Amazing Cement Window Making | #shorts
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Amazing Cement Window Making | #shorts

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    • Ajaj Khan
      Ajaj Khan

      @Pittala Harish w

    • Pur Lambat
      Pur Lambat

      @Pittala Harish y 2G t😂 yyy

    • Puud DoKtR
      Puud DoKtR

      If I donate, will you go find this guy and give my portion directly to him? With a receipt?

    • Oumaima Bouallala
      Oumaima Bouallala


    • Rajendra Singh
      Rajendra Singh

      @Pittala Harish xxft

  • rafly syah
    rafly syah

    masih kalah sama kuli jawa

  • You Aren't bro
    You Aren't bro

    Thought he was making a IED at first

  • Don't Be Stupid
    Don't Be Stupid

    God damn. What a shit hole.

  • Ved Bajpai
    Ved Bajpai

    Really how talented is this guy

  • حمودي العراقي
    حمودي العراقي

    ممكن تابعوني محتواي كلش حلوووو

  • beals beals
    beals beals

    Ay ALLAH bless him for his good deeds..

  • Mohammad Khanusiya
    Mohammad Khanusiya


  • Paula Mahaffey
    Paula Mahaffey

    Come to America , you could sell them for 100.00 a pc. !!! They are BEUTIFUL Mister !!!

  • Dee Luscious
    Dee Luscious


  • Lukas Steele
    Lukas Steele

    I thought they was making a grave

  • Silvia Sousa
    Silvia Sousa

    Adorei os trabalhos

  • Danimation 08
    Danimation 08

    Senku chan??

  • Guerrero Pineda
    Guerrero Pineda

    Que ermoso

  • Supardi Hermansyah
    Supardi Hermansyah

    Good skill

  • РАФ_ А_4
    РАФ_ А_4

    Капец это интересно и 100% не легко и красиво

  • Waseem John
    Waseem John

    Kamala hai yr ye to

  • boringnyerr online
    boringnyerr online

    This is really amazing and very skilled artworks... it's like you fly a plane without auto pilot and everything is manual....

  • heavystarch100

    Those are screens.

  • Iian

    Wow i wasn't expecting the quality to be so good!

  • Darren Mason
    Darren Mason

    This is too slow. In the west, we would stop and say okay let us make a production table to get us off the ground, hire ppl with wheelbarrows and shovels to keep sand coming and another for water, and hire a line of mixers, etc, etc, etc, now we are getting somewhere for everyone. Now let's apprentice buddy here for potters work and brother gets a raise and benefits. Boom.

  • Darren Mason
    Darren Mason

    There ya go everyone who's pro-green energy, look!!! Zero emissions. Now build your own home. Good work btw.

  • Marcellus Ducreay
    Marcellus Ducreay


  • grahammichael35

    Who else thought he was fixing to turn cement into a glass window 😦💀

  • Rebeca Oliveira
    Rebeca Oliveira

    Lindo trabalho!!!!!

  • Мунтозбек Холматов
    Мунтозбек Холматов


  • 곰탕


  • مندر تيوب
    مندر تيوب

    اعوذ بالله اذ كان سحار ف ابطله

  • NightCode


  • Vicky J
    Vicky J

    Incredible Pakistan

  • Carbon Fisted Chimp
    Carbon Fisted Chimp

    I wish I could put concrete in a mold.... Oh wait, I can...... and with less waste.

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    That's awesome.

  • مشتاق الحربي
    مشتاق الحربي


  • K. W.
    K. W.

    What's the special skill, to fill some concrete into a form?

  • Anas Bilal
    Anas Bilal


  • АндрейАмрих

    Why they are always sitting like this ? 🥸


    How mach is the fish?

  • PKastronomer_Muhammad Bilal
    PKastronomer_Muhammad Bilal

    Pakistan zindabad 🇵🇰👌👊💪

  • Shahid Afridy
    Shahid Afridy

    Pakistani ♥️

  • Chandrakant Shah
    Chandrakant Shah

    Amazing. And very skillfully done.

  • Aldrei Fernandez
    Aldrei Fernandez

    Why are you wearing white?

  • Manish Handa
    Manish Handa

    May Allah Bless u and him forever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Muhammad Sharif
    Muhammad Sharif

    Nice Bhai Jan ye sancha mujhay bi change mujh se rants kro

  • Kritik S
    Kritik S

    Episode 69 of where lockdown has led me to

  • mid life livin
    mid life livin

    Dog gone it, if I would hav just mastered that sand box as a kid. Dudes amazing!

