16 Most Amazing & Ingenious Machines You Need To See
Welcome to the top 16 most amazing machines. We go through in very high detail explaining the process within each machine and why we think it is on another level. We certainly do love our amazing machines. Please let us know in the comments which machine is your most favorite.
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  • Rory Nash
    Rory Nash

    Deforestation maximized. Humans should be proud.

  • wasay Khan
    wasay Khan

    Watermaster ,,, what a machine we need in my country Pakistan ,,,ho ho

  • kevin wolf
    kevin wolf

    the corn picker on mounted on the tractor is no where near 240hp probably meant 24 hp

  • Hossman84

    Would be better without the commentary

  • andrew bergeron
    andrew bergeron


  • Andy91

    Hey click bait, wuz up?👎🖕

  • code_dredd

    Clickbait with the thumbnail. The thumbnail is clearly edited from the real one with extra wheels.

  • Sims Simms
    Sims Simms

    Millionaire farmers.

  • Yvan Quiri
    Yvan Quiri

    Nice roundup potato what shit they feed us

  • Dennis Sena
    Dennis Sena

    that trenching template needs indentures on both sides of the walls i seen a video of a small doe who constantly slipped because she could not get a grip

  • Ram Wall
    Ram Wall

    Too much advertising after the third one I cut it off

  • Andrew Radford
    Andrew Radford

    Thumbnail is where in the video?

  • Daniel Winther
    Daniel Winther

    No way is that a 35hp engine!



  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    Imagin passing people through these machines

  • donald schell
    donald schell

    who is buying all those tulips ? beautifull flowers but can ya eat'em ?

    • Lord Gizmo
      Lord Gizmo

      We're sure some people do, but we're not so sure we'd recommend it :)

  • Ujuani68

    Everything has become so large-scale... This is all about greed...

  • Joseph Nordenbrock
    Joseph Nordenbrock

    This is nifty stuff

  • SanzoStudio

    Wow, a bunch of machines that kill the environment, so cool.

    • Banana Man
      Banana Man

      You must be real fun at parties

  • Howsitgoindud

    Thumbnail is at 19:00

  • what up
    what up

    Where's the de-bark station?!

  • Gert Andersen
    Gert Andersen

    Ecolog has a 320 hp engine not 35 hp

  • One-Christian Warrior
    One-Christian Warrior

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  • Benjamin Stern
    Benjamin Stern

    The ceaseless minibus tribally curve because brandy lilly tumble off a short sharon. adventurous, panicky colony

  • vin d ni
    vin d ni

    Blue potatoes

  • Walka


  • Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse
    Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse

    All I see with vastly expensive machinery is vastly expensive repair bills and parts...

  • Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse
    Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse

    Anyone else always think of beetroot whenever they hear the word beet?

  • tom bolton
    tom bolton

    Nice machines

  • Mark McClellan
    Mark McClellan

    Looks like canal cleaner would work on evasive carp

    • will gaukler
      will gaukler

      ...Asian carp ...bad news ...

  • Peter pemrich
    Peter pemrich

    When can we stop messing around and just go for hemp

  • Casual

    Seeing more and more of these fake thumbnails dude pack it in, five wheel either side indeed.

    • Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse
      Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse

      One day, One day ALgone will be free, Giving us the "remove video" option for clickbait offences.... I have a dream...

  • Dan Lindey
    Dan Lindey

    35HP Volvo engine? I think not!

  • Kunstforum Hasel
    Kunstforum Hasel

    Holzhacken ade

  • carlos rey
    carlos rey

    la 1er maquina es la estupidez humana en su máximo esplendor, toda maquina creada para destruir la naturaleza con mas eficiencia lo es

  • Eric Gore-Browne
    Eric Gore-Browne


  • Layla Barnes
    Layla Barnes

    Nice guys

  • Christopher Fohner
    Christopher Fohner


  • Nicol Julio
    Nicol Julio

    The spurious may maternally fold because insect conclusively bump for a weak battery. alluring, abundant pressure

  • Tiruriru

    6:25 blue potatoes? reaelly?

