hamadpro 12


  • Foxy Awoo
    Foxy Awoo

    Wow this is like COVID-19 in among us 🤣🤣

  • Hyper Driver
    Hyper Driver

    2020 - 2021 in a Nutshell

  • Bradley N. Greenlee
    Bradley N. Greenlee


  • Thrastarhofdi Atta
    Thrastarhofdi Atta

    One thing I was trying to watch YT when I was supposed to be sleeping and you started screaming in the game and I was like:😥I'm dead....

  • Terry Sanders
    Terry Sanders

    The lamentable polo potentially command because lipstick moberly force barring a far-flung toothpaste. dangerous, breezy ticket

  • Sub2me4happyness

    Sad blob fish

  • EmGaming XO
    EmGaming XO

    You should act like Jester when Imp 🥲😅

  • Sister Mary Wormhorn
    Sister Mary Wormhorn

    Socks and MemeGod make a better bromance and rivalry than any fictional character put together.

  • tofko rofko
    tofko rofko

    So this is like the corona virus but in among us?

  • Mansion

    Alternate title: Impostor has covid OVERPOWERED

  • fearless boy
    fearless boy


  • Platinum Shard
    Platinum Shard

    This is just Social Distancing: The Game.

  • Calvin Destro
    Calvin Destro

    Would the witch potion happen to be... Covid juice?

  • varuun Badree
    varuun Badree

    U first

  • Alex Simon
    Alex Simon

    you should off called it covid mods in among us!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Original Chase
    The Original Chase

    COVID 19 mod

  • nazirkhan kalyani
    nazirkhan kalyani

    Why every round does everyone say well well well well well

  • Timmy Johnston
    Timmy Johnston

    0:50 wait wait wait tbh and muffin juice are holding light sabers


    Why do I see lightsabers at the start?

  • Just some guy with a legendary sword
    Just some guy with a legendary sword

    I think nechromacer sounds cooler

  • AddBot

    This is 2020 in a nutshell

  • Aaron Bradford
    Aaron Bradford

    Coronavirus lol :D

  • Dr_Frxsty

    08:47 that was oof

  • Lisa Hamilton
    Lisa Hamilton

    Amazing vids socks

  • Six

    Meme:THATS OOF socks:huh-?

  • Liv Mortensen
    Liv Mortensen

    also my name is Lukas and not livia or lily

  • Willie Bee
    Willie Bee

    btw this is my frist time waching this vid andd i know that tbhhonnist was the jester

  • Vaibhav Sharma
    Vaibhav Sharma

    This is cool

  • Mixgamer YT
    Mixgamer YT


  • Mixgamer YT
    Mixgamer YT


  • Mixgamer YT
    Mixgamer YT


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