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    My mum has breast cancer so seeing that they are donating to a breast cancer foundation makes me feel better

  • Cheyenne Mccall
    Cheyenne Mccall

    i love diglett

  • Nathan Keyser
    Nathan Keyser

    why is my life bad..

  • Benandjacq Meredith
    Benandjacq Meredith

    everybody's been talking about how they've been a fan since season 4 of fortnite bro I've been a fan since before he got married

  • Kolton Bapp
    Kolton Bapp


  • Adam Fair
    Adam Fair

    I wish imposters could take away cremates task that they just did

  • Wendell Parke
    Wendell Parke

    My freind is playing

  • Natalie Brown
    Natalie Brown

    I saw the vent open and I was like🤯😯

  • Cloudy Juju
    Cloudy Juju

    I love Preston channel

  • Ryan Perez
    Ryan Perez

    BR sus

  • Julia Greene
    Julia Greene

    Question I love your videos I've been watching since you made them 😉😉😉

  • Julia Greene
    Julia Greene


  • Jeremy Berga
    Jeremy Berga

    Stay safe happy thanks giving 😃😃😃😃😃

  • Melina Zepeda
    Melina Zepeda

    Im a fan prestonplayz

  • Sarah King
    Sarah King

    Next donation can u pls do child cancer please my bubs died bc of cancer

  • Lance Sanchez
    Lance Sanchez

    The one who saw you vent was kenny

  • Luann Simpson
    Luann Simpson

    hi how are you doing today

  • Justin Combs
    Justin Combs

    you should enleest be happy that my dad donated hes goin thrue alot whith my mom bareley even be abele to walk untill her next surgery

  • Macaria Malta
    Macaria Malta

    Preston im your bigest fan

  • Justin Combs
    Justin Combs

    wa sgonna do my own money but my dad decided to pay i realy wanted to play among us whith you guys and help pepole whith cancer

  • Justin Combs
    Justin Combs

    i thought it was any amount my dad spended s money

  • Justin Combs
    Justin Combs

    its not goin up

  • Isaac John Picardal
    Isaac John Picardal

    and I pass MrBeast's 10 Crewmate Streaks.

  • Isaac John Picardal
    Isaac John Picardal

    I'm like you, who always sit in security for seeing someone suspicious. I have 13 Crewmate Streaks btw

  • Creator Mania
    Creator Mania

    the card swipe is EASY

  • Mauricio Magallanes
    Mauricio Magallanes

    And I finally know how to comment

  • Dj de Beer
    Dj de Beer

    I am 12 haha :)

  • Dj de Beer
    Dj de Beer

    Oh she did not sorry LOL :( :)

  • Dj de Beer
    Dj de Beer

    Preston I hope you saw when briiii Did card swipe she did not becuase she faked it because how I find out is becuase when the doors shut she vented hahahahahahahaha :D :D

  • Justin Combs
    Justin Combs

    im gonna ask my dad if ican donate

  • Justin Combs
    Justin Combs

    happy thanks giving

  • the gamer girly
    the gamer girly


  • Larilyn Birky
    Larilyn Birky


  • Balloon

    I love Among Us!

  • Julia Flannigan
    Julia Flannigan

    :)😈😈😈😎🗿🔫🔫🗿🚿🚨🚨👽💀 among us

  • Julia Flannigan
    Julia Flannigan

    Yay playing Among Us

  • Brayden Daniel
    Brayden Daniel

    Vote briiii

  • Brayden Daniel
    Brayden Daniel

    Vote blue

  • DJ Adventure time
    DJ Adventure time

    I’m not complaining but why are your videos so long

  • Vijaya Kumar Atmakuri
    Vijaya Kumar Atmakuri

    hi preston i like you r mine craft build battle sooooo much

  • Bella Arreguin
    Bella Arreguin

    Skip the intro it's really long about thinking in Among Us and just skip

  • Fortnite Fortnite He
    Fortnite Fortnite He

    You’re the best ALgoner

  • Fortnite Fortnite He
    Fortnite Fortnite He

    Sorry i can’t give money

  • Joseph Henry
    Joseph Henry

    I have been watching you for 8 years now it's my birthday today

  • ZLizzy Danielle
    ZLizzy Danielle

    It took me like 3 days to watch this whole video

  • AAplayz !
    AAplayz !

    Donate to nbcf To help

  • AAplayz !
    AAplayz !