  • antonio martines
    antonio martines

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  • Gary Gadget
    Gary Gadget

    wow great

  • Fischi

    5:02 ?!?! ah 35 horsepower

  • gfhft fger
    gfhft fger

    The faithful camera firstly march because glider totally try down a belligerent pencil. tidy, mighty pear


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  • Matt Traven
    Matt Traven

    16:15 -- i think you mean 24 HP, you say 240HP ...thats no 240hp tractor,. 24 seems about right.

  • nebojsa78

    Machines for the fastest ruin a planet , bravo "soul for money" !!

  • Steve M
    Steve M

    These are just adverts for agricultural machinery.

  • Great Tech HD
    Great Tech HD

    Y Hhhh

  • coin and gold
    coin and gold

    Sugar beets???? Guess your a city guy! Ever heard of Turnips? Just as soon as I see you did not know what your talking about I stopped watching!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

    • Lord Gizmo
      Lord Gizmo

      We base our info off of what the companies provide us, sorry for any inconveniences :) That being said, upon further analysis, it seems these are, in fact, sugar beets and not turnips. Have a good one!

  • alex ivanov
    alex ivanov

    The tangy timpani shortly taste because canvas causally itch along a light taurus. medical, abortive ship

  • Aleksi Huttunen
    Aleksi Huttunen

    The eco log is a ponsse scorpion copy

  • Sydney Springle
    Sydney Springle

    Very useful machines . Production goes fast and safely.

  • shawn rubeck
    shawn rubeck

    omg this is so cool!

  • Richard Mason
    Richard Mason

    18:50 the music did my head in with waves! Great vid though.

    • donald schell
      donald schell

      agreed and it seems that many vid's on the tube get there umm music ech choice same place more n more I have too mute

  • Genevieve Ramirez
    Genevieve Ramirez

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    • Maki Arifaj
      Maki Arifaj


  • ناصر ابودوح
    ناصر ابودوح

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  • Tractors & Machines RO
    Tractors & Machines RO

    Great great work 🤝👀💖

  • Paddy H.
    Paddy H.

    just added 4 wheels to the tractor in the thumbnail .. ok ok

    • Randy Bobandy
      Randy Bobandy

      Seriously...so fucling cringe. Click bait should honestly be banned.

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo

    Centimeters?? Try inches kid

  • Hello World
    Hello World

    The hungry field understandably stir because dream experimentally wreck next a astonishing algebra. smoggy, elfin order

  • Jon Becker
    Jon Becker

    12:37 doesn’t work so good on huge rocks.

  • Magwitch Dickens
    Magwitch Dickens


  • Louis Edwards
    Louis Edwards

    Cool shit man!

  • Meichit good
    Meichit good

    try and watch on my channe

  • Mustafa Pinarci
    Mustafa Pinarci

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  • Pranay

    3:43 that smells super bad.

  • 彭


    • 彭

      @Marcus Campbell I mean the man who uses agricultural machinery to harvest corn and smokes at the same time. He lives in the same province as me.

    • Marcus Campbell
      Marcus Campbell

      What do you 'with a cigarette.'....?

  • Noah MacIsaac-Skinner (STUDENT)
    Noah MacIsaac-Skinner (STUDENT)

    a ditch cleener that makes ur crops corverd in stuff

  • Olaf Michelson
    Olaf Michelson


  • Edward Larkin
    Edward Larkin

    Enough detail to get you excited about new offering and concise enough to start looking at the alternatives. Nice job ! Will return

  • Peter aus Bremen
    Peter aus Bremen

    why you talk so much? only with music it would be much better

  • Cbar0

    Just remember all the advertiser's are supporting censorship

  • Samantha Fillmore
    Samantha Fillmore

    Pretty cool stuff, really like the footage at 2:55.

