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  • Elvis Mengisto
    Elvis Mengisto

    People in the west are so gullable and easy to fool or control, just as the government expects, why take a vaccine you have no idea what's in it. Metals and other animal oils like the shark, + dead aborted baby tissues, its madness, the body only reacts to what it is made from, God gave you an immunity in your body, you do not need an unnatural vaccine in your system, the side effects will be inevitable

  • Miona Korolija
    Miona Korolija

    This was all planned and a setup for destroying humanity. Please people, wake up!

  • Boris boerboom
    Boris boerboom

    All dislike are girls thinking there pain is way worse

  • D Cannon
    D Cannon

    I refused the vaccination this time around.... My two work colleagues were very sick within hours post vax..... One for 4 days and one for 3.5 days...vomiting, 38.4 high temperature. Delusions and uncontrollable tremors, cramps, pains and aches.... The sickness reduced then to pains in arms and legs for a further 2 days, so after a week they were able to return to work.... They now need a second shot.... They claim they are not going to have the second. My dad almost died from covid....he is left with terrible bodly internal injuries. Heart n lungs.... But he is alive .... For me This is a complete shit show.... The vaccine is almost the same as the virus.... In terms of the spectrum of who gets affected.... Many seem to have no issues, some have mild issues, some get sick, and some get completely mess up.... So what does one do..? . Get a vax or get a virus... Ive saw both extremes. And both are horrible

  • Corruptorr

    i sit down for over 6 hours every day lmao im dead

  • Disciple Of Mercy
    Disciple Of Mercy

    This is natural selection . RIP sheeple.

  • Riya Nasnodkar
    Riya Nasnodkar

    Your carrots look like tablets ngl

  • Riya Nasnodkar
    Riya Nasnodkar

    Rewatching this to make my brain realize yet again!

  • Arceli Biagtan
    Arceli Biagtan

    2:10 yep its true

  • Cstream650

    *Nut nut* nut*nut* dont judge me🥺

  • Alaa aldeen
    Alaa aldeen

    Omg the first thing is mistake , the pectoralis does medial rotation of the arm not flextion

  • priya gogoi
    priya gogoi

    ALgone recommend me this after 7 years


    This makes me super happy as a trans man!!

  • Susan

    No jabs for my Family👍 Do your research, a human cannot, pass a virus onto another human. Our body produces a virus,to fight germs in our bodies, and the virus is a way of cleaning the body out. Do you remember, your Dr saying, it is virul, no antibiotics needed, but bacterial, we were given an antibiotic. We don't even get a flu jab.

    • Lauren Miller
      Lauren Miller

      Every Scientist and Doctor has just read that comment and died on the Inside.

  • Jessica Marie Elken
    Jessica Marie Elken

    i have litterally nothing else to do so imma just memorise it

  • Timothy Rogers
    Timothy Rogers

    I noticed that in Kazakhstan, one word is apparently sometimes used for both green and blue. Could possibly be the same in all Turkic languages?

  • kelly gamer i love you
    kelly gamer i love you


  • Zyz zyz
    Zyz zyz

    Umm.... Nope.

  • who else likes memes
    who else likes memes

    I have always seen blue and gold

  • Ayyan

    Everyone sees black and blue or white and gold I see: poop and lighter bluberry color

  • ElPatriotaLX

    Yea, tell people to pay higher taxes and watch everyone get the F out.

  • paytonplace1966

    Affluenza lol

  • NickZick

    Masks don’t do anything

  • D1ane Crystal
    D1ane Crystal

    Listening to Dead Girl Walking drunk is my dream!

  • Sarah Grandcuck
    Sarah Grandcuck

    Conservatives are realistic and independent. Liberals are insane and live in an alt reality where everything is bunnies and roses.


    Us millennials are getting older. Dishwashing is fun and houseplants too 🤣

  • UltraMind

    don't smoke kids!

  • Nikhil Prasad
    Nikhil Prasad

    2:36 when u said we actually feel it when we have it... That's what proves it exists ... Felt that line bruh 👏🏻🔥👌


    This is such a good video. I recently purchased the fishbone prayer plant and it almost died because I had it under a heat lamp after unboxing it, along with a pin-stripe - thinking it needed a bunch of light 😆

  • Sage

    Honestly I'm fine with nothingness after you die, you can't remember your own consciousness before you are created so why should you fear it, the sweet bliss of nothingness. I think the whole notion that there is a place we go to after we die is just a coping mechanism that we fabricate to help us ignore the unanswerable question of what is after death. But once you accept that you came from nothing and you will be nothing it makes you realize that it doesn't change anything. Treat life as a momentary ripple in water that will spread and eventually fade back to it's original state.

  • bardock9510

    At 2:32 did someone see the squirrel in the background

    • bardock9510

      On. The right side next to him


    What scares me most is the guy in the green crazy hat...this is cartoon loony times folks

  • acts4:12

    What also makes you think is algorithms on search engines and online platforms being manipulated to weed out anyone who comes forward to speak out against this vaccine. And search results that come up first are these so called 'fact checkers' trying to tell people what the 'truth' is and if you don't comply you get 'cancelled'.

    • Lauren Miller
      Lauren Miller

      Good - their Videos are riddled with false and misleading information.

  • Muten 1997
    Muten 1997

    Eat the rich.

  • Kier jonas
    Kier jonas

    This is a lie , masturbating is a fuckin toxic to your life

  • Chicken NUGGET
    Chicken NUGGET

    So the vaccine prob changes ur DNA thats why i dont take a vaccin

    • Lauren Miller
      Lauren Miller

      Hi, mRNA does not change DNA. I have a post about this going into detail - you can find it linked in the "About" section of my Channel 😊

  • Shu Corigamy
    Shu Corigamy

    Huh this was interesting

  • f0rl0rnn

    This bring so much Nostalgia. Damn

  • Royal Skull
    Royal Skull

    yo on this vid I got a add on porn

  • the furry who Animates
    the furry who Animates

    Don’t mind me I’m just gonna add some time stamps so I can learn 0:07 0:14 0:16

  • Tion

    0:07 i like how the guy with red shirt doesn't mind at all

  • Decanon

    I paused my watch history 😎

  • Life with Megan
    Life with Megan

    Am scared I haven’t got on mine yet 🙏🙏🙏🙏



  • Maximum gacha girl
    Maximum gacha girl

    Why did i fell asleep then woke up with 3% 😂😂😂😂

  • poopycow 22
    poopycow 22

    I would Say liberals definitely have the average IQ of a worm that would come out of the ground when it's completely dry outside

  • Wajai_Bruh


  • Chronic

    reject humanity evolve to ostrich.

  • Maria Arias
    Maria Arias

    This comment section makes me embarrassed of the human race

    • Lauren Miller
      Lauren Miller


  • Night Predator
    Night Predator

    Day 8 of listening to SCIENCE WARS for a decade

  • Rick B
    Rick B

    I actually don’t care about the race or sexuality. I don’t really even notice skin color. Idk how that works, I just know I am “attracted” to watch people who leave a good impression. Till now bad grammar has been the reason I can’t stand watching for example some Indians and stuff. But I have been interested in ideas from other people. I think mixing cultures in science and research creates more openness and creativity

  • Samantha Mateo
    Samantha Mateo

    I really appreciate you but I tried both and both don’t help but thank you for trying have an amazing night everyone!!!!!

  • Vaishnav Hari
    Vaishnav Hari

    Anyone who did nofap know which is better (to fap or no fap) and the answer is no fap.Coomers always make excuses seeing these videos😝