    Best youtuber preston

  • Manuel Santos
    Manuel Santos

    Green sus but bro you are wearing green00

  • Manuel Santos
    Manuel Santos

    It did,t go up

  • Tabitha Vain
    Tabitha Vain

    i am a big fan'

  • Kelsey Davies
    Kelsey Davies

    By best friends mum has breast cancer so it nice to know that people care. You guys are so funny

  • Breanna the silly banana 😜😜😜😜😜
    Breanna the silly banana 😜😜😜😜😜


  • Biggie Smalls
    Biggie Smalls

    When the game almost started Preston's headphones was like invisible

  • thaquib hossain
    thaquib hossain

    I like when you are the imposter

  • Daisy Krause
    Daisy Krause

    the thing is not going up

  • Moana Tangaroa
    Moana Tangaroa

    It’s dark blue he was with lime when you went to nav

  • Aiden Marek
    Aiden Marek

    Who all has been watching since 2014

  • Jacob Towe
    Jacob Towe

    i would donate but my family is kinda poor

  • BW - 04BH 840729 Burnt Elm PS
    BW - 04BH 840729 Burnt Elm PS

    just so everyone knows orange is preston

  • Zoe Napieralski
    Zoe Napieralski

    I wish i could be able to play among us with u right now !!! : ]

  • BW - 04BH 840729 Burnt Elm PS
    BW - 04BH 840729 Burnt Elm PS

    preston you are amazing at among us

  • Shannon Joseph
    Shannon Joseph


  • Amutha Subbiah
    Amutha Subbiah


  • Joe Mankowski
    Joe Mankowski

    My imposter is easy to get

  • Jacob Perez-Estrada
    Jacob Perez-Estrada

    can you make a video in 4 hours

  • Jacob Perez-Estrada
    Jacob Perez-Estrada

    my name was yo mama

  • Jacob Perez-Estrada
    Jacob Perez-Estrada

    HEY PRESTON do you remember me from among us

  • Jasana Uandia
    Jasana Uandia


  • Mark Dunster
    Mark Dunster

    Your on fire 🔥 Preston o wait you are fire : D

  • maxine buttigieg
    maxine buttigieg

    Second game preston says green is a sus colour Me but you are wearing green preston

  • Trent B
    Trent B

    Preston imgiving u a secret it's that orange is most likely to get imp if done it trust me

  • Kenna Playz
    Kenna Playz

    I want to be on I’m ALgoner mckenna welcker I’m a kid

  • Layla Arvance
    Layla Arvance

    Him saying greens a sus color but him also wearing green😂

  • Asha Rao
    Asha Rao

    You are so lucky

  • Belinda Ramseur
    Belinda Ramseur

    The dude's hair look likes James Charles's hair.

    • peter wilson
      peter wilson

      It is crazy you got picked as the imposter two times


    preston first you do download then upload

  • Marisol Loera
    Marisol Loera

    Big fan

  • Marisol Loera
    Marisol Loera


  • Quincy Marshall
    Quincy Marshall

    I watch all the video when it first came out

  • Glitcher _
    Glitcher _


  • Charlie P-S
    Charlie P-S


  • Meme Boi
    Meme Boi

    Nobody Nobody ever Nobody in the world ever in existence Me wondering why Preston faked a visual task

  • Kim Siemen
    Kim Siemen

    I want to play Among Us with you but I can't donate money my parents say to save up

  • Caleb Ketchum
    Caleb Ketchum

    Lol at. 53:38 or something like that I saw bri fake asteroids

  • Strusidgod McCray
    Strusidgod McCray

    Can we play my grandma died from breast cancer

    • Strusidgod McCray
      Strusidgod McCray


  • kfed916

    the color green is not sus red is

  • Alyssa Catalani
    Alyssa Catalani

    Dude... You headphones!!! You've got to pay attention to what you are wearing!!

  • john stickwood
    john stickwood

    Wut is your password

  • Ashley Hartley
    Ashley Hartley

    Make your join thing cheaper and not per month per year


    i am 8 turning 9 this year

  • Nathaniel Escusa
    Nathaniel Escusa


  • Shane Geschiere
    Shane Geschiere

    You know this was more like 2600iq

  • Cherene Clarkson
    Cherene Clarkson


  • Cherene Clarkson
    Cherene Clarkson


  • Cherene Clarkson
    Cherene Clarkson

    do 2 inposter

  • Katelyn Dillo
    Katelyn Dillo

    Him saying green is a sus colour and I see him wearing a green sweater, Booiiiiii

  • ItzLunaMoonlight

    Preston: Green is a sus colour Me: But your wearing green...

  • Thomas Herrera
    Thomas Herrera

    Me: I am going to upload a video after this. Me 5 seconds later: This is 2 hours and 30 minutes!?

  • AL2011 Francis
    AL2011 Francis

    My mom died so this helps :(

  • Cgmaxjake Playz
    Cgmaxjake Playz

    Cgmaxjake Has Donated 800$

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