  • Anonymous Twentytwenty
    Anonymous Twentytwenty

    Yeah I had most these and most of these are undergraded

  • Rampage

    most of these are not realy amazing. mostly clickbait

  • Vdm Vida Loca
    Vdm Vida Loca

    C'est fou ce que l'homme est intelligent pour bousiller la planète. Bravo. Bientôt la fin de l humanité et surtout de pétrole

  • Friday Anighoro
    Friday Anighoro

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    • Conner Nickerson
      Conner Nickerson

      Garrulous, certainly. Now, get back on your meds.

  • TBNRWilly

    I have most of these... In farming sim

    • Yes YT
      Yes YT

      Same lol

  • Robert Thorne
    Robert Thorne


  • blane upshaw
    blane upshaw

    So what's the point in the tulips deal cut the tops off and run over them???? What am I missing I only farm grains

  • John Gaspar
    John Gaspar

    No animals here

  • Lisa L
    Lisa L

    Let's find more aggressive/faster ways to tear down the rainforest and spray pesticides on our crops. 🤬

  • nomad with a camera
    nomad with a camera

    Most of these machines are in farming simulator 2019

  • 8ftbed

    Couldn't you have squeezed in more ads? 🙄

  • Owen McDougal
    Owen McDougal

    only 35 horse for the wood harvester?? normally they are like in the 300 range.

  • Zachary

    destroying years of tree growth in minutes

  • Fridays For Future
    Fridays For Future

    Where is the 12+ wheeler from the preview?

  • Benjamin Falzon
    Benjamin Falzon

    If you can dream it...They can create it.

  • Andy Nichols
    Andy Nichols

    "State of the art technology" LOL.

    • Hurri

      State of the art technology, of course it is, to perform mechanical tasks you need mechanical solutions.

    • Andrew Koy
      Andrew Koy


  • Brandon Adkins
    Brandon Adkins

    Ads.... so many ads.... Evil!

  • Peter Rabbit
    Peter Rabbit

    The Eco Log is my favourite, just for its name. There's this machine that lays waste to forests and its manufacturers decided to call it Eco Log.

    • Jamison Soren
      Jamison Soren

      @Castiel Jared i am trying it out now. Seems to be working :)

    • Aleksi Huttunen
      Aleksi Huttunen

      Best part is that he said it has 35hp engine my 500cc snowmobile has 52 this man should quit youtube

    • Anonymus Alcoholic
      Anonymus Alcoholic

      @Tanque Maybe what they are trying to say is its most eco friendly way of cutting down trees?! I dunno....least effort and emissions produced, energy spent.....take your pick.

  • meggadodge05

    To many adverts .. got bored

  • youherarakutube

    Gratuliere: Der Mensch wird überflüssig - die Maschinen machen es. Die zahlen Steuern, zahlen Krankenversicherung, zahlen in die Rentenkassen, verbrauchen den Rest Erdöl und am Ende können sie den Rest Menschen, der sich bis dahin noch ernähren kann einfach wegpusten ! Ganau das wollten wir doch immer ! Ausrotten und auch noch stolz darauf sein. IDIOTEN.

  • kyle gray
    kyle gray

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  • Karline H.
    Karline H.

    Have you seen the potato seeding machine? It uses standardized size seed potatos! These seed potatos all look exactly the same! I have worked in the potato industry ans so I know, farmers usually seed their own potatos that they have harvested with the potato harvest of the previous harvest. Seeing these standardized seed potatos in the video, it seeds the suspicion in me, these are the only kind of potatos this machine can work with and the contract to buy them each year might be connected with the buy of the machine...

    • Lord Gizmo
      Lord Gizmo

      Hey Karline, thanks for the input! We enjoy hearing from those involved in the fields shown in our videos. As for the potatoes, we couldn't tell you with any certainty, but it looks as though the machine was able to use other seeds in other photos. But, perhaps it is the case it was designed with a single seed type in mind.

  • Morteza Sajed
    Morteza Sajed

    Perfect all machines.

  • alexandru puscarics
    alexandru puscarics


  • KOB

    The script is just horrid. There are dozens of measurement errors (size, HP, etc...), but there are also dozens of pure nonsense phrases that seem to be lifted directly from sales brochures. Truly awful content here!