13 Types of Mobile Gamers
If you have a mobile phone, you’ve probably played a mobile game before. How many of there Mobile Gamers do you see around you everyday?
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  • JianHao Tan
    JianHao Tan

    Do you guys play any mobile games? Which ones?

    • Vanni's Channel
      Vanni's Channel

      Roblox 🤩

    • gaming video
      gaming video



      I play "AMONG IS"

    • Alex Chhun
      Alex Chhun

      Bruh I am pro at mobile legends

    • Abdrohman Samir
      Abdrohman Samir

      I play brawl stars and roblox

  • XxIce JeremyxX Blockman Go Youtuber
    XxIce JeremyxX Blockman Go Youtuber

    I love mobile legends so much every day I play that game

  • Water

    Should i try out the game?

  • Cyrus James Ingua
    Cyrus James Ingua

    Omg Odette cheated lancelot 🤣

  • Fareeda Faiz
    Fareeda Faiz

    Abbey looks like SSSNIPERWOLF

  • Sparky 77
    Sparky 77

    Brawl stars in the lead!

  • LOA_Sheida

    i play MLBB. and i might b better than you :)

  • Gaming With Hiba!
    Gaming With Hiba!

    I don't wanna be rude but the game they were playing was ALOT like league of legends mobile version so I think the people who made it copied the league of legends game. At first I thought they were playing league of legends but they weren't

  • mark Aaron
    mark Aaron

    Mobile legend


    Who else here is Chou is Main?

  • Always_Miya_Pererz_Null Reborns,Unicorns,Rainbows
    Always_Miya_Pererz_Null Reborns,Unicorns,Rainbows

    *My friend eating chips while watching me playing a game* My friend: *Munchs on chips* Me:umm Ur LOUD crunching is going to make ME LOSE!


    Vincent looks dope in his black hair and those curls !! 👍🏻😎🔥🔥🔥

  • Tria wondeland
    Tria wondeland

    How types playing of call of duty

  • Kenneth Sargento
    Kenneth Sargento


  • Charlotte Juanna
    Charlotte Juanna

    Flappy bird Is so BORING

  • BlueBatYT

    3:48 this my bro

  • Eman Kashif
    Eman Kashif

    who is watching this in 2021

  • Tawhid Gaming Club
    Tawhid Gaming Club

    GOT A MOBILE LEGENDS advertisement

  • Chihiro with a gun
    Chihiro with a gun

    Mobile legends wew

  • -Levi Akerman-
    -Levi Akerman-

    Hao : I love u oddete!!! Lancelot : shadow power execute!!!


    Play With My La

  • loren goc-ong
    loren goc-ong

    im rj i play moble legends bangbang i am epic 4 my fovorite hero is alucard

  • Elizabeth Foo
    Elizabeth Foo

    Abbey looks like the real gamer girl sssniperwolf

  • CiaCia Cori
    CiaCia Cori


  • pio sebastian p Balajadia
    pio sebastian p Balajadia

    Then be quiet! Stop it!

  • Dennise Lethia Anticamara
    Dennise Lethia Anticamara

    jianhao's diamonds made me poor

  • Dominique Nathan C. Wabie
    Dominique Nathan C. Wabie

    me too but use balmond or clint they stunt and attack



  • Cherry

    Abbey becomes like SSSniperwolf in "Gamer Girl"

  • Chobi

    ohh it is mobile legends

  • Prince Goron
    Prince Goron

    ml pa nga😂😂

  • Athasia Ostan
    Athasia Ostan

    In the gamer girl

  • Dimas Channel
    Dimas Channel

    Why kevin want to be cool but he soo fat

  • Roede's funTV
    Roede's funTV

    I play mobile legend

  • Lanky Legendz
    Lanky Legendz

    Why does abby looks like Sssniperwolf

  • Lui Seng Wong
    Lui Seng Wong

    Lol 😂😜👍😹

  • Steve Yap
    Steve Yap

    i have many skin and why dont you make type online gamer with sponsor roblox game

  • Nyein Say Thar
    Nyein Say Thar

    Play lifeafter

  • You can’t spell loVe Without V
    You can’t spell loVe Without V

    1:13the guy in the blue shirt reminds me of TXT yeonjun for some reason SKJSKAJJS love the new actors 😂

  • Marlon Sandoval
    Marlon Sandoval

    2:40 3:10 that's my brother every time lol

  • Joaquin Besa
    Joaquin Besa

    2:42 thanks for the tutorial on words kevin

  • Jagjeet Singh
    Jagjeet Singh

    I Hate Kevin........!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👿👿👿👿👿

  • Titan Gaming
    Titan Gaming

    i. could defeat jinhao with ease

  • ken lin
    ken lin

    vincent changes a lot

  • Youngho Baek
    Youngho Baek

    Jianhao Tan do a 5v5 with your friends

  • Chhaykea Lawyer
    Chhaykea Lawyer

    why Kevin is so addicted to flappy bird right now

  • Dhurvane Dhruvanand
    Dhurvane Dhruvanand

    The girl in the outfit is jianhao tan wife debby🤣

  • Kim Gabriel
    Kim Gabriel

    relateble in observer 😂😂

  • Daniel gaming ve tawp
    Daniel gaming ve tawp

    Oh mobile legends?


    moblie legends and blockman go

  • venusdayzz _
    venusdayzz _

    I got the ads for mobile legends : bang bang XD

  • nuran ekinci
    nuran ekinci

    I have to say if I have acrylic nails I can’t click on the phone or iPad and hows Abbie doing it is is Abbie or Abby and how Abbie clicks I click like that I’m a huge fan 👁👄👁

  • Manha Playz
    Manha Playz

    4:06 my fav OMG 😂

  • Nik Marissa
    Nik Marissa

    Me watching their ads i be like: 👁️👄👁️

  • TGxapuvid Yt
    TGxapuvid Yt

    My main hero is Chou and gusion

  • Little Sheep
    Little Sheep

    I'm from the Philippines ml is really famous here

  • Dominic Wikan
    Dominic Wikan

    Hair was sacrificed for making this video.....