  • のんのん


  • Githo Ale
    Githo Ale


  • Muslih bmg official
    Muslih bmg official


  • Michael Puckett
    Michael Puckett

    While the end product does look appealing the concrete mix isn't correct making these window molds brittle they will degrade fairly quickly compared to a proper mix you'll get a few years of use out of them vs decades.

  • Opal FPS
    Opal FPS

    i thought it was gonna be worst, but the result is just wow. look how smooth it is

  • Abdul Razzak Maricar
    Abdul Razzak Maricar

    Could pls provide address of this company/ worker

  • Myles Delaney
    Myles Delaney

    Bob we got new windows, where....

  • Myles Delaney
    Myles Delaney

    That’s not a very good window

  • RefleX

    Looks like it will last about 2 hours

  • hiem161

    Sieht gut aus

  • Dutika Kisan
    Dutika Kisan

    Nice.....👌👌☺️ Wawwwww.... amazing.....😨😱😱😱👌👌☺️

  • TOM S
    TOM S

    I'm impressed. Keeping those sharp edges in tact is harder than it looks. Well done sir.

  • Joseph M
    Joseph M

    Way better than watching some tiktok “prank”

  • mario j
    mario j

    These people do a lot with nothing.

  • Urban Hook-Upz
    Urban Hook-Upz

    MashaAllah good work

  • Sandra Myers
    Sandra Myers


  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels


  • Hakan Havalı
    Hakan Havalı


  • Jesus Aguilar
    Jesus Aguilar

    Loved this video

  • Xasan Warsame
    Xasan Warsame




  • Karam Suryawanshi
    Karam Suryawanshi

    Tabhi 6 months me tut jaati hai

  • Vijay Sarkar
    Vijay Sarkar

    You are so nice making cement window 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼





  • Bne amer Motalib
    Bne amer Motalib


    • Wow Skills
      Wow Skills


  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia

    Excelent work... Salam aleikum

    • Daniel Garcia
      Daniel Garcia

      @Wow Skills Allahu Akbar 🙏

    • Wow Skills
      Wow Skills


  • sophiiz place
    sophiiz place

    God Bless him.

    • sophiiz place
      sophiiz place

      @Wow Skills 🙂

    • Wow Skills
      Wow Skills

      Ameen Sum Ameen

  • reza kazemi
    reza kazemi

    این قالبشو چجوری میشه تهیه کردد

  • kerman725 n5
    kerman725 n5


  • 1 Ob
    1 Ob

    Who wants to take a trailer full of quickcrete and steamroll this business?

  • Alhassane Konate
    Alhassane Konate

    Alhamdulilah ❤️ 🌙 Amina ALLAH à Nous tous Amina ALLAH

  • Kerstin Kühbauch
    Kerstin Kühbauch


  • Logan Gallagher
    Logan Gallagher

    I would love to go to work in my pyjamas

  • عادل العبودي ابو صفاء
    عادل العبودي ابو صفاء


  • LI TAN
    LI TAN

    Wow. Nice.

  • Rasida Sheikh
    Rasida Sheikh


  • Drew Williams
    Drew Williams

    Its called a sidewalk you bums

  • Alfredo Becerra
    Alfredo Becerra

    Quite amazing

  • sssv ragam
    sssv ragam


  • Rhen Amano
    Rhen Amano

    Wow ang galing nmn eh haha🤣

  • Nadjma Souha
    Nadjma Souha

    This man is artist,machalah,

  • Catherine Matulid
    Catherine Matulid

    Indian. Ppl are so talented it looks sooooo beautiful my god how did it set up so fast after you make it no time to set up you made it and flipped it over and didn't break wow I love those windows

  • marcel biedermann
    marcel biedermann

    LIFE 5214600.auch der Rest hat Schmerz im Herzen für alle Ewigkeit CERN 2te Form 5stk ich nicht weiter stören

  • Цветомир Русенов
    Цветомир Русенов

    W O W ... 😯😲😮

  • Husnain Ahmad
    Husnain Ahmad

    There was a workshop like this bedside our house and we used to watch this from our roof ! Now there are two banks instead of the workshop !

  • Meralda Makotanyane
    Meralda Makotanyane

    Beautiful work ♥️♥️

  • Ramadhan Perbayana
    Ramadhan Perbayana

    Masih kalah dengan skill kuli jawa karena 1 kuli jawa setara 3 arsitek rusia

  • Meme

    Old school is the best school.👌🤗🤗

  • Fahke Gahyuch
    Fahke Gahyuch


  • E-pearl M
    E-pearl M

    Okay......thst is super badass :0

  • Wild

    Yes sir more poopy content for my small brain

  • Yoi Boy
    Yoi Boy

    Good very good

  • xorbodude

    All without standing up

  • Fathima Muzaina
    Fathima Muzaina

    waaw supab 👌👌

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