  • Luth Althaf Luth
    Luth Althaf Luth

    I love miya and ruby and roger

  • Leen Tubayqi
    Leen Tubayqi

    I play Roblox and league of legends

  • Azmyth Jake Hernandez
    Azmyth Jake Hernandez

    Debbie looks so gorgeous in that Odette costume 😘

  • Aeris Claire
    Aeris Claire

    9:12 Nice Odette cosplay😀😁

  • Arcelia Carrillo
    Arcelia Carrillo

    Abbey looks like sniper wolf like that

  • DeadEye Gaming
    DeadEye Gaming

    Wait you buy Blade of Despair for Karina? 🤣🤔

  • Panda Playz
    Panda Playz

    Jianhaothan missed the bathroom

  • C09 Erlen Cetrisya
    C09 Erlen Cetrisya

    JianHao: *Likes Odette* Me: *Likes Guinevere* Uh oof-

    • Johnkirvy Ballarda
      Johnkirvy Ballarda

      Lance and granger

    • Johnkirvy Ballarda
      Johnkirvy Ballarda

      Odette AND guinever has a bf

    • 五乙 施炎樑 4 Sherdon Coby Co
      五乙 施炎樑 4 Sherdon Coby Co

      me:found a ling in a match 2 seconds later:wait he's a simp BUT IM A BOY USING A GIRL CHARACTER

  • Panz Playz
    Panz Playz

    8:44 i just noticed that they we're just playing classic cause of they're rank Im bad at english

  • Imliwapang Imchen
    Imliwapang Imchen

    Pls give me ur id

  • Fateha Ali
    Fateha Ali

    Mobile legends bang bang

  • Ami Pham
    Ami Pham

    MLBB players have joined the chat. ^^ 🥳

  • Go Peng Ae
    Go Peng Ae

    Wow i am really surprise when Jianhao focus on his phone 🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • naseem begum
    naseem begum

    Are u guys talking about gamer girl the youtuber like karina or ronald

  • Prativa Shrestha
    Prativa Shrestha

    my always savage gameplay

  • Prativa Shrestha
    Prativa Shrestha

    i love pharsa

  • Prativa Shrestha
    Prativa Shrestha

    my favorite game is mobile legeds[[

  • Leila Wong
    Leila Wong

    "The newbie gamer" She doesn't even know how to game, why is she considered a gamer?


      Everybody needs to start somewhere so Hence, Newbie gamer

  • Leila Wong
    Leila Wong

    I'm the gamer girl, and i play Roblox and Among us

  • Hein Tayza
    Hein Tayza

    Mobile legends and league of legends

  • NaYonemoe 3321
    NaYonemoe 3321

    Mobile legend bang bang

  • PromeHack GT
    PromeHack GT

    LOVE UR VID HEHE HAO:I will kill u enemy Me:lol savage nub

  • reguygamer

    I need an adblocker

  • • Itz_Lunar Fox •
    • Itz_Lunar Fox •

    This game is really not that popular so my whole class got angry because of the school let me explain So there is this arts in action program and there are e-sports. And my whole class thought it was unfair because p1-p3 get Minecraft and among us while p4-p6 get educational games that we dont want to join the only other game is mobile legends and it was not that popular in my country so we hated that game Note: when i say we i mean all of the boys in my class who were really into gaming Im also the only gamer girl in my class so i join the boys if they play

  • Saad Gaming Yt
    Saad Gaming Yt


  • Adriane Jhey Santos
    Adriane Jhey Santos

    Thrush talk hahahah

  • Mireille Aragon
    Mireille Aragon



    whats ur main on Mlbb Mines Bane

  • Kiwi /OPG14
    Kiwi /OPG14

    Retitle: 13 Types of Mobile Legends Players

  • Aaliyah Zyrah Sanchez
    Aaliyah Zyrah Sanchez

    kevin is so mean

  • فلان الفلاني
    فلان الفلاني

    Why do I feel that they are sponsoring AFK and MLBB is it true that there sponsoring or not ok what about persona 5

  • Kalyani Doraisamy
    Kalyani Doraisamy

    Jian hao pls play roblox many youtubers play

  • ME merald
    ME merald

    The first part is so funny 🤣 😂 because he didn't know his iPhone doesn't have a headphone jack 🤣 😂 😆 😅

  • Sumaiya Ali
    Sumaiya Ali

    Oh Kevin... why u have to put that image in my mind waaaaaaaaah!

  • Lexh X
    Lexh X

    omg trevvvvv

  • Klyde dhylan Superable
    Klyde dhylan Superable


  • Eduardo Fontanos
    Eduardo Fontanos

    Lol when the backseater kevin and vincent playing and also vincent was pretending that hes playing mibile legends

  • Monster Gamer1104
    Monster Gamer1104

    The gamer girl have the same phone model as mine lol

  • Nuhzat SiS
    Nuhzat SiS

    I get 30 kills and 0 deaths

  • layla

    Is Angela dat good I use layla tho

  • Muhammad Mohd idham
    Muhammad Mohd idham

    yay im not only person that play ml

  • Hetal Kathrani
    Hetal Kathrani

    Why does gamer girl look like sniper wolf

  • ExoticTV

    so its actually true u can break the floor with nokia

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